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  1. So here's some fun little ditties from Archie: Originally, the Deadly Six were supposed to have custom armor modeled/inspired by their mechs in Lost World, but SEGA felt they obscured them too much. Designed by Mr. Flynn himself with touch ups from Dan Schoening, they were shared on the former's deviant art with commentary on how they turned out.
  2. That's conflict and/or the fate of the world for you: it brings out talents, inclinations, or simply necessities that would've have been pivotal otherwise. Forces did at least lampshade how restraining and sometimes overly expectant the position can be, so that's a minor point, but ultimately Knuckles is otherwise yet another area where the game undersells what it was working with. I think what people bring up with those two specifically is that there is more correlation and yes less expectation in having Amy be around compared to Knuckles, who while more interesting and capable actually has things that naturally hold him down a bit while also defining him. Top billing is really just a shallow bonus at this point and it's something Knuckles generally only gets from a superficial standpoint since his debut, if we're being honest.
  3. So the guardians were added? Interesting. But I guess everything else shouldn't be a surprise and that's downgraded hardware for ya.
  4. Where have you been? Yeah, Knuckles' place as Guardian of the Master Emerald comes up quite a bit, but there are plenty of other discussions & arguments surrounding his actual characterization and how to use it properly. I'm specifically pointing out how Shadow coming into the spotlight coincided with SonicTeam stumbling and bumbling with Knuckles, partly due to the shared Goal Driven Rival with an Ancient Background aspects of their roles. Look at the timeline: Shadow having a complete arc was the eventual result of five years of games and once it did end, Knuckles' standing had been long distilled thanks in part to having his own character focus halted right after it began. Pretty sure he was commander because he's the fourth most popular character after Sonic(who's presumed dead), Shadow(who's with the Villains), and Tails(who lost it). From an in-universe standpoint, his stubbornness and eagerness to fight is stark contrast to Infinite's indulgence in spreading fear and hopeless, meaning he's the number one guy to advocate continuing the Resistance by setting an example. That he descends from a tribe of actual warriors is really cool bonus that the game of course never acknowledges among other things.
  5. I am shocked to do this at any point, even in Archie from what I recall. It might not have the exact intent, but the Echidnas have ruins across both worlds in addition to Angel Island itself. I think part of that is just Shadow coming in and kinda redefining the series for a good while.
  6. Pretty much. Wait...what... Lol the plot? To be fair in IDW, it actually makes since in a rather human reaction. He'd been away from it and home for months doing something important that he wasn't always comfortable doing, but needed to be done. Then as they were really starting to clean up, Neo Metal shows up to not only use it for his purposes, but takes Angel Island as a whole in the process. When Knuckles sensed that this was happening, his homesickness was exacerbated into beating himself up for leaving it alone for so long that Neo getting it was child's play. So he was very involved in fighting him to take everything back and once he'd been defeated, Knuckles decided he wasn't leaving now that he has it back and wanted to return to his normal life since Eggman was effectively gone at that point. The main reason he didn't get involved with the Metal Virus for so long was because he honestly didn't know. That is very true. It's been so long that it'd be a breath of air at this point and it could even allow whatever villain targets it to both have a personal stake to wager this time around and also maybe even abuse it in a way that hasn't been done before.
  7. The thing about the Master Emerald, aside from it's amazing size and power, is that it's a part of Knuckles legacy as well as his home. I'm honestly not sure where the idea that he's protecting it from falling into the wrong hands actually came about game-wise, but that logical extension doesn't have to offset that he genuinely cares about it even though he once questioned why he's been entrusted to all of it. Connected to all of it. Generally speaking now, there's little to nothing threatening it for a large span of time and he's grown to have connections with the rest of the world. I reiterated a few weeks ago that it would've been neat to see him transition from "I only want to protect my heritage on my own" to "the world is everyone's home friend or foe." Would've also the Master Emerald's drop-off in importance less sudden and given him a more satisfying arc across the games.
  8. Sonic screaming at the corndog completes this.
  9. Chronological order unless stated, implied, or rule of cool otherwise. That said, Rivals comes after the Rush games and Mania comes before Forces. Advance 2 & Heroes can honestly go either way and a slightly different version of Battle happens without Shadow.
  10. There's also how Amy, Shadow, and Rouge were pretty dickish.
  11. I never did get to listening to the rest of that interview from a month or two ago, past the first ten minutes. Any interesting tidbits or developments since?
  12. The open vault aka pay button is yellow, although all three of their icons are Green. I'm trying to get around outright buying anything, tbh. As for my phone, it's a Droid.
  13. If they did, I don't know. I'll have to check. EDIT: Brainfart, yes, regular characters do. That's how I've unlocked the other characters I have. Like I said, a screen with how much each cost in cards, how many cards I have, and the price button of 9.99 was what I was given after being told that the season was technically over. With seemingly no conventional way of deferring or even exiting it without a purchase, so I just hit the home button and ignored the game entirely.
  14. That's informative to hear, but why couldn't I just use the cards I had to purchase her? I had more than enough, yet I didn't see a nonmonetary option and so just hit the home button.
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