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  1. Funny someone talked about the pinball games, because the greatest missed opportunity in this series by far is not having a real pinball table when pinball was sort of a thing. Sega even had a pinball division for a few years! A Sonic pinball would have been easy money, but it never happened. Mario had two, but the character partially based on pinball itself had zero. Honestly it's kind of a crime. Something not as great: Mania really should have introduced more than just the Drop Dash, a move mostly for speedrunning that only Sonic can use anyway. No new shields? No new type of item altogether? I've heard people say that Time Twisted is as interesting as Mania simply for things like how it handles time travel and the new shields. It might not be 100% balanced all the time, but Sonic shields aren't exactly balanced to begin with. Plus did right by bringing back Mighty and Ray in a big way, though Ray is sort of a cross between Tails and Knuckles as is. (Ray's Air Glide reminds me way too much of the totally overpowered Super Mario World Cape for my taste. Bubsy has that too, and it's just as ridiculous. Get a good jump, fly over the level, it's all fun and games until that's all the game boils down to...)
  2. I missed this somehow. This is very exciting, the recent retooled ports of Turok and Turok 2 are very nice. I just wish someone over there would do the same for Turok 3. I know, it doesn't have a PC port to start from, but it's still a great game that needs to be unearthed.
  3. Word? I remember all that mess of course, but I thought that was about something else. What I saw was a conversation that apparently happened a few days ago. I don't remember where I saw it, probably Twitter. Can't find it unfortunately, should have bookmarked it.
  4. There's some junk going around about how Flynn is this terrible person, because someone got in touch with a former co-worker who talked about Flynn making some administrative decisions that upset a few people. Even the person who spilled the beans still thinks Flynn is pretty alright and made the right calls. From what I've seen of it, and assuming that it's true, I agree with the co-worker. The core of it is that supposedly Flynn had wanted to end the Freedom Fighters as they were, and also that he doesn't really want to finish the old story. Some of this involves certain design mandates that were his idea, not Sega's. It's confusing and I don't know how much of that is true (a lot of it seemed like conjecture), nor do I know whether or not this was Flynn wanting to steer the story in a certain direction or having to steer the story in a certain direction in order to solve some business-related problem with Archie or Sega. The problem is that Flynn has had a hatetrain against him for a LONG time, so it's very hard to take this "exposure" seriously. I'm more skeptical of people like that than anything Flynn's supposedly doing. There are an awful lot of people like that, and I do mean "awful".
  5. Totally forgot I had an account here. I'm not happy at all with the replies to my posts years ago, as I feel like people weren't really reading what I was saying and were trying to read around it to find some weird motive. Much as I'd love to respond to those, that was years ago and I don't think anyone really cares anymore. If anyone wants to talk about that topic (the merit of Special Stages in Sonic games), I am open to any questions. Instead, let's try something different. Something you can't just read around without clearly showing yourself to have not read it. Hi there! I have a dilemma. There's this video game series I like, but most of the people I get to talk about it with treat their series in a way that no other fanbase treats any other series, which makes it very difficult to have real conversation. When I attempt to call people out for this, I get called a "contrarian" because (surprise) I'm the only person actually willing to challenge what is a terrible status quo. There are multiple people in this community who have zero issue making things up about me from scratch to attack my character, solely because I seem to be the only human being on the planet who's able to tell these people that they need to take a step back and reevaluate their attachment to this series. (Part of this is because Discord and chat rooms are a terrible place to have real discussion, and they should never replace a real message board.) Guess what video game series I'm talking about! I came here because this is the only place on the internet that would ever have a topic asking this question. Everything I'm about to tell you is the truth. It's not my own opinion; my opinion is irrelevant to everyone else and to myself. Sonic fans have no idea what they actually want. They think they do, and that's a big problem. Thinking you know what you're doing has always been worse than being willing to admit that you don't know what you're doing. Whenever people talk about Sonic Team, and Lost World and Forces, it is always with language that boils down to "Sonic Team is incompetent, Lost World and Forces are low quality product". The idea that Lost World or Forces are actually good games and not at all what people describe them to be is not allowed to be spoken. Lost World and Forces being errors is supposed to be a fact that we're all just supposed to accept. I can't accept it, because I know it to be untrue. I know it to be untrue because I've actually played the games and compared them to other games in the series and other games period. The crimes people charge these games for are things the games aren't actually doing, or things that previous games had done without any real issue (things that aren't actually crimes, in other words). I'm not gonna say that Lost World and Forces are better than Mania. I'm not gonna say "Sonic was never good", because that's a boring meme. However, I also won't say that Mania is better than Lost World and Forces. None of these things can really be true. The truth is far more complicated than that, and is not really for this topic. I'm also not gonna mention Boom because that's a topic of its own (it's not what people think it is); funny enough, I don't think Boom was ever mentioned in this thread. That aside, there are a few things that are flatly untrue and really need to stop being said: 1. "Mania was made by fans, so clearly fans need to take over Sega." Mania was not made by fans, it was made by newly-minted professionals who were hired for a particular set of skills. To call them "fans" is to insult them and to insult their work. Mania is also the product of a fairly large team and had a solid budget for what it was supposed to be. Letting "fans" take over Sega will lead to more things like Sonic 06 and less things like Mania, I can already tell you that right now. I can go on and on about this topic. 2. "The Sonic base is fragmented. The games, too, are fragmented." Neither of these are any more true than for most game series in existence, especially very long-running ones like Sonic. "Fragmented" is also a very loaded term that does not begin to consider the idea of releasing different games for different people. In fact, that's what many Sonic fans keep thinking they want: for Sega to keep making a very limited kind of game that caters to them specifically. 3. "Lost World and Forces are inconsistent and try to cater to everyone." As I said before, they simply aren't the low quality games people keep saying they are. This is simply untrue information. Lost World builds heavily on Colors to the point where you could have called it "Sonic Colors 2" and it likely would have gotten far better reception. Likewise, Forces was even understood by most to be a direct followup to ideas from Generations, yet it was still called "inconsistent" even though the vast majority of the game is patterned after Generations. It is not physically possible for games that are so much like the previous games to be "inconsistent and trying to cater to everyone"; there is simply too much of Colors's and Generations's DNA in Lost World and Forces for this to ever be true. Anything beyond this is whining using one's own personal opinion. Noone should really care if you don't personally like the Deadly Six. I don't particularly care for the Deadly Six myself, because I think they could have been handled a little better. I think the whole series could have been handled better, from start to finish. That's called hindsight, and it's unreliable in how clear it seems to be, because you don't necessarily have the context behind the original decisions. It is almost as irrelevant as personal opinions. Fans do need to take a step back and think a little harder about why they hate what they hate and what about this series keeps them invested. I can answer this question for myself: it's a decent series that's had mostly ups and not a lot of downs, and the developers/partners mostly do good work. I don't really agree with some of the fundamental design, but I respect that the developers have taken it in various ways and over such a long period of time. It's very hard to really hate most Sonic games and very easy to like them. Pretty much all of them are at least inspiring even if I may dislike a specific game. If I can be this measured, why can't anyone else? Why do fans hold this series to an impossible standard that no other fanbase ever holds their own series too? The only thing this kind of behavior does is hold the series back in a way that Lost World and Forces never could, no matter how "bad" they supposedly are. I am not saying that Sonic Team are perfect and unfallible, I'm saying they do good work even though everyone swears they don't. This can be verified by putting aside that "ideal" Sonic game in your head (would you like to see mine?) and actually playing the damned games in front of you. I'm writing this because I'm tired of being asked to "explain myself" and then twenty people start talking over me. When people ask me that from now on, I just want to be able to link this post. If that's not enough of a reason to have real forums, I don't know what is. Thank you for reading.
  6. I ask that you reconsider how you approach Sonic 2's Special Stages. Not only is the basic mode of Sonic 2 a "two-player game", but it's very likely that the Special Stages were always meant to be played with that extra help. This might also have something to do with why the Special Stages in games like Sonic 3D are so much more lenient.
  7. There's been very little of it because so much of both the Sonic community and everyone else runs on longstanding and seemingly unshakable memes about the series's "badness". So many other factors play into and out of this to the point where, sometimes, it becomes miserable to even think about talking about this series with other human beings. I'm trying my best to enjoy myself despite it all. The best I've been able to hope for is playing the games myself and learning interesting new things about them that I didn't know previously. Maybe one day I can put any of this research to use.
  8. The original Sonic the hedgehog, of course. Starting anywhere else, and otherwise playing the games out of order, gives you a pretty poor picture of how the series develops over time.
  9. A friend bought me the Bundle, and I decided to finally watch SatAM and read the comics like I had wanted to do forever ago. I also considered working my way through all of SA2, but I've kinda given up after finishing Hero Story... too much for me, I guess. Considering going back to Mega Drive 1CCs as well.
  10. Hello. TIL there's so much hate for special stages. Special stages were a good idea from the very start; the alternatives aren't all that great. Most arcade games do not actually have any sort of bonus stages; they really only took off with console games, particularly platformers. Both always had them for the same reason: variety, plain and simple. It's unfair that you get to speak for all the people who do like special stages. How negative. How about, instead: "Here are some optional challenges to break away from the main game; if you complete them all, you unlock some secrets". How cruel. I don't know which self-respecting game designer would call this "artificial difficulty" and "filler", but I wouldn't trust them to make a good and varied game, that's for sure. You don't need to be all that great at the actual game to knock out the special stages. Lives are absolutely not an outdated concept, it's just that so many game designers have forgotten how to use them properly. Arcade game designers were usually pretty good about life system design. The Game Gear games dodge the issue entirely by putting the Emeralds in the actual stages. It's not a good alternative because there's not much to finding them; they're just kinda... there. Remember that Chaos Emeralds are to promote the special stages, not the other way around. That's exactly what these "true final bosses" are: optional stuff. Very odd to draw a line here. Related: the funny thing about the Sonic Adventures is that you don't even have to play more than one of the stories; certain annoying persons would even tell you to do exactly that. Any of them is a proper story with a proper end (more so in SA2), with the Last Stories just being extra parts of the game.
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