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  1. They're bringing Chaos back as a villain? Why?

    1. Forte-Metallix


      Presumably, Eggman and Infinite are using their Phantom Ruby to make Chaos work for them. (It's hinted that he's not turning evil again of his own free will, so it's theorized that this Chaos is either an illusion or the result of the villains' reality-warping powers)

    2. Solister


      I think it's can be something related to eras. As Metal Sonic being Sonic CD (Classic Era), Chaos being Sonic Adventure (Adventure Era), Shadow being Sonic Heroes/Sonic 06 (Early Modern Era) and Zavok being Sonic Lost World (Present day).

      May Infinite would be something like a Time Eater and be something related to Sonic Mania ruby.

  2. Artwork: SpongicX's artwork

    I gotta say, the image is... all Greek to me. Be dum tss
  3.   Whatever you do, do not look in The Picture Thread, or your eyes will be cursed for a month, at most. My new post is just that unholy. :P

  4. As much as I'd like to join in what I believe to be one of Failin's favorite anime (even though it's not my cup of tea, I'd watch it for him) I must apologize in advance and say that due to circumstances beyond my control, I won't be able to join in. Forgive me, please.
  5. Reaction: You wake up with a sleeping Omega Metroid nearby. 

    1. Mad Convoy
    2. Shiguy




  6. Shocking news: I sold my Mario Galaxy 2 copy because I wasn't having fun. Worldwide hysteria ensues over a difference in tastes.

  7. Interested in interviews

    Afraid to use my email, so I'll answer here. Q1: How long have you considered yourself a sonic fan? Since I was just a child and introduced to the Genesis by my big brother, back in 1995. Q2: Is there a difference between someone who plays the games and an actual fan? If so, why? Good question. Not sure how to answer. Q3: Out of all the media involving Sonic, which is your favorite? I like the games, the most, as I can (for the most part) just turn off my brain and just have fun. Q4: Have you made fan art or fan fiction of any kind? If so, why? Nope. I can't draw and fan fictions aren't really my cup of soda. Q5: Out of all characters in the Sonic franchise, which are your favorite and why? I'll go with Cream, Metal Sonic, Knuckles, Sonic, Robotnik/Eggman, Chaos and even Mephiles. Cream's child-like nature is therapeutic to those having a bad day. Metal was always one of the coolest metallic doppelgangers I've seen. Knuckles always had fun gameplay and his strong sense of purpose in the earlier games reminds me of myself. Sonic was my childhood hero and his cockiness reminds me of myself, when feeling at my best. He inspired me to do speedruns, back when I was still at Twin Galaxies. Robotnik/Eggman is a good ol' fashioned Saturday morning cartoon villain in most of his appearances. His Narcissus complex is very amusing and his mustache is one of the most impressive in video games. Chaos having multiple forms was always neat and I found him unique among the villains, as he wasn't evil for the sake of evil. I really felt bad for him, as we both have low tolerances for seeing friends hurt. While Mephiles' plan had many holes, in due to the time paradoxes, I like how he stayed true to the personality of his namesake, Mephistopheles. Q6: Is there anyone in the fandom that you look up to? Believe it or not, I'd say Jason Griffith, as he is a fan, himself. (He has some of the games.) He seems like a really cool guy and he's a loving dad. Q7: Do you prefer 2D sonic games or 3D sonic games? If you have a preference, explain why. I like both, honestly. Q8: What does the sonic fandom mean to you? What is your relationship with the fandom? It's honestly hard to tell, as I usually keep to myself. Q9: If you have made fan art or fiction of any kind, have you profited off of it or considered profiting off of it? Since I haven't done either, I can't say I have. Profiting off of them wouldn't work, seeing as I'm a minion at an indie game company and thus would likely be in trouble for doing so. Q10: What’s your opinion on explicit, controversial, or otherwise adult fan content? If you're referring to pornographic/sexual imagery and absurd violence of characters not fitting their natural atmosphere, then I find it to be a waste of my time. Q11: Have you made explicit, controversial, or otherwise adult fan content? If so, why? None of the above. Q12: What is your opinion on other franchises and fandoms? I can't get a clear reading on the generalizations of fandoms, as I stick with specific people who we share multiple things in common with. As for other franchises... I have way too many series I like, so I'll do just a few games. Castlevania is one of the more unique, as it blends many things I like into one, such as mythology, history, movies and books. While many others do this, the art style (from the ones I've played) has never had that obnoxious "too faux real and edgy to take seriously" that many other franchises have. As much as I like the gameplay of Megaman, I feel the constant shift in tone and art style for each series in the robot timeline to be rather annoying. They should have tried to be consistent, back when they were still making them. If the X and Zero games were in a what-if timeline where the original series never happened, that would have made more sense. Mario is always a blast with kids.Sure, it's the most milked franchise in video games, but if the kids love the innocence, that's all that matters. Paradoxically, I don't like Pokemon anymore, as the formula stopped working with me,yet the formula in other franchises usually still work with me. The updates to the combat require too much math and when I came to realize that personality and fighting making them supposedly like you more felt too artificial for me. That and stats making the world of Pokemon elitist eventually turned me away.
  8. If by some chance you have business with me on Discord, shoot me an inbox message and I'll give you my number.

  9. *hugs for you

  10. Reaction: You are paid to record a long series of automated and comedic insults for those who call a certain phone number.

  11. Baby Metroid acquired!

  12. Houston, we seriously do have a problem. https://www.gofundme.com/helpsentaifilmworks As many of you know, one of the major anime companies in America is based in Houston, Texas. Unfortunately, some of their employees were harshly affected by the recent hurricane and need help getting back on track. Please give them a hand, if you can.
  13. Unfortunately, I found out why Trump is orange. He's the result of what happens when demonic fertility magic gives an orange soda human form.

  14. Reaction: Whenever there's an argument over the Boost vs. Classic vs. Adventure debate, Ridley's GBA scream plays in those people's ears, getting louder, each time.

    1. Lime/Key
    2. Maxtiis


      All those destroyed GBA speakers.


    3. Strickerx5


      this might actually help

  15. image.thumb.jpeg.7d91e775ed471d3cf8c3fe558d9b296c.jpegThat face when you're about to pulverize someone who stole your cookies.