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  1. DabigRG


    Looks like another Moira smashed Tracer in Spiderverse.
  2. Looking at the cutscenes(albiet one of questionable quality to say it's 720) now and I think that might just be what they did--whenever Buddy is actually onscreen, the lighting and resolution gets this brighter, somewhat more "thin-liney" look to it. This is particularly noticeable with Eggman, who with a variety of colors to his scheme is darker and smoother looking in most of the scene until he arrives at the top of the Tower. I'll look up another video just be sure, but yeah. EDIT: Okay, so the thin white lines I mentioned may have just been an affect of the first video I saw, but there is still a slight difference in terms of how comparatively bright the characters look. Also, the shadows on the characters become more jaggy.
  3. Binged through the first 7 or so episodes of Attack on Titan Season 3 yesterday. Assuming they can't go into it considering the circumstances, I'd like to ask:
  4. What I find interesting as well is how a)he's only mentioned once near the end in that draft and b)he's mentioned in the same, separate breath as Infinite.
  5. Lara-Su reminds me of those Kangaroos from Tank Girl. No, now I can't unsee that!
  6. I don't know if I should boo or laugh. Gotta appreciate how he got friggin Zazz on his crew. In a yellow shirt too.(Whatever that means)
  7. Oh yeah. Hated those in Telltale Jurassic Park as well.
  8. Don't go backstage with them. Seriously though, wtf?
  9. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I saw that. Seems counter intuitive, non?
  10. So against my better judgment, I used some of my spending money to buy this game while out and about. Don't know that it'll be popped in anytime soon, but I have it now.
  11. What characters would you describe as optimistic, cynical, realistic, something else entirely, or any combination/mediation there of?
  12. No, you typed it. Anyway, I seem to only do better with them in certain missions. Granted, I don't play as them enough to know otherwise for sure, but yeah. Plus, I'm more about the strategy and/or immunity baby!
  13. I've been thinking about reading the manga myself for a little while, since I know where I can get my hands on it. Specifically jumping straight to the Universal Survival Arc since I know things are handled quite different there(and in the Trunks arc, but I know that didn't pan out well). Possibly as a bide while I wait for the dub to finish(not that the last few episodes haven't picked up).
  14. Knuckles Changeover As one of the last carryovers from the Classic era, Knuckles the Echidna has had quite a chronicle throughout the franchise. It's no secret that his portrayal or characterization across the series has varied from time to time, not unlike that of Amy or occasionally Eggman. Initially a chuckling antagonist, eventually dutiful neutral, then a hotheaded rival, and finally one of Sonic's toughest friends, Knuckles has changed quite a bit. It's just a shame that said change wasn't really documented attentively. Born on Angel Island as the last of his kind, it was his assumed birthright to protect the Master Emerald and its power from those who would abuse its power. The solitary nature of this existence meant he was simultaneously hostile to anyone he perceives as a threat, but receptive to those he did not. This made it easy for Dr. Robotnik to convince him of his Death Egg’s innocence and Sonic’s supposed villainy. So he took the Chaos Emeralds from the hedgehog and delayed him with his traps until Robotnik showed his true colors by stealing the Master Emerald to power the Death Egg as well as sending both his Eggrobos and Mecha Sonic to deter the heroes. Ultimately, Sonic and Knuckles worked together to defeat Eggman, restore Angel Island to the sky, and part ways to return to their contrasting lives. Since then, Knuckles has had numerous encounters with Sonic, some as nemeses and others as allies. Though they ultimately understand that the other has somewhat well-meaning intentions, the differences between them often caused some measure of conflict. Additionally, their lifestyles were also parallel in that Knuckles felt duty bound to watch over Angel Island on his own, while Sonic enjoyed the freedom to both travel & protect the world below as he pleased. Eventually, the two would amend their rival enough to be able to work together and even just hang out from time to time. But the actual period of warming up to each other has generally been skipped through within the main series and thus Knuckles has lost a fair chunk of his direction as a character. It would have been a more satisfying progression if we had actually gotten to see some of the procedure Knuckles underwent to grow into something more than his background. First, it would have made for genuine challenge to see him overcome his habitual distrust of Sonic, perhaps by trying to at least recognize some of what rubs him the wrong way about the hedgehog. Second, the process of learning to trust others within reason could expand to sensitively learning to value the outside world as a place that others call home. Third, Knuckles’ paranoia and aggression could be tempered through an increased ability to balance his personal job with an occasional allowance of simple fun in his life, such as indulging in his treasure hunting hobby. Eventually, this would have more naturally developed him from someone who felt like he had to be obsessively stern to keep his heritage in isolation to someone who can be friendlier or even playful because he’s able to appreciate the world that lives under his watch.
  15. Honestly, part of me is kinda thinking that this villain is designed that way in part because they do want her to be another straightforward antagonist that needs to be defeated. The timing of it all just makes hypothetical sense.
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