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  1. The characters in the last show you watched are watching a show about you, do they think it sucks or it rocks?

    1. Klinsy


      "Nyate, this show is way too cruel to the main character."

    2. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      Well I was watching One Piece so first I think they'd be astounded by what a TV is

      Actually I have not finished One Piece so that may differ I don't know what it's time period is

    3. E-van


      Sonic and friends are bored out of their minds.

    4. Darinian


      I don't think a scientist is very interested in watching some random kid play sonic unleashed

    5. Celestia


      I've been watching enough shows lately that I can't pinpoint exactly what the most recent one I watched is, but my answer goes for anything really:

      Things would get weird when they got to a scene where I watch their show.

    6. Menace2Society


      I doubt Sonic likes watching some kid play on their phone all night.

    7. Hyp3hat


      The 99 are probably going to think I lead a terribly boring life, and/or wish they were playing GTA instead. Either that or they'll be squabbling enough as to not actually be paying attention to my show.

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