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  1. It's probably not going to win, but I'm nonetheless impressed that Sonic Boom managed to get nominated for a Teen Choice award. Here's hoping it will be good publicity for the show. I've been swamped with stuff so I haven't gotten a chance to watch the new episodes, but I do have some episodes on DVR so I will definitely commit to watching then. Out of curiousity, what awards has the show gotten in other countries?
  2. Listening to the Sonic Forces main theme, and I just noticed how much the opening of that song sounds like the opening for Chocolate Rain.

  3. I got into the franchise with Colors, but I used to be a mod some Facebook Sonic groups so I did meet people who got into the franchise through Boom. I won't give out names but I do have some stories to tell. Pretty much every person I've spoken to that got into Sonic through Boom cites Eggman as a favorite or on a list of favorite characters. Many point to him as being the one that got them into Boom in the first place. One person was introduced to the series with Colors, but didn't get into Sonic until Sonic Boom came out and is mostly interested in Boom. Far as I'm aware he only owns Colors and Shattered Crystal, and was planning to purchase Fire and Ice. I remember me and the other mods recommending other titles after he asked about what other Sonic games are like. We especially recommended Unleashed, Rush, and Generations since he showed interest in the boost, and he did indeed think those games sounded good. However, he ultimately decided to stick to his collection. He really didn't have much interest in mainline Sonic beyond Colors, and I don't know if he'd buy Forces or Mania, or even any other Sonic product after Boom ends. He liked pretty much all Sonic characters that he was familiar with. I remember my time on a Sonic Boom facebook group as well. I once did a poll asking which part of Sonic Boom was your favorite, with the options being the TV show, the comic, Rise of Lyric, Shattered Crystal, or the merchandise. While the TV show got the most votes, Shattered Crystal actually managed to get the second most amount of votes when I had expected it to be maybe fourth. Rise of Lyric got third, which also surprised me. Now, I can't tell which ones got into Sonic through Boom or another game because some never said what got them into the franchise, but a lot of the fans struck me as newer ones if nothing else. One guy in the comments even mentioned that Rise of Lyric was his favorite games to play. I felt bad for him because he also mentioned that he's had trouble expressing that he likes the game because a lot of people on the internet stop being accepting of him once they know that about him, and he's a really nice, easygoing guy who isn't disrespectful in the slightest. Another person who liked RoL said that he wished people would at least give the game a chance before deciding that they don't like it, and I know this is a controversial topic so I will refrain from commenting on the validity of that. Actually, openness in general is pretty common in the Boom fandom. A lot of the Boom fans want people to give Boom a chance-- they don't necessarily require people to like it but would at least like the public to get to know it before dismissing it entirely. Most fans introduced to the franchise through Boom tend to be open to other gameplay styles, different tones, and hearing how other fans got into Sonic, but as you might imagine they get pretty upset when their own way of getting into Sonic and their opinions on what they like about Sonic are invalidated. ... but on the flip side, a lot of the fans that got into Sonic through Boom are adolescents and/or aren't accustomed to dealing with Sonic fandrama. So you do get a vocal minority of obnoxious fans. Boom fan obnoxiousness usually comes through the usual flavor of insulting games they have never or barely played and glossing over glaring flaws in Boom media that they like. The hostilities tend to be particularly directed toward Adventure games and fans, as I found that SA3, its affiliates, and some of its followers tended to be the most vocal in insulting Boom fans and media in the way that reflected poorly on themselves and the games they were trying to promote. Also, while this alone is not indicative of an obnoxious newbie, expect an obnoxious Boom fan to say that they like Knuckles and Eggman the most. No, they may not necessarily be telling the truth but they say it to rile up fans who they perceive as being too salty or entitled and need to be taken down a peg. A lot of newcomers who came through Boom are inclined to prefer Knuckles and Eggman as they are depicted in Boom, as that's often their first experience with characters beyond just Sonic. However, they are open to other interpretations of the characters, even if they do view them as being less entertaining due to the mainline characters being perceived as somewhat bland or overly serious. I have more insights if you want to ask more questions.
  4. This game looks really interesting and fun. It has a unique premise that I like. I also enjoy the art style-- it looks simple but then you look closer and there's all these details in the art that I love. It is also making me really hungry. A concern I have is I'm not sure if "the most anime thing ever" would hold much appeal in the US. In my experience, WJT games or even games that have WJT concepts tend to confound those unfamiliar with Japanese culture and media-- even well-liked games like Jet Set Radio tend to get hurt a lot by this in terms of sales. Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that the game won't sell well, but I do not have high hopes for sales in the US. If what I suspect is true, the will make any sequels (assuming Nintendo wants to turn it into a franchise as it usually does with new IPs) less likely to be localized to the US in the future. Given that it seems to be a 3DS-based series and the 3DS is region-locked, that would be really sucky.
  5. I have several thoughts about Sonic Forces and I'm not sure if I'm feeling positive or negative about the game.

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  6. *when you write a really long post but take so long writing it that you get logged out and have to write it all over again* Well, I don't really feel like writing the big blob of text I had before about Wisps, so I will just say that I am largely undecided regarding Wispons. I always appreciate bringing over elements from Colors since that's one of my favorite Sonic games, and I like that Sonic Team is using a substitute because it wouldn't make sense to have the real ones appear when the point of Colors was to bring them home. At the same time, Sonic Team... doesn't really have the best track record with Wisps post-Colors. In short, Gens's wisps were overly limited and unremarkable and Lost World's wisps were weird and terrible. But I need more info to decide if Forces will continue or break the trend. So I'm undecided, leaning on negative. As for the questions I would like to see the drill return, with the caveat that it only gets used in 2D sections since Lost World demonstrated that it doesn't translate well to 3D. I thought that the drill was especially good for underwater sections, since it successfully finds a compromise between using water physics as an obstacle and letting Sonic go fast and forces you to take risks and find new paths. It also rewards skill with more drill energy and rings, but if you aren't skilled and keep crashing into stuff, you'll quickly run out and be punished with less rings and having to contend with slower speeds. Other Wisps I would like to see are spikes and laser, since they both have the potential to be good assets for puzzles and forging new paths. Void would also be good, but I imagine that it would be best suited for a bonus stage where you try to absorb as many rings, orbs, etc. as possible for weapons or something else that's useful. I also think the white wisp would be good for a beginner/amateur's weapon-- one that doesn't have any bad stats that would cause a lot of trouble for a newbie, but that also doesn't excel in any stats to encourage players not to overrely on it once they get skilled in the Custom Hero system. Obviously, I am fully expecting Burst, Lightning and Void to appear since I would hope that Sonic Team would be able to finish what its advertising as a feature in its game. Eh, I suppose there are worse concepts for weapons. I also expect rocket to appear since Sonic Team included it in Gens and Lost World, but I'm not as pleased since I'm not very fond of rocket-- it requires breaking your momentum to use and line up, and often doesn't provide much in terms of reward. I suppose it could be made as a rocket launcher instead of a rocket you use to launch Sonic, or Sonic Team could surprise me and not use it at it... but yeah, haven't really felt rocket since 2010. White wisp is likely too since its the most iconic of the wisps and the type that gets most highlighted in any material featuring wisps. None, truth be told. One of the biggest mistakes with Wisps that was made in Lost World was overcomplicating them-- adding ones that are completely pointless (hi rhythm), adding ones that are just plain not fun to control (hi eagle), and having too many to the point where I suspect that one of the the reasons they were nearly always optional in Lost World was because there simply wasn't enough time or money to incorperate all or even some of them into one level. So I'd work on improving what we have instead. Chaos, Shadow, and Zavok have never shown any interest in wisps or their energy potential. Shadow and Chaos tend to seek the Chaos emeralds when they want to tap into immense sources of power, and Zavok was much more interested in using the life energy of Earth/Mobius/whatever for ultimate power than wisps, so I don't see it as in-character for them to turn to Wispons as the weapon of choice. I don't know enough about Infinite to really say what his personality is or what his fighting style and strategies are, so I cannot answer if it would make sense for him to use Wispons or not. At the same time, it does seem obligatory for Sonic villains to take advantage of the new gimmick when possible, so it wouldn't surprise me if they did end up using them. Eggman is a different story. Of all the villains mentioned, he was the only one to actually show strong interest in wisps and their potential as energy sources. Heck, he's the one that found and kidnapped and conquered them and their planets in the wisps's first appearance. It wouldn't be out of character for him to try to reverse-engineer compounds with the properties of wisp energies, or to observe how Sonic used wisp abilities to stop him and try to make weapons that allow him to access those abilities as well. So I think he will definitely use Wispons. As for letting Badniks and Metal Sonic use it, I would note that in Colors, he was the only one shown to control and operate the mind control devices and the Nega Wisp Armor. It wouldn't be out of character for him to restrict use of wisp-related weapons to just himself-- I'm thinking because Eggman's ego leads him to believe that he is the only one worthy of this power, or because he knows Wispons have the potential to undo his plans as much as they have the potential to further them, but some other reason would do. So no wispons for your standard badnik. However, he does seem to trust Metal Sonic and his other elite badniks more than the standard badnik, so they may lead him to trust them with the Wispons. In short, I really can't decide if Metal Sonic and/or elite badniks would have Wispons or not. ----- Despite what my initial setback might indicate, I quite like writing about wisps. I am considering making a forum post that discusses the pros and cons of different 3D Sonic games' approaches to those little aliens-- what they did right, what they did wrong, and how what each game did right and the proposed improvements for each game can be combined and integrated into an improved level gimmick. What do you think?
  7. Well, before they'd at least draw the line at directly harming children, in a move to project the image that they cared about at least some of society's most vulnerable citizens. Invoking the children was once an effective strategy in galvanizing GOP support for a policy. But now not even that is sacred anymore. Thing is, they tried that with the Bush backlash, and that only worked temporarily as the GOP's authoritarian-sympathizer side quietly healed its wounds while shifting the blame for its misdeeds and mistakes onto Obama. And while Trump and Ryan have the power to cause some serious damage (even if I don't think its the inevitable end of American democracy or anything like that) and will in all likelihood do so, the Democrats can still at least make a lot of noise and support protesters, which would put the GOP in a position where its bound to expedite the self-hanging process. Trump has proven himself to be incredibly thin-skinned and (much as he hates it) a slave to PR and praise, so making a lot of noise can (and already has in some ways) highlight the deep rifts in the GOP and alt-right that exist behind the facade of a united front of wingnuttery, which would in turn reveal highly exploitable vulnerabilities as well as provide to pointers to where to focus discussions in key areas so that we can get a real, impactful scandal going instead of continually aborting scandals in their infancy to complain about new outrages. The GOP and its worst supporters may think that those who will die from bad policy deserve it (though even that may not hold true, as the poor, working class whites that got Trump and the GOP into power are actually amongst the groups that stand to gain the least from Trump and the GOP), but I don't and I doubt you, moderate conservatives, or the Democrats do either. At least making an effort means the world to those who would be victimized or would be related to the victimized-- heck, it would probably help the 2018/2020 effort for Democrats. Imagine what the campaigns would say-- "We did everything we could to help you, like when we tried to pass amendments to the Obamacare repeal to protect people with pre-existing conditions/made efforts to retain funding for Planned Parenthood/[insert event here], but unfortunately our voices were suppressed by the GOP, who have demonstrated that they care more about their wallets and ideology then they do about you. If we had a majority in even one of the houses in Congress, we would have been able to stop the repeal of Obamacare/dismantling of Roe vs Wade/[insert important issue here]. Please vote Democrat so that we can have the opportunity create a better country for everybody." It'd send a much more powerful message than "Well, we couldn't really do anything so we just waited out the last two/four years. Vote Democrat so that we'll stop sitting idly and actually feel empowered do something." Not to mention that the GOP's fuckups could have an impact on the US's economy and global standing that lasts more than the maximum of eight years that Trump is allowed to be in office or even longer than he lives. It could even have long term effects on the world if poor economic policy triggers a domino effect in regards to the global economy, or poor environmental policy manages to bring global warming past the point where it can be reversed, or if poor foreign policy starts and/or escalates any kind of war. ---- Trump proclaims that he is going to be the "greatest jobs producer God ever made". I think God picked the wrong guy for the job. Man, he is just setting up his followers for massive disappointment-- if I didn't know any better, I'd think he is trying to disincentive people from ever voting for him in the future. Plus he's just said that he "could actually run my business, I could actually run my business and run government at the same time." He technically can, but he really shouldn't as that's a massive breach of ethics, plus the Enoulments Clause of the Constitution would like to have a word with him about his foreign businesses. Conflicts of interest ahoy!
  8. So, in an event termed "Vote-a-rama", the Senate rammed through many decisions that mark the first step to repealing Obamacare as a whole. All amendments designed to protect rules like insurance companies being unable to reject people on the basis of pre-existing conditions or protections on children's healthcare were rejected. Yep, the GOP isn't even stopping at removing protections for children's healthcare. Yet again, this is the same party that considers Ted Cruz a genuinely powerful influence. Yes, Ted Cruz, the lovely individual that would like to pass a measure to defund the entirety of the UN because it didn't kowtow to Israel. Yep, everything and entirely, for the foreseeable future, because of a decision he didn't like, even uncontroversial and legitimately helpful UN-based organizations like UNICEF. And it passed snuff to be seriously considered by the Senate for a vote and actually has a chance of passing as the US's new policy towards the UN. Has it no decency? At long last, has the GOP finally no decency left? And the Democrats are doing very little to oppose it, being awful quiet during Sessions's hearing and even going along with a few measures. Terrified right now.
  9. Also, yikes! We didn't have to wait very long for the GOP to try to test the limits of its newfound power! Behind closed doors, it approved a plan this weekend to gut the ethics committee for the House of Representatives and replace it with one that doesn't even have ethics in its name and had been criticized before for being soft on actually doing its job of enforcing ethical behavior. We only found out about it today, and this is in spite of Paul Ryan's, media watchdogs, and other top leaders' opposition to the move. The official voting is on Tuesday, and I don't think there's anything stopping Obama from vetoing the measure, but that sets a very scary precedent, especially since Trump is not apt to veto a measure like that (and may even want to gut the replacement as well).
  10. Yeah we can. For one, environment is largely based in personal choices and so there's things everybody can do regardless of what the government has to say-- reduction of water use is simple enough with measures like taking short showers instead of baths or long showers. Reducing food waste is good too-- economic depression might mean that you're buying less food than usual and scrouging what you can, but even if you're not forced to, you can eat smaller portions, make a serious effort to finish what food you buy, and look up ways to use the most possible of available foods to you. Using less electricity reduces the consumption of natural gas or coal/oil, and you might want to look into using alternative energies too-- solar power is becoming increasingly cheaper and more effective and seems to be the next big energy source, but wind power is also a common option if you have access to windmill power generators, and geothermal power, though much more limited than the last two options, is making its way up there too. Plus Trump and his cronies don't have much stake in alternative energy, so you get the bonus of impeding on at least some of their conflicts of interest. You should also be on the lookout for bad advice-- for example, vegetarianism/veganism will not reduce anybody's environmental impact in any significant way, yet its commonly touted by vegans and vegetarians as doing just that. Its not uncommon for companies like Whole Foods to lie about or exaggerate their environmental aid either. Practice due diligence and do not let them get away with harmful lies. In other news, I must commend WaPo for not being afraid to challenge Trump. Plus its not doing that stupid "if its not rock solid proven to be a lie, don't call out a falsehood" thing that Wall Street Journal is currently planning on doing (Protip: Intentional or not, a falsehood is still a falsehood and there's no excuse not to treat it as such). Unfortunately, I worry that other MSM journalists, with their hands in the pockets of corporations that Trump holds much influence over, will not be so strong or willing to learn. That in turn leaves WaPo more open to attack and smear campaigns-- not that a Trump supporter would read WaPo anyway. We should find alternative, more reliable sources of info and support them ASAP, because I have a feeling the MSM will fail us until their corporations give them reason not to (which would be never under Trump). This is the article that made me think of that btw: Another good article from WaPo: The fight against extremism will be largely centered around this year. I think a lot of turning points will be hit-- and while I hope they'll be turning towards good, the truth is we'll have to face the consequences of what 2016 wrought upon us, and that will likely include a few turns for the worse. I fully expect Trump to try something big the moment he gets into power, and for this to be the year that he and his extremist supporters test the limits of their newfound power. Limit them as much as possible. For that, vigilance is key, but so is something that the far right crippingly lacks in high quantities-- creativity and the motivation to refine and expand on tactics that work instead of just using them in the same way again and again. For an example of this, I found some creative uses of Twitter bots. We have a Twitter robot called @ImposterBuster that outs white supremacist accounts pretending to be a race they're not to mock those races and lend themselves false credibility to non-savvy social media users. It works by having the good journalists over at Tablet collect and update a list of fake accounts reported to it by savvy users, then having the bot make a short post explaining that the account is phony after every post and reply the fake account makes. This is a clear expansion on the common alt right tactic of sending in bots to spam up feeds critical to Trump with propaganda, but its done ethically (it is not programmed to spam hashtags or fake accounts with messages or force an ideology on people, just expose fraudulent accounts), updated frequently, and is so far pretty effective in pressuring Nazis to give up the facade and delete the account or revert to expressing their true selves (which are still capable of harassment and abuse but are more overt about the racism and thus easier to fight and much harder to be fooled by). Similar bots are @arguetron and @good_opinions, who will spew random progressive arguments designed specifically to attract alt righters looking to battle on their page then autoreply with yet another random progressive argument to whoever takes the bait-- some have been sucked into debates that last for literal hours, time wasted on a robot that could have been spent harassing or having a non-productive conversation with a real person. And there's yet another bot that posts quotes from notorious Italian dictator Benito Mussolini but attributes them to Donald Trump that managed to trick Trump himself into retweeting one of them as his own-- bringing to light both Trump's tendency to steal the credit to what he perceives as others' good deeds and thoughts as well as his similarities in ideology to dictators. More stuff like that, plus any creative solutions anybody else can come up with, should be encouraged and done.
  11. Unfortunately, my TV didn't record the two episodes before this one. Which makes me really sad. Am trying to find legal means of watching them. But I did watch the most recent one. Wow, that was really good. Easily my favorite of season 2. Mostly because it shows my favorite character Sticks in a really good light. Seriously, she was awesome in this episode, successfully resisting the mind control device. I felt so bad for her when she thought that she really was going crazy, though I immediately thought something was up when her friends were willing to throw her in jail. It didn't seem like them... but something like that would be very Eggman to do, wouldn't it? Sticks the "martial artist" was good too. The pictures didn't turn out that bad either! And sugarplum dreams lol.
  12. Honestly, this year was fantastic on a personal level. I graduated high school with an IB Diploma this year, which was very exciting considering how many hours I've devoted to getting it. Got to go to a special brunch that the school organizes every year for the seniors, as well as the graduation ceremony. Then my family and some friends got cupcakes! Yummy! I also got into my dream college and spent my first semester there. Its every bit as good as I thought it would be for me. My roommate is super nice and tolerant of my lack of organizational skills, which is great. As for games, I got Sonic Colors DS, which was really fun.
  13. More than 50%, technically. People who are against the GOP are the majority-- they're merely feeling demoralized or are actively being silenced. Though I will admit that my experiences have been largely in deep blue areas where racism, at least of the overt variety, is a great way to get fired from your job and be seen as blighted big time unless you've sufficiently cleaned up your act and proved it. A lot of what I'm hearing on the internet about disenfranchisement and intimidation campaigns backs what I'm saying though-- and the cult of white supremacy, sexism, etc., which many people are trapped in and want to escape but can't and thus feel like they have to pretend to agree with the herd, can't be denied as an influence. Progress always has enemies-- there are always those who fear what they don't understand as well as those who fear being left behind. Yet, to paraphrase Galileo, it moves. Globalism and diversity is vital for a society to be able to succeed in modern times, and those racist isolationist white folk can't do a thing about that. They'll have to adapt or die, or otherwise be thrown out of power. Demographics shifts are happening across the US too-- anti-immigration people can only do so much to prolong the inevitable, and if you buy the argument that illegal immigrants become more numerous in a country with overly strict regulation due to the difficulty of leaving, some of the their regulation may actually hasten the demographic shift. Technology is moving forward too-- solar panels are rapidly becoming viable as the technology behind it is progressing to match the pricing and the standards set by natural gas. The world is moving forward socially too -- in the time of Andrew Jackson, nobody would have stood up for minorities but minorities and even they.were pretty much powerless. In the early 20th century, nobody would have stood up for women but women, and nobody stood up to the Japanese at all when they were being thrown into camps. The concept of being happy, successful, ethical and gay wouldn't have registered with a lot of people-- and people didn't even recognize that transsexuality exists. But that's changed. People are more likely to express support now than ever before. They're even getting there with the environment in spite of heavy propaganda-- baby steps of course, and we may be past the point where we can reverse climate change but we can at least make it suck less. I can't promise you that the next four or eight or more years are going to be fun or great, or that Trump and his cabinet of greed are going to aid progress (because mark my words, they won't), but I can promise you that what we've built isn't going down without a fight, and once a progressive leader gets in, we're apt to put back much of what was lost and push forward. If we have to go into civil war to stop Trump and what he stands for, or if countries must ally to stop the US government, then that's the unfortunate reality of the situation. At least we tried to settle things peacefully so that any war that resulted would not be senseless, and the white supremacists will learn just why its a bad idea to mistaken kindness for weakness. Remember Germany, but also don't forget that we're in a better position now than Germany was post-WWI.
  14. Just found a website I really like. Its about awesome dogs and also facts about dogs.

  15. So you send in security to keep an eye on things and try to stop a bad situation from getting worse, and catching and punishing would-be or not so would-be arsonists along the way. When the flames go up, you get the firemen to rescue those caught in the flames, keep them from spreading too far, and put them out. Watchdogs, vigilant citizens, and pro-progress congressmen and other government officials (remember, its not just the American Fascist Party in Congress and other government positions) can fill either or both roles. War should only be employed as the last option, when everything else has failed. Everything else has not yet failed. Prevention and rapid action are the most ideal cure.