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  1. Be smart like Zaysho. @Jack the Maniac You know I am Brad, right?
  2. On a long bullet train ride through Japan. AMA.

    1. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Watcha drinkin

    2. Slingerland


      @Indigo Rush The greatest beer ever... ORION.

    3. Fletch


      What's it like being in Japan? Currently self teaching myself Japanese and hope to visit someday.

      Coolest places you've been to?

    4. Slingerland


      @Izuku Deku Midoriya Japan owns. It's rough sometimes because I am so tall but it's a very minor thing.

      Favorite city is Nagasaki: 


      Nagasaki was the only city open to the world during Japan's isolationist period, so it's got a world of influences that aren't in other Japanese cities. It was the start of the rapid industrialization of Japan, so if you liked Press Garden Zone, there are many influences you can see out and around town.

      Tokyo is Tokyo. It's fun. The best place to retro game shop. 

      Osaka and Hiroshima are my favorite places to eat and drink. Significantly more chill than Tokyo.

      My favorite place to be ever is Miyajima Island off the coast of Hiroshima. It's this gorgeous island that's populated by a small community and a lot of deer. The seafood here is great. Always great to chill with a beer and oysters after going on a hike into its mountains:


      @Izuku Deku Midoriya Keep practicing your Japanese! While this country is very easy to get around as a non-speaker, you will unlock a better experience by being able to communicate even on a basic level.

    5. Osmium


      What type of Shinkansen was it? 

    6. Slingerland


      @ShroomZed The roomy, roomy Sakura <3

    7. Fletch


      Thank you for the reply! I really appreciate reading all this! =)

    8. Osmium


      Ahhh, so I assume it was a N700? Nice.

      Image result for Shinkansen sakura

    9. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      Have you made any train noises like "Woo Wooo!" and "Chug Chug Chug" when the train goes really fast?

    10. Slingerland


      @Mayor D The train rides are so smooth that it doesn't even feel like I'm riding a train. I forget.

  3. Hi. The Special Rings function like they did in S3&K. This guy's account is not correct. Bye.
  4. Hey, everyone! Glad you are digging the new Chemical Plant. We understand that it was already in Generations so our goal was to make it as different as possible to provide a brand new experience while also introducing a new generation of players to the original horror that is the Mega Mack. What better way to remix a fairly horizontal level than to make it entirely vertical, ay? Here's the E3 low-down thus far. Uuuuhhh... E3 owns. Ohshima-san came by and gave us his blessing. We've had lines around the booth with everyone super excited to play the game. We currently have 4 publications (including IGN and GameInformer) awarding us Best in Show Nominations (Overall, Platformer, Switch Game). Sonic and Crash Bandicoot got into. a dance-off. I've been taking non-stop photos of the booth that you can check out on muh Twitter. Stealth has also been takin' photos on his Twitter. This has been the coolest week of our lives. Thank you to all the Stadium people who have come by to kick it with us. It means the world. Svend/Dreadknux and I have been hugging pretty much the entire time at the Mania booth. So if you're at the show, just look out for the two grown men in tender embrace.
  5. Hey, hoots. Stealth and I will be at the Sonic Revolution convention tomorrow if any of you SoCal hoots wanna feel the Mania. We'll also be at E3 next to the Mania demo stations if we're not off working or doing press. Happy Hechoeg.
  6. It's too late. I've already informed SOA legal and you've been banned from both Sonic Stadium and life.
  7. I have the current style guides from SOA so nah.
  8. Well, saying no to my post is also saying no to the current, official style guide for both Classic and Modern Sonic lololololol
  9. Classic Sonic is marketed to older fans, yes, but the character's design is appealing to all ages. It's an endearing aesthetic. Modern Sonic? Yeah. Childrens.
  10. Rumors? That is the marketing strategy now, my dude. Classic and Modern. Sonic isn't popular in Japan, like, at all (it was very strange experiencing all the Mania stuff in Japan for that reason when the US, in contrast, has no advertising for it yet). In Japan, he has nowhere near the level of notoriety that he has in the NA and EU regions. Your popularity divide is also inaccurate in that Modern and Classic's respective popularity levels are not split across regions. It's split across age groups.
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