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  1. Maybe not, but then there are many other things people may not consider to be "basic life skills" which are slowly being lost as generations go on. And even if not for life skills, there are a lot of things for historical purposes that shouldn't be lost. I'm not saying there haven't always been idiots, but today's culture embraces it. Forget learning how to spell, and add, and read! Electronics will do it for you! Action needs to be taken while it still can be taken, and not when we get to a point where people are panicking over skills lost.
  2. I'm not saying these are skills that will be forgotten in a week, but as generations go on, with the way things are going, basic fundamentals are going to be lost. I worked at a school for a stint. Children didn't know how to use analogue clocks, and believed that there were at least 32 days in February. Secondary school-aged kids. Life skills or not, that sort of thing is appalling. Especially in a culture where more and more children are raised in families on benefits and inherit the same lacking work ethic that a lot of their parents have, it's a worrying thing.
  3. But then surely by that logic, we should be educating those people now? With upcoming generations, people are going to know less and less, and the previous generations to those will also know less to be able to pass on. I already fear for my elderly years in terms of receiving medical care, et cetera.
  4. Technically if you write 111 in Roman Numerals, you get CXI
  5. Still waiting on mine but I ordered a Game Card case at the same time. That being said, I ordered two other Game Card cases recently and they took maybe 3 or 4 days to get here? I guess it depends which of their depots they're sending from.
  6. ...Why would that not be a question?
  7. Would love to know why this is so hilarious; Sonic games have been too fast for a long while and lost the gameplay that made the classics as great as they are. Also they've already said that the stream wasn't on YouTube and visitors probably haven't had time to post their videos yet.
  8. Anything past Season 8 isn't worth a look-in.
  9. There's still not a justification there. It's not that children and teens have just "recently become interested" in the Internet at all; it's that it's become a mainstream thing universally. Twelve years ago, when I first got the Internet at home, it was a niche thing; now nearly everyone has it. At the end of the day, if you have a kid, you have a responsibility to do what's right by that kid, which includes ensuring their Internet is safe. It's not for the rest of the country to become babysitters and have to lose out just because parents are too irresponsible to either filter their own internet, or tell their kids to go outside and play, or read a book, or something else. So really, it is a non-issue that shouldn't be made an issue. As usual, technology is a scapegoat for something that firmly lies in human error.
  10. There's no reasoning behind it, though. The Internet has been around for decades and, up until now, there's been no issue with it corrupting the minds of children. It's another scaremongering exercise and another scapegoat to turn on instead of addressing the real issue which is that parents don't do their job properly. That, and I bet that Cameron's kiddie was caught looking at porn or something. Would explain why he's suddenly on this stupid campaign.
  11. Who's to say that this won't affect mobile phone browsing, though?
  12. Guess I won't be able to order me shopping online then, since Tesco sells both booze and ciggies!
  13. Pretty much EVERYONE takes their 3DS. Be ready for a lot of Streetpassing!
  14. The game's only been out for five and a half weeks so it didn't keep your interest long
  15. Oh, there are definitely such things as parental controls... Shame most parents are too negligent to actually try and look out for their kids. The Internet has been around for decades now, and it's only at this point in time that they feel the need to start blocking it for us? Ridiculous.
  16. If I get the money to buy a second Wii for Homebrewing purposes, I might look into this. My Memory Card 1019 (which I've since heard are notorious for corrupting) with over 10 years worth of saves recently corrupted (although oddly enough it could access select data - I was able to play the Challenge Mode with a friend on Pikmin 2, although wasn't able to save progress on it half the time) sort of devastated me but then I realised it meant I could play all my Gamecube games again.
  17. Nope. Could you elaborate? Thanks in advance. -Diz =3
  18. Sonic 1 on Master System is the first I rememer playing but I also had (and have) Sonic 1, 2 and Chaos on Game Gear.
  19. Apparently, Europe is also getting the disc. I can deal with this.
  20. That's good. I mean, I wouldn't even have had an issue with one signature and a quick pose for a snapshot, but I remember standing in the line for Yuji Naka and seeing someone walk past with at least half a dozen signed items; someone who obviously had no consideration for the other people who wanted a chance to get a signature. But definitely, things seemed much more organised last year, which I commend you guys on, and look forward to seeing continue this year.
  21. And I was correct - sweet. All I'll hope is that people will be reasonable - will the pods be manned at all? The last two years have been great in that people would play an act or a race or whatever and then let someone else take their turn, but I also know in other aspects (Yuji Naka signing, anyone?) that some people were sadly rather greedy and had numerous items signed which meant a lot of people missed out. So I'd like to think that everyone will be considerate of everyone else and ensure that we all get a turn. I'm quite happy to queue again if I want to play another level!
  22. I'm not sure about what will be announced next, but I would love to see Sonic Lost World playable demo announced.
  23. I don't judge people by their names... ...I judge "journalists" by their hideously huge noses.
  24. I thought you could only get the SILVER Watering Can from Leif for buying 50 flower packs. Leif will give you the Golden Axe though, for buying 50 saplings.
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