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  1. Always remember: Shrek 3, the Last Airbender, and Sonic 06 never happened.

    1. MegaMonster54


      Neither did any other crow movie after the first one, highlander 2-6 and 6Teen.

    2. Sixth-Rate Soma

      Sixth-Rate Soma

      But what of The Last Shrekbender '06?

    3. Space☆Tomoki


      MLP:FiM was also cancelled after the first Season, Dragon Ball GT never happened, and Amazing Spider-Man is still Peter Parker and is married to Mary Jane Watson.

    4. MegaMonster54


      Also the New 52 never happened

    5. Space☆Tomoki


      Disney Channel never aired crappy tween live action sitcoms.

    6. MegaMonster54


      And the muppets are still awesome…………

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