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  1. Bad choice of words, maybe not busy but definitely not aesthetically pleasing. The eyes don't complement his other colors well, since blue, black, red and white complement each while the eye color is just unnecessary and his whole body just seems extremely disproportionate, since his torso is so small and his legs so lanky. But those are just silly nitpicks, they're basically the same character and I wouldn't change his modern design for the world haha..... which apparently the movie failed to get the memo on.
  2. Damn, I've been on and off with this franchise for the last 14 years, and even though it's had some rough patches I've never felt so empty about something this franchise has done. I didn't mind '06 because at least it had great music, I enjoyed X in a so bad it's good way, shrugged off Boom because the supplementary stuff like the TV series was nice to occasionally have as background noise (boom knuckles really did make me chuckle) and just ignored the Forces since it did try but was very misguided. After all, with games like Unleashed and Mania sprinkled in every now and then, it really wasn't that bad at all. So how did a single poster make me loose all hope 😧? Unless they're planning to pull a Kojima and this is just a joke to fuel meme fire until they reveal the real thing (which as much as that sounds like wishful thinking, I'm holding out hope), I'm done man. This is melodramatic as hell and won't kill the series but seriously, how did they let this happen when SEGA have access to such great CGI. It's just 'one step forward, two steps back' with this franchise as the Shadow the Hedgehog intro so eloquently put it back in 2005. I hope this movie somehow ends up surprising us all so I can eat my stupid words 😄
  3. I'd say 100% no , and to be honest I don't really understand how people see him as such, but I wasn't alive during the Genesis era so I wouldn't really know. I can say however that even as a kid playing Adventure 1, he was not cool in any way, shape or form, just an alternative to Mario, just listen to his dialogue. He's got a really 'cool' design though, especially the classic one, with modern being a bit too busy.
  4. Funny that the one time I've decided to lurk/log-in in a long time, is around the same time the possibility of this thread getting taken down is brought up. I was annoyed with seeing this thread still going on at first, but honestly I think it should stay, just rename it to something more apt I guess. Then again it is the 'Lara-Su Chronicles AND Ken Penders Topic' so I think commenting on a lot of the tripe that this man has spewed is in line with what is being advertised. But if you think differently, that's fine, as I said I've rarely been on this site for the last year or so, so I really don't know how bad its gotten. And to follow up, what exactly was the context of this 'eating children' thing. From the looks of the twitter pictures, its possible he was being more sarcastic but it kinda fell flat? Or am I just wrong?
  5. This is amazing honestly, an officially licensed fan game. I've been wanting Christian Whitehead on a game since playing Sonic CD remaster, and honestly, I love the game more and still try to beat my timescores on a constant basis, something I hardly ever do and something I would never have felt compelled to do on the clunky original :') Let's hope this becomes successful enough to lead to some kind of Classic sub-franchise. I only have one complaint and 2 wishes: Complaint: Rename this Sonic 4. Something like Sonic 4: Complete Edition or Sonic 4: All Episodes. I'm being genuinely serious. Sonic Mania just sounds too fan gamey Wishes: -A stage creator - 16-bitify the sonic cast, with a roster size on the scale of that sonicworld/ fan game, with each having one special move and slight differences in playability eg. Blaze having a flame dash similar to the Fire shield and impervious to fire but being slightly slower, Shadow being able to pause time at the cost of rings but having a much longer to charge spindash etc. From popular modern era characters to really obscure ones, the sky is the limit I may be remembering wrong but I think I saw some gameplay that showed off the peel-out
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