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  1. What's a camp story without a campfire? Nyeh-Hyuck!
  2. Does he? Effectively another case of him wandering into another story and diverting the focus in the process. Ideally. I doubt it will actually be in this story if he gets that far, but it's a necessary moment to have. Probably because it'd be a little awkward to actually do so. Honestly, she's just a kid appealing mechanic assistant. Though the weird tail pull kick mechanism is a bit random. For the sake of making a different comparison, let's look at Jewel. We've seen fairly little of her over the series, but that is actually justified and we know what her role in the series is. She's meant to be the Tails to Tangle's Sonic(except more original) and exchanges their big bro-lite bro dynamic for one of childhood friends where one suffers in trying to keep the other from hurting themselves, causing a slew of noodle Incidents that is implied to have made her a bit more capable of action than she'd like to admit. Additionally, her natural organization skills and history of minding an annoying thrill seeker made her a decent replacement for Amy in directing the Restoration efforts(which was probably done as a response to complaints), giving her a proper role outside of her connection to Tangle and likely opening up opportunities for her to actually get involved in the adventure again. All that without either showing up much or getting to show her alluded gameplay abilities because this is a spinoff series that puts the dozen or so game heroes first, not to mention that she is a thing by proxy of Tangle's popularity except not really and the latter is nowhere near as prominent as they would have you believe. With Belle, she can seem like a similar case at a glance, but there's several key differences in both context and in execution. For one thing, Belle is a relatively new character who's purpose in the story is still has yet to be revealed and that's something of an eventual payoff to her inclusion in the series. But much more important is the fact that said arc largely relies on Bell still needing to be realized and her having overt character focused is something that comes with different parameters that will lead to an eventual payoff: similar to Whisper and arguably Starline, she's not just a cool new action figure and has an air mystery that lends to gradually development in tandem with actual storytelling, with the difference being that the mystery itself is made fairly obvious and she doesn't have a grasp on who she is, what she wants, or even how much of the truth she doesn't have that they used to establish themselves with. Kinda like the Nobody who goes by Rey, she knew the truth all along, but desperately wanted it to be not the case and just needed something, anything to make her feel like there's meaning to her existence. But it doesn't help that as you said, Belle doesn't have an clear Finn, Kylo, or maybe Chewie(depending on how you view Orangutan Dude) to lean on in a meaningful way nor does she have much more characterization to drive her to leave an impact--in fact, she has less! She's just something everyone looks at and sorta recognizes for what she is, be it in seeing her as a threat, as someone who exists, or someone to dissect and she's sorta screwed up her chance to notice her clearest calling already. She's Jewel except prominent, Starline sans meaningful influence on the status quo in both directions, Whisper without a more unique draw, and even Tangle without clear marketability. That's basically it, yeah.
  3. It's less world building and more a bit of perspective for the Deadly Six. That's a good question. Like, we know he wants to improve on Eggman's efforts and the two enforcers are likely retools of the trio he was originally a part of, but what strategy and game mechanic will he use once he had them? Oh, they knew exactly what they were doing. That's probably because he took a long break and thus came at this good and rested. Honestly, they tend to be used less anyway, so it probably wouldn't hurt. Considering this is long after Tails discovered the dimensional rift and right before things get worse, it's safe to say it simply got swept up in it and taken over by Dr. Nega. Who, Starline, Zavok, or Belle? That might be a bit o "Telling the audience the plan" syndrome. A question for the ages I wonder if it's less of her being overused and more of her being hyperpresent.
  4. IDW Sonic 46 was fine, with a couple of good things and some less than invigorating things.
  5. He was abstensibly trying to get back at Eggman for tricking him and ended up using the parallel incompatibility when Lord Eggman got warped in fir whatever reason, iirc.
  6. The Boom version wasn't really villainous, he just tended to come off that way due to an underdeveloped Proud Warrior mentality.
  7. Yeah... Are you referring to Bad Guys or Chao Racing? That's probably cause it just dropped most of what the arc was originally about to fit him, Sonic & Tails, and ultimately Shadow in. He's mainly trying to get his two enforcers (and likely his repurposed colleagues) operational before making a major moves on his own. At this point, yeah, we could use something different and more productive. Maybe it's time for Eggman to make a proper comeback as well. I am curious to know what they're gonna do at this point. They weren't too keen on working with other villains after the way Eggman, Starline, and Zavok treated them and they aren't really big plan types either. Huh. I suppose that makes sense, given she's just a glorified tinker toy.
  8. Since it's been a while, how do you suppose "Toothpaste Snively" is going to affect things when he comes for Belle's...whatever it is he's after?
  9. You wanna know what's really funny about people believing Two Worlds is a retcon?
  10. That was all over Archie--from the Great War between Mobians and Overlanders, to the Echidnas considering themselves above all others, to the Dingoes, Cats, and Devils being cross with the Echidnas, to the Xorda hating all sentients of Mobius.
  11. Or in the case of TSR, saying he's gonna put a stop to whatever Eggman's up to and then just kinda being around to occasionally say determined stuff while you most likely pick a different character to play as. Also, Metal is literally one of many Sonic robots created for the near ubiquitous purpose of defeating him--one that got super popular, but still. He has a straightforward purpose that he can always be expected to try Exactly. And even then, they only decided to destroy the world to get back at Eggman--since Zavok eavesdropped on him expressing concern for it earlier-- while making themselves stronger in the process. Who were the Deadly Six or whatever their called before Eggman showed up and what was their mission statement--that is the question that was never answered.
  12. Is this a friggin Zoom meeting call? And doesn't he mean action? Kudos to Tails on actually coming up with a solution, though.
  13. Another part of the problem is the lack of any intertwined mystery and another, often viler villain for him to go up against. Again, his heyday almost always had one or both of those things to make the story more complicated and keep him occupied while Sonic does his thing, but they don't really have that anymore since the games have simplified things to having Eggman be the Big Bad in the end. Ad since he is both the main villain of the series and Sonic's archenemy, well, Brick Wall meets Tank. Their motivation is apparently getting bloody revenge on Eggman and Sonic, but that creates two different issues, doesn't it?
  14. What a swanky overbite you have
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