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  1. Reaction: ShTH's entire gameplay is replaced with his style of play from SA2, with the same amount of levels and the Chaos powers turned up to 11 like in the original - Chaos Spears are the only projectiles you get to use at all and they work like they do in 06. 

    1. Diogenes


      still pretty lame

      sa2's gameplay really isn't anything special, just more controllable than heroes/shth's slipperiness. shth's chaos powers aren't interesting, they're either skipping a bunch of the level or blowing up enemies, the former means not actually playing the game, the latter would be far less useful in an sa2-styled level (and still not that interesting either way). '06's chaos spears...didn't they just stun enemies? neither interesting nor useful in sa2 gameplay, and even if they were turned into a proper attack they wouldn't add much.

    2. Hero


      Fair points. 

      SA2's gameplay was alright, definitely better than ShTH's if for no other reason than the control you had and the way homing attacks/spin jump worked. The chaos powers would probably have to have places or sections deliberately built in so they have some sort of use. Blast could work if you threw more enemies in, but that would kind of be a given with Shadow's gameplay since there's probably going to be more combat. Chaos Control could be set up to work like it does in SA2/Heroes/ShTH's boss battles and freeze time. In general though, it's probably safe to assume the game would be tailored to feature his abilities a little more than ShTH did. 

      06's spears dealt damage when Chaos Boost was on, but they functioned as ranged crowd control. 



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