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  1. I actually don't think that was the real Aqua. Don't forget- the realm of darkness can play with people's fears and doubts. It may just be an illusion.
  2. Mega

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    It's like people forget that Shadow had an actual personality in both SA2 and Heroes and wasn't afraid to smirk or smile or make banter on occasion.

    Has anyone posted this here yet? It's... very daunting.

    1. SupahBerry


      I knew that it wasn't just the U.S. who was in on this. 

      It's war.

    2. shdowhunt60


      Why is the EU such fucking cancer? Who can sit there and look at the EU and what it does, and say "Yeah, I want to be a part of that"?

    3. Shiguy


      As if dealing with the FCC and it's bullshit wasn't enough. 

      The EU just hanging out in the back like:


      This is bit spooky i'm hoping things will work out and not go to absolute shit. I ain't gonna concern myself but i'll keep an eye out.

    4. KHCast


      Oh for fucks sake

    5. Ashwalking Bat

      Ashwalking Bat

      I am both not surprised but upset that we are not the only ones dealing with absolute BS when it comes to Net Neutrality and Censorship.

      Even with this specifically being in the EU. Something similar with SOPA/PIPA has happened with us in the past here in the USA.

      What's with big media companies and their big boners with making our lives more miserable when it comes to copyright and piracy? Do none of them understand that people will pirate their content no matter what they do? So the effort to try and stop it is as futile as it can ever be. But apparently their idea of stopping piracy is to punish everyone who isn't involved by taking away our free speech. If affecting our free speech is the only way anyone can think of to stop this, then we really are as screwed as a nail in a board.

  4. Mega

    Pokemon Main Series Title Coming to Switch (2019)

    Why would Eevee not be able to evolve, though? I can maybe see it for Pikachu, but doesn't Blue evolve his Eevee in Yellow?
  5. Or they could take those "dull" characters and make them less dull? Personally, I think it's fantastic that they're revitalizing Mighty and Ray. It gives them a chance to establish their own niche and identity.
  6. No more mammals. :U Gimme reptiles. Fish. Insects. I'm salty because nearly all the species in forces were mammals. I want something fresh. As for dragons, I fail to see why they're unreasonable given that we've seen ghosts, phoenixes, and even tiny dragons in adventure 2.
  7. Meh. I'm still not a fan of Starlight, nor do I think she's a good choice for counselor. I understand that she has developed, but I feel like at least some of her development hasn't been properly paced or fully realized. I mean, look at how she used mind control back in season 6 and barely got any consequence for it. Even in season 7, she has issues still with using magic to solve her problems. Has she gotten better? ...Sort of, but for me, it's just not enough, and her overall redemption has been handled sloppily.
  8. If they wanna add a new female classic character... What about Honey or Tiara Boobowski?
  9. Mega

    Freedom Fighters' own Series

    Eh, personally, I think Sonic was an important part of SatAM, so removing him and SatAM Robotnik from the equation really wouldn't do it for me. Part of what appeals to me about SatAM is the chemistry between Sonic and his friends and foes.
  10. Oh, sure, remake a game that's relatively recent and continue treating Paper Mario like crap. :| Don't get me wrong. I love Bowser's Inside Story, but the amount of favortism toward the M&L series when PM64 could use a remake baffles me. Granted, I wouldn't trust a PM64 remake to be good with how the poor series has suffered. Side note: I do think they shoulda remade PiT because it's more flawed, and a remake could fix that.
  11. All the new worlds are cool and all, but I'm more focused on the real important stuff! "The other me." Riku Replica, anyone? Please let that poor clone make a triumphant return. ;w; Dude deserves a happier ending. In all seriousness, cool trailer. Just. Replica plz.
  12. Mega

    Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    Honestly, my biggest disappointment with DBS and DBZ is just... how terribly characters like Tien are treated when they were such a crucial part of the original series. Idk, maybe it's because I watched DB first and got into the franchise later than most people, but Tien in particular was such a competent and compelling character in the original series, yet from what I've heard, he's relegated to a punching bag who only uses one major attack these days. It just feels disappointing to me because they did such great stuff with Master Roshi, yet poor Tien feels like he was just. There. Hell, Krillin even stole his Solar Flare attack. (Note: I have not watched all of Super so I know it's not totally fair to judge, and I do think there are things in Z and DBS that are enjoyable. I'm just a salty OG Dragonball fan, haha.)
  13. I think Roger's Sonic voice sounds fine, personally. I've never had an issue with it. Jason, on the other hand... HE always sounded too old for Sonic, to me. His voice never sounded like a convincing teenager, even if I'll readily admit his acting got better toward the end of his run, and I don't dislike him as a person. But Roger's voice just sounds more natural to me? At least compared to Jason. I just blame bad directions in the games for any real qualms.
  14. See, what I'm wondering is if Sonic even is that popular with kids these days. ...and why they didn't add at least a lizard. I thought kids love lizards.
  15. I'm still salty that almost all the species are mammals. :/ And having a dog AND a wolf feels really redundant.

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