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  1. Wow he's really putting a lot of effort into it, I really am hoping to see this finished. Also, I am about to get a new pc and I really want to have generations run on it, anyone can tell me the requirements for it please?
  2. Am I the only one who thinks that looks sexy? It makes me think about Mecha Sonic. Looking awesome! That armor looks like it was designed for super sonic. Reminds me of Mewtwo's armor On a side related note, could we get that awesome Modern SkyTroops mix from Melpontro? c:
  3. Guys. Guys. I'd like to make Bark on the Colors 3D app for the 3ds, the problem is it's not out on europe yet. I don't think they'll take much more time now that it's out on US (it usually takes a week) but I may need a bit of time. If it's not out before the 20th I guess I'll have to do it with SAI or something :/
  4. I don't think Nintendo would work with sonic because it's not really their way to do things. They are too proud of themselves to let any external character sneak, even if it's world-known sonic. Capcom on the other hand I think could do a good job on sonic as a platformer franchise. But what I would honestly love to see would be a Sonic game made by platinum games. Even if it's an action spin-off. I'm really curious about what they could come up with. Though I think they're somehow affiliated to Sega :/
  5. Ohohoho no lol. I am NOT drawing in that style again for a long time xD Buuut I'll do him in my own style, which I think is what this collab was all about
  6. Then I'd like to pick him, I reaaaally love bears xD BTW I finished mine, I'll PM it to Silva right now c:
  7. Only the chains highlights missing! Seriously, WTF was the problem with whoever redesigned vector? I HATE those dang chains Dx. I never thought they would be so hard to do.
  8. I guess it'll have to wait a week more for many here xD I think I'll finish mine today though, only missing the chains and the shoes c:
  9. Fair enough, I'll remember you when that happens. Cuz that better happen guys >:C
  10. Hey I was thinking while doodling, I think we missed a guy that could be included in this pic, and I'd personally love to see. Though he's not from the sonic franchise, Nights has made several cameos, and he has a classic and modern design too, he could fit the collage pretty well, and that in turn would give 2 more slots What do you think of the idea Silva? =o BTW Vector's chains are KILLING me Dx
  11. I really think Unawakening Float remix has way too quiet lyrics, they can't be heared too much. I guess this was intentional but I think it'd do much more justice to the singer if they were a bit louder Oh and download links would be awesome, I hope that doesn't take too long =P
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