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  1. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    It was a stealth adaptation of Sonic Riders Zero Gravity. The Rogues go to the Gigan Rocks looking for answers and fight Angelus(The Babylon Guardian) to get the Gravity Cube. The Battle Bird Armada sense its energy and arrive just in time to engage them as they're leaving. BattleLord Kukku comes down and curbstomps the Rogues into working with them to find Babylon Garden, which was actually under New Mobotropilis. The Babylon Rogues and the Battle Bird Armada invade New Mobotropolis and fight off Sonic, Tails, and Naugus before blowing a hole into the ground to access Babylon Garden. There, the Babylon Rogues, Speedy, and Sonic find the robot controlling the Gardens control room and it explains its intentions after stealing the cube from Jet: after ADAM and Nicole used some of it's remaining energy for their own purposes, it needed the Cube to both power itself back up and make the Garden return to space since it's actually a spaceship. Sonic destroys the Cube as payback for the Birds attacking his home, leaving the Roggues to take off with their knowledge of their origins and the Battle Bird Armada to struggle to recover since it hooked itself to the Garden when it took off.
  2. Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    Most of this, essentially. .
  3. Tails is Useless.

    That sounds eerily similar to what people have been saying about Amy.
  4. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    Agreed. His contracts more or less means the stuff he did for the Archie comic belongs to SEGA anyway, which means he could probably reuse certain things if he gets the go-ahead and guidelines.
  5. Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    Oh my goodness, he looks like something from Bendy and the Ink Machine
  6. OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes

    So, how does everyone feel about the show so far?
  7. Why does Shadow have All Hail Shadow still.

    They still use Eggman's Theme and an instrumental version of Dreams of an Absolution as well. So I don't think the songs care about the retcon.
  8. Why does Shadow have All Hail Shadow still.

    It's cause the 06 version is the first game where Shadow has put his past behind him and is a stoic badass who means business. Also, it has an actual intro and is the [arguably] best version of the song. Also, the name of the song is "All Hail Shadow" and it originates from the Pure Hero ending of his game, whereas Throw it All Away is eponymously about him carrying out Professor Gerald's later goal to destroy humanity.
  9. What Happened to all the humans?

    Fair enough. Granted, most Sonic characters have the same general mold concept, albeit with vaguely different body shapes and proportions, but Buddy's was bound to stick out inherently.
  10. Tails is Useless.

    He may have been responsible for Classic showing up when he did, his attempts to repair Omega may have worked after all, is the one to figure out exactly how the Phantom Ruby and it's prototypes works, and he directs Buddy on how to counter Infinite's powers using his prototype to save the others from the mini-sun.
  11. Or at least flirted with her for a bit to coerce Evil/Scourge out of hiding.
  12. The Dark Dominion? So, so far, it looks like the Books are gonna consist of this general theme: 1 Mobius 30 Years Later as a variation of what it might've been intended to be. 2 The return of the Dark Hand in a Dark Alliance format. 3 Self-explanatory, similar to Dark Alliance. 4 The return of Athair and the Lost Tribes? 5 Geoffrey St. John. 6 Lara-Su getting into conflict with K'Nox on a matter. 7 Not sure, will likely follow up the previous story.
  13. What Happened to all the humans?

    I know. My point was that it was a bit random to see Mobians and Humans naturally coexist in the same general dwelling after so many years of one, the other, or both separate.