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  1. Tails was created by Eggman to match Sonic, basing him of Project Shadow. He's given Tails his mechanical ability and fast speed so he could be more succesful thanhe had Metal Sonic. However, since Tails was a living being, he had free will. Tails is Eggman's failure, as Eggy threw him out, and that's when Tails meets Sonic.
  2. We don't know what SEGA will do so we can count it being released in 2016. I dunno remember where I heard this but the original release date for '06 was meant to be in 2007.
  3. Sorry for the bump, but I have to say it. I have to say that I only liked Shadow in SA2, when he kinda died, which made a 5 year-old me SAD. (I got the game in 2010) At his core he's a good character, but what he's turned into makes me hate him. I haven't played Advance 2 and Heroes yet, so I know nothing about Cream's chara there. Just to add some more stuff about my underrated picks. Charmy: likes flowers, young, hyper, childish, Chaotix member Vector: strange, funny, smart, likes moolah, Chaotix leader Big: calm, carefree, stupid, caring. fat (lol) Rouge: smart, snarky, strong, quirky, flirty I originally had Espio in the list but then I realised he's probably popular.
  4. I have a feeling this will be a new Sonic '06. When it was announced everyone was like "HOLY SHIT THIS WILL BE THE BEST GAME EVER", then it was rushed. I want Classic Tails and Modern Tails to be playable. Hey, imagine if Sonic('s?) had one story and that Tails('?) had another? THAT WOULD BE AWESOME WITHOUT THE SAUCE
  5. Silver is a character I don't mind, but don't like. He was always kinda inferior to me and I'd much rather have it that he no longer appears; since almost all of the games with him were shitstorm. Though I can imagine him possibly appearing in Sonic Chronicles 2, if it ever comes out. Just to clear it up: A day in the Twilight Cage could be like years in Mobius/Sonic's world. With this, he could appear, and give him a reason to appear. It would be really fun doing OP POW moves with this hedgey c: Next, about the '06 thing, here's what I got: It happened; it's just erased from the timeline.
  6. Maybe a 3D Sonic Rivals with POWERUPS and more than 2 charas per stage? Also, I want Sonic R 2 to happen.
  7. Cream is overrated. She has no real personality trait besides cute and she has to rely on Cheese all the time. Now let's look at Charmy. Charmy is underrated, and treated like crap by the fanbase. He can be sometimes annoying, but he's in the Chaotix, which are the oddballs of the series. Vector has an interesting personality, and he's arguably the only character I could take seriously. He owns a detective agency for gods sake! And his weirdness makes him one of my faves. Shadow is overrated. While he is badass, that goes too far. He uses guns (WTF btw?) and rides bikes?! He's faster without one! And we have no idea about his speed without special shoes! SA2 made him a character we could feel empathy for, but it did that horribly, as I couldn't feel empathy for him. Also, he's made by Baldy McNosehair's grandaddy? WTF?! I'm not trying to start a war, but I hate Shadow and always will. Rouge is horribly underrated. She's the best female chara imo because of her... well. Personality. It was quirky, interesting and funny. I like Big. He's stupid but his stupidity was done in a funny way.
  8. Poloy Forest is my favorite level in any video game. The design, the music... Oh man it is amazing. Hell Tails' Adventure has really good design for Eggman's sake. Is and always will be my fave. Unleashed had amazing art styles and dun get me started on The Black Knight. Tails' Adventure 11/10, SatBK and Unleashed 10/10
  9. You probably wouldn't write any of the story, just translate Japanese cutscene dialogue. Maybe try starting your own game company and whatnot could lead to a partnership with SEGA? I dunno man, I wish you good luck but I doubt it'll happen. Personally, I'd much rather do beta testing.
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