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  1. I haven't heard from KatamariParadox/Solvo/S0lv0/watheverhe'sbeengoingby lately. Is he still active anywhere?
    yes, i know what you veterans are thinking, no, i'm not planning to go bully him, the quiet is just a little discomforting by now, call me a hypocrite wathever

    1. Dejimon11


      She's one twitter and getting married soon

    2. Clades Jin

      Clades Jin

      The only twitter I saw he shut down.

    3. Milo


      KP/S0LV0's is more active over at Sonic Retro. She was recently responsible for the Unleashed Project but stepped away from it for personal reasons (it's now on hiatus, she gave her work to Dario ff in case he ever decides to pick up where she left off).

    4. Clades Jin

      Clades Jin

      I knew that, mostly I was just wondering if he was active anywhere.
      I hear twitter but I can't find him there.
      Again, I don't plan to bully him, I'm mostly curious to see what's going on with him

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