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  1. I just realized while watching an old video that Zavok/Zazz kinda looks like Cooler and Janemba.
  2. To be fair, he didn't know what it was, much less that it'd caused such a tremor.
  3. Huh. No wonder I don't remember. I mostly think of him hitting the stolen Eggmobile before being knocked off balance by the Death Egg powering up.
  4. DId he throw a bomb at them?. Honestly, part of me wondered why Knuckles let Eggman a number of things before reading the manual.
  5. Definitely. The idea that it involves holding someone against their will to force information out of them, often painfully. While I can see him letting or in some cases aiding simple interrogation happening if necessary, torture inherently sounds like something he would talk against.
  6. Mm...I can see him go either way depending on what both ends involve, but he does generally like to punish those who were hurt or mistreat others.
  7. Torture is a definitive no-no, since it's restrictive on top of being cruel. As for the second thing, do you mean revenge?
  8. Oh yeah, it sucks that the next game will be another anniversary, though we did at least get Team Sonic Racing in between.
  9. That's a good point, actually. Especially since Pachacamac, Ix, and if you count him Menniker were extremists after power/control. I mean, Underground is the last thing I'd draw from for that stuff anyway. 😅
  10. Knuckles is admittedly more vague about that, partly due to a lack of truly dealing with such a thing. He comes off as not minding it in some instances(Chaos, Black Arms, Hunter), but he's generally tried to do something else with Eggman, Rouge, Dimitri, and Zelkova. It may also worth noting that Thrash was intended to be rather similar to him and the notion of killing Echidnas (besides Finitevus) was supposed to be a long term study for his character. So I guess you can call him rough, but not cutthroat in addition to generally trying to give others a chance.
  11. Erazor is a clear combo of both final encounters, becoming a mighty beast Sonic transforms to beat but also just being something of a tyrant who remains in defeat. Him being a genie guaranteed a bonus. Zavok and Zor among the other Zeti really just slipped through the cracks since the Wii U version has the two of them seemingly fall into lava while the 3Ds version just has the Zeti flee, which at least goes more in line with their quotes and what the story seems to go with. While its likely just Sega wanting them to stick around from the get go hence their designs, it's also a case of the story just ignoring them after Tails is back. Of course, Zavok himself is ultimately just a big punchy Mobian with horns despite his comparatively monstrous appearance and attitude.
  12. I always took that as him playfully telling her to chill. Still, he does try to help Blaze keep herself together. Especially since Nega actually enjoys seeing her like that. And it is true that Sonic is less about killing his enemies and more about making sure they can't bother anyone else any time soon. Like in the Eggman examples, he'll attack him and let his Egg mobile go into a smoky crash, but doesn't move in the job. If it finally takes him out, fine he deserves it; if not, that's good too since he gets to pick his butt again.
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