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  1. Oh yeah, missed one. "Excited victory hug" isn't the best evidence of shipping, but the last panel makes it seem like Sally was hugging Nicole a little too long.
  2. With pleasure! ...okay, its easy for me to see what I want to. I'm also completely oblivious to romance and have avoided a relationship for the last 4 years. But its more like its ambiguous enough to not be incredibly obvious, but there's enough hints that it isn't completely out of left field. Sally has a lot more one-on-one interactions with Nicole than anyone else, especially outside of missions. They're also pretty touchy-feely with each other. I don't thinnk Sally really has the same level of intimacy with any other characters. Here's basically everything I could find: And during his parting monologue, Chip went out of his way to mention the two of them
  3. Alright. Forget what I said. Screw Honey. This is the most disappointing loss of the whole situation.
  4. She's in the trash bin with everyone else.
  5. Same. Honestly, for as much as I love the Freedom Fighters (and by that I mostly mean Nicole and Sally), Honey's probably the hardest loss for me. Despite being a scrapped character who was only dredged (I love that word) up for a rerelease, she was one of the standout post-reboot characters to me. Cute, fun, more flawed and complex than her base concept as a character let on, and introduced in the best post-reboot arc. But after a small handful of single-page cameos in a few issues, she's gone forever again. The Freedom Fighters at least had a good 20-odd years. Honey vanished basically as soon as we got to know her.
  6. Isn't that exactly one of those things they're not allowed to do?
  7. It was probably the latter. Put out some filler to hold readers over before the next major arc starts up, delve into some backstories more (Bunnie, Antoine), and tie up some loose ends (Nicole's handheld being destroyed).
  8. Shadow has a love life like Watson's in Sherlock. He pretty much has a new girlfriend every other week, all of whom he meets through external dating sites, and sometimes can't tell them apart. He doesn't like dating anyone he knows personally (ie, Rouge) because he's afraid it would make things "weird."
  9. Other than the fact that MST3K doesn't touch anything younger than the show, it's flattering that you think this could be in the same level as Manos. At best, it'd be like Monster A-Go-Go, Castle of Fu Manchu, or Carnival Magic, where its so bad even the riffing can't redeem it. Might be fair game for RiffTrax, though.
  10. If this seriously comes to a MLP/Sonic crossover, I'm taking thermite to everything Sonic I own.
  11. Alright, my little bathroom break of delusional positivity is over. SEGA's making this a games-only mandate, so we can expect the end of the entire current cast and continuity, and even most of the game characters who aren't Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Eggman will be reduced to background roles and cameos at best. sigh Maybe its about time I got back into Digimon.
  12. You remind me of the people who think the games should be Sonic and Tails only.
  13. THERE IS HOPE ... now we just need confirmation that there isn't a reboot and the original creative team is back.
  14. Expanding on this: -Space Colony ARK had a number of greenhouses meant to test the effects of growing plants in space. Maria was given amenities to help her cope, including her own greenhouse, where she mostly grew flowers. (#SpaceMutiny) -Shadow and Maria had a list of things they planned to do when they returned to Earth. Many of them were rather mundane things- feeding ducks bread, going to dance clubs, etc.- but were still a big deal to Shadow. He tries to live out everything they had planned, sometimes accompanied by Rouge for things he can't do alone. -Shadow's memory never fully recovered, and some details and memories are still fuzzy, if not still gone entirely. Every now and then, he sees or does something that jars a memory loose. -When he has access to a Chaos Emerald and can teleport there, Shadow sometimes visits Space Colony ARK and sleeps in his or Maria's old rooms. During one of these visits, he came across Maria's diary, but he can't bring himself to read it.
  15. PC has got you covered. Maybe. Depends on how extensive modding gets.