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  1. Did that other Sonic Boom game ever come out?  I never heard anything about it.

    1. Forte-Metallix


      Fire and Ice?

      It was supposed to come out last Holiday, but Sanzaru learned from their mistake and delayed it to Holiday 2016.

      Looks much better than Shattered Crystal, but no one can say for sure if it'll be good.

  2. You know, at first, I was surprised to see Classic Sonic come back, but then I wasn't. It's a very predictable and safe move for Sonic Team. I'm not expecting much, especially when you've got something like Sonic Mania coming down the line about a whole year earlier that is nearly guaranteed to be a fantastic experience, but Sonic Team's surprised me before. Er, well, maybe that isn't a good thing. As for my prediction: This is going to be Generations 2: Original Levels and """Darker""" Story Edition.
  3. Does anyone remember that black and orange Chao you could get in the Egg Carrier in the original Sonic Adventure? In the remake, it was replaced with a regular black egg. I'm trying to find info on it but can't find it anywhere.

    1. Felix



    2. Jix Hedgehog

      Jix Hedgehog

      It was in the jail cell.. I think

    3. Komodin


      You can find it in the jail cell where Amy was locked up in.

    4. WarioBone


      Yeah, I know where it is, I'm just looking for videos/pictures of the chao that came out of it. I swear that it was really odd-looking but I can't remember at all what the Chao that came out looked like.

  4. My thoughts exactly. There must be some reasoning for their attachment to her, however. Maybe the Water effect is simply an effect of the weapon she's using?
  5. That Light Suit is hype. Are the rumors I'm hearing of the PMBR making a new "Light" element true? Are we going to see Light and Dark Beams on the Light/Dark Suits?
  6. I think my problem was that my wishlist involved Sakurai actually giving a shit about Metroid and Donkey Kong, which, in retrospect, is stupid on my part.
  7. I was completely against Spider-Man 4 until I found out that Bruce Campbell was going to be cast as Mysterio. :|

  8. Well, I'm convinced: I'm getting old and jaded. I find SSB4's roster to be absolute fucking garbage. Everyone around me is still screaming their heads off about it, but I keep looking and I can't see the excitement. I can't see the fun. All I see are a bunch of new characters I couldn't give less of a shit about in a game that I've already played a million times over. I guess I just need to get my walker and start listening to the Beach Boys or something. -sigh-
  9. Does this mean that each Zelda is going to get its own little "scenario"?

  10. The fact that any character can call down the Moon makes me worried for Skull Kid. Like, seriously, I know he's practically a lock, but we better get goddamn Skull Kid.
  11. Okay, Hyrule Warriors Team. You've definitely got me hooked. Now show us some Majora's Mask characters and levels and I'll buy three copies. EDIT: Was I the only one who thought "Meta Ridley?!" the first time they showed Argorok? I really hope I wasn't.
  12. So, 2D Platformers are the new First Person Shooters, then?
  13. So, either this roster is going to be monstrous, or it's going to be a Twililght Princess-fest and I'm going to be extremely disappointed. :|
  14. Y'know...what was Eggman doing before Sonic was born? Going to college?

    1. Vertekins


      In what would likely be his fourties?

  15. Banned? Like, they're going to take them from people? Also, who drew that diagram? A fucking two-year-old?
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