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  1. Mad Convoy

    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    Partially correct. For sure, China would be upset for those reasons-- the US, after all, was responsible for convincing China to stop pretending to like Russia, freeing its government from several Russian obligations and ties. It would seem very hypocritical and jarring for the US to suddenly chain itself to Russia in any way. Another issue is that it goes against the spirit of the trade deals. Beyond the vast economic benefits, there was a mutual "man, fuck Russia" element. That was indeed the main common ground between the US and China at the time, and the one Nixon seized to help make the Chinese open to reason from him. Well, that and coupled with pointing out that the US has been open for decades about how little it likes Russia-- the Maoist precedent of respecting people with hardline and forceful stances no matter how annoying, frustrating, or different they may be was still alive and well back then, and besides, Chinese leadership did not want to appear softer on Soviet Communism than a country that's basically the poster child for capitalism. There was an undeniable element of sabotage towards the government that both parties saw as the greater evil. By making China more reliable and available for trade, they effectively made it better able to push back against Russia in a public manner which it took advantage of. It also destroyed the popular narrative of the time that capitalists and communists cannot compromise, work out deals, or gain anything of value from each other, which made Russia look bad for putting on the facade of never compromising with the enemy (Side note: This wasn't true, of course. It wasn't just the USSR that was ashamed of compromise either-- the US also tried to bury many of its compromises and deals with the USSR to look tough on Communism. But the US at least recognized the ones relating to WWII back when the two countries were allies and the ones that were highly urgent, even if it purposefully glossed over important details and concessions in doing so.). Trump may not have directly announced a complete breaking off from the US's longstanding deals with China. But he may as well have told the world just how little he appreciates them or values preserving them when he vouches so lovingly for Russia. After all, Russia was the country that said deals were, in part, made to damage economically and influentially in a landmark show of compromise, newfound understanding, and shared disdain between two very different countries. Trying to repair relations with Russia without understanding and acknowledging the US's history, particularly where dealings with China are concerned, is a political nightmare which offers no improvement for anybody involved.
  2. Mad Convoy

    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    China and Russia's issues became serious with the rise of Communism in both countries. The USSR pushed heavily for Soviet Communism, but Mao wanted to implement his own take on Communism which eventually became known as Chinese Communism. This is surprisingly common with different Communist factions-- they're all for everybody becoming united under world Communism, but it better be THEIR take on Communism that becomes the norm around the world because only their take on Communism is best or good. Others are a good start and can be useful, but the others' take on Communism becomes perceived as inferior the moment it deviates. And at the time, none wanted to deviate harder than Mao Zedong. One of the major sticking points is that in Soviet Communism, there is a very rigid and specific order of progression that leads to implementation of Communism. A society that had not yet industrialized on a large scale is not considered able to be converted to Soviet Communism-- the best thing it can do is support the big landowners in hopes of speeding up the progression to industrialization. China had yet to fully industrialize, and would not attempt to until the Great Leap Forward (which was a complete failure), but Mao was not content with anything that implicitly required him to support the fascists in charge at the time (for all the wrong reasons-- he didn't like fascism because it wasn't favoring him in any way and its disastrous consequences for the country made for a good sticking point in pro-Communist propaganda) and not implement Communistic success as rapidly as he would like. As a result, the order of progression in Chinese Communism was there, but not nearly as rigid or confining as Soviet Communism. A peasant society could become fully Communist in Chinese Communism ideology and industrialize later so long as it had enough will and desire for Communism and economical advancement... but in Soviet Communism, a peasant society acting as an industrial society would is a reckless disaster waiting to happen. But despite the mutualistic antagonism and other problems with Stalin, Mao at least respected the man enough not to act too hostile towards him. Mao could respect a strongman, because he was a strongman, who had convinced himself that countries need a strongman to have good leadership. Despite finding the man incredibly frustrating, Mao appreciated that Stalin was passionate and held conviction about everything he wanted. The frustration was mutual, but not the respect-- Stalin found Mao to be an annoying thorn in his side and an ally of convinience at best. On the other hand, Mao utterly despised Stalin's successor Nikita Khrushchev, and that's when Russian-Chinese relationships reached their nadir. Khrushchev was a lot quieter, and softer, than Stalin and very very open to negotiating deals with people of other ideologies including capitalists without forcing some kind of conversion to Communism. From Mao's perspective, Khrushchev was a weak, spineless, dispassionate leader. Putting down a couple of protests in a violent and aggressive manner makes not a strongman in Mao's worldview, and so Khrushchev's acts in doing so would not impress Mao regardless of what his motives were (some say it was to impress Mao, others say that he's just following standard protocol for dealing with untimely uprisings in Soviet Communism). As a result, the antagonism shifted to be perpetrated largely on the Chinese end with Russia mostly imploring China to accept reason. Khrushchev's successors would be more aggressive than him (though still less aggressive than Stalin), but at that point, the damage was done. One of the most sacred sacraments in Soviet Communism is respect for all Soviet Communist leaders who have guided the country to and through Communism. No matter how they went about it, if it was in the confines of Soviet Communism, they had to be treated with great respect and reverence. So no matter what Khrushchev's successors thought or did, they could not respect a man who hated one of their prior leaders and never felt regret about it, nor a society who believed this man's slander wholeheartedly. While this is all going on, Russia and China put on a good show of looking friendly with each other on the surface. Both Soviet and Chinese Communism strongly urge a united world under Communism, and they were not about to let their infighting put a damper on the worldwide revolution or convince any capitalists or other outsiders to even consider that Communists are anything but a united unit with the same goals and philosophies. Turned out this was a pretty good move on the Soviet part... if only America didn't find out. Nixon of all people made an important and well-publicized diplomatic meeting in China, learned the truth about Russian-Chinese relations, and made efforts exploiting this that were excellent for America by working out special trade deals (many of which still influence the American, Chinese, and global economy today in a positive manner) and by convincing China to stop doing its part in keeping up the facade of friendly relations with Russia (dealing a very strong blow to Russia's insistence that Communism is a united force of people who want the same things, and also enabling greater factional conflicts between the two countries and their ideologues that significantly slows progress in regards to spreading Communism). That's the condensed version of the answer, anyway. This is a fascinating subject, but one that's mired in complications and nuances, so I encourage you to do more research on it if it interests you.
  3. Mad Convoy

    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    I quite like this article on the fallout of the whole summit. I think it gives a very accurate assessment of what happened and what the consequences are, avoiding sensationalism without understating the severity and importance of Trump's words and actions, and also has a very well-thought out consideration of what it means for the future. A+ journalism right here: https://www.afr.com/opinion/columnists/helsinki-is-a-political-disaster-for-donald-trump-20180716-h12rms Long story short: For those of you hoping for Trump to make a mistake that even his supporters can't condone, you got what you wanted. And so much more, given that Republicans who silently tolerated the man are now speaking out against him more. Turned out all he needed to do was to act so complacent and spineless towards Putin that even those in denial couldn't hold onto the belief that he isn't sitting right in the palm of Putin's hand and smugly grinning like he's the one in control. Short term, this is a massive win for Putin and his supporters. Surely, they must be thinking, "Fuck the rest of the world, we got an American leader to bow to us, now we're gonna milk it for all its worth." But long term? This is horrible for Russia too. The fallout from this is on the US side is merely the perception Trump is an egotistical idiot that-- one who is weak and traitorous, perhaps, but still motivated by self-centered idiocy instead of outright malice. Its practically public knowledge now if it wasn't before that his views don't reflect the views of most American people, and that's he's highly ineffective at most everything. His damage to US relations will be shorter term as a result, and may even be rectified by his successor with help from Congress. Whereas Putin is near unanimously seen as malicious, a manipulative force who should never be trusted with anybody and who has successfully cowed or brainwashed people into submission with dirty tactics. His damage to Russian relations will span much deeper. Now anything he or future leaders of Russia tries to deny will be treated as confirmation that he or his underlings were involved somehow-- and much in the vein of the tale of the boy who cried wolf, if they ever really didn't do something they were accused of or actually faced legitimately unfair treatment, they won't be believed no matter what and the world will carry on like the Russian government is guilty as charged and/or deserving of how it was treated. This hurts all people in Russia, unfortunately. But most of all, it will hurt the mega rich who are based in Russia in some way, which is of some comfort to me. Russia has too many rich people who have proven themselves unworthy of fortune-- its high time some bank accounts got drained. Me right now though? I'm honestly questioning why Pence is defending Trump's words and actions at the summit. Strategically, Pence is second in line to the presidency, and this is such an incredible opportunity to show hardline conservatives just the kind of know-how that made them feel comforted by his presence in the White House-- given that Congress is Republican dominant with no shortage of hardliners, perhaps he could even corral enough votes to invoke impeachment trials. I mean, don't get me wrong, President Pence sounds awful to me. I'd much prefer contending with the fallout of a dumb president who periodically shoots himself in the foot with a rocket launcher because he thinks it makes him soar upwards to contending with the fallout an actually competent, but callous and smarmily righteous, wingnut president. But I imagine President Pence sounds awesome to Mike Pence and a fair amount of hardliners, so why would he not try to capitalize in some way while the market is turning against Trump?
  4. Mad Convoy

    Sonic Forces Final DLC - What is it?

    It may well be something. When I was referring to poor advertising, that included weird marketing pushes that came months between each other and then were never mentioned again. I see no reason to think that this can't just not be another one of those weird pushes, especially with Mania Plus coming out with an opportunity to bridge the two games.
  5. Mad Convoy

    Sonic Forces Final DLC - What is it?

    Ah, but do you think this way because you don't think its likely or because you simply don't want it? Its not unprecedented thus far for Forces to get an unannounced update or promotion, so the fact the game has been out close to a year doesn't disprove the notion of this DLC being legitimate. Its also not unprecedented for games that are miles worse than Forces ever was, like 06 and Rise of Lyric, to get DLC and updates after release. For something supposedly impossible, the asbestos dog sure seems to have already caught the paper cat in hell several times already. And here we go with the black and white thinking again. Nobody who thinks this DLC is legitimately coming out at this point is expecting a magical panacea out of this. What's realistic to expect is that this will be an effort to do better with the use of Classic characters (key word being "effort"), maybe the restoration or use of a few dummied out sections, reduced stiffness of control for at least Classic Sonic, and most probably some expansions for the Avatar. There's more of course that are more possible to fix than people here give credit for, but I think you get the point. I think Denovu was forgotten in Mania's listings because it was literally forced into the game last minute. This is just speculation, but if the person who updated the game's description had primarily been communicating with Headcannon, which neither approved nor wanted Denovu, for information then I could see how it would be missed without just resorting to the incompetency explanation. As for Forces itself, the Steam Database has not shown any sign of unnecessary directories and listings thus far and so claims of such are not currently founded-- one DLC that we know was canned (Episode Infinite) was indeed removed and archived, and this mysterious DLC was actually added several months after release. Its hard not to see this as purposeful with what we know right now. And even if it was unnecessary, that isn't the same as it being a sign of incompetency or a mistake. Dummied out content happens literally all the time and it gets much much weirder than unnecessary directories and listings-- look at this video where a guy found 10(!) static Luigis just kind of existing in one spot underneath a minigame section in Paper Mario. Dummied out content is generally pretty neutral unless there's something weird about them worth noting, and even those weirdnesses seldom point toward incompetence but rather hint towards how the game works (like the aforementioned gang of underground Luigis in Paper Mario) and/or what ideas were considered at some point (like Episode Infinite in Sonic Forces and perhaps this DLC too if it has indeed been cancelled).
  6. Mad Convoy

    Sonic Forces Final DLC - What is it?

    Its also possible that he's bound by an NDA or not allowed to talk about anything unannounced-- both of which are pretty standard at tech companies. For example, look at an earlier statement: "Sumo Digital is not working on an ASRT game at this moment." Many took this to be a deconfirmation that Sumo was working on a racing game for Sega. But the reality was that Sumo was actually working on TSR, another racing game. He didn't lie when he said Sumo wasn't working on an ASRT title because it wasn't, but he didn't purposefully shut down speculations regarding another racing game relating to Sega in some way. He most probably wouldn't have been allowed to reveal TSR or even hint at it beyond not totally shutting down the idea of Sumo making a racing game at that point. Its possible, and I would argue probable, that something similar is going on with this DLC. I believe that Aaron isn't lying when he says he doesn't know anything about this DLC being worked on. But note that it isn't a direct deconfirmation-- just because he doesn't know anything about it doesn't mean that its not planned. Its possible that he's actually not allowed to talk about it yet, or more likely simply hasn't been given details beyond "There's this Steam database leak that's creating all kinds of rumors that people will ask you about. You can acknowledge the rumors if you think that's what's best, but we're not ready to announce or describe this yet, so don't."
  7. Mad Convoy

    Sonic Forces Final DLC - What is it?

  8. Mad Convoy

    Sonic Forces Final DLC - What is it?

    I was arguing this in favor of the notion that its not unprecedented for Sega to update games that are outright bad, so updating a decent game isn't unreasonable. I made no comment regarding how the update affected people's perceptions of the game because it is irrelevant to the point I was making with it. I was not speaking of people's perceptions. I was citing past decisions in Sega's history that I see no reason to just believe won't happen ever again because I don't want it to and in fact see some signs that it may well happen, speculative as my viewpoint may be at this point. Ah, the old scare quotes. A sign that you don't actually believe Forces to be controversial. Given your strongly negative view, I'm guessing you think that Forces is unanimously considered terrible? It isn't. Its wildly polarizing, yes-- seems people love it or hate it-- but far from unanimously disliked. According to Sega it sold decently well. Maybe you're amongst the many that think that's untrue. I strongly doubt that Sega's lying about the sales figure, but I don't have to convince you of their veracity to make my point. Giving an update, as weird of a timing and handling as it might seem, would make sense to demonstrate that Forces did decently, whether because it did or to fortify lies that encourage more funding from investors. Games that are outright bad typically get an apology announcement afterwards and then the developers move on (if gamers haven't just baselessly assumed that the developers will always be bad forever and stop buying games from that developer, hence running the dev out of business for good)-- but games that are seriously flawed but still show a lot of promise, even if they're mired in controversy? They do get updates and support often from developers, because they want to support people who support their game, even if it is for the sole cynical reason of supporting their profits. How else do you think Bethesda, which used to be notorious for making games that were blatantly broken on launch and had to be made at least somewhat mended with a long series of updates over the course of a year (to the point where fans of the company actually advocated for people not to buy games from the dev until a year after launch), survived until it could convince its publisher to stop rushing them? Because people wanted to support their games, even if they had a habit of launching broken games, and even if they faced controversy as being the face of everything wrong with modern day use of patches and updates. Likewise, Square Enix's first attempt at a Final Fantasy MMO was terrible. It was considered very linear and limited, with poorly conceived gameplay and players also thought subscriptions were overpriced as a result. They did decide to replace this first attempt with a better game... but didn't forget the people who had paid for the first try and supported it. So the first attempt got one last update, where every player with an account engaged in a futile, but gorgeously animated and cool, fight with a creature who would destroy the world. After this event, the world was ended so whole game just shut down, gone forever from the internet--- but it at last got one moment of glory. This generated a lot of goodwill amongst the few that liked the first attempt and the many who didn't, and that helped the second attempt get off on the right foot. In other words, Square Enix took both options you mention and made a profit from it-- it gave the bad title an update for those who supported it, and it also moved on and focused its efforts on the second try. While a game like Sonic Forces couldn't do something exactly like an young adult-oriented MMO would do, I see no reason for it to be inherently cost ineffective and time-wasting for developers to attempt a similarly epic sendoff for Forces-- especially since Forces doesn't even have an overwhelmingly negative consensus. That doesn't mean that this is precisely what this mysterious final DLC/update thing is, or even what its likely to be, but for me its an ideal if highly improbable speculation, if that makes any sense.
  9. Mad Convoy

    Sonic Forces Final DLC - What is it?

    Reminder that Forces got a vinyl LP release of its soundtrack announced a few weeks ago: https://www.destructoid.com/sonic-forces-soundtrack-vinyl-looks-like-a-must-for-fans-509776.phtml Its not exactly unprecedented for Forces to get a random boost in publicity or add-ons from Sega after a long and awkward silence regarding the game. I also recall stuff like a Forces themed parkour course and a Chuckie Cheese promotion for Forces after several months of weird silence regarding Forces. I'm not saying, of course, that this guarantees that this is definitely means a new DLC is in the works, but when I read things like this: ... its hard not to think that people aren't basing their denials on a healthy amount of skepticism, but rather what they personally would like to happen (in this case, for everybody to forget Forces, think Forces is utterly irredeemable as they do, and focus exclusively on Mania). Which isn't realistic. Can't speak for people I don't know but I sure don't think Forces is irredeemable. Even a modder pal of mine who hates Forces probably the most out of anybody I know doesn't think the game is totally irredeemable-- after all, if a BetterSADX mod is possible, then a BetterForces mod is too. Or perhaps a Forces Plus of sorts, which is even better because the developers have full access to all the source codes and such which a fan doesn't (well, provided Sega didn't do a stupid and wipe everything Forces off their computers immediately after the game came out, anyway. Not unprecedented either.). I mean, RoL was arguably dead before arrival and is near universally agreed to be one of the worst Sonic games of all time, if not amongst one of the worst video games of all time. It still got an update after a few months to fix and make some of the issues more manageable. If RoL can get an update months after it flopped-- well, I don't see how its out of the realm of possibility for Forces to get an update months after it was confirmed to have sold strongly (which is what Sega claims, and regardless of if you believe it or not, actions like releasing an update to improve things would aid in supporting that claim and therefore may be under consideration). Likewise, I'll note that the release of Sonic Runners Adventure just sort of... happened... with no announcement. Lack of advertisement where it'd make sense to is also not unprecedented at Sega. In general, Sega has handled advertising for Forces terribly, but I think it got just enough of a buzz and decent sales to not quite be dead on arrival. If this is indeed a sort of Forces Plus, or even just an update to fix a few issues (the latter at minimum I think is highly likely given the nature of this leak), I'd be pretty happy. Acknowledging mistakes and improving means returning to controversial games to make them better too, not trying to bury them and act like they never happened (which truthfully isn't beneficial long term-- one because it never works, people don't let this stuff stay buried for long, and two because the developers don't give people a proper sendoff to the title and so it never really gets closure. It just kinda looms over the franchise).
  10. Mad Convoy

    Seriously, why are Pontaff still writing for Sonic?

    I'm not gonna deny that a lot of their work on the games is awful. I'm also not gonna deny that I'd rather have Maekawa helming the story for Sonic games than Pontaff. But at the same time, something seems kinda off to me. In part because it seems the more control they get over the actual story, the better quality work they produce, and I do know that giving people who are outright incompetent or otherwise terrible writers more creative freedom typically results in worse quality work, not better. In regards to Sonic, I'll note that Sonic Colors DS was a little side title that was outsourced to Dimps for most of the work. I could be wrong but that doesn't seem like the kind of title Sonic Team and Sega would scrutinize and meddle with as thoroughly as, say, Colors Wii. And lo and behold, the dialogue in the DS version is miles ahead of what Colors Wii is doing, and while the other members of Sonic's cast are used more for side missions, they're actually portrayed very well. (Well that and IMO a game that centers largely around Sonic and Tails's friendship doesn't need to have a lot of extras around as more than cameos. Just... the writers shouldn't keep using their relationship as a plot center over and over again to the point of tedium and neglecting other characters.) True there was another writer there to help them out-- but his only other story credit is Free Riders, he was in a leadership position for that game, and he had significant creative freedom. With that in mind, I strongly doubt that that man alone carried the trio to success-- it was probably a result of good collaboration between him and Pontaff that happened to nicely iron out most of their writing flaws coupled with some extra freedom for plotting and dialoguing. And for Sonic Boom, seriously, their one episode was awesome, and that's a case where Sega and Sonic Team were certainly not involved in the story writing process. It continues from where Fire and Ice left off without confusing people who hadn't played it, and reuses characters well. Sure there's a few lame jokes thrown in, but they aren't annoying because they're actually the set up for Eggman and others to rag on said terrible jokes and its kept short. Plus its actually important to the progression of the plot since it causes Tails to offhandedly mention that he shouldn't take it personally because Eggman is mean to all his rejected robots-- when D Fekt wasn't aware that Eggman had other rejected robots wandering around. Spoilers beyond that, but its really good, plus the episode villain is morally grey which is a breath of fresh air. I won't claim the episode is perfect but considering the actual creative freedom they got, I honestly think that stuff like this episode is reflective of what they want to write for the series. And what they want to write is actually really good. So my question is-- what's stopping them? Its probably Sonic Team. They're responsible for most of plotting, with Pontaff doing translations. I give Pontaff credit for trying to have fun with some of the stupider dialogues or trying to give a situation actual emotional weight (which is why I don't actually hate the idea of Tails being really terrified in Forces-- sure there's a million ways it could have been handled better, but having a character get a long term emotional response to something really really bad? I'm all for it.), but they seem like they're under a lot of restrictions that make their job more annoying and tedious than it has to be. They may well be writing just to amuse themselves to save time and/or boost morale-- which isn't good for Sonic game localization, but given the situation, I also don't cast any negative judgement on them for doing so. Its kind of an awkward Ryan Drummond moment for me-- in the case of Ryan, I don't like his Sonic voice at all (IMO it reeks of many problems old 3D game voice acting had and hasn't really improved with increasing modern standards), but knowing how badly he's been screwed over by Sega over the years it seems unfair to me that he hasn't had any opportunities to reprise his role. If nothing else, to at least give the man a chance to put on his best performance in a professional environment. I kinda feel the same way about Pontaff-- have Maekawa take over eventually, but let Pontaff have one last title where they can do their best work. I feel that Pontaff deserves the basic dignity to end their writing with Sonic on a good note, since they're quite clearly capable of it. Of course, this is assuming an ideal situation. Even Maekawa could only get so far if the rest of Sonic Team's writing staff is terrible-- I just think the stories have a better chance in terms of entertainment value if its being helmed by somebody who knows Japanese culture very well to leverage himself in negotiations and discussions, and isn't afraid to take risks but also makes sure said risks get proper vetting before being brought beyond the conceptual stage.
  11. To be fair, I love doing crappy car challenges in Mario Kart, where I find the worst combinations of character and customizations I can think of then try to win a grand prix with them. It lets me have a laugh trying the more pointless/terrible options and the replay videos are comedy gold in their own right (plus it is satisfying to own a bunch of 150cc CPUs with a crapmobile). I appreciate the option at least as I may want to attempt something similar in TSR at some point, though I agree that most people are only going to go for really competent. --- Hey, this article has addressed most of my concerns. I'm glad that there's conventional kart racing as an option-- I overall like the team gameplay mechanic, but it is far from perfect so I like having a more tried and true option to go to if online team racing has kept giving me annoying teammates or something. (No seriously, I wanna run a timer to see how long it takes for me to find a troll that just sits at the start line knowing that they're dragging the whole team down. With how the team racing mechanic is structured, I've no doubt its gonna happen at least sometimes online.) Also playable Omega! Not new news, I know, but still... I like being able to play as Omega! (Though if "WORTHLESS CONSUMER MODELS." is not in his banter options at all, I will be very disappointed. :V) And ooh, story mode. Here's hoping its good this time around-- if Sonic Riders can have a good comedic story in 2006, this game can too.
  12. Mad Convoy

    How much content should be in a Sonic game?

    I know this is an English class answer, but really as much or as little as the game would benefit from given the time and budget constraints. Sonic games don't have to be long to be fun-- Sonic Generations springs to mind as does many titles in the Sonic Riders series, plus many of the Classic games are designed for you to basically get good enough to eventually be able to blast through the game in one sitting. But them being long isn't inherently bad-- I liked Sonic Lost World and I hear good things about SA1. As for personal preferences, I'd kinda like short levels but lots of them if that makes sense. I think Colors Wii was on the right track to pulling this off, but could have handled it better by including more 3D in its short levels. I think that's nice for days when I just want to get through a level quickly and for days when I want to commit to a game for a bit longer. Having replay value enhancing features such as side missions and red star rings is suitable too, since it helps keep the game's positive momentum going and gives the player more to do while showcasing all the game has to offer. I'd also like a halfway decent multiplayer mode at least, to play with friends who aren't adept at the main game.
  13. Mad Convoy

    Firefox and SSMB Don't Seem To Be Cooperating Properly

    Firefox read people here complaining about a whiny, cowardly fox and thought they were talking about it. Hurt feelings ensued. But in all seriousness, the quote button does work fine for my Chrome using self, I tested it out and everything. However, the site has been unusually sluggish recently. It may be because of interactions with AdBlock (Side note: Its through no fault of this website but rather whatever company handles the ads for this site. I've had many banner ads try to install stuff or just outright start installing stuff on my computer here-- stuff obviously not designed for Macs and therefore non-functional on my computer, fortunately, but not the kind of thing I'd like to risk letting into my computer. Not to mention very NSFW redirect bugs. If there's a way to support the site without turning adblocker off, I am game for it.). It could also have something to do with the growing pains of various updates this site has had that may be linked to the whole Firefox issue so I figure its worth noting in this thread. Any other Chrome users experiencing sluggishness?
  14. Unpopular opinion: From what I've seen of it, Melee looks like the worst Smash game to me. The soundtrack is lackluster to me barring a few exceptions, the roster is horrifically unbalanced, and the visual aesthetic is bland compared to other Gamecube games from that time.

    At least there is enough good in Brawl and 4 to outweigh the bad for me, and there is something enjoyably straightforward about the simpler approach the first Smash game took. Not to mention that Ultimate looks promising. But Melee? A definite step down for the series.

    1. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      It technically has the worst roster so yeah. (64 doesn’t count being the first game)

      Most of the character models are hideous, Brawl stepped it up with the designs aside from the dull realism.

      In general, it’s a very dated game. The only reason it’s still relevant is because of it’s competitive fanbase and it’s mechanics. 

    2. Wraith


      "Looks?" As in you haven't touched it?

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I don't play Smash, but this status is hilarious. You're so insistent on Melee being the worst, but you've not played it whilst you have played the others, and you're dogging it for the quality of its graphics and soundtrack even though it was highly competent for such a title in the year 2001. It's like... wut

    4. MegasonicZX


      I don't think that is really an unpopular opinion though I think it is one that's pretty flawed in my eyes.

    5. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      @Josh Yeah, but I've seen quite a lot of things and videos are good for giving a picture of what the game is like.

      And well, this is a forum where people deeply criticize others for insisting that people can't have opinions on games they haven't played. For good reasons, I should add. I don't see why that can't apply here.

      @Blue Blood Be careful about what you assume. I've only played Brawl and 4. Technically I've played 64, but that was so long ago for such a short period of time I don't even remember much about it and anything I know about it is gonna come from videos I've watched. I also don't see why briefly and politely stating a few personal reasons for not liking something is being "insistent that Melee is the worst" or "dogging on" Melee.

      And also note that my view on the graphics and sound are opinions, which evidently differ from yours, and based on the idea behind it rather than the time period. It doesn't matter if the game's graphical execution are normal or even extraordinary for the time-- I don't like a lot of the ideas behind the graphics, such as the colorscheme, and that make it bland to me. The same goes for the music-- its not the limitations of the time period that's the problem, its the note choices and composition. I only really like a few songs as a result.

      I factor the limitations of the time period when getting an opinion, but well, the graphics and music don't really impress me even with that in mind.

  15. Mad Convoy

    Sonic Forces - Early 2016 Script Leaked

    In general, the former script, if it is indeed real, seems a lot more fleshed out and I generally prefer it to the final product. It makes me wish that Episode Infinite had come out, because it may have had enough commonalities to confirm the leak and included the better elements of the early script.

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