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  1. Maybe the unexpected character is Launch. ... I can dream, okay? ;;
  2. Found a factory sealed copy of SA2B in my games storage. I wonder how much it's worth? I already have an opened copy, so I don't really need two.

    1. Piko


      According to PriceCharting, you’re looking at around 100 bucks. Even more if you manage to get it graded.

  3.  A friend of mine just put out a cool video on the Wonderswan Digimon games, going into their story and everything. 😮 He did a TON of research!

  4. People really seem to have this idea that SatAM fans can't accept reinterpreted freedom fighters, huh? I mean, I can't speak for all SatAM fans, but as someone who to this day still holds it near and dear to my heart... I get it? IDW isn't SatAM. It also isn't Archie. And that's fine! But that's part of why I WANT to see the Freedom Fighters back. It'd be really cool to see them reimagined in this setting. They don't have to be mainstays- just occasionally recurring characters, not unlike the rest of the cast we already have. The world is vast. Theoretically they could be operating somewhere in the world we haven't seen yet and be introduced to new readers just as cleanly as any of the new IDW characters. Young readers might not know them, but... if they're fun to watch and read about and have cool designs, I don't see the harm in it? And Archie only ended a handful of years ago, so it's not like kids wouldn't necessarily know. It's just they aren't as likely to be as privy. But most people who watched TMNT2012 didn't know the 87 cartoon, yet 2012 saw the return of Bebop and Rocksteady (I know they were also in the comics, but they *were* absent from 2003 other than Turtles Forever). It's possible to make nostalgic throwbacks still entertaining for the younguns.
  5. Personally, as someone who grew up with SatAM before the games... I think even using SatAM as a baseline is fine? I know a lot of elements from Archie are long standing and beloved, but even taking the cast as they were in the show, I think they could be developed and refined to fit into the world of IDW. Though it'd be weird for Archie to own the rights to... a ship. I get Lynx Nicole, but wat?
  6. I'm worried that this'll just be based on vanilla D/P and lose all the improvements Platinum brought to the table. 😕 I hear OG D/P aren't exactly a great experience.
  7. Good, Capcom. Now give us Investigations 2. >( The world neeeeeds the glory that is Sebastian Debeste (or whatever they'd localize him as.)
  8. What if it actually acknowledges the old continuities? That would be SO rad. Like, imagine SatAM, AoStH, OVA, that one obscure manga, etc, getting acknowledged. It's a pipe dream, but. Dang.
  9. ...Are we really having transphobia here on a freaking Sonic the Hedgehog forum? Please. Gender identity is not "corruption". Neither is being gay. Anyway, I hate the Shadow mandates because I feel like they're forcing him to be a caricature of the character he used to be. Shadow wasn't even that edgy or angry in SA2... He actually quipped from time to time and had a respect for Sonic.
  10. Depends on the kid. As a kid, I was DEEPLY UPSET when Sonic got redesigned and for the longest time resented modern Sonic. And this was me in grade school, too. Even into my teen yeas I held onto that modern Sonic resentment (for the design- I did like games like SA2 and stuff, but hated the long quills on Sonic and missed Jaleel White). Of course, that's me being someone who grew up at the height of Sonic's popularity. I'm... honestly not sure how kids who're Sonic fans now feel about the different iteration. I'd assume it also varies somewhat? Some kids might be more inquisitive or informed.
  11. Does anyone know why Sega of Japan is so biased against concepts they didn't create? It's just so baffling because w/ other IPs that have multiple takes, they're more than happy to acknowledge niche continuity. See: Ducktales 2017, 2K12 and IDW TMNT... It's just weird to me. Nintendo's been like this with Mario of late, too (see: the gutting of Paper Mario). I just don't get it.
  12. Re: Sally not having much character depth I blame bad writing from Penders. I think Sally is a character who can be more than the straight man... when she's allowed to be. I feel like SatAM at least gave her moments of vulnerability and weakness. Was it perfect? No. But that's why I think reimagining is so important. Take what works, improve what doesn't.
  13. Tbh, I'd be all for STC characters being revisited, too, but IIRC SEGA actually doesn't own the rights to those characters at all? That's what I recall hearing, anyway. I may be wrong. I know they own the Freedom Fighters because SatAM and all its concepts belong to SEGA of America. That's part of why SEGA was able to use Sally in so many unrelated things, like SEGA world and Spinball.
  14. Can I just say I don't get why the Freedom Fighters being adapted into other media like the games or IDW is such a hot topic? I guess it's because to me I look at, say, Harley Quinn, who came from Bataman TAS and was later adapted into the comics and films or TMNT, where the 80's cartoon was effectively to the original comics what SatAM is to the Sonic games (albeit in opposite directions). Still, it was radically different in tone and style, yet many elements of the 80's show carried over into other iterations, like IDW and 2k12. In other franchises, characters from spinoff continuities often get re-imagined in subsequent iterations, and it's something to enjoy as a nod to a franchise's history in many forms. Yet with SatAM characters, so many people jump to the absolute worst conclusions or complain that because SatAM/Archie/etc aren't the "true" vision of the series, people should just get over it and that their adaptation into other Sonic media would be doomed from the start. The thing is, a LOT of Sonic characters are divisive to certain parts of the fandom. Amy, Shadow, Silver, Cream- series staples with devoted fans who also have huge detractors. That's not to say I expect this campaign to work, but for crying out loud- it is possible to reimagine old characters in a way that fits newer continuities. It just takes a little creativity. Mind you, I got into Sonic through SatAM, not the games. I have a very different background than most Sonic fans in that regard, and while I do like other continuities, too, this kinda discourse just sorta boggles the mind. You gotta understand that the Freedom Fighters, unlike, say, Dr. Zachary, are very long lasting characters. They lasted, what, almost two decades, if not slightly more than that due to Archie's lengthy run? That's a significant part of Sonic history, even if it's not everyone's favorite version of the franchise.
  15. People be calling SatAM Sonic stupid and I'm like "but he's not, tho?" He was definitely flanderized a bit in Season 2, but in Season 1 he's shown to be quite crafty and intuitive. Prone to thinking on his feet and adapting in tense situations. He might not be a braniac like Sally or Rotor, but Season 1 showed a Sonic who could plan attacks on Robotropolis, who was able to compromise and understand others' plights (see: Griff and splitting the power stone), and who had genuine trauma (see: Sonic's Nightmare). SatAM Sonic is someone who comes across as a cocky cheeseball protagonist. He's also someone who lost his only family at age 5 and still has baggage from it, as shown by basically any episode that has Uncle Chuck as the focus. Also, even in Season 2 he had moments where his craftier side showed, like when he pretended to surrender himself to Robotnik so he could rescue his uncle. I'm just really tired of people acting like SatAM's version of Sonic is a flat character. Some of his qualities get exaggerated depending on the writer, but he still has a kind, caring side to match his attitude and some genuinely somber moments, too. And he knows when to humble up, too. He wasn't mad when Bunnie saved him in Sonic and Sally, for instance. He was thankful. Not all, "man, I coulda totally done this myself!" like other heroes of his archetype might've been. SORRY IF THIS SEEMS EXTRA NERDY, but SatAM's version of Sonic is the version of Sonic I knew first. Before the games. Before the comics.
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