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  1. Wouldn't the door have been easier?

    1. Raxz


      Doors are for pussies. *Breaks a window then leaps out of it*

    2. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Best line in Sonic Adventure 3.

    3. Scar


      Indigo - LOL!

  2. On TVtropes I just saw someone I don't know reccomend my Sonic fanfics. SCORE! :D

  3. "Quizmaster? Yes, that should amuse me briefly..."

  4. got an iMac screen that's bigger than him.

  5. Err... >_> Umm... I meant... "I HATE EVERYTHING ARGLEBARGLEGARGLE" Nah, it's passable. Still Sonic Rush 3, though.
  6. I actually enjoyed it more than I expected to. My number one complaint isn't even the physics; it's that I cleared in in under 4 hours. Short game is short. Nevertheless, the physics DO feel floaty and disjointed. One minute it refuses to give you any momentum at all (Splash Hill vines spring to mind); the next it gives with one hand and then taketh away with the other (general walking, Casino Street cannons); and other times you'll find speed from nowhere (or rather ubiquitous boost pads). Target detection is, on occasion, hilariously messed up: I was trying to home on the start of a line of Bubbles, but instead my lock-on somehow hit a spring three screens away and the homing attack wizzed me over there. WUT. Complete cut/paste rehash of Ye Olde levels still annoys, although there were some gems in amidst the general gratuitous de-ja-vu-ery. Loved the card-running in Casino Street (everything about Act 2 was sweet; easily the best act in the game). Yhe backgrounds in general were delicious, except for Splash Hill's, which was ugly and empty. And I learned to really like the final boss, with it's breakdancing lurch of doom. OVERALL: It was worth buying, though only JUST. The game is playable, and - for brief periods - enjoyable, though the physics rape provides a constant undercurrent of frustration and hatred simmering below the surface. It's not quite an '06, but neither could even the most generous apologist claim it is a worthy successor to S3K.
  7. Traitor is Chaos Zero confirmed. Exactly. It's all over the Black Comet and Black Doom has a similar thing as a medallion on his massive bling necklace. I can understand it being on the "Shadow Rifle" because that's presumably of Black Arms manufacture (it certainly looks like it's of Black Arms manufacture). The motorbike, however, probably isn't. EDIT: No, wait, I worked it out because UltimaHedgie's wrong. The bike Shadow has at the start of ShtH has a GUN symbol on it; the Black Arms sigil only appears on Black Arms things in that game. Superstars Racing isn't canonical anyway, but even if it was one could argue that (since it takes place after Shadow's learned the truth about his genesis) he could have put the symbol on his bike HIMSELF since he's the (not entirely reluctant?) sole inheritor of his extinct race's heritige and purpose... holy shit Shadow is Knuckles.
  8. Why does his bike have the Black Arms insignia on it?
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