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  1. Not really. Mocap is used for non-human characters all the time. Rocket Raccoon is mocapped.
  2. They can still work on CGI after trailers release- Thanos looked kinda shoddy in some of the early Infinity War trailers, but he looked spectacular once the movie came out. 6-8 months is pretty standard for when trailers start releasing before a movie. Using Marvel again (cause they're the only movies I follow), IW got its first trailer in late November 2017 with a late April release date. Captain Marvel gets its first trailer this week with a March release date next year. These movies already have a ton of hype so they can afford shorter advertising periods, so I expect to see some stuff for Sonic around early spring next year.
  3. IDW said they won't be introducing any new characters in year 2 (issues 13-24), so I wouldn't expect anyone until 2020 at least. Even then, its more likely to be game characters who haven't been introduced to the comics yet (ie, Big). They've got plenty to work with already- Whisper and Tangle need panel time, as do Rough and Tumble, even most of the games cast has gotten one issue each thus far, the current setting/continuity needs to be developed, Silver and Blaze's worlds, Eggman's return to form, etc. I think there's plenty to get through before expanding the cast even more. Now that its been mentioned, I think a lot of recurring female heroes were lost with the Archie continuity- Sally and Bunnie in particular, Nicole, Honey, etc. just off the top of my head. That kinda just leaves the cast with Amy, Rouge (who's basically tied to Shadow), Blaze (who's from another world and rarely gets to appear), and Cream (who's notoriously difficult to write in an action setting), so it makes sense that Tangle and Whisper were introduced to be recurring characters.
  4. Since SatAM is so old and Archie's been replaced by IDW, I think any momentum an Archie/SatAM game would have is all but gone.
  5. The Town Hall is at 3PM Pacific (that's 3 hours from now)
  6. This further convinces me that they're burying Modern Sonic
  7. I think it'd actually be worse (or tragically hilarious) if Tangle completely overshadowed Blaze in her debut, then barely appeared at all after that (cause God knows Blaze doesn't get to come out very often)
  8. *insert pic of Sonic with his hand in Amy's face here* *insert "I'm not leaving until you marry me" or whatever that line in Heroes was here*
  9. Trying to find consistency in Sonic's canon is like.... trying to find an apt comparison to that statement. It doesn't exist.
  10. The admins on the Facebook group haven't approved any posts in two days now (though I had a fairly reasonable fanart post rejected), so hopefully they have some sort of news they're gonna put out soon and they want to thin out unrelated discussion for it. Can't imagine what though, since we're still 2 months from release.
  11. I can see them giving Sally a Wispon/grappling hook in place of her ring blades and making her sort of a stand-in for the Avatar.
  12. There is a question mark after "a hand," so its possible its not actually a hand. I guess we'll find out on Wednesday.
  13. Not 100% relevant, but I've been straight-up banned from the IDW Facebook page. They removed me without warning based on one post (anti-MLP meme which admittedly I shouldn't have posted, but I thought was to another Sonic group), and when I submitted to rejoin I was blocked from even viewing the group. Does anyone know a way to appeal something like that?
  14. They're just ducking bad PR. They don't want people immediately writing off the comics because the first piece of news is that the Freedom Fighters are gone.
  15. Blaze wasn't really conceived in a position that allows her to show up regularly. Like Knuckles, she has a set duty to guard the Sol Emeralds, so the plot would have to directly affect that to bring her in. But if that happens too often, it gets tiresome, and like Knuckles constantly losing/breaking the Master Emerald, it makes her look bad at her job. Its easy to write around I suppose, but it feels like it defeats the purpose of her character. And like Silver, being from another dimension gives her an additional degree of separation, both in how she'd even show up to begin with and how the game's plot affects her to begin with. And given how much SEGA's trimmed the cast as of late, I don't see her having a real appearance again (Forces didn't exactly make the best case to keep the expanded cast)
  16. My take: He can use all/most Chaos Powers of his to some extent, but without either having a Chaos Emerald or removing his inhibitor rings, most of them won't be at full power. For instance, he can use Chaos Control to teleport short distances (up to 5 meters or so), but can't make any long-range jumps. I think the Comics sort of handled it like this.
  17. There are some pretty good parallels between Team Dark and the main cast of Burn Notice, too. Shadow and Michael are the serious, dry-humored team lead. Rouge and Fiona are the sassy, flirty, morally ambiguous female counterpart to the lead and have an extensive history together, though Omega matches Fiona's thirst for violence much more closely. Omega and Sam are the lead's wisecracking buddy (Omega less so).
  18. That's kind of my theory. I also think she had a bad childhood. To quote Burn Notice: "As a rule, spies don't come from happy homes. A rough childhood is the perfect background for covert operations. You don't trust anyone, you're used to getting smacked around, and you never get homesick." I still want a Burn Notice styled arc around Team Dark. Basically, Chaotix Shenanigans with Team Dark instead, and lots of dry humor.
  19. I think Zavok was fine. Metal I would've liked to see more of, and have him be the actual Metal Sonic rather than an illusion. He could've been a bit more recurring, or maybe as a series of side missions where he's a more constant threat to the Resistance. Chaos and Shadow just needed actual boss fights, and there needed to be a better explanation as to why the real Shadow has been missing for months. Rouge could've had a character arc over losing her friend to Eggman's side and helped more in tracking him down. It'd require a narrative overhaul, but optional side stories where you track down and fight against the other villains might've worked. Main story still focuses on Eggman and Infinite, and you'd need to beat all 4 of the other villains to unlock the true ending. And as long as this is a pipe dream: Final boss rush against Perfect Chaos, Super Shadow, Metal Overlord, and Giant Zavok (all below their "true" power due to overexerting the Phantom Ruby, so they can be beat without the Chaos Emeralds) before Infinite and Phantom Death Egg.
  20. Tell that to the last months of Archie. I'm not expecting a delay of any sort, but at the same time, I wouldn't be surprised if there is one.
  21. I meant to say "and the editor, who's name currently (always) escapes me"
  22. I'll repeat what I did 2 pages ago: Cut out all the Freedom Fighters discussion and it goes down to about 5 pages. And I still wonder why nobody else has been confirmed to work on the comic besides Flynn.
  23. Can't really get invested since I didn't read the pre-reboot comics, but skimming over these issues, I'm really impressed. Wish I had even half the talent to do something like this.
  24. That's not at all what I'm saying. The games' problem is that the focus is solely on Sonic and Tails with nobody else being involved period (though as of Forces, even Tails' involvement is becoming more limited). The comics should rotate in characters as needed per story arc, which even the games fail to successfully do.
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