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  1. Sounds like I made the right choice not blowing more money on a rhythm game, somewhat unfortunately.
  2. Everybody wants to be a cat
  3. That is true. The difference is I guess because he's either the main protagonist of the series and saved people with a smile more often than not, that aspect of Sonic is lost on most outside of the Black Knight and he just falls into the same hero category as Ben 10. That and he's actually an interchangeably fun and cool person to be around and character to watch, anyway. Sonic Team's motto for the last decade sorta involved simplifying characters down to what people recognize them for in relatively broad strokes and Shadow just so happens to have been conceived as Dark Sonic, so a 90s antihero is what he is expected to act like per that.
  4. Is this really something that needs changing? Despite what TSR and IDW have been enforcing recently, Shadow has had no issue interacting with other characters especially with his distinct goal oriented yet somewhat haughty demeanor. You want Shadow to interact with other characters? Then just do it. The only obstacles are the insistence on pushing him as The Antihero of the series lately and in the same one and a half way every time. Now if you want other characters to be able to interact and do things more often, then that's worth fighting for.
  5. To be fair, Omega never really cared about being around others. If anything, he'd probably take such aversion as either a compliment or a chance to flaunt. Oh shoot, is she? Wow, I guess they just really liked ADB's design as up to snuff with their standards that she got an okay even after what happened with that cover. That or she falls under the radar enough for her popularity that they honestly didn't mind as long as she passed through the proper channels.
  6. Gonna have to agree that I don't really dig this issue while still being open to whatever she'll bring. I guess it's because there's less of Belle in and of herself and more of setting up her place in the world, in contrast to the other characters primarily being about selling either themselves or their connection to another character we're familiar with. Not to mention that most of them were introduced in an eye catching way, established a memorable mood, and then we're given time to stew until their next appearance--even Tangle was ultimately some nobody with an odd physical trait; meanwhile, Belle is just kinda around when Sonic & Tails visit where she was and immediately stuck around as something to have be around continually without the gravitas or surprise factor Starline had, since she was already shown off beforehand like Tangle and I think Whisper(who is better than both of them, mind) were. Her design/color scheme may also contribute to this, as her clown nose stands out way more than even Sonic & Antoine's bean noses on her facial structure and its pink color has this weird effect of throwing off whatever balance her orange hair may have had on her green clothing. It's worth noting that she is explicitly kinda sketchy now rather than being an obvious doe held under fruitless suspicion, as she's noting that she has to be careful not to make anyone ask more questions. Which make it seem less like an ambiguous case of denjal and more like she has something to hide. Yeah, I'm really questioning why it would even be there. Oh? I guess I see something, but I think that's more a product of Gold not getting a chance to really go anywhere beyond what we know of her background and what was said after the fact. I could go for a Knuckles story about now, yes. Not really? I mean Sonic was quick to assume she was a Badnik in a darker space, so it makes sense that the still recovering resistance would take notice. As for everyone else, though, not really seeing it: Amy and Jewel wanted to get back to touching base with Sonic and Tails in the command room, Lanolin seemed more bothered at the two girls being adverse about Belle especially when she can hear them, and the Orangutan guy(who's even hippy like) seemed chill n down with her regardless. He only got upset she she nearly got crushed and made it clear that he's just as worried for her safety alongside everyone else's, especially when Tangle apparently mucked up worse in one incident. But yeah, the chance of an Untwist is pretty strong
  7. Oh goodness, I can't imagine that the 3d versions of those are gonna look very good.
  8. That grin, heh Also, I forgot she wore a bell
  9. Pretty much my first guess as well. After all, she was designed to be a Tails/Cream to Tangle and also acts as something of a minder for her. Add in her musuem of rare gems and she's got to have some sort of skill that would allow her to fit into an adventure scenario. It's just a matter of actually seeing it happen, past or present.
  10. When do you think we'll see Jewel properly get involved with a story?
  11. Oh okay, when you put it like that, it makes some sense.
  12. That's a bit weird to consider since they haven't used them collectively since that arc in Sonic Runners. I have a problem with Shadow starting a fight in almost every issue he's been in if that's what you mean.
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