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  1. I seem to recall this coming up before and honestly, I don't see how that's such a problem and it unfortunately kinda leans on the idea of SonicTeam not really knowing how to write two characters that are vaguely similar at the same time. Like, Kuzu's right--being admirably goodhearted and inspiring others to do the same? That's about as close to a modus operandi that a hero has and female characters tend towards that area as well. But by the same token, how a character carries themselves and goes about doing that is rather easy to differentiate or even complement. Even at face value, Amy and Cream handle those situations differently and if anything, it can be an area where they can generally agree but approach for different reasons. From what I saw of the Battle story for example, Cream encouraging Chaos Gamma came after he finally had to accept that he couldn't keep them there and they each expressed confusion at how they could've bested him & why it was so important for him in the first place; I'd imagine Amy wouldn't have bothered because he already proved he had no problem holding them prisoner as well as personally desiring to destroy Emerl, and thus he already would've been smashed entirely. By contrast, I see Cream handling the Gamma & Shadow situations differently, pleading with him not let Eggman get Lily from the get go and either assuming Shadow wouldn't help or even getting angry with him not caring about what's gonna happen to everyone. ...Wut?
  2. I'm not sure I'd say undefined exactly, as its pretty clear how they generally act and in Amy' case, what she's motivated by. Oof. It's been a while and I remember she got better, but I still flinched just a tad. Essentially, though he honestly started out near perfectedly and just seems to have trouble finding places to proceed with that.
  3. Overly cynical, though I can see some of it. To be fair on Shadow, it also has the issue of not really functioning in this half-tweaked state. So its just as easily a case "This isn't quite what the original idea was, nobody is really liking it , so it might be better to hold off until a better understanding is gained." There's also the matter of her debut issue being one of the best of the first ten. Plus Tangle's essentially the same sorta character.
  4. I swear there was a idea for Amy in a dream/imagination world, but I can't seem to find it.
  5. That's rather deep cut, isn't it? I'm hearing cues similar to Final Egg, Ocean Palace, and Vela Nova.
  6. Cheese on friggin Rice, they actually included that monstrocity! Also, Max Mad/Borderlands. Phantasy Star crossover inbound?
  7. He's 16. Also, Naruto is laughing at that. Are Pokemon trainers really that weird though? Admittedly, I don't know that-that much about Spiderman, but I will say that Dr. Octopus is sorta vague and variable from what I've seen or heard. I do believe he is primarily assholish, though. Knuckles is funny because while his characterization is also somewhat variable from time to time, he definitely has more of a grounded idea of what he generally is and simply suffered from exaggeration/exploitation. The borderline stoicism was mostly a thing the Adventure games did to further distance him from Sonic, but it was really about hammering in his lifestyle and isn't too out of the realm of rationale for him. Of course, Shadow joining the cast kinda necessitated they back off on that and they just ended up overexaggerating the simpler connotations of his behavior ever since. To be fair, the Sally parallel just sorta feels like the inherent comparison of what Forces was and ended up leaving IDW Amy with. Well that and it's such a naked ideal of who Sally was anyway. Riders was one of the more comedic games at the time, now that you mention it. Er, Amy is more spirited than the more finicky Marinette, but they do express more or less the same. Oh really? Pretty much. I was gonna say it's because he's crucial to the plot/dynamics/series, but then i remembered there's far more freedom with Sonic & Eggman than Shadow & Gemerl, so.... I'm looking at this and while I'm initially somewhat agreeing, I'm also realizing that most Sonic characters aren't all that faceted so much as just easier to get&maintain the main idea of. Well, except for Megaman, but that wasn't really complicated at its source. Meanwhile, Ridley(from what I understand) and Shredder are indeed changeable or rather standoffish due to how they are handled on the average, while Ratchet is actually more a case of his character having developed after the two or so games into something more venerable compared to Quark & Azmuth--you kinda have to see/know how he started for comparison(and especially appreciation since ooh) cause otherwise you got a guy who's straight-laced and fairly quiet until you get into the usually, not always relevant story.
  8. It's also because she's a Classic character and technically a part of Sonic's personal circle. That's essentially what she was--she's the one who found out Sonic was alive and that Eggman suddenly decided to get rid of him as a result. Yeah, I do too. Though on the topic of Amy not really having that ingrained a characterization, it's funny: she's arguably the most complicated/developed character of the two, but Cream like the other female characters is more defined/consistent. Enough appearances? Amy is barely tied for the fourth most appearances before Knuckles. If anything, it's that she contributes relatively little beyond comic relief and/or levity.
  9. Wouldn't call it cute, but I thought so. She and Elise aren't Shadow, though.
  10. Could be. There are 48 pages. But for real though, he has a story in the annual, so maybe not.
  11. I think IDW missed out on having a story actually center on her working with the Restoration.
  12. Petros the Pelicon of Mykonos makes a cameo appearance in Windmill Isle.
  13. To be fair on Generations, most of the cast got little to do or say beyond what their general bio says. Wait, is that nuance? More or less. Can't speak for Colors DS, though.
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