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  1. UM... no. For a video game adaptation which usually flops with critics, that is really good.... I believe thats the second highest for a game adaption, only behind Detective Pikachu.
  2. Yes, perfectly balanced, as all things should be. Another thing is that I'm surprised by the lack of apparent fan service in the trailer. You expect this film is littered with fan service on every corner but it really doesn't.
  3. Alright, this is a mouthful to take in but I'll sum it up quickly: The Model A mixed bag in my opinion. Some shots, particularly this one, look absolutely terrible: Other shots seen look actually quite good and a lot better than the rendering previously seen. The posters depict the new design in a pretty f**kin awesome manner. The Acting Ben Schwartz' VA for Sonic is IMO the best I've ever heard for the character. Easily the brightest spot of the trailer and I can't wait to hear more. Jim Carrey's Eggman is kind of strange. He is even more comedic and silly than Pollock's take on the character and I'm not exactly sure if I've warmed up to this Eggman just yet. It feels more like Carrey and not like Eggman. I'll wait for another trailer to take a proper look. Special Effects The special effects are also another bright spot. There's heaps of flashy special effects in here, probably as a distraction from the shallowness of the film otherwise. Concluding This film looks like your average bland comedy buddy film that will be littered with crappy slapstick humor. Whether or not that is bad is up to your interpretation. At its core it is essentially a shameless Detective Pikachu ripoff with Sonic slapped onto it. Matter of fact, I consider this to be probably on an equal level to Detective Pikachu. I can't see very much particularly bad about the film apart from the questionable design direction which has thrown many many people off. I guess most of this looks better than what I thought it would be. This is not a Pluto Nash kind of bad that its funny - it is a Zack Snyder DC tier bad as it is a boring kind of bad. It's a good movie to watch when you are stupidly drunk and have lost your understanding of reality. Ehhh can't wait to get some weird looking Sonic figures in my collection and that's all I've ever cared for this movie.
  4. I think it's fairly likely we could get another game at the same time as the movie. But it will most likely be a crappy low budget movie tie-in and not a mainline game like the Ratchet and Clank 2016 game. If it was a mainline game we would have known something about it by now considering Forces was announced 18 months ahead of release. It's fair to expect a movie tie-in game but don't expect it to be any good either. An Unleashed or Colours port for Switch and PC would be nice from Sega mainline. Those games are the least accessible in the series and it would be nice to be able to play those titles that are fan favourites.
  5. I grew up around that area in the early 2000's. Definitely do recall a Sonic something there at that point but can't remember Bubsy being there. At that time I was around 4 or 5 years old and I doubt photos exist.
  6. I wouldn't consider $410 million total gross to be 'performing horribly', but OK. Sonic will be a blockbuster if it makes anywhere near that amount of money.
  7. I doubt it, Sonic won't be, considering that the third Kingsman film comes out on the same day as Sonic, and those seem to be doing very well at the moment.
  8. Even if many of the signs (the clapperboard artwork, Green Hills & Casino Night) are pointing towards Classic Sonic being in the movie, I'm very much hoping Classic isn't the design of Sonic in the film. Think about how strange Classic would look in the real world. A short, stubby hedgehog with a huge head and large belly isn't something that is easy to fit in the real world unless executed well. Modern is IMO a much superior choice for the real life 3D context of this film, his proportions and appearance are arguably much more realistic than what Classic was initially designed with. Take a look at the cinematic cutscenes for Shadow and '06 for instance, in these cutscenes Sonic managed to fit well in a realistic 3D environment. Yes Classic Sonic has been done in a 3D environment before, but his design seen in Forces and Generations just looked plain strange. If they went with the way Classic looked in Forces/Generations, that would not look good in a real world environment. Maybe if they wanted to get the Classic look in the film, I'd be happy for them to mix Classic and Modern into a hybrid design (or call back to the animations in CD and OVA, and anything made by Tyson Hesse ever) to get the look of nostalgia they want. But, to get Classic Sonic in the real world there needs to be some modification to his design to get him to fit in 3D, and in live action. Don't get me wrong, I know Blur can get it done well. But I'm sceptical whether translating Classic's design into a real world perspective would work, or even in a 3D world. Anytime Classic Sonic has been executed in 3D it hasn't looked all that great IMO. Just my 2c. Because this is a Sonic film, the Sonic design has got to work well with the real life environment that he is interacting with, because it is largely THE central component of the film.
  9. IMO, it didn't just do a horrible job, it basically took everything we knew about Sonic's story before and threw it out the window. No humans, no GUN, no Chaos Emeralds (or Master Emerald for that matter), no mention that Chaos turned good at the end of SA1, map is completely different, ignoring Sonic 06 was erased from continuity, etc etc. Way too many to count. You could argue the game was a clean reboot of the series but too many references of Sonic's past were made to do that. Why Sega decided to get rid of the Chaos Emeralds and chuck them in as a 'party trick' feature at the last minute is beyond me. Most other games before Forces the Emeralds are a critical plot point and they are now just a stupid gimmick with no plot relevance. Even Generations had Chaos Emeralds in the plot. Here they're nowhere to be seen. Anywhere. What were they thinking?
  10. Yep, that means no faith in this movie then. I'd be surprised if Rudd took the job, the film would probably destroy his career if he ever accepted it. This movie will make the Power Rangers film or Last Jedi look like a masterpiece.
  11. Great to see another Sonic racing game. Always have been a fan of the All Stars Racing series. Quite fun games. If in the chance Sumo Digital are making it, I wonder how they will do it now they are taking it in a non-Sega All Stars direction?
  12. https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2018/03/14/592882488/game-over-for-toys-r-us-chain-going-out-of-business?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=npr&utm_term=nprnews&utm_content=20180314 http://www.bbc.com/news/business-43401674 Decided to post this here because it is a very topical and relevant issue regarding Sonic merchandise collecting. Toys R Us has collapsed, and are closing down all their stores, for the moment, in America and the UK. Which means, liquidation sales with Sonic goodies at a fraction of the cost! So far there are no other confirmed countries where all their Toys R Us stores are closing down. However there are reports Australia, and parts of Europe may be liquidated as well. For the fellow Aussies it will be significantly harder to obtain Tomy stuff down here if all of our stores close down, considering that no other store down here stocks Sonic things anymore.
  13. I can run Mega Collection, Adventure DX and Heroes flawlessly on Windows 10. Strange to see. A tip for you is to try to find the main .exe for the game on your hard drive (should be C:/Program Files/). I never use the launcher for older games like that.
  14. Probably not. Considering how Wreck It Ralph 2 comes out only a year before the Sonic movie is scheduled to come out, and Sega already has a contract with Paramount, I doubt Paramount will allow Sega to license out their characters to a competing studio when the Sonic movie is in active development. Keep in mind that when the original Wreck It Ralph was released over 5 years ago, the Sonic movie wasn't even in development yet.
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  16. No. Just no. We don't need a 'jack of all trades' game like Forces again, which ultimately ends up being a jack of no trades, and disappoints all the fans in the process.
  17. I've read the rumours about Heroes Remastered, and I wonder, if they were real, why would Sonic Team want to remake a game as mediocre as Heroes? The controls are as slippery as a floor covered in grease, the levels are long and boresome to play through (and you need to play all of the levels 4 times to get the ending), the bosses are repetitive, and the game is just dull and bland altogether. Also, Seaside Hill. No. Just no. Sonic Adventure 1 is far more deserving of a remake than Heroes ever will. Not only is it arguably the most iconic of the 3D sonic games, but for its time it was an innovative title, despite flaws with its camera and the bosses being easy enough to complete blindfolded. Controls were perfect for a Sonic game, the levels were memorable and the soundtrack is purity. You can still enjoy playing that game nowadays (I played through the game a year ago and it was still enjoyable despite the camera issues and that purple cat I will never mention the name of)
  18. The thing with a 2D game like Mania, you don't need the nostalgia to make it work. Unlike the original game, a possible follow-up could use completely original levels that we've never seen before in Classic Sonic. 16-bit apocalyptic city anyone? Mania's core gameplay isn't nostalgic either. It is a 2D sidescroller based on a gameplay style that is preferred by many Sonic fans including myself. Sonic has had plenty of standalone 2D sidescrollers get released in the last 20 years outside of anniversary titles, starting with Pocket Adventure and ending with Sonic 4 Episode 2. Many of these have elements taken from the original classic games.. Considering Mania sold very well, another game could be on the cards, because according to the general consensus on this board, more sales = more $$$ = more games like Game XYZ. Also, when was it confirmed that Boom is not getting Season 3? An inaccurate assumption. Boom is not dead, for the moment. Last I heard, it was getting good ratings on Cartoon Network anyway, so I'd wonder why they would drop it at its prime.
  19. No, you can't really make that comparison. Sonic 3 & Knuckles are the same game but with different levels. Mania and Forces are two completely different game styles with some of the same levels (Chemical Plant, Green Hill).
  20. Mixed bag to be honest. While I think some of their choices in regards to the story in Lost World is needless to say, quite questionable at best (those cartoony sound effects like the "POP" when Eggman says "Funny! Why isn't my jetpack working", the "Whoosh" sound effects when Sonic moves his hands quick, and the sound effect when the conch flies away, all throw me off), much of their writing is actually quite good, among the most solid in the series. Sure, some of it may be quite corny and kiddy, but much of it is quite good. By comparison, the Japanese writers responsible for '06, Shadow, Adventure (2) and Heroes had some seriously dreadful lines. Here's a few of the best: Get a load of this! It's no use! We're going to the ARK, so I guess we're going too! All's well that ends well right? Because you just told me, fox boy! I won't give up! It all depends on me! Can't lose, not when I'm so close! Nice smile. I can feel Sonic's presence in the wind. Well then, it'd be a date to DIE for! (Hey, that's my line!) Don't touch it! Because we're Sonic Heroes! (and all related quotes) Yosh (seriously, why did they put this in the game) I hated Pontaff's approach to writing in Colors, but with time, like the new cast, they have grown on me.
  21. Did you know that Heroes and Shadow, two crappy games, sold 3.5 million and 2 million respectively, while games like Colours and Generations sold less than that? So, going off your logic, wouldn't Sega make more games similar to Heroes and Shadow rather than Colours and Generations? No, of course not. They listened to the poor reviews of Heroes and Shadow and went about trying to fix them with '06, which ironically got worse reviews than both of these games. Lost World sold fairly well considering it was exclusive to a poorly selling platform. Did they continue with the 'experimental' gameplay mechanics they put in that game? No. No they haven't. '06, despite its infamy still sold just under a million. Did you think that Sega decided to continue making games that were similar to '06? No, they did not. The only things sales correlate to, from a business's point of view, is money and commercial success. It never guarantees that any future games will be of similar quality. Sega knows its bad, hence why they withdrew review copies of the game. Like what they did with Shadow, Unleashed and '06, they will order Sonic Team to fix the problems with Forces for the next game. And that will probably end up in them ditching the boosting mechanic, 2.5d classic sonic and a custom character creator. I've said this before, but I'll say it again - bad sales wouldn't even guarantee another Sonic game.
  22. I was referring to a commercial failure. Did you think Sonic Team listened to the critics when Sonic '06 came out, despite that game selling over a million copies? Yes, yes they did, and they came out with Unleashed. The reviewers have already been vocally critical of Forces as it is. Sonic Team do listen to the critics. They have been doing that for years. They ditched Renderware after Shadow's poor reception, the Adventure 1 engine after '06, the Sonic 4 engine after Episode 2, and will probably never make a second attempt at Lost World's engine. What do these games all have in common? Average to bad critical reception. As a coincidence, the games that were released after these poorly received games, were initially conceived in order to get good reception. '06, Unleashed and Forces were initially made to get good reception, despite all three of these games not being as well received as Sega had hoped. On the other hand, having two Sonic Team-made games in a row sell poorly would, like I said, not guarantee another Sonic Team-made title down the road.
  23. I don't get it, why do people want this game to fail? Sonic has had a long string of commercial failures in the last 5 years. Lost World sold far short of a million and Boom only sold 350,000. Whether you believe it is a bad game or not - think about it - do you really want another failure in what has been almost a decade of failures? The budget has gotten smaller with every Sonic game (as proven with Forces re-using assets from previous games) and another failure could very seriously affect the budget of the next game, if there is one at all. Having three massive failures in a row will not only lower the budget for the next game, but it may not even guarantee another Sonic Team-made game down the line. With a game using their 'flagship' gameplay style failing on store shelves, and 2 consecutive failures, may prompt Sega to decide that Sonic Team is not a profitable division anymore and pull the plug on them. This game arguably NEEDS to be (somewhat) successful in order for another game to be made. I suspect that the next game will probably be a tie-in to the Sonic movie, using the Hedgehog Engine 2. '06 sold quite well even if the game was a critical failure, and Sonic Team back then went and did something about it. Why? This was because of how that game became infamous for its low quality. Unleashed sold very well even if the game got similar ratings to Forces, so Sonic Team fixed up the game and we got Colours as a result. All that Sonic Team needs to make those good games we are looking for is to give Iizuka a wake-up slap across the face to tell him that Green Hill is dead old and tired, and sack the level designers who thought levels like Luminous Forest were good. I like the Boost games, they are fun to play, but the level design was not good enough. Past levels like Crisis City Modern and Planet Wisp Modern are shining examples that platforming CAN work in a Boost game, and be enjoyable at the same time. They are not straight line corridors and they require you to make jumps across platforms. There were absolutely none of those kinds of levels in Forces. Not even an attempt at platforming, just corridor levels and "Homing attack a big line of object XYZ" designed for the sake of "go fast". Levels should be a healthy mix of "Go Fast" and proper platforming. Not withstanding, Modern Sonic's gameplay was easily the best gameplay mode in Forces. Classic Sonic and Avatar were both lame and should never return. Double Boost was good because it allowed me to get myself some food instead of playing the dreadful Tag Team levels. The problem is that Modern's gameplay was simply spoiled by unusual decisions such as to get rid of the drift and the sub-par level design that was too short for anyone's tastes.
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