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  1. Wouldn't the door have been easier?

    1. Raxz


      Doors are for pussies. *Breaks a window then leaps out of it*

    2. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Best line in Sonic Adventure 3.

    3. Scar


      Indigo - LOL!

  2. On TVtropes I just saw someone I don't know reccomend my Sonic fanfics. SCORE! :D

  3. Vast answer block by me: Well, a particularly pathetic showing from me, there. Lets ask about what I know: continuity! FN21) Which colours of Emeralds does Blaze use to seal Iblis inside her in Sonic '06? FN22) Where is the Jewelled Scepter initially buried in Sonic Rush Adventure? FN23) Name 3 characters that get turned into cards during the Sonic Rivals 1 story mode? HARD MODE: Name all 5. FN24) During Sonic Chaos, Robotnik's stealing of a Chaos Emerald has caused what to start happening? HARD MODE: Which colour has he stolen? FN26) What's the first thing Rouge asks Sonic when they meet in Central City in Sonic Chronicles?
  4. "Quizmaster? Yes, that should amuse me briefly..."

  5. UPDATE: THIS POST EXPANDED TO COLLECT QS TOGETHER So, you think you know stuff about Sonic? PROVE IT, in a self-assembling quiz! Answer the questions posted before you as best you can (without just looking up the answers, you horrible Google cheats), and then post a few of your own to keep the ball rolling. You should probably spoiler tag your answers, I guess? MY ORIGINAL 10 QS: 1) In Sonic Underground, what's the name of Sonic's siblings? Hard mode: and their mother? 2) Name the three 3-lap courses in Sonic Riders that aren't part of the story mode. Hard mode: Name the ones in Riders ZG too 3) Name 3 of Sonic's English VAs. Hard mode: name 5 4) What are the names of both "dragon Metal Sonic" bosses at the end of Sonic Heroes? Hard mode: And what's the order of the teams that you fight them as? 5) What's the name of Tikal's father? Hard mode: and how did Sonic the Comic misspell it? 6) Where does the team recruit Big in Sonic Chronicles, and why do you need him at that point? Hard mode: and what's the name of the frog his side-quest sends you searching for? 7) What form does Tikal take through most of Sonic Adventure? Hard mode: and where and when is the only time in the 'present' of that game where she pops up in her real form? 8) Which piece of Sonic media had Cream's first appearence? Hard mode: and which peace had her second? 9) Who was the chief programmer of the original Sonic game? Hard mode: what about Sonic 2? 10) According to the original Japanese story, where was Sonic born? Hard mode: and where did he first meet Tails? Collected together from p1 & p2 11) What was Dr. Robotnik/Eggman's first playable appearance? Hard: What is the proper name of the "Eggmobile" he uses? 12) How many level themes did Michael Jackson compose in Sonic 3? Hard: How many level themes are changed for the PC version? 13) What is Orbot's model number? Hard: When, and at what specific point does Orbot first appear in the series? 14) What does Ix steal in Sonic Chronicles? Hard: What's wrong with him when you first meet him? 15) Name 3 of the 2P levels from Sonic 3. Hard Mode: name all 5. 16) Name all the regular characters from Sonic R. Hard Mode: and all the unlockable characters too. 17) How tall is Sonic? Hard Mode: How tall is Shadow? 18) How many endings are there in Shadow the Hedgehog's normal mode? Hard Mode: And name all the final stages called that lead to them? 19) What's the name of Amy's "new boyfriend" in Sonic Chronicles? Hard Mode: And where are you when she finally admits she made him up? [Q] How many Precious Stones are there in Sonic Shuffle? Hard Mode: What is the justification given for Gamma appearing in said game? 21) Name the first zone in Knuckles' Chaotix. Hard mode: How many acts does it have? V1) What are the rings and their colours that Darkspine Sonic uses to transform? V2) How many medals are there to get in Sonic and the Secret Rings altogether? V3) What was Sonic first and last wish and why did he wish for them on each occasion? V4) How many eggs are you supposed to save and put back in their nests in one Dinosaur Jungle mission? V5) Name the characters you can unlock in Party Mode via Fire Soul Collecting and the order in which they are unlocked. 22) What is the name of the American version of Sonic CD's opening theme? Hard: Name the Japanese one too. 23) What color are the Chaos Emeralds in Sonic Spinball? Hard: How many are there? 24) When does Metal Sonic first appear as a boss of some kind? Hard: And when is the first time you actually fight him? (This is specifically Metal Sonic, not Mecha Sonic.) [Q] In which game and where did Omochao first appear? Hard Mode: Omochao describes a power up to you in a Jamaican accent in one stage of Sonic Adventure 2, which stage was it? 25. In Sonic 2 8-bit, which stage's theme appears as the intro music in the Game Gear version? HARD MODE: Name the other two music differences between the Game Gear and Master System version (not including the Speed-Up theme's absence due to the lack of the power-up). 26. Sonic 2006, Sonic and the Black Knight, Sonic Free Riders - what do these three games have in common with regards to Crush 40? HARD MODE: And how/where are they used? 27. In the movie, according to Robotnik, where did Metal Robotnik come from? HARD MODE: And who does he tell Sonic not to blame if the planet explodes? 28. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, who did Sonic overthrow to become the new fastest character in the game? HARD MODE: And name a coincidental (or otherwise) link a Sonic series game has to the franchise this overthrown character is from. 29. "Unbreakable Duo" "Fighting Buddies" "Lovely Couple" "Team Jubilee" What game? HARD MODE: What does it say instead if these don't appear? 30. Which zones appear in both 8-bit and 16-bit versions of Sonic 1? HARD MODE: And which of them retain the same music between both versions? 31) In Christmas NiGHTS, what level can you play as Sonic in? HARD: What boss is revamped to look like Eggman? 32) What order do you fight each knight in Sonic and the Black Knight and which character plays each knight? HARD: What weapons does each knight use? 33) Name 3 Sonic games, side games, or mini-games where Sonic does not appear. HARD: Name 5. 34. Knuckles has entered a level 1 super transformation (or something close enough) in three games. Name all 3 games. Hard Mode: They have one thing in common, and one thing different between them. Name both. 35. Name three things Sonic, Shadow, and Silver have in common. Hard mode: Name 5 36. Going by Uekawa 2D art, some characters have darker muzzle colors than the rest. Name one of them. Hard Mode: name all 3 37. Name one female character from the comics or TV shows that would undeniably be classed as a Power type in the games today. Hard Mode: Name two 38) Following from Q29, name all the pairs that have those specific names. HARD MODE: Which pairs allow you to perform a mid-air action after launching from a ramp by pressing the R button? 39) What do Sonic Advance 3 and Sonic Unleashed have in common? HARD MODE: What is DIFFERENT about their similarities? 40) In Sonic Battle, what is the name of Eggman's space fortress. HARD MODE: What is "incorrect" about it's name? 41) In Battle, there is a grammatical error. What is it? HARD MODE: Who says it, and when does he/she say it? 42) In Shadow The Hedgehog, how many characters (excluding Metal Sonic) reappear from Heroes? HARD MODE: Who DOESN'T reappear in this game? 43) Aside from Sonic himself, how many other Sonic characters appear in Super Smash Bros Brawl? HARD MODE: Which ones appear in game?
  6. got an iMac screen that's bigger than him.

  7. Err... >_> Umm... I meant... "I HATE EVERYTHING ARGLEBARGLEGARGLE" Nah, it's passable. Still Sonic Rush 3, though.
  8. I actually enjoyed it more than I expected to. My number one complaint isn't even the physics; it's that I cleared in in under 4 hours. Short game is short. Nevertheless, the physics DO feel floaty and disjointed. One minute it refuses to give you any momentum at all (Splash Hill vines spring to mind); the next it gives with one hand and then taketh away with the other (general walking, Casino Street cannons); and other times you'll find speed from nowhere (or rather ubiquitous boost pads). Target detection is, on occasion, hilariously messed up: I was trying to home on the start of a line of Bubbles, but instead my lock-on somehow hit a spring three screens away and the homing attack wizzed me over there. WUT. Complete cut/paste rehash of Ye Olde levels still annoys, although there were some gems in amidst the general gratuitous de-ja-vu-ery. Loved the card-running in Casino Street (everything about Act 2 was sweet; easily the best act in the game). Yhe backgrounds in general were delicious, except for Splash Hill's, which was ugly and empty. And I learned to really like the final boss, with it's breakdancing lurch of doom. OVERALL: It was worth buying, though only JUST. The game is playable, and - for brief periods - enjoyable, though the physics rape provides a constant undercurrent of frustration and hatred simmering below the surface. It's not quite an '06, but neither could even the most generous apologist claim it is a worthy successor to S3K.
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