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  1. Oh wow, I haven't seen you in quite a long while. How have you been?

    1. Clades Jin

      Clades Jin

      Very depressive. But I'm nothing if not stubborn. I'm sure there's a light at the end of this maze of a tunnel as long as I take my time carefully finding a way out. Sooo I don't let it get to me very much. Not among others anyway. I have a reputation to keep.

      I tell myself I should really visit this place more but I don't really have the energy to have discussions on here, so I hit the Status Updates every so many months.

      What about you?

    2. Milo


      I'd say I've been doing alright myself. Outside of moving back to the US last year, there hasn't been much going on.

      Sorry to hear about you feeling in a rut lately. I do hope you can pull through and move on to better things.

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