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  1. But of course--they keep tryin to get with her man!
  2. DabigRG

    Miraculous Ladybug

    Thomas Astruc did an interview about what to expect in Season 4. Here are an English transalation and the broad points: On a different note, I've been learning of a few details that I overlooked or didn't really consider. One that I thought only I had really considered was the likelihood of Emilie's intentions should she be awoken. EDIT: Gonna go ahead and say my piece on an particular plot element as well(spoilers for Season 3 finale and Season 4)
  3. Btw, anyone else think a name like Volleyball risks being offensive?
  4. I missed the special via not setting the DVR like an asshole and had to settle for sparse minute long clips on Channels that are unlikely to show up at first. This really does feel like cleanup thus far, so don't trust the trailer. Or even random theories thus fare. .
  5. Now that's a deepcut. A meaningful one too. Cripes, Kairi's mouth. Looks like Disney Castle was supposed to be a world sooner too.
  6. My automatic assumption was always that he'd die. The comics were much better about maintaining ongoing details than the game are, though. However, the fact that "back where this started" does not mean Tangle's Hometown is point against that. Mm...depends on how this seeming final battle turns out and/or is followed up. It could be a neat point, though.
  7. Yeah, no kiddin. Yeah, seriously. I was honestly confused by the first trailer because the Xion segments seemed like they were pretty much what happened in the actual story except from a different perspective. Good Question. Something tells me they're just playable in specific circumstances, though. Could be reality.
  8. It was supposed to be a playful dipper, but then I remembered Gravity Falls. But you're right, I apologize. As an assuage, I found the solicit. Oh, Sonic and Eggman finally face off again. Maybe things will go somewhere now, but Whisper has been the stronger story thus far.
  9. Uh, not sure I like the simplified poppy(?) vibe. Oh cheese and rice...
  10. The cartoons were episodic with only story either being a cohesive framework or a vague excuse. However, Archie technically did so a couple of times during the Hunt for Naugus and was going to do so again after the Shattered World Crisis and Genesis of a Hero.
  11. That's mainly because they wanna focus on the resolution of the new character, often like.
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