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  1. I always figured Mirage Road sampled the vocals from this:
  2. Katsuji's the SA2 drummer, as well. I think it changed to someone else (Mark something) for a while after that, though.
  3. Kurohyou's soundtrack's pretty awesome. Fits perfectly with the Yakuza games despite most pieces being composed by new people. Kinda wondering what happened to Hideki Sakamoto, Norihiko Hibino and Keitaro Hanada, though. They've barely been involved with the series for a while now.
  4. N... No Krauss-boxing? I'll only forgive it if they give me some awesome ZTS remixes.
  5. Dammit Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game, I don't even like Anamanaguchi, what are you doing to me.
  6. what are you doing hitoshi sakimoto that is a guitar you don't play guitar stop being so silly and get back to your endless strings compositions
  7. This is also track 35 of Ghosts, but I prefer this version.
  8. It's very Rush Adventure. It even uses one of the main samples from Big Swell and Deep Core.
  9. Final Factory from Free Riders reminded me of this, so I had to listen to it.
  10. I don't think it's a bad voice, but... I'm not really feeling anything about it in either direction. Still sounds like Sonic to me, I guess.
  11. As soon as it has slightly-longer-than-short black hair, it's automatically ANGST EMO HIPSTER as far as the Internet populace's concerned. Also, I don't get what the problem with the flag is. They're often featured on clothing regardless of wearer nationality or place of creation.
  12. Hm, kinda sounds more like Jun's style of guitar than Moritake's. I wonder if he's sound director on this, too. And there's a bit of His World powerchording in there. Liking it so far, though.
  13. Chaos ver.6 (from Sonic Adventure) Chaos Battle (from Sonic Battle)
  14. All I know is that ZUN did some of the soundtrack. I can't specifically remember what, though. And yeah, sometimes it's called Daily Repose, apparently.
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