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  1. lol. Agreed. ^-^; But, despite the setbacks, it does look very spiffy. I'm glad we were able to get it out. Also, thank you Silva for putting it all together. At any rate, sorry for the late reply.
  2. Then I should apologize, because my comment was only directed partly at Silva (and I didn't make an effort to make that known). I was mostly asking why Venice hasn't given his part yet.
  3. Wait, so what's been happening again? All I've seen is "we're waiting for Charmy" and "thanks for the patiance". What exactly is the holdup? Not to sound like a jerk (because I don't mean it that way at all), but if it's taken this long then why haven't we at least been given a reason? Just saying "some things are happening" doesn't seem right when we've all done our part and waited for months for this to be done. I, for one, am really uncomfortable with the vagueness about what's going on. -WHY- has it taken so long?
  4. Thanks for that. I was starting to wonder if maybe this project had died. I'm glad to see that it hasn't.
  5. C'mon man. I wanna see how all our hard work looks next to each other. ^-^
  6. My piece has been done for a while now, but my internet connection wouldn't let me anywhere near Upload Land. If I was able to get online at all, it was only with dial-up speeds (I have high-speed cable). But it's fixed now, and I've sent my piece to you Silva. Also, I should tell you that my scanner and tablet aren't working; I had to use a third-rate scanner, and finish the pic with the mouse. I did the best I could with what I had, but it may not be up to quality with what I'm used to doing. That said, I hope you like it. ^-^;
  7. Likewise. I'd play it. I've always wondered why ST never thought to make a Sonic racing game that felt more like a Sonic game than a kart racer. Maybe they know something we don't?
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