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  1. Sure. But if they have a reputation as having been part of the community for some time and not being trolls, they're less likely to be lying about their location. Especially if you're the one who went to them for the matter of the statue, rather than the other way around. Being from Japan doesn't necessarily mean that they're trustworthy, though. Hence I think you should also make sure that they're reputable long time members. (And yes, I'm aware that by my definition, I'm not a reputable member, having a low post count and being mostly a lurker. But I'm not asking to be given the location)
  2. I'm not a mod or staff member. Can't you do an automatic search of forum members whose location is from Japan, and filter out people who joined recently, have few posts, or have a history of trolling, flaming, etc? You just told a guy who registered 5 hours ago that you will send him the details. (No offense, Vector Reeves)
  3. I'm posting this here because the stupid comments section in the articles is broken. Did BxB-Meister agree with you sharing the location with anyone who claims they can visit it? I don't think you should make such a risky move, seeing how there's no guarantee that they're not planning to vandalize it, or that they won't post the location online, or that the location won't reach potential vandals if they divulge it.
  4. My Sonic cartoon? One that actually feels like a Sonic cartoon and doesn't make up a lot of pointless one-dimensional characters that steal the spotlight and don't even look like Sonic characters (I'm looking at SatAM). One that doesn't go out of its way to "westernize" Sonic (I'm looking at Sonic Boom). One that doesn't treat Sonic as a comedy cartoon (looking at AOSTH and Sonic Boom), but is actually true to the series and as such has lots of action. And the characters should look and act like they do in the games, unlike in every western Sonic cartoon so far.
  5. Who on earth said that Sonic Forces lost me? Way to project your opinion onto others. I enjoyed it because it was a perfectly fun (if flawed) game, and because it was a huge step up from the abominations that were Sonic Boom and Lost World. Unlike a large portion of the fandom, I'm fully capable of enjoying decent games for what they are, without blowing their flaws and shortcomings of proportion.
  6. Thank you! I love these early adaptations based on the games, before Dic and Archie came and "polluted" the franchise. Pity that the 29th May 1994 and 13th November 1994 strips are missing, though =( Any UK Sonic fans here that have them?
  7. Sonic X is fine for the audience it's aimed at. It has a lot of kid appeal while still being faithful to the games and their characters (for the most part; they flanderized Eggman and Amy too much for my tastes). And it had my favorite characterizations of Sonic and Knuckles, especially when you look at that latter's characterization in Sonic Boom and his post-SA2 flanderized self. But as for a more "universal" good Sonic anime. Take Sonic X, remove Chris and most original human characters, replace the "mundane adventures" and monster of the week formula with a more serialized format, remove the Japanese pop culture references, de-flanderize Eggman and Amy, give Sonic more screentime, don't let 4kids dub it and presto! You have the perfect Sonic anime.
  8. Discussing about Classic Super Sonic's eye color or Sonic's fur color = acceptable Discussing about Sonic's quills (something that's actually related to the model's shape rather than just colors) = a no-no Nice logic there. Besides Anti Alias wasn't even talking to thegameexplorer, and I only mentioned the quills because thegameexplorer was trying to make Sonic look like his SA2 version. And no, I wasn't trying to bug him, I only gave a suggestion. I'm sorry if that makes you people butthurt. Both that video and the girl's comment are hilarious! Totally, the shape of Sonic's quills is unimportant and discussing about it is petty. It's not like they're one of his main and most distinctive features.
  9. What, he can't display his work and explain the reasons behind his changes to Sonic's model here?
  10. Are you being serious? Sonic's quills ARE supposed to be arched. His blue head with arched quills coming from behind is iconic, and depicting them straight is just wrong. Just look at Sonic Team's logo: Heck, look at Sonic X's logo: This was true before and after Sonic got his Sonic Adventure redesign. Would you say "Nobody cares" if I posted a photoshopped pic of Classic Sonic that depicted his quills straight? Much better, thank you. Yessir.
  11. Would it be feasible to tweak his quills to make them look more like SA2 Sonic's? Edit: Typo
  12. I think the previous version with black eyes looked better as I personally prefer Classic Super Sonic with black eyes since the green eyes were used in only one game and they make him look too much like a Super Saiyan ripoff, but I must admit the green eyes on that updated version don't look too bad. They look much better than the previous green eyes, as they no longer stick out too much. So kudos for that.
  13. Here you can find the Knuckles' Chaotix sprites: http://spritedatabase.net/game/285
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