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  1. Wasn't there some developer interview or something where someone at Sonic Team admitted to not really getting why people loved the boost formula
  2. Yeah, seriously, especially considering that's over 100 bucks if you bought the base he at launch
  3. So I was going to finally get ReMind to experience Kairi and whatever else it offers for myself and--SWEETBABYRAY, THIS GOES FOR 29.99?!
  4. I thought that said Furry's Rage for a second. Anywho, Game theory brought up a peculiar point near the end of this video. I kinda doubt means that much of anything, but it does line up in an interesting way.
  5. Where there goes my hope of the Galaxy Soldiers getting a Broly treatment, it sounds like.
  6. There was a pretty good rumor that Forces was actually supposed to be a spinoff game around the Avatar that got changed to be a mainline Sonic game.
  7. What's interesting is that I seem to recall something about the Two Worlds concept coming about during Adventure 1's development, since they apparently viewed it as Sonic traveling to human territories for the first time. Coincidentally, this is also around the time Iuzuka would've gotten some input on the concepts since he allegedly created Big as a relaxing little detour from all the action and tension of the rest of the story. So in a way, the Two World mandate is just him reinforcing what the team had decided behind the scenes but barely made a big deal of outside of Sonic X, which I heard started development around 1999.
  8. That Cream comic got a laugh, not gonna lie. Guess Yardley is still doing stuff for them after all
  9. Truth be told, I get the feeling that some things are just poorly interpreted between Iuzuka, the other key staff members, the writers/designers, and finally the fans. For example, the Team Dark aren't friends thing, much like Orbot and Cubot's continued presence, has been suggested to be less about them ever having a connection and more about them not having the same sorta interactions that Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles would have. That's not to say they can't be questionable because they often are, but we're also talking about someone from the other side of the world who doesn't speak the very language his word is often playing PR to.
  10. I know it's partly speculatory,but those generally seem like instances of there being things cut or simply lost in translation over the course of development. Which happens somewhat often in the production business, but Sonic has obviously had it consistently for the past decade or so(Blaze in 06 and Knuckles & Shadow in Unleashed). Things like concept art of Infinite in some sort of void thing, Greenhill having spider webs & barbed wire, Phantom Zavok seemingly lacking the telltales of the Ruby during his boss fight, interviews claiming that Shadow had a big role to play in the story, and certain versions of the leaked script mentioning Mephiles proves that Forces really was a game with a bunch of ideas and concepts that went nowhere. Ken Pontac admitted that Lost World just sorta dropping off near the end was down to them running out of time and having to wrap up quickly, with the fact that they just sort of...leave with a minimal resolution/climax and Eggman's line about the Zeti clearly indicated that they wanted to do something more along the lines of a sequel. And even Color clearly went through some changes throughout it's development, since Yacker is specifically noted as going missing with no scene/mention of them finding him before the final boss, Eggman has an unused line comparing the Wisps power as supposedly exceeding the Chaos Emeralds, and Ian Flynn was able to confirm under NDA that the script he was tasked to write had more characters & Wisps types involved. Need I mention things like Perci's role, the time travel, and the idea of Sonic's origins being explored in Rise of Lyric? How about Zavok's motivation and an unused Phantom Ruby sound effect in TSR? Granted, those are spinoffs that were under a direction developer, but yeah. Clearly, something has been going on behind the scenes for these things to happen, but there's little to no commonality in rhyme or even reason thus far. And that in itself can only be blamed on how making and releasing a game people will hopefully enjoy in certain timeframe seems to be the one absolute. The worst that can be said objectively is that maybe Iuzuka needs to crack down a little more to make sure things are at least cohesive before shipping.
  11. These games are generally made made by a team, with people like Iuzuka, Kishimoto, and the occasional third party like Whitehead and Sumo Digital as spearheads and overseers who nonetheless give generally directions of a game's intent that the designers, programmer's, and writers execution. So ultimately, much of what we see is a combination of different ideas, conveniences, and efforts coming together. In Iuzuka's case, it does seem like while he is the producer and likely gives the okay on a chunk of what gets released, how much he's actively contributing is kinda nebulous beyond what few reference points can be picked and assessed. From what bit I understand, he would've given the order for the last decade being simpler and more accessible, but what that actually ends up being sounded like it was his approval of Kishimoto, Pontac & Graff, Otake, and Nakamura's ideas. Funnily enough, it sounds like the biggest input he personally has is on spinoff materials--while Sonic Boom was more about hasty streamlining of what was gonna be two outside products, IDW(albeit certain aspects of things the writers pitch), the presence of returning zones Mania(I think), and at least the gameplay gimmick of TSR are documented cases where he personally stepped in and contributed.
  12. Tails needs a fuckin drink. I honestly question how much control he actually has.
  13. Perhaps. Though there are only two on the way, who are presumably the two partners he was supposed to debut alongside originally.
  14. The comic also explained that the pods are more for the Resistance's convenience, since they clearly just leave once Sonic Team inspires them. I mean, we once see Zomom leap over the horizon in a single bound and the 3ds version has the other Zeti alongside Zor & Zik flat out fly, so... Edit: Actually, what am I talking about--Sonic literally kicks him off of the Dragoon mech and he's just like, see ya next fall rat!
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