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  1. Super Smash Bros Coming to Nintendo Switch (2018)

    New game. Has been worked on since 2016. I'll take one ticket for the hype train please.
  2. http://boards.4chan.org/v/thread/408617435/hey-v-i-have-exclusive-information-on-the-next

    I mean, it's fake and all, but some part of me thinks this is how a sonic-exclusive kart racer would play out...

    1. Space☆Yeow


      I love how literally nobody replied

      Even 4chan-goers are sick of anonymous Sonic "leaks"

    2. blueblur98


      that sounds like it would be a cool game.

  3. https://discord.gg/KCYsvRS

    I hope sharing cords is allowed. If not, someone stop me! Join up to check out my game stuff, or chill, whichever. Newly created. :)

  4. Terriful Takes Back the World - TBA 2019

    Bump. First official gameplay of the game. Feedback is very appreciated.
  5. First look at my videogame. Feedback is greatly appreciated. :)


    1. Diogenes


      that flickering effect for (i assume) the drowning timer is really obnoxious. also the damage numbers and text become a mess pretty quickly; it's two bits of red text over an enemy that flashes red and displays a red health bar, multiplied by how many hits you land...it's basically unreadable. and the xp pickups and some of the bubble attacks don't stand out against the background in a lot of places.

      aside from that it seems competent enough, but i'm not really feeling a theme or a hook that makes it stand out from other sidescrolling platformers just from this.

    2. Terriful


      Alright. So I probably should have stated this, but this is like the one of the first alpha builds. Yeah, the flickering effect is supposed to be for the drowning, and I know it's annoying, but we wanted to do something different than basically like some noise in the background that progressively gets closer in the time period it plays. I actually agree that the test should maybe just be the first hit so it's readable because it does clutter up a lot. Especially one of them that's basically a paragraph from some other thing. 

      Remember, this is the first level, and the alpha build, so if you're not hooked immediately, I'm not worried. This is probably the blandest level we have made so far, but the other ones aren't finished yet so yeah. But thanks for your feedback. I genuinely appreciate it. :)

    3. kirby1up


      I'd say it might would be a good idea to make the first level a bit more interesting all things considered. since some players might look at the first stage and assume the quality of the later lvl's simply by looking at gameplay and/or screenshots of the first level.

      pretty sure the drowning timer flash hurt my eyes a bit. but otherwise pretty much what @Diogenes said.

  6. Remember my game TTBtW? No? Well there's the first gameplay coming out Wednesday. I'll post a link. Check it out.

  7. "Sonic having a character creator? Never will happen." - Everybody 2016 Stranger things have happened. Not saying its true, but I personally wouldn't mind it.
  8. Being that Forces took only a year of full development and all, I wouldn't be surprised to have a new game. Colors and Gens came out like a year apart and all. There's most definitely a game, but 2D or 3D remains to be seen.
  9. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    IIRC, he didn't get the news himself 'till around the official announcement, which means they continued for that long potentially around 5 to 6 months, putting them at or around 300 and 100 being started if not fully penciled.
  10. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    https://www.amazon.com/Sonic-Hedgehog-291-Ian-Flynn-ebook/dp/B01N6JK2KL/ref=pd_typ_k_sp_2_1/157-1741404-1082235?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=1QKEFHMN6Z8PQ38S4A64 Wait. 291 too. What's going on here? Could Archie be finishing the series? That'd be a dream come true.
  11. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    Even with the Forces prelude comics it seems that the new Sonic comics are going for a more cartoonish Hesse/Toei style. I personally like it, it looks better IMO. A few people on the IDW group noticed that too.
  12. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    Plot twist. The characters are in there and this whole silence thing was just to screw with everyone. JK I wish. But you're right. If they just wait until the issue comes out, it'll be easier to attract the Archie fans for at least the first issue. I honestly don't expect any clarity to comes from the solicts either, which IIRC come out tomorrow.
  13. ARTWORK: Can Mightyray draw? Let's find out.

    If you ever decide to, I'd love to see the BD and Yaya one finished. Here's hoping that BD's travels in the multiverse will lead him to Yaya someday! (I wonder if that's why he left was to find Yaya again? )
  14. Terriful Takes Back the World - TBA 2019

    So here's another track. Coming along.
  15. Terriful Takes Back the World - TBA 2019

    Since I don't want to find my old comics thread I made, I'mma just use this one. I wonder what's happening in April?

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