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  1. They both have their pros and cons. Overall, like with any fighting game this is really just a matter of preference. Everything, from aesthetics to moves is just what you prefer. I prefer Street Fighter by far, MK's characters are nice in a story setting though. SF is a more traditional fighter and thus will be better at delivering a fun experience using that aspect, whereas MK while still being 2-D has quite a few more unconventional/unusual aspects like a block button. There's a reason why MK isn't all too popular competitively compared to other fighters really but I digress. KI is cool too, the combo system is good and bad in the way that a casual player will basically have 0 chance beating an experienced one though. Not even dumb luck will help, which is kind of hilarious. About SFV though, having it PS4/PC only was kind of a price to pay for crossplay it seems. It was worth it imo but then again I'm a PC player.
  2. There is a possibility that instead of length, we'll just see variety. That would be alright, and it'd keep things fresh enough at least during a playthrough. Generation's missions for example were actually pretty okay, I'd genuinely consider going back to some of them every now and then, so it might not be so bad after all. Unleashed was pretty great though, I'm kind of hoping we do get one stage that's similar in length.
  3. I play this game at times. There's a lot of things to consider, but for getting back into it, there's a lot you could do, there's Duel links if you like the first series characters, and the cards you get access to in that game mean that Blue-eyes, Dark Magician, and Red-eyes are all pretty worthwhile cards to use and build a deck around. It's not up to date with the current game however, and uses different rules such as having only 3 zones for your monsters. It's pretty fun though, and building a deck like @Wolfy said is enjoyable. Your other option is YGOPro which is a simulator that updates regularly with the latest cards. There's a basic AI you can go up against or there's other online players, the AI's pretty good for practice if that's what concerns you. If you wanted to learn how the game currently works, this is something you can look into. Chances are though, you'd need to practice to get up to speed with everything that's going on in the current game, meaning the summoning types. It's not hard to understand really, so you'll probably be fine. If you wanted to play the game without simulators you'd probably need to use YGOPro to just test your deck out anyway, so I'd recommend you get that. You can build whatever deck you want, but you'd need certain cards to survive going up against others if you wanted to use something like a Summoned Skull deck.
  4. Sonic Rivals would have been better if it took more from the Advance/Rush series. 

  5. Reaction: ShTH's entire gameplay is replaced with his style of play from SA2, with the same amount of levels and the Chaos powers turned up to 11 like in the original - Chaos Spears are the only projectiles you get to use at all and they work like they do in 06. 

    1. Diogenes


      still pretty lame

      sa2's gameplay really isn't anything special, just more controllable than heroes/shth's slipperiness. shth's chaos powers aren't interesting, they're either skipping a bunch of the level or blowing up enemies, the former means not actually playing the game, the latter would be far less useful in an sa2-styled level (and still not that interesting either way). '06's chaos spears...didn't they just stun enemies? neither interesting nor useful in sa2 gameplay, and even if they were turned into a proper attack they wouldn't add much.

    2. Hero


      Fair points. 

      SA2's gameplay was alright, definitely better than ShTH's if for no other reason than the control you had and the way homing attacks/spin jump worked. The chaos powers would probably have to have places or sections deliberately built in so they have some sort of use. Blast could work if you threw more enemies in, but that would kind of be a given with Shadow's gameplay since there's probably going to be more combat. Chaos Control could be set up to work like it does in SA2/Heroes/ShTH's boss battles and freeze time. In general though, it's probably safe to assume the game would be tailored to feature his abilities a little more than ShTH did. 

      06's spears dealt damage when Chaos Boost was on, but they functioned as ranged crowd control. 



  6. I agree. Of course, Sega aren't exactly known for making the smartest or most optimal decisions for Sonic. Though that post you linked makes me wonder if Sega's going to throw other characters in as DLC for the CaC or something. It'd be kind of a scummy tactic but I'd have no issue shelling out money for Shadow, Rouge or Omega..
  7. I figured the lack of depth that it seems to have was intentional, or at least, done because the people who are really hardcore into the OC thing aren't really who they're aiming for. Rather, it's for the younger fans and the people who won't be too fussed about the lack of depth or detail to the creator. Chances are the people are that into making an OC wouldn't like the way they handle the story surrounding the custom character anyway - as it'd probably end up being generic and somewhat bland in terms of characterisation, the polar opposite of what anyone that into it would want their OC to be like. Regardless, put yourself in Sega's position: Are you going to make a character creator with depth that few will appreciate, or would you focus on appealing to the majority of people by giving it just enough detail to satisfy the more common, average player? It makes sense.

  9. If we get Super Sonic playable in Forces, I wonder if that'll carry over into the CaC thing. I remember hearing that only male hedgehogs can go super. 

  10. Yeah...at this point though, I've kind of realised we're probably never going to see them again in a major role comparable to something like Adventure 1 or 2 anyway. Buddy is simply proof of Sonic Team's desire to keep things safe, a lot like the wisps. That being said I'm interested to see what the third gameplay style is like, I wonder if it'll feel more like Adventure as there's nowhere near as much speed to play around with.
  11. It probably will, SNK's always been cool with that sort of thing. Steam edition for XIII came with all the DLC too, so I wouldn't worry about it.
  12. I'll be content as long as the story is well put together. Late but, I hope to god that list is real. It's been too long for Jedah.
  13. Looks alright, not great, but not completely terrible. Seems like you're not really getting much momentum off destroying a badnik, but maybe that's something to do with who was playing it. The dash panels seem unnecessary though. If this is the direction we're going in, I'd rather just fire up one of the genesis games instead. The music is forgettable really.
  14. Is there a way to stop seeing other people's status updates? I can't see an option for it in ignore settings. 

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      You can just kill the the option yourself but it prevents you from seeing everyone's statuses.

      There's no option for it in the ignore settings.

    2. Speederino


      It would be a nice feature, but I understand that would be extremely difficult to implement.

    3. Hero


      Yeah, that's what I though too. Kind of sucks that it's an all or nothing thing, but what can you do. 



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