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  1. Look under your bathroom sink, there is a merchant rat, pay him in peanut butter and you will get the thing you desire the most.

    1. Klinsy


      But are you willing to part with your peanut butter?

    2. Zavok the SpinningSilver

      Zavok the SpinningSilver

      I'm allergic, so yes.

    3. Hero


      Peanut butter is for peasants anyway. Jam/jelly all the way. 

    4. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      I wish you'd get out of my fucking house and take the roaches with you!

    5. KHCast



    6. Zavok the SpinningSilver

      Zavok the SpinningSilver

      @KHCast Even better, the rat gives you  Kingdom Hearts 2.999/472 Nights -4x^3 and a Kingdom Hearts 3 release date of September 30th 2025


    7. KHCast


      >lays a mouse trap 

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