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  1. About liking Eggman? I'm sure it's this.
  2. When I said Anti-Snively, I was referring to how Starline and this hypothetical other character are both their own organic thing and yet genuinely venerate Eggman. But fair point.
  3. Okay, just checking. Have to wonder if they'll still take the opportunity to add a few new ones.
  4. I know, I was playing it up for a joke. Obviously, I'd have known in order to draw that conclusion in the first place.
  5. Well shoot. Are boss characters still gonna be a thing?
  6. Is Omelette really even a character to SEGA? In fac, isn't there a character in some spinoff that technically isn't in the game despite the visual cues? @Tangled Jack Oh yeah, I forgot to say I'm sorry. I was rushing at the time and honestly didn't know what to say that lax or looking back SkulkBane didn't already, so all I could think of to get the point across was an unsure yawn. Probably should've came back sooner to expand/clarify on that, but that's hindsight for you. Oh, so would that another anti-Snively to go with Starline? Oh, so a rival for the title.
  7. It was supposed to be the day before the actual opening. Probably why Eggman was still in the process of recording PA announcements. Sand Hill was added fairly late for Tails' story, so it's possible what was made the desert went into it.
  8. Is it that I don't care for the comic or is it that I have more than one reason to preemptively agree with lax? Either way, you're making an assumption. Or in a better scenario, an educated guess.
  9. Considering they apparently dug up stuff from an old series bible, I think there's at least some precedent for that.
  10. Rafa Knight made a model of Lupe that was intended to be used for Sonic 277.
  11. Well excuuuse me! But yeah, interesting to see that may be the location this time around. Which makes me wonder what the scope of this game will be. Also, wth is that audience?
  12. I just saw Baby Crash and Baby Coco for the first time via this thumbnail. Man that's freaky.
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