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  1. Today I realized how much I actually enjoy S3&K, Until Today I didn't give it the time of day, so after setting aside a few hours to play it makes me finally understand why its one of the all time greats. 10/10 would play again.
  2. Also to add that Sonic Free Riders is my Idea of Hell with a Sonic game, Finicky motion controls, a system that has trouble reading them anyways, actually getting up to play a game and motion sickness all in one neat package, OH BOY where do I sign!
  3. I am A huge fan of Knuckles and the Chaotix so I'd love to see them return and be playable in future game, I'd also like Knuckles to ya' know actually be part of the plot, he's been shafted in every main game since SA2 I think, and to see him make an impact again would make me happy.
  4. Slicers, just Slicers, Particularly in Metropolis Zone in Sonic 2, the king of dick-ish enemy placement and design, especially that one at the top of the screw elevator thing, its stupidly hard to dodge, I suppose they aren't that bad In Sonic CD's Collision Chaos but the fact that they are there make me paranoid, especially when i'm trying to get the time stones. Just Hate these Things, The Devil in Badnick form.
  5. I feel like Sonic '06 had some really good ideas, like I enjoyed most of Sonic's game play and the FMV's are really good, but like other Sonic games before it (Like Sonic Heroes or Shadow the Hedgehog) the execution was really poor, If it had a few more months to iron out all the crap it could be a lot better.
  6. Yeah, that did come off as me being kinda asshole-ish, Just to say I've got no problem with people liking him, I'm sorry if it came off that way.
  7. I get what you mean, Sure there are some good things about it, but they are few and far between and when I went back to watch it I found it really cringey.
  8. What I mean is that We should get a new Chao garden in the next Sonic game or they should go away, cause they never have any bearing on the plot, and if they aren't going to have another Chao garden I don't see the point of them being around.
  9. I Love the Sonic CD special stage and they are still the only ones i can go back to, I like the Music In both the JP and US versions and I think they provide the right amount of challenge to keep me retrying though i would suggest getting them all by Quartz Quadrant Act 2, anyone attempting to get to bonus stage in Wacky Workbench is a bloody madman I tell ya'.
  10. I'm kinda interested in playing SegaSonic the Hedgehog, Shame that game hasn't ever been released outside the arcades would love to see a PC/PSN/XBLA Port of it it honestly can't be that hard to do and i've wanted to try to play Sonic Triple Trouble i own it but have never got round to it. I'm not interested in playing any Spin off games like Sonic Rivals, Sonic Free Riders, Sonic Drift (Wow never released how many Racing games sonic has...) just because they seem really pointless also I'm never going to Touch Sonic boom, Not going near that travesty with a 40 foot pole and a Hazmat suit. TBH, I'd only recommend the first Sonic Advance, and only then if you don't care about doing the special stages, Those stupid thing are impossible to find without a guide or a lot of fucking patience
  11. I'm ashamed to admit i did watch this when I was younger, but seriously this show is terrible and I don't even know why Knuckles is even there, Does this Show have any fans?
  12. Not entirely sure which one is cannon but I do know its either Pure Hero or Semi-Dark as both end on the black comet which then leads to the last story.
  13. I love Sonic Heroes Soundtrack, if we can agree on something can it be that sonic Heroes has a kickass soundtrack, who doesn't love Grand metropolis, Mystic mansion or What I'm Made of.
  14. I'm ashamed that to this day I have completed Shadow the Hedgehog about 4 times and it pains me to admit that i have
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