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    Many obscure anime, manga, funny comics
    Reading mythology (Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson as well as The Kane Chronicles count),
    music from any era (classical concerts anyone?)
    Tim Burton movies
    funny stories
    Spider webs (they are silk are they not?)
    Trying to make puns everyday.
    Mild scare from movies.
    Proving stereotypes false
    Sleep, forth wall breaking.
    Yuri that's more about the relationship and love than the stuff teen guys often like...

    Giant Robots
    World Domination
    Hugs, kaboom, cute things, Hello Kitty, Domo, being a kid at <3, cuddles, naps, snack time,sweet dreams.
    Things dealing with the supernatural, especially ghosts.
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  1. Obscure Sonic trivia:

    Did you know you can unlock Expert Mode before unlocking The Last Way in ShTH?

    Here's how: The game counts both Egg Dealers in Lava Shelter as the same level on the level select and thus the same A-Rank. As a result, if you have 9 endings and the last one is a Lava Shelter ending, you can unlock Expert Mode "early".

    1. Hyp3hat


      This is probably the most obscure Sonic trivia I have ever seen, and I've watched plenty of speedruns in my time.

    2. NegaMetallix


      Huh... I'd bet that barely anyone figured that out since most players just went for the neutral path first. Very interesting.

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