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  1. Seriously, SpikySprinter it seems that you have no clue on what socialism is about. edit: and what would you have done about our health care? Leave it alone, killing thousands of people a year? The health care bill is capitalist: it MAKES you get health care or pay a price. SO SOCIALIST! We're no single-payer country, but the reform is a step in the right direction. Nothing "socialist" about it. edit2: Also socialism isn't a bad thing, what with most of the world using some form of it.
  2. Harry Reid is normally to me as a boring centrist, pro-life DINO, but he's been quite effective lately.
  3. Well he is RICH, comes from the EAST COAST, and has a HORSE IN THE OLYMPICS. What an ELITIST! Oh wait I thought that attack was for the other guy.
  4. Nice avatar, welcome to the forums.
  5. Watching women's water polo. Looks like a fun game. edit: I hope they beat China :|
  6. I always watch the credits. Not because there may be a special scene, I just like to look at all the members working hard for a hour and a half film. Respect the staff!
  7. They should of done it 60 years ago.
  8. Muse is awesome. Every album has a real diffident of the ones before them. The last album was kind of...well, out there. I give them credit for trying a different sound, but it wasn't something for me.] I still love them anyway
  9. I agree with you on rap. I should have been more clear. I was bitchy about current rappers who just "rap" The ones who rap about their wealth, girls, and their cars. Rap needs to have stories.
  10. Great post, genius! It has me question my musical choices1 Ugh. Listen, most bands play by the numbers, and when the style of that genre changes, they just play the new version by the numbers. But we have people in music that don't play by the numbers and change the sound of their genre. Look at The Clash, their first albums were easily simple punk rock shows. Then they came out with London Calling, which was so original it kind of made it's own genre. Think of Nirvana's Nevermind, a simple over produced album. Original? Yes, but they, too, changed their genre. It was a noisy album, raw as hell. They changed their genre again. All genres have "rules" to follow. The majority of artists sound same because they don't challenge themselves or the listener. Pop has rules. Rap has rules. Punk has rules. Now you can play a by the numbers group, that sound the same as everyone else. That's okay. Or you can dig around for a challenging band that changes your view of the genre. Pop has original bands. Rap has great underground rappers. Punk has broken off to several spin offs. ] Now for those who are tldr, most music these days sound the same because they don't challenge themselves or their listeners. They are afraid of losing the fan base. So dig around your musical taste. There are different original bands there, What we hear on the radio is by the numbers bullshit.
  11. Pop sounds like pop. rap sounds like rap, punk sounds like punk. Pick any genre and you'll find that many of them sound the same.
  12. Mono

    Good News

    I never heard of him, but his chair is cool
  13. Dreamworks is really hit or miss. Sherk (only the first one) is one of my favorite movies. Madagascar was terrible. HTTYD was really well done. I mean, most of the movies they make are pretty funny in a way, but the story is never as good as Pixar movies.
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