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  1. Here is the Team Eggman Interview since it never got posted. It uh...it isn't much.
  2. And then there's Team Blast. You say that like it's totally unusual. Probably because, sorta like Shadow, he doesn't have a backlog of alternate material to ease the precedent and/or the "curse" of varying portrayal. Something something coincidence. Something something Battle. The fuck?! These are indeed important points. To borrow from TVTropes, Sonic is basically a Charismatic leader with a certain degree of Headstrong in there. He's usually the "leader" of the big battles in the series because he's both the Hero and someone who's all about fighting for freedom. And because it's fun to do so, too. In the case of Forces, Knuckles being the Commander sorta makes sense if you look at it as him being the most stubborn and confrontational of the remaining major cast. Which, incidentally, isn't a bad start for facing someone like Infinite. Very much. To be fair, Team Sonic(and most teams in Heroes) is called that simply because Sonic is in it and the other Classic Trio members happen to protect the world alongside him often. Though funnily enough, Shattered Crystal sorta plays around with that. Funnily enough--and I don't remember where I saw this--but the Crystal Gems ironically still operate within Homeworld traditions anyway. Even ignoring Season 5, real Garnets are indeed leaders with quite a bit of backing power and Sapphires are already fairly high ranking per Blue Diamond's court due to their rarity & insight. Meanwhile, Quartzes are field leaders, Lapis Lazulis and Bismuths just prepare colonies, and Rubies are basic soldiers/guards. And while Pearls are a servant race that may or may not have pull by proxy based on their owner's convenience, Crystal Pearl gets pretty needy and devoted anyway. So while Rose Quartz got the position for actually kicking off the Rebellion, Garnet is hypothetical the most suited anyway. .Probably some of the same stuff that recommends Knuckles. It helps that the Chaotix were more just a bunch of guys he befriended and hung around with. Though while Silver was indeed my initial second choice, he does get rule out by simply being from the future and thus would do better to stay outta the spotlight for major events. You say Heroes, I'm thinking Generations. I mean he was technically just leading the charge anyway, from what it sounds like. He just ended up being the person everyone looks to for their next move, which he hashes out with Amy, Silver, and the Chaotix. Though funnily enough, he actually was eager to do that sorta stuff, now that you mention it. Oh, the extra irony. @Sega DogTagz Yeah, I was about to say, are ya'll seriously sitting there talking about The Legacy of Sonic? It's supposed to last into next year and the most recent solicits have Also, Starline has his eyes on the Deadly Six, Mimic might survive the miniseries, and we haven't seen from Rough n' Tumble since the start of this. There's still room for other developments.
  3. . .Not to mention the potential to meaningfully callback to Adventure 1. I mean, Zavok is sorta a half step back towards that sorta storytelling and/or character design, so maybe that's also factor? Of course, this makes me remember what Iuzuka-san said recently and narrow my brow. There's also the fact that they're some of the only characters with a consistent place to rest their head and a job. Very true--episode Shadow was pretty shameless even with being connected to Forces. Hotdog, another one?! It's also likely that Heroes takes place in Sonic's World as well, so...
  4. Just to clarify since it apparently didn't render, the reply talks about how Sonic was a little more popular than Mario in Japan because of recent trends or something.
  5. Not to mention getting to see her interact with the proper cast outside of quick gags.
  6. You mean like they've been doing anyway? Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to briefly lean towards the bad guys by pointing out that they don't really have a place to fit in with IDW anymore. Also, weird that you're the one saying it, but moving on. Part of the initial push's logic was supported by how the Resistance being this greater, consolidated force at war with Eggman was a perfect framework to have them just sorta be around out there. But now that it's technically disbanded with the end of the war and this Metal Virus is all over the place to the point that most of the survivors are holding up in one soon to be compromised place, you can't really slide them in now. All the more reason why this stinks. Hey, they got that unused stuff with Null Mind and Captain Metal lying around. So maybe there's already a framework ready to be recontextualized. None of the major recurring cast would really be cut out for leading an entire military force, honestly. Knuckles clearly got picked because Sonic, Tails, & I guess Shadow were out and he's the obvious next in line. For what it's worth, I actually sorta warmed up to it despite that scenario not needing to be a thing forthwith, but still.
  7. Oh? I suppose that makes sense as well. There is a lot more of a varied basis within them compared to the other two. Um, Doggone it. Whelp, that's another investment down.
  8. So I went looking for the Team Eggman Interview since I don't remember seeing it and found this tweet announcing it with a single comment replying to it. Was there any truth to this? https://twitter.com/TERRYANDYKYO/status/1133214856536924170
  9. Another Q&A blowout, eh? I'm on my way. Huh. Makes sense..
  10. Honestly, his connection to Blaze probably should've just been something that happened in Colors DS out of universe. That's more or less what they are anyway, too.
  11. I see my question about Ahklut got answered. :lol:
  12. ...Nice interpretations/headcanons? Also, I wouldn't say Pachamac was abusive. He seemed more distant and firm before desperation or bloodlust caused him to have his tribesmen assault babies.
  13. This weekend's episode was A Horse Shoe-in. I sorta enjoyed it? So Starlight is promoted by Twilight from Guidance Counselor into the role of Headmistress and thus rolls with the suggestion that she hire a Vice Headmistress to help her run the school. While it was fairly obvious/hopeful prediction that Trixie wouldn't get the job, I just figured they'd end up hiring a character without much purpose/relevance otherwise. Like Spoiled Rich, oddly enough, who I was surprised showed up only to drop out for as little time a she did. To talk about the main conflict for a second, this is the surprisingly narrow foundation the episode is built on. Starlight was either gonna cave and pick Trixie or be forced to pass her over because of how unprofessional she is--the latter was the more sensible and in character resolution. I guess the issue is that it is such a straightforward resolution outside of simply making her Guidance Counselor that you're basically just sitting through it to pass time and maybe see a few funny moments. Dr. Whooves, Octavia, and for some reason Big Macintosh also tried out for the position and for what it's worth, I thought the scenes of the candidates actually taking on the school duties in their own way were vaguely interesting. In the end, I honestly never thought about Sunburst for some reason and neither did Starlight apparently. And as messed up as it is, I got a laugh out of the final moment. As you guys have been saying though, if this is the note Starlight and Trixie(also Sunburst) go out on...man. What a muddled waste of a intricately troubled character this has been. Like, I really kinda appreciated her in the various niches they found with her, but you can tell they barely figured out quite what to do with her half the time, much less really build on it. It didn't help that there seemed to be these various distractions that plagued her character once she became recurring. And while they somewhat got their act together in the seventh season, there's the unfortunate impairment of t.
  14. Oh, I was just talking about the emeralds in general.
  15. Probably because they panicked after their efforts with Lost World went mostly substantiated and so halfassed bringing back things from previous games to put on top of the Avatar.
  16. To be fair, Rise of Lyric is a different setup in a separate subseries. But I see the point.
  17. I doubt it. While we don't the specifics beyond an outline, it sounds like they were among the many killed during the war.
  18. Oh, okay. I suppose that sounds cynically right. Though it does little to deter my Neo Metal Virus point. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Anyway, just to definitively answer my own question, that's another thing I'm honestly of a mixed mind on. On one hand, I'm roughly 60% on Mimic sticking around as a distinct side villain given how easy they made him to manage(outside of content at least). On the other though, the rather straightforward way this story has been developing has already caused some doubt about the intrigue it partially had going in.
  19. ...What? You wanna clarify what you mean by that a bit more.
  20. True. Hopefully, the next miniseries will be the former. However, I meant as far as the cast and story direction goes.
  21. Oh, it's the old guy! Why does his beard look like that then? To expand on what I meant by this, what do ya'll think will happen with Mimic at the end of this story?
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