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  1. One of the manuals does allude to him being outside of the Death Egg assessing the damage when Knuckles comes to the investigate. Another one implies there was a considerable timeskip between the Death Egg falling from the sky and Sonic & Tails going to Angel Island. In the context of the comics, he put Snively in charge of overseeing its secret repair while he investigates Little Planet.
  2. What was the context behind Mephiles, the Werehog, and I guess Sticks in Runners?
  3. This seems like its finally another interesting, if confusingly themed topic. I gotta say, going by your Eggman and Metal examples for the moment, these sound less like headcanons and more intermediate takeaways for the most part. The idea of Omega being upset due to a lack of purpose is an original one, I must say. However, the intent that somewhat comes across from how he's been used suggests he simply has an ego of his own that was massively insulted by being locked away despite his destructive capabilities. And Mephiles' implication is seemingly explaining retroactively that Eggman did so intentionally because he expected him to be able to keep Shadow contained in the first place.
  4. DabigRG


    I didn't realize Baptiste was a thing until recently, but I see here he was revealed after Ashe, Bob, and Maya.
  5. I heard about this in Gamestop last week and watched a 15 minute video or whatever last night. Can't say I'm particularly interested in all, but I suppose we'll all have to see what else the game has to offer beyond more Saiyan and Frieza saga stuff.
  6. Okay, so I kept forgetting to say something because my memory can fleet sometimes and this wasn't coming up when convenient, but the Community just sorta stopped being able to be posted on for however many days or even weeks it's been and apparently finally started working again this morning. My goodness, what a ride.
  7. Remastered in the sense that he removes what characters and elements won't be in the Lara-SU Chronicles, one hopes. But hey, at least he's working to get something else released.
  8. What those two said. The only thing is that the treasure hunting aspect doesn't really come up anymore and Rouge is more generally a cardcarrying jewel thief either way. Ken Penders. Anyway Yeah, the catch is that Fang is greedy in the basic sense, whereas Rouge is presumably more kleptomaniacal. Add in that he is a overconfident klutz with a gun compared to a obfuscatingly flirty jill of all trades and they are pretty different characters. Plus, there's also the Babylon Rogues, or at least Jet. Yeah, apparently. Might wanna doublecheck your sentences near the end there, lax.
  9. So I've been going through these very recently and observing some of these guys thoughts & points about the series over the years. While there are a few things here & there that I disagree with or don't really care about, most of these videos do bring up some interesting points and sometimes in ways you wouldn't really think about. I currently finishing up this one in particular The points about Elise(a character who seldom gets any thought beyond "she's just bad"), the associated appeal between genders, and demographic differences between protagonists were very illuminating.
  10. Okay, I suppose that sounds about right. I just occurred to me that despite Heles and her Supreme Kai being in the episode for a little bit, Ribrianne herself was conspicuously absent after being a constant presence even during the first fight with Jiren. Plus Top was at least restraining Vegeta for whatever reason..
  11. Honestly, all the two worlds thing does so far is help them not include characters like Team Dark & sometimes Knuckles if they don't want to and set the stage for Forces to have nothing but Mobian NPCs within the Resistance. It's all about convenience. Because they wanna make Classic it's own sub-series to finally capitalize on it's renowned success. I'm guessing SEGA knows good well that people like those guys and want them back in games again. I know at least Fang came up at some point to them and they mentioned that while he is a fun character, he sorta filled a niche that's also occupied by Rouge. So sequestering them off on that end ensures they keep that contextual existence popular and distinct. Which is funny, considering they've had a bad habit of overly crossing over with the Modern/Dreamcast brand for a while, but whaddyagonnado? The two big reasons I have theorized are due to him being easy to use and someone within SonicTeam just really liking him. Personally, I don't mind him sticking around--what I do mind is that they haven't done much of legit substance with him, In addition to not really using the others of course. Oh they did: basically, some of the Wisps took a liking to Sonic & his world and so decided to stick around. And out of universe, they saw value in keeping them around as recurring power-ups. The problem is that they delayed on actually explaining this until I think Sonic Runners, which seemingly takes place on the Lost Hex anyway. So, uh, oops. Again, I don't really care outside of the fact that a) they didn't do much to establish/explain initially and b) they have been in just about everything lately. I'm fine with Forces, Team Sonic Racing, and by extension Runners, but Lost World ran into problem a. Silver and Blaze keep showing up because they're probably the most recently popular and thus are a shoe-in for spinoffs, certain big plots, and other fanservicey things. For better or worse. Which has just been a lot as of late.
  12. Eh, again, I'm not sure the "just doesn't/won't exist" mantra is really a warranted one, never mind an empirical one. It's really down to the developers and writers not being great to remembering and/or taking into account the implication of everything that came before. Forces in particular is clearly made of them having a few decent to good ideas that they just threw together into a final product that's more about looking intense than having much of a value to rate it with.
  13. I can't believe I'm asking this, but where has Ribrianne been these past episodes? And [Rabbit guy] for that matter?
  14. Guess they noticed how sparse the franchise has been on fun and spinoff material for the last half decade. Sonic for Madden 2020, ya'll! Amnesia effect, eh? Oh, that'd be an absolutely wonderful boon! I think it's just been tradition that they feel is expected of them. Remember that they aren't producing as many games as they used to as well.
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