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  1. Might as well. She was all but confirmed official last time she appeared. One thing I really liked about her character from the getgo was how she seemed tailor made to have a dynamic with pretty much every main character in that show with her particular aesthetic and mentality. It's just unfortunate that aside from not being much like his game self, she and Knuckles seldom interacted. So it'd be great if her dynamics with the other three and what was implied about her upbringing in one episode was included in addition to what game Knuckles, Cream, and such could gain from it.
  2. I haven't really been reading these admittedly, but from what I can gather here, I think the real issue is shouldn't Sonic be the one character who should be well aware of that? We got Vector as a shakeup between the Classic and Advance casts, so I guess Espio is on the way. Idk, what does May represent in Japan?
  3. Some of the rushing wasn't just down to him--IDW seemingly was, but with Archie, he was sometimes told to hurry certain things up to get to a particular story. See House of Cards, which was a more fleshed out arc that involved more of the characters reacting and debating their perspectives, becoming just the two or so issue conflict between Sonic & Tails and Elias & the Prowers so they can get to Enerjak Reborn faster.
  4. He was basically hired in the first place to help clean up things behind the scenes and then spent about 20 issues doing so in the actual comic. The Darkest Storm in particular was a editor mandate all about cleaning up a bunch of loose ends from the comic's long history and doing it in no more than four issues. And it's also worth noting that he was planning on sparing at least one character(Tig Stripe) that was almost certainly killed off screen but that fell through for whatever reason. Croctobot was actually something Karl Bollers came up with for future stories, but left to the wayside when he did. Flynn ended up needing something as a middle point for his first issue(the thirs being Scourge and the first later ending up being Bean and Bark) and the intimating yet ridiculous fusion idea happened to fit.
  5. Um...okay. Not where I thought that'd go, but I suppose it's possible. Personally, aside from preferring they mystic up some whammy to do that this time, I don't think we're looking at a year four with the Deadly Six and instead believe it's clear that whatever Zavok has planned will be resolved or at least have an arguable Phase I dealt with in these upcoming issues.
  6. So holding off on another long consideration for a while longer, let's instead ask where do we think the comic will go?
  7. Thought so. Thing is, that's clearly not how things were supposed to go with the Knuckles vs Thrash subplot.
  8. Eh, not really. Shadow is too much of an antisocial stick in the mud to even bother with that kind of toxicity. Being Thrash or being thrashed?
  9. Reminds of how the Archie preboot noted that Tower worked his way up the ranks of GUN(which he likely joined due to being taken in by soldiers) with the explicit purpose of cleaning the organization up from the inside. Which actually does make some sense, given how he was basically deadset on eradicating the sources of his trauma and Maria's death. Heck, it even makes me wonder if he got the position of Commander because of what Rouge uncovered.
  10. Someone actually shared some Japanese translation stuff about how the President or whoever of the time was the one who ordered the raid on the Ark knowing the extent of their deal with Gerald and that the current one hired Rouge to uncover what exactly went down back then. Interesting stuff. Of course, considering you have to be around 40 or something to be a US President and that was 50 years ago...
  11. Hm, well she does have the Ladyblog...
  12. While Jack may or may not be able to have some sorta neat moments with Sonic aside from just not being able to keep up with him, Eggman and Aku is definitely a pair that sounds fun at face value, but would probably end explosively in practice considering their differences in level.
  13. Uh, the inherent clash between tone and power scaling, not to mention character motivation?
  14. Uh, in terms of going in whatever wacked out adventure the future happens to deliver this time, sure maybe. But if you mean Sonic joining Jack's quest to defeat Aku, who may have allied up with Eggman, probably no
  15. Team Rose and Dark were basically the same team since Shadow was still dead and Omega hadn't been conceived yet, with the other teams being Big with Chaos & Gamma, Metal with Mighty, & Ray, and the Hooligans. Obviously, the Classics besides the Chaotix were dropped alongside Chaos and Metal, while Gamma effectively traded places with Shadow.
  16. It's worth noting that Shadow's presence was a later decision, as they initially just included a bunch of other recurring characters across six teams before whittling that down.
  17. Im trying to figure out what that remind me of, but I'm drawing a blank from options. Oh yeah, that'd definitely be something. Kinda like the Baron or Jerome Wise. Or hell, Infinite assuming he wasn't finished off on site.
  18. As I said, qualified lowlifes for a job.
  19. Probably because Game Eggman doesn't tend to use others for his forces. He'll use a giant monster or enlist other qualified lowlifes for a job, but he tends to be more about spreading his personal influence
  20. So a game of brains between the Karma Collector and the Master of Chaos, huh? Good to see those angles being brought in.
  21. Huh. Looking over this list, Shadow was literally the one launch character I didn't have until the pity unlock yesterday. Funny how that worked out. Okay, so I might have reached I originally condition and barring the chance that Eggman doesn't start unlocking soon after I start playing again, it might just be time to make the sun fall.
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