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  1. Sorry for not posting here for so long! Great ideas, even if the thread has slowed down. I'm going to list some zone names that I'm going to elaborate on in a later post: Timeless Citadel Neon Subway Electric Wasteland Keep up the good ideas guys! That's what this thread is for.
  2. Let me revive this a bit. Mechanical Monster Zone This is a level that takes place in a huge rundown factory of sorts. It is still active, being used by the villain of this story (either Eggman or someone new) to produce their army of robots/badniks. It takes on a bronze color scheme and utilizes grinding heavily, like how the final levels of Hero and Dark in SA2 do with Final Rush and Final Chase. However, there will be plenty of areas with platforming and robot fighting. Occasionally Sonic will exit the factory into a mysterious floating exterior structure that takes on a new modern look. This involves gimmicks such as high-speed tubes that Sonic dives into and gets shot out somewhere else by them. Badniks/Robots would include ones similar to that of Sonic Forces' generic ones, but with a more unique and interesting design similar to that of G.U.N or any other Adventure style robots. More aggressive and harsher looking Buzz Bombers would appear here as well, chasing down Sonic, rather than moving in a set pattern. Shortcuts can be accessed by jumping onto discrete rails or springs while grinding or running down straight hallways, to reach different routes. I do not have anymore good ideas for this zone, but if I think of some, I will put them in this post at a later date. And to those who still posted ideas in May, they are very good ideas, and it's sad that this thread died off when it did. Coming back here once in a while is a nice refresher when thinking about what Sonic could do next, seeing all these awesome ideas for future levels, Classic Sonic or Modern Sonic.
  3. Final Frontier Zone Act 1 - An unnamed evil force has created a metropolis sporting a very dark color scheme. Sonic enters the metropolis and is meet with jacked up version of Eggman's badniks, with Motobugs being able to shoot as they charge while leaving flame trials behind them etc. Platforms seem safe, but stay too long and they'll give way. This level is meant to give off a vibe similar to Titanic Monarch, in that it's a slow climb to the finale, with the level design mainly focused on moving Sonic upwards. A gimmick is a shuttle-like pod that acts like the Mirage Saloon Gun and moves up and down until the player presses the jump button. No bottomless pits, rather spikes will be your ultimate demise if you fall too far. Mini-Boss: Mantis Patrol A huge aerial robot based off a praying mantis. It is a boss similar to Sonic Advance 2 Bosses and Heavy Gunner, in that it is an runner. Mantis Patrol sits at the right of the screen flinging it's scythe like arms, similar to Slicers. It will also shoot out miniature ships that fire at Sonic as a means to distract the player. In pinch, the mini-boss will change to a classic Sonic style boss in that it is not autoscrolling. The attack patterns involve the mini-boss flinging it's arms again, but also stomping down on the ground and sending a white shockwave that can damage Sonic. The stomp also causes pieces of the above structure to fall off and hurt Sonic if he touches them. Act 2 - Act 2 takes place inside a huge structure, with conveyor belts, lava pits, and Mania's CPZ bouncy chemical gimmick appearing. Buzz Bombers appear in this as well, with them shooting beams of acid and chasing the player until hit. Boss: The Unknown A mysterious black metallic dragon is the final boss of this fictional game. It attacks by shooting rockets which lock onto Sonic, whilst slamming the ground to create falling debris. It will occasionally block and when it is about to remove it's wings from blocking it's face it will fling them outwards to hurt Sonic (so quick reflexes and focus are required). In pinch, it will speed up it's attacks and sometimes smash parts of the ground to create a bottomless pit. This boss isn't meant to be 'full' of attacks, as it has high health (roughly 22 or more hits). Just thought I'd actually post in my own thread for once and kick start it's 2018 posts. I await even bigger and greater ideas this year. @JcPix451 That's the kind of post that really should not go unnoticed by SEGA or Sonic Team. I'm sure no matter what, they'll find a great idea in that massive post of yours. Here's to Zone Idea Station's 2018 line-up. Don't forget to have fun, this was made for sharing ideas not judging others.
  4. For quite a few years, since around 2012-13, I had been thinking of developing a platformer using physic-based gameplay. I think you can guess the game that inspired me, Sonic the Hedgehog 1. As a kid, I never got to be around for the beginning in 1991, but in the 2000s I was given the SEGA Mega Drive Collection; where I took a particular liking to Sonic. I had longed for a Sonic level editor that accurately used the Sonic physics and gimmicks, not like the PlaySEGA game. However, I decided that maybe I should take a shot through an original game. This game is PROSI. The story is quite bland so far in my opinion, but it works to get the base idea across. A crystal said to harness special power and be related to a god; the Prosite. Unbeknownst to the god, turning a certain bat into a humanoid form meant nothing but trouble. This bat, named Spectre decided to form an group to take control of the island of Hectane. The Dawning Empire he called it, it took over most of the island and a few months later; the Prosite decides to transform another bat into this form, making sure it isn't evil. With the task of taking out Spectre, this bat, Ender, sets out across Hectane, encountering many enemies and members of The Dawning Empire. Ender is mainly similar to Sonic through speed, however he comes with his own set of skills also similar to other classic sonic characters. He can glide with his wings, as the transformation has somehow removed the ability for flight with these wings. Ender can also use a grapple hook later on to grapple to points and swing to higher paths. Later he gains the ability to grind with an extension on his boots, with his gloves gaining a wall jumping ability as well. This skill-set is not final, so some characteristics may disappear, be replaced or be added. Currently the only help I would be asking for is suggestions, feedback and potentially artists; I don't need artists too much at this stage, as a final design hasn't been reached. Unfortunately I do not have any art or screenshots, if this belongs somewhere else please move it. I do have detailed explanations of each level and even boss in the game, so if you want a slice of that, I can freely post at least one summary of a level/boss.
  5. I'd always had this idea that was sort of a mix between a lakeside level and a launch base level. Badniks Chomper Caterkiller Buzz Bomber Mini/Boss Hydrobot - Sucks up water into a water spout occasionally. Shoots coral bullets when not forming a water spout. Egg Aquatic - Tower-like mech that has a crane attached. Attacks come in several forms, one is shooting coral bullets, another is flinging the hook at the hero and also hiding underwater, with the hook floating out for 2 seconds before the mech dashes out of the water where the hero was. Level Design Loops and Corkscrews run rampant throughout the zone, with Ziplines that run the Hero along walls and use the velocity of springs on the walls to send the hero flying into the air. Tunnels like Green Hill send the hero into the lake. Cranes act as Pulleys and blue ones will fling the hero after pulling them out.
  6. I haven't been back in a while, but these are some good ideas. Eh, already working on a platformer of my own, so I'll probably share similar ideas to it on here soon.
  7. Look at that, someone already stole my video. The wonders of YouTube people.
  8. Ignore bad title ok? Do you want Sonic gameplays? You got it! Do you want Sonic races? Videos Not done now, but soon. Do you just want a Sonic channel, commentary only when necessary? That's mostly my channel Note: I'll be removing the Minecraft Video soon, as it's just plain bad. I'm currently uploading a fan game video, for a foreign fangame called Sonic USB. In the mean time have this video that never got a Part 2! EDIT: Oh no! Bad Fullscreen quality! It'll be fixed for future videos. Feedback appreciated! If you don't find advertising this appropriate, that's fine; this is just a minor hobby. If you have any suggestions for videos or the channel in general either comment or reply to this topic.
  9. Fair Enough. Unless you've already seen this; I made a modern classic sonic 1 hybrid sprite; like most hacks tend to go for.
  10. I mean, it's SO high quality. He was going to be a Robot... Then I got bored and made this This is for my possible game I'm working on.
  11. Yeah, I forgot about this board for a bit. I might post my ideas for a possible upcoming speed platformer.
  12. Changed up the Zones: Cityscape - SYZ Dusk Road - SLZ Autumn Shores - GHZ Decaying Dungeon - MZ Tidal Temple - LZ Final Frontier - SBZ Still Scrap Brain Zone Fair Enough, I was still going to make the hack without any help anyway. I've figured out how to do most things, it'll just take a while for the features to be implemented, e.g; Spindash.
  13. I want to do this with other people, I would ask on Sonic Retro; but I've applied - no validation :/. Story?: Images: Possible Features: Zones: Autumn Shores Coal Catacombs Decaying Dungeon Neon City Dusk District Power Park (This is using the Sonic 1 Zone library, if I can get more zones in; I'll update this list.) Help?: I need people who are experienced with ROM Hacking, or people who just want to add their own ten cents in! If you want 'positions': Level Designers: (I'll do it as well) Palette: (I'll do it as well) Custom Art: Coding: Zone/Features Ideas are welcome!
  14. Just came back to this, these are awesome ideas! Pipe Paradise This is an extension of the Palmtree Panic GF level theme. It acts as a tropical grass level, but has pipe gimmicks like Launch Base Act 2 and Chemical Plant Zone. Also, there would be extensive underwater parts of it aswell. Sorry for the bare bones idea, but I'm focusing more on my ideas for both a Sonic hack and an actual Sonic-inspired game.
  15. This is like a cool twist on the likes of Ice Mountain, I like it. Nice and unique, it'd be cool to see that in concept.
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