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  1. Guess this is a good a time as any to break back into my account here. Have any names to leak or anything? And on top of that, I've been seeing a lot of videos asking how you could know anything from Sega as your primarily a Nintendo leaker. I hope to God what you've said is true.
  2. Not to get into conspiracy theory territory here, but that's a deliberate edit with the blue arms. I wouldn't be surprised if that's foretelling of things to come in the new game. Also, why is that palmtree in front of Sonic's quill, but behind his hand?
  3. None of this screams "new cartoon". If anything, this implies that the comics are considered canon now, which intrigues me as if that is the case, the new Sonic games would therefore be created with the comic continuity in mind, which would mean the next title would take place in a post-metal virus Sonic's World which I think is an awesome setting.
  4. You joke, but I just realized, that's probably his loophole because Sega would never want to acknowledge that Sonic's name is Ogilvie. I don't know about the legality of this, but he could probably straight up show King Sonic but call him Ogilvie and call it a day. It wouldn't be any different than the millions of [X] the Hedgehog's out there. If they went after Penders, they'd have to go after all them.
  5. Nah, it's more S'noc the Hedgehog. Friends call him Snoc the Hog.
  6. Also not even mentioning that rumor going around that IDW is on the brink of collapse, they would need to continue to do a sort of digital release to continue to operate. Cutting out both is a death sentence.
  7. So since the Tweet is down now, IDW released a statement saying that May releases are being suspended and that their biggest projects will be compiled into a bigger (graphic novel?) release in July to make it easier on distributors. I'm assuming this is what David Mariotte meant by a surprise for July. Edit: they took down the tweet and re did it. Why do people do this: https://www.idwpublishing.com/a-letter-to-our-comic-industry-partners-from-chris-ryall-idws-president-publisher-and-chief-creative-officer/
  8. Can anyone explain why every issue seems to have a different artist? Like in this two parter, Lawrence and ABT have two very different styles. Its going to be very jarring to go from Lawrence's cartoonish style to ABTs manga style next issue.
  9. So who's ready for Blue Zavok?

    1. blueblur98




    2. gato


      At first I was like, "haha funny joke" and all that...

      But what if they do it? The people who are handling Sonic would do it.

    3. Betz


      Well if that 4chan leak is to be believed, it's going to happen.

    4. Jack-ted


      @Betz What? I'm stuck at home, I wanna hear some good ridiculous leak.

    5. Betz
    6. Jack-ted


      Yawn nice safe prediction. The only interesting thing is literally the "blue" part.

    7. Betz


      Dunno. The pic while doesn't immediately scream 100% real, seems convincing enough.

  10. Based on what I've been seeing and have watched people speculate on here's what I think we'll get: -Adventure Remake as 2020 game (this one is so obvious it hurts) -New cartoon tease/title with a "in production" status. -We're obviously going to get some new merch announcements. -A teaser for the 2021 game or maybe a "tune in at SDCC or E3 to see our next Modern Sonic title". -Sonic and Joker crossover -Mania 2 (probably not called that though) releasing early next year like what happened in 2017. -Maybe an announcement of a spin-off comic. -Possibly addressing sequel movie news.
  11. I don't know why theyd rewrite adventure, all the lines seem solid enough.
  12. I'd like to note that it says October 2019. Meaning that it's very recent that he recently worked with Sega. Which should more than likely show that the new Sonic game's script is complete. Could it mean a 2020 release like people are speculating?
  13. If you take one look at Classic Sonic's mouth you'll see it's fake. Spreads far too wide compared to the official model. Modern Sonic is also way too expressive in that pic. Tails looks fine mostly but the eyes are too big. Its fan art. Its good, but its fan art.
  14. Next thing Ken is going to do is go and attempt to be the editor in chief of Marvel and DC because "Sonic introduced kids to their characters" so "he has the right". I watched Iron Man in 2008 at 8 years old before I knew what a Sonic was.
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