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  1. But what if im crazy? What if Sonic was in a coma? Can you let a guy have fun?
  2. Im calling it now,it's made by the guy who runs the sonic social media page.
  3. This has to be a joke. It is IMPOSSIBLE to be serious with something like this.
  4. Watch me run,hear me nay nay. Watch me run,run,hear me nay nay. All joking aside, i probally won't go. Because i can't afford it.
  5. What does he do? What role does he have? Tell me
  6. That face is creepy as fuck You know its comming
  7. It wasn't a joke,i actually think that the page is ran by a boom hater,i mean,really? Would anyone put hastags that go against a part of a popular franchise unless that person either a. Does not know good comedy (witch is plausable,considering the overuse of owtheedge and tails doll) or B. Does not care about the series(s) (i wouldn't be surprised,since it seems that baerly anyone that isn't on here cares about the series at this point)
  8. There was a sonic x comic? Also,i meant a entire arc with big as a main character. That would make people realise how useful useless he is.
  9. Plot twist - The Sonic twitter is ran by boom haters not surprised if im right
  10. Why did i just now learn about archie sonic comics? And how doi make a spoiler box? I only knew about Sonic the comic,btw
  11. Im also tired of the "This" comments Glad someone agrees with me. In fact,even the Sonic adventure 3 facebook page agrees https://m.facebook.com/SonicAdventure3/photos/pb.175996822449699.-2207520000.1464119429./965893666793340/?type=3&source=54 (Look in the comments tho)
  12. I hope there would not be a cg trailer,i mean,a cg trailer gives false leads,remember assassin creed 3 or rogue?
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