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  1. Development jokes at its best.

  2. Terriful Takes Back the World - TBA 2019

    Update with a character that some people on here will recognize....
  3. Rankles the Otter. Truth or myth?

  4. If forces doesn't have a battle mode with the avatars and their wispons, it'll be the biggest missed opportunity since... forces...

    1. Diogenes


      i can't imagine that not being horrendously unbalanced

    2. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      Forces has been nothing but a disappointment so don't count on it

  5. i made this status so i could edit it

    EDIT: I didn't fix it either.

  6. Forces story revealed?

    May I ask who this friend is and how he is reliabe?
  7. Terriful Takes Back the World - TBA 2019

    I'll throw those ideas to the devs. Idk. Sprite games are usually easier on computers. Inspirations are, Megaman X, Spark the Electric Jester, Tough Coded, and Sonic of course.
  8. Terriful Takes Back the World - TBA 2019

    Yeah. I'm kinda looking at other games and seeing what they don't do, then doing that. Like I always thought Mania would be fun to play on phone. But nah.
  9. Terriful Takes Back the World - TBA 2019

    Thanks man! Once we get further into development, ill send it to places like kotaku and IGN. Right now its for PC and Android while were eyeing an Xbox release if we can get funds in.
  10. WHOA?! What's this?! Yeah? But what IS it? Well I'm glad you asked generic passerby. This is a new 2D original game that I have in development with my newly-formed team (of about 30 people), Max Level Studios ! AND! It's based off of my still-in-development comic series, (Yes that's still a thing. Promise. No, I'm not trying to rush multiple things out.) Terriful! What's it about? The plot isn't revealed yet, but as you can tell from the title, it involves something happening to the world that Terriful must undo. Yeah. Not interes- Here's a screenshot and some W.I.P. music of our first level so far! (very W.I.P.) That's alright I guess. Maybe I'll give it an eye. Well, it just so happens, we have a contest going on right now. I thought I'd throw it here too. If you feel it your heart, design an NPC (anthro or human) and create a "task" that our friend Terriful must embark on and the best two will be featured in the game and receive a $10 Google Play Card. Whatever. Feel free to leave comments or suggestions.
  11. Fun announcement coming this week regarding my comics/Terriful stuff. :)

  12. Black Death went over to Saffron. "I am deeply sorry for Terriful's actions. Unfortunately, he didn't stay long enough for the actual results to come in. The slip resulted in a K.O. which allowed Terriful to win. He left shortly after. But it was just that. A knock out. He recovered two weeks afterwards and his life resumed records show." BD aimed his gun and switched it to 3D mode and printed a stuffed Ultimate Purr-inator. He handed it to Saffron. "A gift." he said. @Mightyray
  13. Knuck Knuck. It's Knockles.

    1. Jack the Rookie

      Jack the Rookie

      Knock Knock. It's Infinite the Edgelord.

    2. RosaRosaRosalina
    3. VEDJ-F


      knock knock the knockers. 

    4. A Zombie KING heavy engine

      A Zombie KING heavy engine

      Knock knock it's knuckles & knuckles.

  14. Black Death was talking to the voice still when he heard Saffron fly by yelling about Terriful. He turned to see what was going on. "Looks like he's messed things up again." said BD. The voice responded with "Isn't that the usual?" BD chuckled a small bit. "Unfortunately. That's why I'm here to balance out his actions. When he messes up, I have to fix it. It's getting old." The voice laughed. "I hear that." he said. ----------------------------------- BD walked around the academy. He set his gun to "capture". He saw Terriful jumping around and being... well... terriful... BD aimed his gun and shot and captured Terriful in a net. Terriful looked around. "Well look at this net, that I just found." said Terriful. BD dragged Terriful in the net back to their igloo. BD threw him in a cryogenic freezer. "Time to chill out" said BD. Terriful laughed. "That was horr-" he said before he was frozen. BD set the timer for 3 days. "Put some thawed into your actions," said BD. ----------------------------------- BD went to go find Saffron and make things right after Terriful messed them up.
  15. Terriful came back through the portal. He had a black eye. He held up a poster that said "FIGHT OF THE CENTURY!" The poster showed Terriful and <McKnockoff> in fighting positions. "Went through. Fought him. We beat each other good. Then he slipped and his his head so hard that he died. Soooo... Yeah. If you didn't know how he died, there ya go. I had no involvement. " Terriful said.