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  1. Guess that puts a snub on my impression. Cool to see how things come together.
  2. Hmph...I suppose she is the most lighthearted and accessible.
  3. ...Truth be told, Jewel is the only main one besides Whisper not occupied by a miniseries right now. That leaves Lanolin, Scruffy, Ron, Nite, and Dawn, all of whom are more civilian in nature. Eh.
  4. To be fair, it's vaguely accurate to how he was portrayed in Chaotix: jamming to his headphones and giving a thumbs up to the camera while running. The jive talk is a little dated now, but it's seems fairly in line with that.
  5. Oh yeah. Somehow, I figured Tangle would be involved somehow.
  6. Remind me, what is the next story about?
  7. I can agree about the line, but otherwise nah. Might also be a little questionable using the comics there, even if he's one of the more consistent/well-defined there.
  8. The same could be said about Robin compared to other kids like Tiffany. Was that always the case? I mean, it's worth noting that we're only just meeting Clutch, who's a more lime color. I didn't say/intend that. I don't know, 8 years tend to be treated differently from twelve year olds, who are practically tweens. Good point. I mean in his case, you have another assumed orphan who lives with his coworkers deal to potentially go with. A don't draw attention to it if you're not gonna be consistent with it deal, eh? Basically TSR again(was that ever actually said, btw)
  9. It's worth noting that Rouge is one of the characters who is practically a legal adult by our standards, being 17 in her initial appearances and apparently turning 18 in later games, which is why she ultimately why she had to sign up under an alias. Clutch is also obvious an adult, so it checks out. Also, Charmy.
  10. Pretty much. . Espio would probably be a better fit for that analogy, but the point is clear enough I suppose. Anyway, the concern is that Gemerl acting as a frequent protector for the rabbit means that he can always just swoop in to take whatever action scene could have Cream at the helm and potentially even attract whatever content her place of in a story has by virtue of what he is in comparison. While it's mostly a product of Kaotic's views of how the comics have fared in using her for some time, there is technically some merit to it. I honestly didn't consider how it also impacts Cheese, who is a more intrinsic part of the character. That was the initial solicit, but it was quickly changed the next we heard of the issue. Or if it was at least Rouge having to make a case to Vanilla or Cream, for that matter. Yeah, I recall actually hoping/preferring if it was mostly a standoff between the two of them(who are opposite in tone without getting into Mephiles or Infinite), with the other heroes either being among those who support her or not being involved at all. Yeah, I can't help but feel that Cream is a character where I notice there's some insistence on leaving them into some not very productive boxes. Like, isn't the whole point of a story seeing a character go through something that involves them trying to achieve something or at least dealing with some conflict? A character having passivity about them doesn't nor shouldn't mean they can't do anything--it just means they aren't super gung-ho about action compared to some others. And yeah, it looks especially silly considering she actually did take quite of bit of action(which isn't exclusively about violence, btw) in most of her game appearances to start off with, including the one that had her go through an arc about being willing to fight.
  11. Jumping around here, I know, but I have other stuff to say about our latest "antagonist." I see his part next issue ending one of three ways, two of which are fairly open and shut. In other news, here's something I considered recently:
  12. Oh, those are Bat Chao wearing Pumpkins, right? This is genuinely cool.
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