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  1. I never realized you put those CD concept art pics in the other knowledge topic before I did in the concept art one. I do apologize for honestly taking most of your likes unintentionally, lol. 

    1. AtomicPencils


      Nah, dude it's no big deal. I'd forgotten there was a topic specifically for concept art lol

  2. So the model sheets for CD's animations were released! They're pretty neat to look at. Also, a bonus: Source: A B
  3. Ah, okay I see your point. It was what I remembered from the trailer. It's not the exact words, but it gets the point across well enough. Huh, alright I see where the misunderstanding started. I didn't mean that in the sense it would be as extremely convoluted as Generations. Let me try to re-phrase it again. From what information we've been given so far, I have the inclination that Mania's story won't go beyond a 'stop eggman' quest. So I'm led to believe the context provided for going through old levels will do very little worldbuilding, if any. Isn't... the purpose of releasing information to make us speculate though? Eh. Nevermind.
  4. Yes, the point of Generations is to celebrate Sonic's past. If Mania intends to create a new experience in connection to the Classic games, it doesn't make sense to vaguely follow the footsteps of previous games. *shrug*
  5. Yeah that's... not what I mean, and I'll take blame on account of phrasing. I'm expecting Mania to have a simple narrative, as all the previous Classic titles do. Even though S3&K has cutscenes that help strengthen it's storytelling, it still follows the relative structure of a simple narrative. (And that's not a bad thing either, since most sonic games are like this.) I don't know, doesn't trying to surpass while simultaneously retreading old levels feel somewhat contradictory? Ah well. I'd be more excited if there were an in-game context for them besides nostalgia. Instead making us run through Green Hill for the Nth time, imagine if we were shown what happened since S3&K. Maybe we race through a charred, burned down version of the zone. Eggman filled it with iron and oil rigs. Maybe we eventually come across the crash site of Flying Battery. We see the wild flowers growing through mossy rails, rusted pipes, and broken down machinery. This would give us some idea of what consequences could occur if Eggman wins, thus it gains relevance.
  6. The stories from the Classic Era hold up better mainly because they were simple. I don't think it's impossible to tell a complex story through a 2-D sidescroller, it's just difficult to do so. Since the main audience for Mania are people who care about the nuances of physics more than storytelling atmosphere, I doubt the game will have anything beyond 'go stop Eggman'.
  7. Yeah... Here's an article that was published a few days ago. It summarizes things pretty nicely. Evidence is suggesting cancellation, but like you said, I'd rather wait it out. EDIT: Whoops. Misread, this was in January. https://www.bleedingcool.com/2017/01/16/archie-comics-dropping-sonic-hedgehog/
  8. The way I see it, the ages are only used as extra flavor/context rather than a solid logical fact to abide by. "Sonic is 15 years old! He craves the thrill of adventure and likes eating fastfood!" Kinda like that. Gives us a quick impression and easy way to understand their behavior.
  9. She's also a globetrotter if Unleashed is anything to go by. But yeah, when it comes down to it, the series is more of a mish-mash between western and eastern influences. I don't want to say "oh its a cartoon, nothing has to make sense", but it's pretty clear that certain aspects are crafted to appeal to an audience. Like, just take a look at this snippet of an interview Sonic Team did from 2005. ...it's canon. :U
  10. I wouldn't think too hard about the Boom-verse, not because its an AU, but the fact everything about Boom's lore/circumstances is vague. We know nothing about how the cast met or why they're even on Bygone Island in the first place. There's a lot more holes than just Amy's age. I don't think it will be addressed since the writers are more interested in what kind of jokes they can make with the Sonic characters, rather than establishing the universe itself.
  11. I actually don't know too much about the romance genre. But if you're looking for something lighthearted, I suggest...
  12. Thinking about the financial issues they've had lately, I'd imagine Archie doesn't want to put any money towards fighting him. Penders might have calculated this. If right, it's a pretty nasty move. (not that we'd expect any less from him)
  13. I dunno, it couldn't be that simple. He more seemed bugged by Sonic's behavior. Yes, this right here. As the M.E.'s guardian, we can already tell he's responsible, dependable, and can keep himself level-headed in a bad situation. Sonic is none of these things. He lives by mercurial whims and doesn't think ahead very often, which the down-to-earth guardian sees as dangerous at worst. Knuckles probably doesn't know how to express his concerns, so he operates on "punch first, ask later". And since Sonic seldom shows any care for his recklessness, Knuckles has bigger reason to be annoyed even more. They were built to clash with eachother. I kind of miss seeing that.
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