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  1. Seconded--like, I get the glaringly obvious flaws with the game, but they aren't enough for me to enjoy it in an afternoon. It's Sonic the Hedgehog--not Citizen Kane. I get that we were shown a lot of stuff that threw many of us through a loop, but it doesn't "undo" the potential fun the game might be. It doesn't appear to be a glitchfest--at worst it looks "uninspired" but you could see what the developers were TRYING to do. The big flaw was how much it was being pushed as a some sort of "Sonic game-changer." Whether or not it actually is remains to be seen based on actual numbers. If this was a $60 game, I'd be having a different conversation. It'd be a game that would be held up to the same standards as a full-priced title like Zelda or Mario. But it's $40 (and even 20% cheaper on Amazon Prime or BB GCU)--not a price that will break me and (hopefully, from what I've seen) not a game that will upset me (there's enough of that in life).
  2. So, no Crush 40 at all, then? The best we can hope for are covered tracks on the vocal CD?
  3. I'm probably in the minority, but, I actually feel a little better about the game from what was shown. Hard to describe why, and there's still some things I'm concerned about--and I'll admit I don't know the first thing about level design, physics, and a lot of other issues that many people have brought up in various threads. But I'm looking forward to it a little more than I was before now.
  4. I like the Bear's abilities, so I'll go with that probably, and I'll equip the Persona 5 outfit. Not sure on what else I'll equip if other stuff is possible.
  5. I love this idea, and now I want to play a Silver game where he fucks up Sonic's timeline.
  6. So you liked the part where you weren't playing, just watching what's basically a Saturday Morning Cartoon?
  7. Maybe a split timeline, ala Rick and Morty?
  8. This reminds me of something that was done at my college: for spirit week of my sophomore year, we were apparently getting a famous band to come play for us, and the student cafeteria had a banner where a new letter from the band name in question would be added every day: Monday: E Tuesday: V Wednesday: E We all freaked out at this point because we all thought it was gonna be Eve 6, a band from the 90s that kinda faded away but apparently was making a comeback tour. But then... Thursday: R We were so confused, until... Friday: CLEAR Fucking Everclear they baited us. Someone out of protest tore down all the letters and just wrote CHUMBAWUMBA after that.
  9. I really think the Classic Sonic that we see in Generations is the chronological prime dimension Sonic (ie, a younger version of our Modern Sonic), and the Classic Sonic in Forces is from an alternate dimension Like, I think it's just that simple.
  10. Yeah that's about the same as how I feel overall--the classic songs aren't good. The Modern stuff has potential and I'm looking forward to hearing more.
  11. Yeah I was listening to Sunset Heights and Tag Team GHZ on my morning walk, and there were definitely times where the synth would kick in and I'd be thinking "eh I wish there was more guitars." Nevertheless, it didn't completely ruin the songs for me--I still like them. And like, whatever, I'm sure my musical tastes aren't the best, but the parts that I like are enough for me to say that I like the songs so far.
  12. I mean almost everything is subjective. Do I find it better than the music from the Adventure era? No. Do I find it better than something like Lost World? Yeah. But we've only heard a sample so far.
  13. Great to hear some good guitar in a Sonic game again. Really liking Sunset Heights and Fist Bump is starting to grow on me. Tag Team GHZ isn't that bad either. Wondering if that White Jungle remix will be exclusive to the Shadow DLC.
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