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  1. The idea that boobs are inherently sexual bothers me SO much. There is a difference between a character having a chest and a character being portrayed in an objectifying fashion for the male gaze. I would argue some of Rouge's costumes are the latter, but despite this, she IS still a character with agency and drive independent of sex appeal. The thing with the PPG 2016 show is the people in charge were so out of touch with the original show. Ms. Bellum was awesome! Yes, she was the mayor's secretary, but she had so many iconic episodes where she stole the show. It felt like out of touch suits going off of what they think is progressive.
  2. The fat Sonic reactions still boggle the mind, haha. It just reads as "I have no compelling argument, but uh... you must be a fat SJW! Haha." I ain't even mad. Just baffled. Just feels like such a petty response to opposing views? In these kind of topics, there are going to be people who aren't as chill with such sour takes. The Sonic fandom has a lot of people who're some form of LGBTQ+, poc, etc. Of course we're gonna have thoughts.
  3. It helps that SEGA and the Sonic Social Media haven't done what Disney does. you know. EVERYONE IS WELCOME UNDER THE RAINBOW. Despite cancelling a movie with a gay couple from Bluesky that was near completion, undercutting TOH by giving it barely a third season, and refusing to actually take steps forward in their films beyond queerbait.
  4. Hell, you could even argue the same thing with AoStH Sonic? He crossdresses on multiple occasions and clearly is having a good time doing it, not unlike Bugs Bunny. Dude has no qualms being gender nonconforming, and that is such a mood.
  5. I also wanna add that, like. Queer kids exist. There are kids who are gay, bi, trans, etc, who feel validated when the shows and media they like acknowledge that these identities and orientations are real and okay. That's the power of children's media making these steps to be more inclusive. And yes, they absolutely have to fight for it. Steven Universe lost a ton of funding because they had that Ruby and Sapphire wedding. Noelle Stevenson had to fight tooth and nail to get the Catradora kiss at the end of She-Ra. These things aren't just done for "omg woke points." They are done by creators with a vision that they often have to push to get fulfilled. 😕 And often times the people who create these stories... are representing themselves? e.g. Noelle Stevenson is a lesbian, Dana Terrace is bisexual. For Sonic IDW to have Tangle and Whisper get together, it'd be extremely validating to a lot of young people. And I think that's important. Yeah, that's the thing. Fake wokeness is a real thing that happens. See again: Disney hyping up its 56th "first gay character" and it's just queercoding or a five second background gag. Nobody is asking for that. Nor are they asking for what Voltron did where it hyped up a gay love interest for Shiro... just to kill him off shortly after he was introduced. There are bad ways to go about it- but the vibe I'm getting from a lot of the pushback here just feels like it was regurgitated from people like The Quartering rather than genuine discussion of the works beyond surface level "they changed this."
  6. Harley and Ivy are a great example of it being done right- right down to them having chemistry in the original 90's cartoon. Most people who want diversity in Sonic probably just want that kind of diversity? Like the folks who shipped reboot Archie Sally and Nicole due to their chemistry and interactions, or again, people who think Tangle and Whisper would make a cute couple. Representation existing and just being allowed to exist helps a) normalize that these people exist, and b) helps those people feel like they are valid and matter. And some people like the idea of Sonic being ace or aromantic. It doesn't dramatically alter anything about his personality or core of a character. He's already not romantically involved, anyway. When the vast majority of media doesn't give these people the time of day, it's nice to have genuine efforts made to let them exist. And just be people. It hurts no one but the most fragile of egos, IMO. EDIT: THIS. People who act like any signs of diversity are forced generally don't actually consume the media they are so upset about. They see some promotional materials and make up their minds based on that. It just reeks of "change bad." If they don't like it... they can just consume the media that already existed. Bad writing is not the fault of diversity- it's the fault of bad writing.
  7. OP also keeps reacting to people with counterpoints with a fat Sonic reaction, which to me suggests a lack of desire to understand the opposing points in the first place and just generalize us all? Nobody here is saying that folks who enjoy older media are homophobic or racist. That's putting words in our mouths. But the fact is, times change, and as more creative voices are allowed to create media, they are gonna want to explore stories and themes that were seen as more taboo back then. Maybe give these shows a chance rather than brushing them off based on surface characteristics, and maybe don't generalize the people who happen to enjoy these works and ignore what we're trying to say. You can still like the old versions. Even if I prefer DT2017, the old show is still fun and charming. It's not all or nothing. But I still stand by what I said- if alternate versions of IPs can make characters older, younger, or change their personalities, I fail to see why adding queerness or changing a few characters' races while still making them rounded characters is such a bad thing.
  8. Also, like... these things aren't mutually exclusive? Of course people want new black, queer, poc, etc characters as well. Obviously that's extremely important. But there is literally no harm in reboots, if done well, reimagining things. It's not like this is anything new. There's a version of Cinderella where she's black and that came out in the 90's. If a character's identity is already pretty aracial outside of aesthetics, and it's not feeding into hurtful stereotypes, what does it matter? The original will always exist. And plenty of series already have wildly different iterations as it is (including Sonic). If in one iteration, Eggman can be a dark, serious tyrant who has conquered the planet and in another he can be an over the top goofball of a villain, and these two iterations can air simultaneously, I don't see why other changes are such a big deal. Hell, sometimes the creator of the IP does it or gives it their blessing (see: Amazon's Invincible- some characters are different race, but the show doesn't draw attention to it at all. They're just people who happen to be [x ethnicity here]). My problem here is that all of this modern media is being lumped together. DT2017 and She-Ra are not on the same level as that crappy PPG CW show, which had plenty of other problems on top of how it changed the girls. I can't speak for the netflix He-Man, but the show is super new, so wouldn't it be better to wait to see if it's bad as the promo material is making it seem? The key difference is: is the marketing overhyping aspects of these reimagined characters for the sake of pandering to a crowd? Or is it just a creative liberty and the character is given traits beyond that. Disney loves to hype up its 55th "first gay character," and that's blatantly lip service. Obviously, if all they wanna do is throw in a character JUST to fill a quota, that's not great. It's tokenism. But too often people will treat any representation as tokenism and ignore the nuance. Some people just wanna ship Tangle and Whisper, and I don't see the harm in that.
  9. These criticisms feel like they're made in incredibly bad faith, tbh. So what if some reboots race bend characters? That doesn't make those reboots inherently bad or the prospect of doing so bad. The She-Ra reboot took cookie cutter designs, which were all more or less the same body type and all white, and made the cast more visually distinct -and- had good writing to back it. Not all diversity is "forced diversity." Sometimes a creative team just wants to have a more varied cast because we live in an age where it's more readily acknowledged that non white, cis, straight people exist. The "black trans asian" example given feels like a huge strawman. It also feels like the examples of modern shows are being unfairly generalized. Reboot She-Ra's Bow is black, yes, but that's not all there is to his character. The show itself doesn't draw attention to the race-bent characters being race bent. They're allowed to be people. And LGBT+ people exist, so why not have a show allow them visibility? Likewise with Ducktales, it's not like the show hammers in these things- they're allowed to just be characters who happen to be coded to be something besides white. When people want diversity in Sonic, that doesn't automatically mean they want it forced. But having a Sonic character who is gay or bi and that's just one facet of them... literally hurts no one.
  10. Didn't they already confirm it's going to be on Steam, though? Like on the website for the remaster.
  11. I wonder if there's any way to push for changes before the final release. Maybe a delay?
  12. Maybe the unexpected character is Launch. ... I can dream, okay? ;;
  13. Found a factory sealed copy of SA2B in my games storage. I wonder how much it's worth? I already have an opened copy, so I don't really need two.

    1. Piko


      According to PriceCharting, you’re looking at around 100 bucks. Even more if you manage to get it graded.

  14.  A friend of mine just put out a cool video on the Wonderswan Digimon games, going into their story and everything. 😮 He did a TON of research!

  15. People really seem to have this idea that SatAM fans can't accept reinterpreted freedom fighters, huh? I mean, I can't speak for all SatAM fans, but as someone who to this day still holds it near and dear to my heart... I get it? IDW isn't SatAM. It also isn't Archie. And that's fine! But that's part of why I WANT to see the Freedom Fighters back. It'd be really cool to see them reimagined in this setting. They don't have to be mainstays- just occasionally recurring characters, not unlike the rest of the cast we already have. The world is vast. Theoretically they could be operating somewhere in the world we haven't seen yet and be introduced to new readers just as cleanly as any of the new IDW characters. Young readers might not know them, but... if they're fun to watch and read about and have cool designs, I don't see the harm in it? And Archie only ended a handful of years ago, so it's not like kids wouldn't necessarily know. It's just they aren't as likely to be as privy. But most people who watched TMNT2012 didn't know the 87 cartoon, yet 2012 saw the return of Bebop and Rocksteady (I know they were also in the comics, but they *were* absent from 2003 other than Turtles Forever). It's possible to make nostalgic throwbacks still entertaining for the younguns.
  16. Personally, as someone who grew up with SatAM before the games... I think even using SatAM as a baseline is fine? I know a lot of elements from Archie are long standing and beloved, but even taking the cast as they were in the show, I think they could be developed and refined to fit into the world of IDW. Though it'd be weird for Archie to own the rights to... a ship. I get Lynx Nicole, but wat?
  17. I just think it's a poor mindset to have. See again: DC making Harley Quinn a mainstay. It just feels like Sega of Japan is weirdly against any western contributions to the brand? And I get that Penders left a bad taste in people's mouths, but it just seems so stupid. Western Sonic, like it or not, is still part of Sonic's history.
  18. What I don't get is why SEGA is so against legacy characters. There's a huge audience for them. Other IPs like TMNT thrive by acknowledging the past continuities and reimagining them. So why are SatAM/AoStH characters such a hard sell? Really boggles the mind.
  19. I'm worried that this'll just be based on vanilla D/P and lose all the improvements Platinum brought to the table. 😕 I hear OG D/P aren't exactly a great experience.
  20. Good, Capcom. Now give us Investigations 2. >( The world neeeeeds the glory that is Sebastian Debeste (or whatever they'd localize him as.)
  21. What if it actually acknowledges the old continuities? That would be SO rad. Like, imagine SatAM, AoStH, OVA, that one obscure manga, etc, getting acknowledged. It's a pipe dream, but. Dang.
  22. ...Are we really having transphobia here on a freaking Sonic the Hedgehog forum? Please. Gender identity is not "corruption". Neither is being gay. Anyway, I hate the Shadow mandates because I feel like they're forcing him to be a caricature of the character he used to be. Shadow wasn't even that edgy or angry in SA2... He actually quipped from time to time and had a respect for Sonic.
  23. Depends on the kid. As a kid, I was DEEPLY UPSET when Sonic got redesigned and for the longest time resented modern Sonic. And this was me in grade school, too. Even into my teen yeas I held onto that modern Sonic resentment (for the design- I did like games like SA2 and stuff, but hated the long quills on Sonic and missed Jaleel White). Of course, that's me being someone who grew up at the height of Sonic's popularity. I'm... honestly not sure how kids who're Sonic fans now feel about the different iteration. I'd assume it also varies somewhat? Some kids might be more inquisitive or informed.
  24. Does anyone know why Sega of Japan is so biased against concepts they didn't create? It's just so baffling because w/ other IPs that have multiple takes, they're more than happy to acknowledge niche continuity. See: Ducktales 2017, 2K12 and IDW TMNT... It's just weird to me. Nintendo's been like this with Mario of late, too (see: the gutting of Paper Mario). I just don't get it.
  25. Re: Sally not having much character depth I blame bad writing from Penders. I think Sally is a character who can be more than the straight man... when she's allowed to be. I feel like SatAM at least gave her moments of vulnerability and weakness. Was it perfect? No. But that's why I think reimagining is so important. Take what works, improve what doesn't.
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