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    Yoko/葉子 got a reaction from Potada in TecToy Resurrects Genesis/Mega Drive Carts   
    According to the article, not only is TecToy making a new Genesis, but if it does well enough, we might even get a new Master System. They are even trying to get licenses to bring old carts from our glory days back into print.
    I'm personally, very happy about this. How about y'all?
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    Yoko/葉子 got a reaction from Potada in Official Anime/Manga Thread   
    You have good taste. ba dum tss.
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    Yoko/葉子 reacted to -Robin- in Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)   
    Cell never trained. His entire schtick is that he's made up of cells of the greatest fighters, and gets stronger not by his own effort, but by absorbing the lifeforce of humans and assimilating the two Artificial Humans.
    He's convinced himself that he never needs to really train because, by his account, he's "Perfect", so what's the point. The whole "warming up" bit with Super Vegeta and the "exercises" in space were really just an excuse for him to flaunt his power.
    Besides, if he ever really needed to, he could just produce a Cell Jr., have him push Cell to the brink of death, and then recover with regeneration and receive the Saiyan's Zenkai boost. The thought of training would never cross his mind because A) No one properly knew Freeza could shoot up in power from it, and B ) the Zenkai boost provides an immediate result. After waiting 24 years for perfection, Cell's gonna prefer instant benefits.
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    Yoko/葉子 got a reaction from Mando-Whirl-Wind in The Avatar and Signature Topic   
    As of now, it's one of the kaiju that I like most, for my avatar.
    This is concept art of what would become Biollante from Godzilla vs. Biollante.
    I often feel I'm a strange mix of things that are not often acceptable, like her. Biollante is the result of a rose having skin cells of Dr. Shiragami's late daughter Erika added on and later, Godzilla cells. Due to the skin cells of Erika, Biollante has Erika's soul. If I could get a license from Toho, I'd happily use her in a game. 
    Before I gave my copy of Godzilla Unleashed to @Mando-Whirl-Wind, Biollante was the one I liked to play as, the most.
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    Yoko/葉子 got a reaction from DiamondX in Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)   
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    Yoko/葉子 reacted to DiamondX in Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)   
    Just saw this comment on Youtube:
    ''If you are both a sonic and db fan you'll get this Goku , vegeta and trunks = sonic , shadow and silver Zamasu = mephiles Black goku = Iblis Merged Zamasu = Solaris ''
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    Yoko/葉子 reacted to Cassius in Official Anime/Manga Thread   
    At least is better than some other stuff people been recommending me.
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    Yoko/葉子 got a reaction from Dee Dude in The Avatar and Signature Topic   
    Right now, it's the infamous Kid Boo, doing his infamous taunting dance. Ah, Boo is awesome.
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    Yoko/葉子 reacted to DiamondX in Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)   
    Me during the preview:
    Hey look, Vegett-WAIT A  SECOND. VEGETTO? SS BLUE? WHAT?!
    Also, does anyone else fell like this:
    GT < Z <= Super < Original.
    Basically, Super is IMO as good as Z if not better.
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    Yoko/葉子 reacted to -Robin- in Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)   
    I dunno what I'm more interested in: the idea that Vegetto has essentially woken up from stasis for another fight, or that this will legitimately be the first time Vegetto has to try in a fight. There's no cheeky grins to be seen on Vegetto's face during this fight after all.
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    Yoko/葉子 got a reaction from Waveshocker Sigma in Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)   
    Speaking of fusions...:
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    Yoko/葉子 got a reaction from Salamander in #Performancematters! Support your favorite VAs!   
    If I understand, sometimes game companies will use working titles when giving auditions, before the final name is officially decided.
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    Yoko/葉子 reacted to Mad Convoy in #Performancematters! Support your favorite VAs!   
    They're most likely just not going to record new lines. Their prior recordings belong to the company that makes the game and last I checked, voice actors don't get royalties, so they wouldn't be able to force companies to remove voices from games that have already been fully acted. Besides, because taking away files the computer was expecting to have can potentially create a programming nightmare, most companies would reprogram the game never to play the voices instead of outright deleting them from the games' files-- meaning that a crafty fan can just restore the audio in a mod. And this all assumes that this is a computer that plays nice with patches-- some consoles, like the Nintendo DS, can't accept online patches at all.
    In short, its pointless to request companies to remove voices from old game, and even if voice actors did have the authority to force such a thing, most companies would take the simpler (and legal) path of just taking down or halting production for the affected games.
    But yeah, I think its ridiculous how underappreciated voice actors are. They basically define the lines of games-- a bad voice actor can ruin a good character and good dialogue. On the flipside, a good voice actor can salvage badly written characters or dialogue-- from a personal perspective, I don't think I could tolerate or find any humor Boom!Knux if it weren't for Travis Willingham's standout performance for the guy. And whoever said that nobody cares about the voices-- to one of the most popular and prolific voice actors, no less -- is very, very dumb and ignorant. We definitely need to be supporting our voice actors better-- or at least giving them more pay.
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    Yoko/葉子 reacted to DiamondX in Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)   
    Since I belive this is the right place to ask...
    Why do so many people say BT3 is the best DB game?
    I myself didnt play it but it doesnt look that great. Actually, I only played 3 DB games (from best to worst IMO):
    1. Xenoverse 2
    2. Extreme Butoden
    3. Xenoverse
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    Yoko/葉子 got a reaction from Fr0zenanus in Popular and unpopular Sonic opinions you agree and disagree with!   
    I agree with Sonic 06 not being to expectations, but I think Silver's gameplay was really unique and an innovation, as one who never played that style before. Silver's gameplay was ton of fun. Using your opponents weapons and your environment as a weapon was beautiful.
    While the time paradox deal of the game did irritate me, I did like how even if for a brief moment, Elise had to give up her time with Sonic and think of others instead of herself, one more time. She said that the festival felt familiar in the ending, so she might have remembered her sacrifice.
    To be frank, Shadow I feel is a very human character. I had a misguided devotion to a dead family member and questioned my identity, just as Shadow did in SA2 and ShTH.
    I think Maaya Sakamoto sounded beautiful as Elise. No one talks about her performance, but she has an incredible level of expression in her voice. She's been successful enough to start singing and acting when she was 16 and maintain her popularity among fans.
    Not sure if this is popular, but I think having another tragic main villain like Chaos would be cool. I think the expression he showed in the Sonic X version really did make him look like a living, feeling creature that is consumed with literal divine wrath.
    When it comes to Silver, I think Pete Capella was better with handling his naivety, while Daisuke Ono conveyed his devotion to his mission better. They are both excellent in their own way.
    The first game in the series is still fun to speedrun, I can beat it without the emeralds under half of an hour without glitches. Heck, I have rivals aiming for the bugless world record.
    Doing one-life runs can also be fun, if the Sonic game is not too long.
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    Yoko/葉子 got a reaction from Fr0zenanus in Popular and unpopular Sonic opinions you agree and disagree with!   
    Popular: Eggman does have an impressive mustache, but it is fake compared to mine! Mwa, ha, ha, ha!
    I do agree that the games didn't need a massive tonal shift with Shadow's game and 06.
    Unpopular: Constantly bashing the unpopular games is cruel to the people who do like them. It is like with Christianity, many hate it, but harping on it excessively is not fair to the people who do follow it. It's almost as if haters of ShTH and 06 are trying to make the few who do like feel ashamed of being different. I'm not saying they shouldn't criticize at all, but there needs to be a balance. I stopped playing those two for reasons unrelated to the common reasons, but I still find the fun I did have in them to be a nice memory.
    As a voice actor in training, I see no reason to shame voice actors for not being the ideal English voice. I dislike how a few sounded, but generally, they all caught a different aspect of a character better. When dubbing, you are generally expected to be true to the original, yet make your own take, not imitate.
    Hate on Dan Green/Jay Snyder all you want, but if you think he's so bad, remember, he has done more audiobooks than you, he is a coach now, his profile on Edge Studio says he has been on Broadway and he goes to cons to do comically scripted duels as Yami and Yugi. He wants the duelists to have fun. He told me himself that he had Mephiles sound more formal than Knuckles and most people missed it. Just because he was not given the best script to work with does not mean that he wasn't scary to hear as Mephiles. Plus, he is funny on the phone.
    More of a fact, but: Jay's not an idiot like some people think, when I had my latest session with him, I suggested him The Kane Chronicles as he was Yami and Yugi. I mentioned how it is much more faithful to the Egyptian lore than Yu-gi-oh was by saying that Horus and Set did not get along. He responded, "poor Isis, putting your spouse back together should be a figurative experience, not a literal one." Meaning he was aware that his work was not very accurate. He is also a nerd like the rest of us, he loves Gatchaman. @Pink Cat
    @Ducktor Naldush Repulsa Apparently he was aware of them since the early edited versions. He also loves Star Wars, but prefers Han Solo. Seriously, if you guys ever hire him for a voice lesson, feel free to talk about nerdy things at the end of the session.
    I think Erica Schroeder was a good Tikal, I still prefer the original dub voice, but they are both fine in their own way.
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    Yoko/葉子 got a reaction from Ducktor Naldush Repulsa in Infini-T Force: Tatsunoko heroes fly across the boarder once again!   
    But will Polimar become the free ride for the others, like he was for himself in the 70's?  
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    Yoko/葉子 reacted to Ducktor Naldush Repulsa in Infini-T Force: Tatsunoko heroes fly across the boarder once again!   
    Polimar. Poplomimar. Polylimar, Porplomiar. 
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    Yoko/葉子 reacted to Klinsy in Infini-T Force: Tatsunoko heroes fly across the boarder once again!   
    Okay, this was apparently announced in March and slipped my Tatsunkoko radar somehow, but, without further ado, look at this!

    Ken The Eagle! Casshern! Tekkaman! Hurricane Polimar! They're all coming together in one series in 2017!
    You have no idea how excited this gets me, plus the premise is pretty cute, this is basically Tatsunkoko Avengers!
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    Yoko/葉子 reacted to Klinsy in #Performancematters! Support your favorite VAs!   
    Voice actors, while usually not are as known as live actors, are people a lot of people look up to, who could imagine Mario without Charles Martient? Who could imagine Ratchet without James Arnold Taylor? Well, those people are in danger right now, at least when it comes to video games.
    Voice actors are not as well treated in the video game industry as you might expect, the strike is simply to give them more respect and give them compensation for their work, keep in mind, among those leading this campaign are Steve Blum and Tara Strong, in fact, look at this tweet from Tara herself
    That's a really low blow.
    Keep in mind, it's not just voice actors doing this, mo cap actors and TV actors who work for the union are doing this too.
    I have a long kept respect for these people and the fact they aren't being treated right isn't sitting well with me at all.
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    Yoko/葉子 reacted to Uraraka in ARTWORK: Knucklesgirl's artwork :)   
    Here is my first attempt at using pearler beads :

    . And this is seriously NEVER used pearler beads before. I know it is not the best but I tried!! . Let me know what you think!! 
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    Yoko/葉子 reacted to Monkey Destruction Switch in Your favorite quotes and the meaning behind them   
    A quote I really like from the great Baptist preacher Charles Spurgeon is, "Truth lies between two extremes, and man, like a pendulum, swings either too much this way or that." It puts into words something I've felt to be very true for a very long time. The full and complete truth is impossible to completely and perfectly get a handle on, and even individual truths that are completely accurate can end up giving us an inaccurate view if because we can't get the full picture. It seems to describe the very way humanity generally interacts with the truth, as well as the way societies can change so drastically and seem to improve in many ways, yet still end up horribly flawed - in part because as good things were gained, as many good things on the opposite "side" of things were lost. I'm not saying that what is seen as the "moderate" view is always the right one, but extremeness is relative; supposedly "extreme" views can still lie between two extremer extremes.
    Often, it seems the best we can hope for is holding two seemingly contradictory views in our mind while realizing the contradiction doesn't actually exist - it's just difficult to put the harmony into words, or to completely get a handle on it. Of course, then there's a chance we end up in a realm of "doublethink" where we don't understand anything at all, lol. (Is it just me, or is this very post proving the truth of this quote?) Eventually, we may be able to get a better handle on the harmonization, but I think it's probably a perpetual journey - a process of trying to slow down the pendulum, but getting it to stop moving and stay that way forever may not be feasible.
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    Yoko/葉子 reacted to Klinsy in Your favorite quotes and the meaning behind them   
    Basically, there is a bunch of love and hate in the world, but love must chime over it, as the world can use less hate and more love.
    This one is more funny than meaningful, but it comes from my favorite Beatle, Ringo Starr, this quote shows why he's such a great guy!
    Even when he's doing something like that, he does it in the name of peace and love!
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    Yoko/葉子 got a reaction from DiamondX in Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)   
    Well, looks like Toriyama-san will be less busy with his work. Now will he still be paid by this new department?
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    Yoko/葉子 got a reaction from Potada in Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)   
    I found this video and thought y'all might get a laugh out of it. Ryusei Nakao happened to voice Yakko in the Japanese dub of Animaniacs and since Frieza is a conqueror, he's telling which nations he has taken over.
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