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  1. I'm a fanfiction writer and even I wouldn't have missed that one.
  2. I'm tempted to make a really bad joke about this. #grammarsaveslives
  3. Yeah, because crashing my Wii U is better than a relatively average beat 'em up. I know there's not a lot of ground for someone sticking up for Rise of Lyric, but MN9 has even less.
  4. I know that it was already post on the thread dedicated to Sonic's social media outings, but I think it's relevant to this thread. https://twitter.com/sonic_hedgehog/status/745311041987371008
  5. I don't even care if this is a half ass, misguided homage to Mega Man, there's no reason to excuse the PC version for not having save data.
  6. "He's a business man. Not a creator." This is a tweet Hideki made when asked if he's a fan of Kenji Inafune, https://goo.gl/JrReEI

    1. QuantumEdge


      Shall we get the ice pack for Inafune's burn?

    2. MayaFey


      We can try, but it'll take 3 and a half years to get to him and it'll probably be melted by then.

  7. I've told a friend that something was up with this project. At this point I don't know whenever to laugh at his misery or cry with him like an anime fan on prom night. To think that about 3 years ago Capcom was about as bad as EA and a large majority of Mega Man fans, in good faith, paraded around Inafune. Now, while Capcom hasn't completely won the fans back, with what happened with Street Fighter 5, they're still a hell a lot more respectable than Inafune right now. Can't wait to see how Red Ash turns out after a million delays. Also, @Balding Spider signature sums up what Comcept is doing right now.
  8. Given that you've haven't play a Sonic game up until this point, I recommend that you start with the 2D games, with Sonic the Hedgehog first and move your way up to Sonic CD. While the original wasn't blessed with the more creative level designs in its successors, it still stands on its own as a solid platformer and a good starting point for the series. Starting with the sequels isn't a bad start either, though CD one of the more challenging Genesis Sonic games. I'm not particularly fond of the majority of the spin-off games (though I do like myself some Spinball), but if you enjoy racing games like Mario Kart then you'll do just fine with Sonic All-Stars Racing and Transformed. Both are casual fun for you and your friends to ruin your friendships with play. A good starting point for 2.5D/3D Sonic games in this collection is Generations. Lost World certainly has its flaws, but despite my gripes with it I'd still say that you should give it a try after Generations. The Adventure games didn't age as well as I hoped, Adventure 1 in particular, but they're both still solid titles to this day. I don't have much to say about Sonic 4, mainly because I stopped playing early on in Episode 1, but I don't discourage you playing it. I'd continue with the Sonic games beyond this collection, but I personally think I've written quite enough for now. I look forward to your own personal experience with the games in this collection.
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