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  1. These are all absolutely stunning!
  2. I Dig this ALOT. subscribing
  3. made this remix awhile back, thought id share
  4. let me talk about the Rivals series and its fast paced racing battling galore. when i first picked it up in 2006 i loved it. I loved the Idea, i loved the characters and the idea of unlocking diffrent outfits. but as time grew on and on. it just got so repetitive and boring. the game got even more annoying in the 2nd sequel. what with the random button presses to get to higher paths and such. i feel like it was another poorly excecuted game. considering it came out beside 06 i guess thats explains that. but still, i do love the gameplay, charactesrs and level designs
  5. Uroxilis


    Will definitely be Emailing you soon If anyone would like some heavy guitar over there tracks feel free to PM me
  6. Supposeably there was a contest in japan to make your own fusions to be put in the game, heres some i came up with.
  7. Lets say the next game is in Adventure's fashion Lets make these guys playable with there own gameplay style Sonic - Boost gameplay Tails/Charmy - Puzzle based levels. (think Silver and the balls from 06. just not as annoying) Knuckles/Blaze - Emerald Hunting Rouge/Espio - Parkour style (lost world) / Stealth missions Shadow - Adventure 2 Style with lots of Grinding (levels like Rail Canyon - Sonic Heroes) Silver - Platforming using Telekenisis (just like 06) Omega/Vector - Battle Waves of Enimes i honestly would not care if Cream and Amy dont make a return =)
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