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  1. You may have laughed at me for defending the extended cast. But I always knew you would eventually see the error of your ways. You may all be like "Uhm sorry HURRR DERR" But I am NOT letting this one slide that easily. Remember that next time I say something seemingly outrageous. Everyone else will be agreeing with me sooner or later, and I will have the last laugh. PHAHAHA STUPID SHEEPLE ;P
  2. It's really quite an unfortunate coincidence that the only 3D game that attempted to have multiple playable characters without genra roulette was 06. People need to stop seeing everything from 06 as objectively bad as that mentality is holding the series back. Avoiding past mistakes like the plague is not going to help. What SEGA needs to do is UNDERSTAND their past mistakes and LEARN from them.
  3. It's all your guy's fault too. I remember back in the early 2010s when you guys believed that Sonic had declined because of the extended cast (referee to as "Sonic's friends. That was when the term "sola sonica" was invented to describe "good" Sonic games. If you don't believe me look up "The Sonic Cycle." I remember users who were against "Solo Sonica" were called out as being "the kids that ruined the franchise" and now everyone is just casually asking for the cast to return as if to pretend that the Sola Sonica cult never happened. That type of thinking may be gone here but it has somehow managed to stick with all of the non Sonic fans. There are reviewers and even SoA staff throwing around terms like "the friends" and "the Sonic Cycle" Early on after SLoW was announced reviewers would make jokes about how bad the extended cast was. It's a meme. And memes are very difficult to kill. Furthermore it is a meme YOU all created and it WILL PERSIST into project 2017.
  4. Don't you get what I am saying? Sonic never went to Crisis City AND IT DOES NOT EXIST making its existence in Generations a violation of the 06 cannon. Are you trying to refute this or not?
  5. Except Sonic never went to Crysis City. *Sigh* fans these days..... It means that the classic cannon is in conflict with the adventure cannon. Modern Sonic probably went through the similar events that loosely follow the classic games. But we know that those events were not exactly the same since the super emeralds are not cannon in the adventure series. Which goes back to my point, the Classic Sonic in Sonic Generations is NOT the same Classic Sonic from S3andK. Instead he is just a younger version of Modern Sonic and is from Modern Sonic's universe.
  6. ^ This. Knuckles works best as a cheerleader for Sonic. Anything else is flandering and takes too much screentime.
  7. When IIzuka was asked about the Super emeralds and related forms (and super knuckles) he said that the classic games were a seperate cannon and that when they created the Adventure cannon his idea was to (his words translated as:) "clean up all of the extra emeralds" This was at Sonic Boom in St, Louis I know because I was there. He has also made similar staments in other QNAs and I advise you to do your research. Oh boy. Let me spell it out for yall 1: Generations is not cannon 2: Even if it were cannon it would only create more discontinuity with things like Crysis City and fighting Perfect Chaos as normal Sonic ect ect ect 3: Those instances are indeed fan-service and are merely breaking the fourth wall. 4 Even ignoring all of the above, generations still doesn't sow the games into one cobtinuity more than it creates a new parallel cannon that branches off of the Colors cannon and loosely follows the events that happened in other games. Hence "Classic" Sonic is really a young Modern Sonic and not the actual Classic Sonic who can become Hyper Sonic and Shit.
  8. Generations does not count. It isn't tying together the cannon. It is just breaking the fourth wall. Hence why you go to Crysis City first even though it exists long AFTER the events of Colors and Unleashed. Yet you go to it first just because the video games came out in that order. Not to mention that the timeline that Crysis City existed in was erased. The truth is that Generations is operating on external logic and doesn't really tie anything together. If you try to think about it from an internal perspective it just turns the series into a bigger mess. The point of Generations was to revisit the levels from popular main games in chronological order from oldest to newest. The game itself probably isn't even cannon anyway.
  9. Oh yes, the Shadow arc. Yet another reason to bring him back. But still, the main point is that the series as a whole is not connected canonically. You have to seperate it into chunks. Iizuka himself said that the at the genesis games are a separate continuity from the modern games. And the Adventure / Shadow arc games are there own continuity. 06 is its own continuity yadyadyada you get the point.
  10. Except the games do not have a unified continuity. This has allready been confirmed by Iizuka. The closest thing we have to a unified cannon is Sonic X.
  11. Wow VI is really the worst pokemon generation.

    1. ThePrinceOfSaiyans


      As far as individual games go, I'd agree, but if we're talking about the meta, Gen 1 and Gen 5 are the worst.

    2. SonicFreak94


      I'll admit that I mostly play Pokemon for the campaign but I do also play competitive ocasionally and I think the meta has gotten worse in gen 6 due to fairy types and Megas. 

    3. ThePrinceOfSaiyans


      Anything is better than consecutive inescapable moves and weather war.

    4. SonicFreak94


      I prefer weather to entry hazard spam.

    5. ThePrinceOfSaiyans


      Entry hazard spam started with Gen 4. 

    6. SonicFreak94


      I never noticed people using hazards as much in gen 5. 

    7. ThePrinceOfSaiyans


      It was definitely there.

  12. I certainly hope so. If Sega put dreamcast Sonic in this game It would finally adress one the biggest and angriest sections of the fanbase. As a result the overal mood of the fanbase could improve dramatically.
  13. I am not saying that sega has to please everyone. I am just exasperated that they are litterally pleasing everyone EXCEPT the adventure fans, who haven't had a single bone this entire decade.
  14. Just because the trailer showed a burning city does not mean that the tone of the game will be anything like an Adventure game. So far this just goes to show how SEGA does not understand the adventure fans. The very presence of "Classic" Sonic is a slap in the face right off of the bat. The cartoony generations style robots just make matters worse. The start of the trailer even states that this game is headed by the colors/generations team. Yep I am pretty sure anouther shitty pontaf style game with the entire cast sidelined is guaranteed at this point. Their refusal to acknowledge Modern Sonic and Adventure Sonic as separate entities is the heart of the problem. Because everyone under the sun has something right now except the adventure fans. We are getting a Boom game, a Boost game, a friggin lego game, and even anouther Classic game. But absouutely nothing for the Adventure fans because Sega thinks that modern Sonic and Classic Sonic can please everyone.
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