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  1. I don't know about you, but that Kraken hit a little too close to home.
  2. Sonic Heroes: Hectic Battle When the Zeti return to strike havoc across Sonic's World, he and his friends team up to drive the Deadly Six off and put a stop to their terror. Playable Characters include Sonic, Tails, Amy, Cream, Knuckles, and Rouge/Omega. Locations include Never Lake, Angel Island, Leaf Forest, Metropolitan Highway, a creepy cave, a hexagonal plateau, and more.
  3. If the Deadly Six as a whole returns as the villains for major(if not mainline) appearances, I think it'd be an opportunity to do a Team vs Team type plot: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and a pick of two or possibly more characters(probably Cream and Rouge/Omega) gradually link up and disperse to fight off the Zeti.
  4. I am kinda expecting a new show to be more game loyal like Sonic X. Ideally, if they go full tilt with that, I think it'd be interesting/practical if they did light rips of the games from time to time. Maybe not things like Knuckles introduction or the Sonic Adventure Games, but something that clearly takes inspiration from them and/or the Archie Reboot.
  5. While that is technically true, it likely didn't affect the thinking of that one scene in particular. Why? Well in addition to once again pointing out how brisk and minimalist the storytelling has been as of late, the scene itself is probably about as short as the one where Sonic finds Zavok. They just wanted to have Shadow take out his Phantom Ruby clone and the cheapest way was to have him use Chaos Control as depicted in his game to kick it. They don't even bother to have him strike a pose--he just kicks it, it fades away, he says it's a fake, Sonic reacts. End scene, cut to Star Fox text boxes.
  6. Forces mainly just did whatever with the little time and resources it had while also hinting at a few things they had in mind for the foreseeable future. Shadow using Chaos Control in that one scene without visibly brandishing an Emerald is not really one of the latter.
  7. No he was supposedly born on a Christmas Island. South Island is just the first adventure we see him fighting Robotnik again.
  8. https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/bumbleking-comics/bumblekast/e/62436727 This. I think we're referencing some sort of map at one point. To be fair, Omega was a violent if focused smartass to begin with. Chronicles just ranaway with it. Oh yeah, I think he implied that it was either the editor or an artists idea to render it that way, much to his sick amusement.
  9. So they we're still alive and operating?
  10. Slingin in from Bumblekast Far from Home
  11. Chaos's Forces model is not actually in the game's files--all of his scenes are pre-rendered.
  12. That sounds kinda bad out of context, wow. What is that music? Wait, who copied what? Mewtwo is Frieza wut
  13. Oh, technicalities. Alright then. More like the inverse: The Freedom Fighters would call Tails, Sonic, Amy, and Big for help sometimes. Otherwise, they each normally do their own things. Meanwhile, Whisper is indeed her own thing--whether it's normally a hero or not will be clarified in her miniseries. Eh, while replace is generally a strong word people use regardless, Tangle is essentially another Amy, Marine, and Charmy. Definitely. Yeah, it's technically just Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. And Extreme Gear doesn't run on that anymore, too.
  14. .Sonic is Bill Clinton and Eggman is Theodore Roosevelt, so maybe Zavok is Ulysses S Grant.
  15. Have had Hunter X Hunter, Dragonball Super, and My Hero Academia as the main things on DVR since they each started. The former ended three or so weeks ago, bittersweetly. Also been gradually watching Attack on Titan via stream; the first couple of episodes months ago, everything up to the Season 2 finale over last few weeks until yesterday. It's an alright show, if one that does feel a little weird when it comes to...its purpose(s)?
  16. To be fair, the Mayan stuff came about in Sonic Adventure, obstensively when SEGA took a vacation there.
  17. I kinda don't wanna dwell on it, but honestly the stuff aimed at Sally does come across as people holding stigmas towards her and/or refusing to let go. The reboot honestly seemed to do what it could reasonably to not focus on her specifically. Most of the princess responsibility/royal history had be scaled to background basics for understandable reasons, her home was just made a part of half the nowadays irrelevant Classic locales, her character was primarily used as a foil(her initial purpose) and facilitator for other characters, and "most crucial of all," any of the shipping shit had been wiped out of relevance entirely. And much of her defining attributes and especially distinctions among the cast had been downplayed to fit her in with the new status quo. As opposed to the other Freedom Fighters having various preexisting traits played up and getting new expansive back stories tying them to greater world & beyond. So she kinda falls into a "was once and thus must always be" box out of universe, which is essentially a fallacy.
  18. Oh, so it's just one of things that blossomed for one minor happening, sorta like Tails being a genius or Knuckles being gullible.
  19. And color scheme. In fact, wasn't it also said that he would've outright had an accent at one point?
  20. Um...I guess you, since your comment is the most recent one that references Archie and by extension DiC.
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