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  1. I still think that doesn't make sense but hey! That's actually good theory.
  2. I have another plothole. In Generations why are we fighting Shadow and Silver. Especially Shadow. I mean he's an GUN agent and somewhat of a good guy but the first words from him to Sonic are like "I don't care where we are BATTLE ME!". I don't get it.
  3. As much as I LOVE Unleashed Gameplay, I think it's time for something different, maybe something Adventure like with spin dash? I am not sure...
  4. Worst gimmick - Big the Cat (I think I don't have to explain.) Worst move - I don't hate any specific move so yeah...
  5. New Main Stream Pokemon game? For DS? YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

  6. YES!!! I hope this is sequel and that it brings some new story elements (where is Gethis,Shadow Triad etc.). About this that it's not on 3DS. Well Gen 6 will be for 3DS and 5 is still for DS. ENGAGE HYPE!!!!
  7. I have Polish Exam on Monday.... NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  8. SA was great game and it had a lot of good stages. I am curious which level from SA is your favourite. My personal favourite is Final Egg. It's long, fun stage. Filled with platforming, speed and a lot of hidden ring boxes. Everytime I replay Adventure Final Egg is my first choice.
  9. First I'd add more levels. I think that the best choice would 4 stages per era so entire game had 12 stages just like Sonic 2 and 3K. Classic Era Green Hill - my favourite stage from Sonic 1. It had a lot of good platforming and speed. I couldn't have any other choice, after all it's first stage in entire franchise. Chemical Plant - best stage in Sonic 2. It's fast, cool and have amazing music. Probably my favorite factory level in the series. Quartz Quadrant - that was hard choice between this stage, Tidal Tempest and Stardust Speedway but this stage won. I'd like to see Modern Sonic skiping through dark caverns in the past. I just love this stage. Ice Cap - fan favourite and great ice stage. Probably best representation of 3K. Holoska from Unleashed looked so great! I WANT MORE ICE LEVELS!!! Dreamcast Era Emerald Coast - I know that this level was chose for 3DS buuut I want this level in 3D and on console version! It could also have some underwater segments for both Sonics much like Seaside Hill in original Generations. Green Forest - hard choice between this and Metal Harbor but we NEED jungle/forest level and I'd really wanted to hear remix of this stage music. Egg Fleet - best stage in Heroes, best music in Heroes, what more you want? At the very end of the stage Sonic could be lunched high into the sky. Sky would turn black and then Sonic enter grinding section with these LAZARS and breaking building looking like Eggman face...Hey! I can dream after all! Sky Troops - only stage from Shadow that really impressed me with it's epicness. It could have Sky Sanctuary references for Classic and passing rain clouds in HD would look so COOL. Modern Era Kingdom Valley - as much as I love Crisis City this stage would been so much better. Just imagine Speed Mach Section with these graphics and gameplay!!! Sand Oasis - that would be really good desert level. Arabian atmosphere and this that level isn't boring as hell *cough*sandopolis*cough* make Sand Oasis very unique. Skyscraper Scamper - my personal favourite city stage from entire franchise. Modern Sonic could run through highways during day and Classic Sonic could climb skyscrapers during night. I WANT DLC WITH THIS LEVEL!!! Asteroid Coaster - as much as I love Planet Wisp, Generations showed why It wasn't good choice. So what you say for mind-breaking rollercoaster in space with green lava and asteroids? So this is my choice of the levels. I hope you enjoyed reading this entire paragraph.
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