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  1. Why is SEGA so allergic to creative stories in an... alternate continuity? 😐 IDW is supposed to be its own universe, right? So idk why SEGA can't let Ian have more fun. He's not Penders, after all.
  2. What's the protocol when using gameplay footage in videos? E.g. reviews, retrospectives, analysis, etc. Should credit be delivered through slide-in cards, or is an ending credits with video names/creators enough? Asking 'cause premiere keeps crashing when I try to add new cards for slide-in. x_x

  3. The answer is simple: The Youtube Algorithim. Sometimes people make clickbait titles because it's a good way to take advantage of Youtube's frankly broken algorithim.
  4. Ugh. I'm sorry, but that fan design is hideous and I'd argue you can have an "adult" Sonic movie without making him so ugly. 😕
  5. I think the D6 are salvageable. You can flesh them out while still keeping elements of characterization, like their speech and mannerisms. Just give 'em more depth in the form of motivation and nuance. Give 'em more time to shine as more than just generic mooks. And remember, Ian was able to make characters with no canon dialogue work, like Fang, Bark, and Bean. ...well, okay, Fang had the early Archie run, but still.
  6. The Sea3on comic has been going for years. I don't really see why they need to make an animation when they can just concentrate their efforts on getting the comic back on its feet.
  7. Pixel art as an aesthetic choice is just more economical if you're a small indie developer. Not only are the assets smaller in scale, but it's generally easier to produce pixel art than more higher res, drawn animations for a game. To me it's no surprise that it's so prevalent because of budgetary reasons and time reasons.
  8. Yeah, uh, can we not argue that having LGBT+ characters is forced? 'cause one could just as easily argue that having straight romances is forced as hell. :U
  9. Honestly, I'd love to see something like Pokemon Ranger or Pokemon Mystery dungeon. The latter would probably be a hard sell, though.
  10. Just saw Pikachu. It was an excellent and fun romp that was EXTREMELY faithful to the spirit of Pokemon. It felt like a real place in the Pokemon world, with the source material lovingly incorporated from start to finish. Sonic is clearly generic schlock with no passion for the IP.
  11. This might be a reasonable compromise. All this person did was adjust the face slightly and it looks so much more bearable.
  12. But that's the problem. Sonic is a very cartoony, stylized character. His proportions, his face, everything is distinctly different. And while I get that they were trying to go for a "realistic" approach, the end result looks like a tiny human in a costume. And maybe they shouldn't have kept the face that way? They could still use his voice, but it's obvious the mo-cap face being left so close to a human structure did NOT end well. Hell, I'm pretty sure detective pikachu used some mocap, and his face looks infinitely more stylized and likable.
  13. What about studios like Pixar and Dreamworks? I'm p. sure those don't rely on mocap. At the very least, Paramount should've stylized more instead of trying to keep Sonic as creepily human as possible.
  14. To be frank, I think their first mistake was using mocap for Sonic. It's obviously the root cause of nearly all of the design problems here. They used the mocap WAY too heavily as a crutch.
  15. Just because the design is for the movie doesn't mean it's above criticism. People were right to take issue with the uncanny and creepy human mouth, beady eyes, and overall awkwardness of his proportions.
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