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  1. The thing is, and what a lot of fans have trouble understanding, is that you don't have to have a logical reason to validly enjoy a game. Take me for example. Sonic and the Secret Rings is a game that I have every reason to hate. It contains many of my least favorite game tropes-- forcing you to unlock good controls and attacks when that should be there from the start, no clear direction on where to go after the first few chapters, terrible level design that makes Forces's levels look like SA1's by comparison, no Wiimote/Nunchuck option, etc. And yet... I love playing it. Its really a lot of fun for me. Maybe the waggle is carthatic, maybe I like all the details of the levels even if they're weird. Who knows? And if the intent is just to express excitement and praise at the good parts of the game, then I'd say let 'em do it. Not every little fan remark warrants being ripped to shred and analyzed to death, and very few are saying that they don't know the flaws or that you aren't allowed to hate the game. And I know several people here would not appreciate it if the treatment they're giving to Forces's fans was turned on fans of games they like. Heads would roll if something felt the need to point out a Mania flaw every time somebody got excited about something in Mania. Or if they were told that they had to be stupid and falling for hype if they express a part that they like about SA1 or SA2. So treat others the way you'd like to be treated. Anyway, the trailer seems really good from what I see. Can't wait to see what they do with the American trailer. I wonder who is doing the Avatar's VA. Actually, what is the default Avatar's official name? Is he just "Avatar," or "Rookie," or something else?
  2. I'm not even a Crash fan, but whenever I see Crash stuff, I always think of a young boy I met on the train a several years ago. He didn't even know me but he talked to me like I was his best friend.

    One of the things he loved was Crash Bandicoot, and he talked my ears off about how he loved playing some Crash-themed racing game for the iPad. He mentioned how disappointed he was that there weren't new Crash games anymore.

    Then it was his mom's and his stop so he said goodbye and left. Never saw him again.

    With that in mind, its hard not to be happy with the remakes coming out. Hopefully this time on a console he has!

    1. Monkey Destruction Switch
    2. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      IKR. The kid was just so lovable.

      Actually, his mom was worried about him talking too much-- she apologized to me for him talking my ears off without asking first. He was like "Oh! I forgot! Sorry! Do you want me to talk to you?" I explained that I didn't mind it at all. It's quite clear that she's doing a good job teaching the kid manners and how to be a good friend.

  3. For one, I still enjoy the Sonic games and shows that I've already bought and watched respectively. Lost World controversy didn't make me hate Lost World. Rise of Lyric didn't make me hate Boom TV. Forces controversy hasn't done anything to make me hate Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations, Sonic Rush, and Sonic Unleashed or make me hate the Boost on a conceptual level. In fact, I love all the games and concepts that I just listed! Even if Sonic Team stopped making games I can enjoy for good, I'd still enjoy these games and I'd still see potential in a fan game or other fan work. I suppose that's what keeps me a fan. I love the concept of Sonic enough to be able to keep being a fan even in the face of inconsistent games, drama, etc.
  4. I don't like the black and white thinking in the fandom. Either something is completely good or completely bad and I am sometimes left with the impression that neither I nor anybody else are allowed to feel mixed on a Sonic title. The factionalism sucks too. Do I have a preference for certain Sonic formulas? Yes, like basically every fan ever, I do. But the more I think on it, the more I don't like people typecasting themselves as being "Boost fan" or "Classic fan." The problem with factionalism is that it encourages people to bash games for asinine reasons just because so and so wants to, instead of evaluating the game's qualities and features and basing their words, actions, and opinions off that. It also encourages people to make passive aggressive (or even overtly aggressive) comments about fans, ranging from the relatively benign ("Who the heck thinks this is a good idea!?") to the blaming of fans for stuff happening ("If you buy this game I don't like, then you are the reason Sonic will continue to be bad and games I like will never be."). These comments may well be just emotional responses, not directed at any particular person or group but rather venting frustrations about the franchise, but if you happen to fit the category being condemned (and many of the categories are very broad), its very hard not to take it personally. And I have been vagueposted on several occasions about liking Sonic Boom. Told that the entire Sonic Boom fandom is the reason that Sonic Boom is going to replace mainline Sonic, with the implication that they have no right to exist. Told that people should not be (or straight up aren't) allowed to praise this or that part of a media because lord forbid somebody try to take cues from the good aspects of a controversial media or suggest something that wouldn't be universally loved. Told that Boom fans just aren't passionate about Sonic and just like anything with the Sonic label. A former friend straight up cyberbullied me using these tactics. While obviously said ex-friend was an extreme and flagrant example, its made me really sensitive and somewhat paranoid to these sorts of things. You can say that you didn't direct that snide comment to me or that it wasn't anything personal, but I'm not going to believe you and its going to make it a lot harder for me to take you seriously in the future (unless you apologize for it and make an effort not to do it again). I think Monkey Destruction Switch hit the nail on the head. Sonic fans tend to view fans in other factions as "opponents", who must be vanquished so that they may get their desired Sonic. Acting like subjectivity and objectivity must be treated as wholly independent, like oil and water, and lord help you if you think something isn't factual. Asking people to elaborate on their ideas, but not with the intent of learning more about their perspective to understand them better but rather with the intent of getting enough content to rip somebody to shreds. And you also get things that seem like contradictions, such as fans proposing that new fans are badly needed for the franchise when pitching their ideas only to later claim that Sonic games need to cater more to hardcore fans and not constantly try to draw in casuals when faced with ideas they don't like. The internet encourages reactionary comments, but here are some helpful tips to avoid making them yourself: -- If something makes you feel a strong emotion, particularly if that emotion is anger or frustration, wait a bit to calm down before posting. In heightened emotional state, you have a high chance of making very embarrassing, inflammatory statements that seem like a good idea at the time but can't be taken back. By the time you get to a calmer state of mind, there's a good chance that you've convinced yourself of the (often ridiculous and untrue) statement or started a flame war that can't be fixed by editing out the bad parts of the post. You don't want this, and neither does anybody else. There is often pressure to mount a quick response, which the internet encourages, but you don't have to. There is absolutely no shame in going out for a walk, making art, playing games, etc. to calm yourself down before responding. -- Before replying, consider if the person you wish to converse with is worth your time. Somebody who, for example but not limited to, admits to liking or not liking Sonic Forces but can't clearly explain why is not worth trying to reason with because it is likely that they do not have any or many rational reasons for liking or disliking Forces. And that's not inherently bad-- most people have that one game that by all logic they shouldn't like but by some miracle they do. And the opposite too-- that is to say, one game that by all logic they should like and yet they don't at all. Trying to extract some logical reason is going to get you weird answers. Acting as though detailed logical reasons are a requirement for truly liking or disliking a game on a personal level is going to kick off a flame war. And if somebody is being irrational in a flame-y way, hit the report button and move on. The guy who says that all Classic fans are elitists or Modern Sonic fans are all idiots isn't looking for a debate, but the mods would appreciate you telling them about him so he can be disciplined accordingly. If a user is particularly bad, you can ignore them while retaining the ability to report their posts if you sense they've said something rule-breaking. -- Before you ask a question, make sure you are open to any response and are not just looking for a particular answers. Sonic fans can, will, and do give you the answer you don't want or like. Instead of being rude and dismissive, respectfully criticize the answer and/or accept that some people just have a different perspective on stuff. Also refer to the previous point on whether the person is worth your time. -- Don't snipe specific users. However, if you are going to criticize somebody in particular, don't be a coward. That means don't vaguepost in public-- own up to the fact that you're having a problem with this person to a mod or that person. Talk to them or a mod in private first, ignore if the former shows that they will not listen. Be willing to listen yourself. If you're worried about coming off as harsh or snide, PM a mod for editing and advising on if this is a good idea before sending off the PM. -- If you tell a joke or snark at somebody and they react adversely, don't tell them about how "its just a joke man" or keep using it. Apologize and move on. That doesn't mean don't joke and snark-- just don't direct a particular joke or snark at a user that you know won't appreciate it.
  5. Positive Things About Forces?

    Sonic Forces is pretty. I have some issues with the aesthetics, but as of now they're not enough to make me hate the game's look. I also like the soundtrack a lot. Gives me Sonic Heroes vibes in the best possible way. I mean, its not Hideki Naganuma but its pretty enjoyable to me. The avatar is a cool concept that I look forward to. Controls aside, its a clever way of integrating the very diverse and often contradictory desires that people have for their ideal playable Sonic character. I also like the greater focus on creating and showcasing anthro characters. I was getting tired of non-Eggman robots and aliens being the New Character of the Week-- and the Sonic cast of anthros is not entirely Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Knuckles nor should it be. More free DLC is good. It looks like I'll be having fun with playable Shadow and the like when I get around to them. The new focus on story is interesting. I'm leaning towards positive on it but I'm still a bit skeptical on some aspects of it. For positives, I like the concept of Eggman finally winning and having his own big epic army. I also like the idea of having Knuckles lead the resistance-- he seems like the most likely character in the mainline games to be able to successfully helm a revolution. I like that they're having more motion and movement in the cutscenes, giving us cute character moments that show us what they're about without telling us. The fox OC with the glasses is also really cute and dorky.
  6. Yeah. So long as a game looks fun to me, I'll buy it. Doesn't matter if its Sonic or any other franchise. Just so happens that most Modern Sonic games look fun to me, while a lot of Classic Sonic games and Classic-based games do not. Honestly, I don't even mind that some folks don't like the looks of Forces. What I don't like, and what I fear is already happening, is when discussion gets to the point where people are criticizing others just for liking or even showing some interest in something they don't like. Because you can criticize any aspect and iteration of Modern Sonic without passing unfair, passive aggressive, and/or insulting judgements on people that just poisons the well and makes productive discussion impossible. If that is what almost all Forces discussions become as a result of poor reception, then I'll just duck out and play by myself. I don't need the approval of mainstream media or even fellow fans for me to enjoy something.
  7. worst restaurants ever!

    Well, we can't have a bad restaurant topic without mentioning Amy's Baking Company, run by husband and wife team Amy and Samy. This company was never a local favorite before its infamous feature on Kitchen Nightmares, having only scraped along because it had an excellent location near a movie theatre and sold good quality pastries. It was notorious for being dirty, serving poor quality food, and for its owners who tended to be very vocal about how much they disliked criticism. Along came Ramsey, whom they contacted ostensibly to come and help fix the restaurant. He didn't even get a chance to arrive before the chaos began, as a customer who disliked the wait expressed his complaints. Amy and Samy promptly cursed him out and threatened him, amongst other things threatening to call the cops on the guy (and there was indeed on record a 911 call from the restaurant that was quickly hung up on). Amy also was noted to retaliate against complainers, at one point suggesting spiking a customer's food with loads of chili pepper (which could have seriously hurt somebody). Then they suddenly drop the real reason they wanted to be on Kitchen Nightmares. He was only contacted in hopes of getting him to stop all the internet haters and bullies whom they were convinced had some sort of personal vendetta against them. They wanted a yes-man, not a repairman. Ramsey immediately picked up that the mediocre raviolis he was served were from the freezer, that he received a soggy burger followed by a dry burger, although he liked the desserts. He also discovered Samy pocketing the tips from the waitresses-- a BIG no-no in front of Ramsey, who promptly asked for confirmation from the waitress then slipped her a $20 bill as a personal gift rather than a tip. Then, he called the owners out on all of this. They were not pleased. It turns out Samy had not been reporting negative reviews to Amy because he feared her wrath, and she explodes to such a strange and frightening extent that I totally understand why. Amongst other things, she denies that she served frozen raviolis when a bag of frozen raviolis was looking her right in the face. Cue more conspiracy theories about how everybody is against them because they hate that she's destined to cook (no joke, she actually thought God had ordained her to cook) and better than they ever will be. Amongst other toxicities, they reported a ridiculously high turnover rate of 50+ employees in a month, which is insane. This is because the owners fire their waitresses for so much as asking an innocent question (which by the way, never got answered). The age difference between Amy and Samy also creeped me out, although it was least of the concerns considering that Amy acted in a way that makes me think she's manipulative and emotionally abusive towards her husband. It was discovered afterwards that Amy's Baking Company did not make any of the pastries featured in the shops. They were bought from other bakers in bulk. Also, Amy and Samy attempted to sue Gordon Ramsey and Fox for slandering them and Ramsey specifically for sexually assaulting Amy (!?!?!). Even though all evidence points to this being one of the least staged episodes of a Fox reality show, if only because they provided so much content and drama that there was no need for worked shoots. They were also notable for being the only owners to consider cleaning the restaurant in anticipation of inspectors and Kitchen Nightmares. Food for thought. Amy's Baking Company eventually closed down. The writing had been on the wall for awhile, but it was good to have some closure. Amy went and started another company called Amy's Sweet Magic that bakes and she also does instructionals. Her desire to instruct has lead to one of the creepiest covers I've ever seen for a cookbook, but otherwise they seem like normal instructions (albeit with suspicious looking reviews). The best to her, but I don't trust somebody who buys pastries, cookies, and cakes from other bakers to claim them as her own. Anyway, its seems nobody really cares about those endeavors, so I don't know how long they'll last. She's now in Cali with Samy too.
  8. I get what you're saying, but I guess the reason I always doubt that a poorly received game will be the end of Sonic is because I've heard it so many freaking times. I heard how people thought that 06 was going to end Sonic for good. Apparently it even got the franchise suicide award from an Xbox 360 magazine or something-- which I'm sure is quite ironic these days. It didn't happen. Instead Sonic Team's staff were fired en masse and replenished with newer, more competent developers. I heard from Classic fans so many times that Sonic 4 was going to herald the end of 3D Sonic and usher in the return of glorious Classic Sonic. That didn't work out at all and these days it seems everybody is trying to forget Sonic 4 (for good reason). I heard how Rise of Lyric meant the end of 3D Sonic forever, because it made some people think that Sonic was always bad. It didn't pan out. Hell, I discovered some time ago that people thought that the fiasco revolving around Sonic Xtreme. Namely, its development being a trainwreck spanning several years and ultimately necessitating its cancellation, though people in the mid-90s did not know that and assumed that it had been replaced with Sonic 3D Blast, the spiritual successor to Sonic Labyrinth that nobody asked for (not to say that's a good reason for people to dislike Sonic 3D Blast, but you bet that coupled with people's disappointment and anger at the disappearance of Xtreme colored its perception at the time). Definitely didn't happen, and 3D Blast is considered a footnote in Sonic history these days. I'm not denying that bad games have a negative impact that lasts long term. If anything, I would agree that 06 has had a long term impact on Sonic that we see today. Its just that people's speculating that "this is the game that will end [3D!Sonic/2D!Sonic/Sonic franchise] for good!" the moment things are bad for Sonic have been proven wrong so many times and on so many levels that I won't believe it until I see it. Nothing can last forever, of course, and something will kill off the Sonic franchise for good eventually, but again, I'll believe it when I see it and I expect nothing but something that nobody saw coming or knew about to bring about the end of Sonic. ---- As for what the future holds, who knows? I sure don't. And I don't want to litter my expectations with fantasies and wishful thinking. All I can say is that if I think a game looks like something I'd enjoy, I will buy it. If I think a game looks like something I won't enjoy, I will not buy it. If a game I thought I would enjoy turns out to not be enjoyable to me, I can handle it and move on. If a game I thought was not enjoyable to me turns out to be fun, then I'll go get it and have fun. I mean, its possible for Sonic Team to do the usual Sonic Team thing of completely divorcing from everything that's criticized, but it could also try to improve on stuff or take fan criticism. Nothing's out of the picture at this point. I'm firmly neutral at this point and will remain so until I find reason to feel otherwise.
  9. Hello! Its Halloween month and so I've decided to make a topic focusing on spooks! However, I didn't want to do a usual creepy moments in gaming topic because not only are there already some already here, but its pretty cliche. So instead, I decided to do one based on horror and those special moments in gaming that you can only experience once. Given that even the best quality games stumble every now and then and do something totally unexpected, I figured this would be quite fruitful. For me, I was playing Metroid Fusion on my Wii U using the Gamepad's controls and screen (which I prefer for old games that were made for small screens) while there was a storm. I got to the cutscene where the SA-X, the primary antagonist and the one that caused the plot to happen, reveals itself for the first time. That isn't the creepy surprise though. That comes about where the SA-X's creepy face appears on screen and looks right at you. While the face was on the screen, the electricity in my house suddenly went out. Frightening in its own right, but this caused the Wii U's Gamepad to freak out. The game immediately froze right on that goddamned face, while the lower half of the screen's graphics became corrupted in just the right way so I could see those empty white eyes clearly but little else. All set to an infinite loop of the last second of music that played before the electricity went out. The screen flickered, and then the game powered down. Needless to say, I was thoroughly terrified at Metroid Fusion suddenly going all creepypasta on me. Coupled with the storm sounds from outdoors, it made an already creepy and frightening scene even more terrifying. And in a way, I appreciate that. I like Metroid Fusion in part because of its creepy atmosphere and well executed jump scares. Unfortunately, due to the unusual, specific circumstances and me not wanting to risk damaging my Wii U, I cannot experience that again nor would I want to. So, I now turn the topic over to you, readers. What are some creepy moments that you've experienced in video game that you can't replicate?
  10. Forces story revealed?

    Now that we have a lot of story details about the game that are (probably) true, I'm curious as to what people here think of Forces's plot. I imagine some opinions have changed now that we have more info instead of speculation based on limited info. There's a lot of elements to Forces's story that remind me of numerous Sonic fanfics, but in my opinion, fanfic is not inherently bad. There's a logic behind these stories, and these fanfic cliches became such for a reason. For example, the "Sonic mysteriously disappears and world goes to crap" cliche is a good way of exploring what the other characters would do if Eggman was put in an advantageous situation and Sonic could not guide them (I can't think of a Sonic game where Sonic doesn't prove vital in terms of coming up with strategies on the spot when the boss gets dangerous or, after Sonic 1, helps another character get on the best path for success at some point so they can defeat evil together). The cliche that often is included in fanfics about a disappeared Sonic is having Sonic come back after being found by OC the Hedgehog is also common because its a good way of putting Sonic back into a situation, everybody expects the world of him, but he struggles live up to his legend because not only have the "Sonic tales" greatly exaggerated his capabilities and acts of heroism, but his old tactics don't work anymore and he may or may not have lost his touch anyway. I guess what I'm trying to say is that cliches aren't inherently bad. Most exist for a reason and can make for good, if somewhat predictable plots, if executed well in the writing. In terms of Forces, its teetering between good and disaster. Once I see more cutscenes and dialogue, I'll be able to make a full judgement. As of now, I think its better than Lost World's plot, but Lost World's plot wasn't very good so there's still potential for me to hate Forces's story. It looks like the OC avatar is going to have flaws, for example, the way OC acts all awkward and surprised when he gets a hard backpat from Knux could show that he's easily startled or even cowardly (actually, that would be interesting-- a character that wants to be a cool hero, stumbles across a legendary hero who was thought to be forever disappeared in an event that got him notability from resistance forces, and puts on a front of being a cool hero, but is deep down really scared and unconfident and it shows in some scenes). That, and while OC is welcome in the resistance, its implied from that promotional message to the resistance that Knuckles pretty much lets in anybody who isn't blatantly one of Eggman's stooges and thinks that the OC still needs to prove his fighting capabilities. This is promising. I plan on inserting an anthro version of my dog into the game, and I don't want her to be portrayed as Mary Sue the Dog. If nothing else, I don't get the impression of Edgy the Hedgy from OC. Again, good. However, my opinion of Infinite is unchanged. Its possible that he could have hidden depths that get revealed or implied in the full game, but as of now he's Mephiles the Black Arms Hedgehog Thing as far as I'm concerned. Eggman seems to be his usual hammy self, at least. Espio and Silver are back and potentially important! Yay! Can we get Vector, Charmy, and Blaze to be potentially important too?
  11. Sonic Forces - Chemical Plant is back

    Plot twist: Eggman used Infinite to discover the secret of making Greek fire and uses it in his chemical plant to burn off chemical wastes and resistance water supplies. No, you can't have it. Its Eggman's now. But yeah, I think the ice in chemical plant is one of those things that was an accidental dose of scientific genius. Like that episode of Johnny Quest where somebody tried to stab a large diamond formation only to get nothing until she tries bashing Johnny's head into it instead, getting perfect, even, cuts of diamonds as a result. Scientifically accurate in the sense that diamonds won't yield to being stabbed, but are in fact very easy to break into equal pieces with blunt force; accidental in the sense that the production staff only meant it as a joke and making all diamonds the same makes them easier to draw and animate.
  12. Sonic Forces - Chemical Plant is back

    Just curious, where and when did Sega and Sonic Team claim that the game was developed for four years? I know that I believed that before, but then an online friend of mine pointed out that there was not any official statements saying the exact time that the game is developed for. Sure enough, while there were some hints that Sonic Team knew that there was going to be a Sonic game from them after Sonic Lost World and sorted out a few voice acting contracts back in 2014, there was nothing officially stated regarding when the game was getting more time for development. I mean, yes, there was a single statement about how Sega has realized that its important to put time into their games, but they've said and implied that a ton so I am taking it with a huge heaping of salt. --- As for chemical plant zone, yes, its true that its in character for Eggman to take over everything and I understand Park Avenue, Green Hill Zone, and Casino Forest looking worse for wear (the first two being rebel strongholds, the last one being a casino Eggman presumably built on a whim to replace all that ugly forest). But for stuff that Eggman is actually using, he goes all out. Whether it be Eggmanland of Unleashed, or his entire themepark in Colors (complete with custom eggbots with unique animations and unique themes for each zone)... or if we go back even further, the Death Egg and Classic!Chemical Plant were also very colorful. While I don't hate Chemical Plant's design, I think its the first Forces level that I've felt meh towards as opposed to loving it. I think Chemical Plant is missing is Eggman's trademark brand of flamboyancy and ego. If I were designing this level with it in mind that this is a world where Eggman wins, I'd cover it in Eggman logos, artwork, propaganda posters ("Strike down the Knucklites with your labor!", "The anti-empire reactionaries will destroy our paradise!", maybe) , and statues, colors all about that are bright and conflict in ways only Eggman could get away with, and loaded with miserable slaves and mindless robots working there.
  13. New Sonic Forces Zone revealed: Casino Forest

    Thank you. As for Gens... well, for the most part anyway. :V It was very easy to break the scripted sequences, which confused the crap out of the games's physics and camera and could create some irritating (or interesting) effects in the game. While most of the time you have to go out of your way to break the script, the ones showcased at 0:22-0:44 and the Sonic 06-licious one at 1:23 I encountered when I wasn't even trying to break the game. Actually, I wonder if Forces will have similar issues with camera angle glitches and script breaking as Generations had. Which would be fine like me, the dynamic camera angles you could get for Modern and especially Classic Sonic were cool, not to mention that watching the game freak out is hilarious.
  14. New Sonic Forces Zone revealed: Casino Forest

    Ah, I see. Thank you.
  15. New Sonic Forces Zone revealed: Casino Forest

    I agree with all the other physics complaints, but it looks like Classic just hit the bouncy-whatever-it-is in a direction that just propelled him against the wall, causing him to quickly unroll and stop. Its irritating, but not an issue with physics. Unless I'm completely missing the problem that the GIF was trying to show, in which case just disregard this. :V