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  1. DabigRG

    TMNT Goes Nickelodeon

    Dexter from the hood, baby!
  2. DabigRG

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    The wiki does exist as a source as well, although I suppose some things are sometimes easier to take when seen for oneself.
  3. DabigRG

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    No, as far as I know, he just got the Great War and the original Xorda Gene Bomb events mixed together. However, the later was indeed the original of Mobius.
  4. DabigRG

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Dem pauses tho. Anyway, yeah, that is indeed how the Great War started.
  5. Yeah, that's kinda where my concern/confusion with all this comes in--does he have at least sufficient rough drafts done yet or not? Fixed.
  6. DabigRG

    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    Why do SEGA bother releasing games in Japan?
  7. DabigRG

    Sonic Channel

    Yeah. Besides, a better example would've been Runners.
  8. Honestly, I kinda hesitate to find an answer since it seems like SEGA was actively avoiding Modern Sonic's actual world until Forces. The whole two worlds thing just made it more official/overt and even without that, the major locations were all human cities, nearby wilderness, a space amusement park made of other planets, and a floating continent that's technically above his world, but also still not it. The only exceptions were seemingly Heroes, at least one of the Advances, Rush, and Generations, with Riders being more ambiguous aside from Zero Gravity, which also doesn't count. I should also stress that, in terms of broad strokes, artstyle doesn't really matter too much compared to what's actually going on or intended. Yeah, I actually really like that too. It's just too bad that the game was polarizing and the Lost Hex itself doesn't have much in the way of a solid explanation for why it's separate and yet visually similar.
  9. Well, she is essentially meant to be the Tails to Blaze's Sonic in design and skills. She's also in major promo art for the game, from what I recall. Plus, they also allude to her meeting Sonic & Tails again someday and apparently mention her in Colors DS. That's without getting into how extra media like Sonic Channel and the Archie comics made use of her from time to time. So, the 3DS version? Is that not what I said? Or, you know, the fact that the cutscenes make it clear that they're supposed to be back on Sonic's Planet and Sonic&Tails followed Eggman to the Lost Hex, where he intended to use the Extractor to borrow energy from the world below?
  10. DabigRG

    Sonic Channel

    I'm guessing he's just referring to the Casino music, which is from Lost World.
  11. DabigRG

    Mega Man: Fully Charged

    Well, that and Megaman's hand/cannon changing based on form.
  12. A game that's good, fun, and acceptable to most. Were they really even working on it that long aside from Concept art, little ideas for the story, and the music? They seem to be doing that with the Zeti as well. Although in their case, I don't think it's really that complicating. I kinda got the sense that they at least wanted to do that with Marine on some small level.
  13. They were initially turned into statues and aren't really involved in the plot at all beyond being saved & the final boss. They do have dialogue, both voiced and in text, that sometimes involves dealing with whatever problem is at hand. It's clearly based on the Birthday Park from Generations, though. It's just being render using Lost World's graphics because you don't see it much, I guess. That same area(or one like it anyway) is actually also in Forces in the background of the City Zone. Yeah, that's something that I really appreciate about the Archie comics and is an issue you realize once you look back at the longterm casts. Especially in comparison to both Archie and Mario in the Olympics. It's part of the reason I was actually kind of excited when Lost World revealed that the Deadly Six were these quirky, humorous cartoony new villains for Sonic to go up against. Also, I always did think it was a interesting little detail that Fang essentially had his own Eggmobile in the Marvelous Queen. Well, he does supposedly need eight hours of sleep to literally run at his most efficient. We just never rarely see him do so.
  14. Sorry. The floodgates were opened a while back. Anyway, I definitely remember Sleepy!Rainbow and the voice actor interview Youtube ads, so yeah, I'd say there was definitely some.

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