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  1. Mad Convoy

    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    He didn't. He made an uncharacteristically subdued tweet congratulating Josh Hawley for winning the senator's seat. I also found an editorial that goes into more detail about it, if you're interested. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/29/opinion/sheriff-joe-arpaio-congress.html Knowing what a horrible person Arpaio is, him losing with his head temporarily hung low is really, really satisfying. I say temporarily hung low because apparently he's right back at it with his usual antics now. But this loss has killed the political momentum he had, making it very very unlikely that this man will ever gain political power again. To which I say, good.
  2. Mad Convoy

    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    Wait, didn't Project Veritas* try the exact same thing to discredit people claiming to have been sexually assaulted by Trump? No really, minus the weird intelligence agency nonsense, this reads almost word-for-word like Verita's plan to send a woman pretending to be a victim of sexual assault to the Washington Post. It didn't end well at all for them in this case. The Washington Post did its own report on the actress's claims with their own, more trustworthy, recording of the conversation on hand for all to hear. This report humiliated the organization, had the opposite effect of discrediting Veritas amongst moderates that it had fooled, and gave other outlets a very simple way to combat groups like Veritas trying to exploit the process to push an agenda. By the end of it, if you were to ask disbelieving people why they didn't think Trump sexually assaulted anybody, you wouldn't hear any mention of Verita's story. My overall point is that not only is this stupid conspiracy dumb on it's own, but it's something that has been tried before. Not only that, but the first try failed very badly. You'd think Wohl and Burkman would at least look into previous smear campaigns like theirs to see where things went right and where things went wrong, then build a plan from there, but beyond the fake intelligence agency which I can't imagine was what Project Veritas had needed all along for success... god, what were these bozos thinking when they came up with this plan? Were they thinking at all? *For those of you who aren't in the know, Project Veritas is a long standing astroturf organization which claims to expose liberal bias in media with sting operations-- basically they send in actors faking stories, and take audio recordings of the fakers telling their story to and conversing with the appropriate people working in mainstream media. Its true purpose, however, is to push an extreme conservative agenda. Their process is not meant to get a false liberal-pandering story published to prove their point; it's actually to acquire audio recordings which are heavily and shamelessly edited to make their actors look good and the unfortunate media person who conversed with them look bad. Now they're becoming Looney Tunes characters. No really, this reads like a gag from Looney Tunes. To call this a comedy of errors is an understatement.
  3. Even though I'm not really a Pokemon fan anymore, I still want to beat Pokemon Diamond's Elite Four with nothing but Delibirds.

    In particular I want to humiliate Cynthia's Garchomp with a defeat at the hands of a Delibird.

  4. Mad Convoy

    Are we in a new dark era?

    I did and I don't appreciate the sarcasm just because its something you don't want to hear. While those games have their fans, they are polarizing and many criticisms from the their window of release describe them as disappointing in some way or another. This is something I kept in mind when I was answering-- there's even more Mario games that I personally find to be terrible, but the overwhelming majority of people would disagree with me on that judgement and so I decided against giving them a mention. Forces is also fairly solid despite being same-y (so I don't see how NSMB is much different in that regard) and Galaxy 2 gets flack for the same reasons as Forces does pretty much. Outside of a few characters who people probably wouldn't guess came from the game to begin with, Mario 2 is generally something that none of the Mario games that came after it really tried to emulate or take notes from. Its very telling that Mario Maker doesn't even bother to represent it outside of the aforementioned few characters despite repping Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World, the former of which was widely and understandably (if too harshly) criticized on launch for being a pared-down reskin of Super Mario World. Super Mario Bros 2 in both forms is more or less that odd footnote in the series that represents that time Mario tripped after his debut. I'd merrily call plenty of Mario platformers disappointing for a variety of reasons; however, that's beside the point, which is that people tend not to hold them as harshly against Mario because the disappointment are done in a way that's more forgettable. If you didn't like Galaxy 2, it's easy to brush it aside as a lackluster lull in the series because there's really not much of note there that can't be found in Galaxy 1, and same goes for the later titles NSMB series. But something like Sonic 06 happens and suddenly everything gets under a magnifying glass. My point there was that memorable disappointments and letdowns are harder to brush aside. People generally don't perceive Mario's letdowns as bad as Sonic's not because Mario is lacking in that department, but because Mario's disappointments are more forgettable than Sonic's. Perception becomes reality. With that in mind, its really not clear to me what good regressing back to when new Sonic games were legendarily terrible would do for anybody-- maybe a few good things short term for a small group of people, but certainly nothing good for anybody long term.
  5. Mad Convoy

    Are we in a new dark era?

    Pretty much all of this. Its not a secret that fans have a tendency of exaggerating how bad things really are. Its because they have a lot emotionally invested in the franchise (arguably too much in some cases, though that's for another discussion) and unfortunately that results in accentuating the negative of now while exaggerating the positives of the past. Suddenly a few mild disappointments are going to usher in the death of the franchise. The past can be lifted up by spinoffs, but the present can't because we're negative now, dammit, and things are only allowed to be so good. One attitude I especially dislike is its better to have bad games because they're funny and get attention-- nevermind how little people actually had a healthy laugh about it until years after and instead got angry and toxic and dragged the series through the mud way worse than they ever did with Lost World or Forces. I mean, is this what people would prefer for the franchise over games that are, at least, functional? For it to be a laughingstock that blows up in flames, is used to make fun of fans for years, and gets remembered as an embarrassment, the franchise equivalent of that kid who acts out in class just so that they get paid attention to? Because hell no, that's just sad, won't really make anybody happier where and when it counts, and way worse for the franchise long term. If the franchise is gonna have a dark age, its much preferable for it to be not memorable, because when the series improves, the memories are just baggage that get in the way of the recovery. And if we must look at Mario... Mario's had more terrible and disappointing games than Sonic ever did. Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japanese version, which apparently Miyamoto deeply regrets for having too much of the common flaws at the time like being a clone of the first title but with cheap difficulty amped up, and Western version, which was just weird even by the standards of the not-yet-fully-established franchise), the stagnation of the NSMB series, Galaxy 2, I could go on and on without even mentioning spinoffs. But Mario's terrible additions aren't memorable, so people just move on when, if not well before, the next thing comes out. They don't feel inclined to drag up dead horses the moment something disappointed, because why would they? The lack of memorability makes how irrelevant they are obvious. And those bad-interesting Sonic games are equally irrelevant-- its just less obvious because they're more memorable, and that makes it harder to move on. Not that I think its a dark age, because its one of those things that are impossible to define due to how subjective the whole concept is, or that I haven't heard good arguments for this being a dark age even if I'm taking the agnostic position on the whole matter. But I think the Sonic fandom is deeply entrenched in this myopia where everything lines up with somebody's agenda or what's personal comforting rather than the actual reality of the situation, and it results in these beliefs that are, at best, exaggerated becoming not only normalized in fan groups but practically a requirement for everybody to hold to be taken seriously.
  6. Cute doggy. :3

    1. Ferno


      you didn't call it a doggo

      im gonna have to call the cops

    2. tailsBOOM!


      Or puppers. The only acceptable alternative

    3. Kiah


      All of y’all are wrong. “Doggie” or bust 🐶 

  7. IMO if a game must have a mandatory tutorial, it should really make the player do things to prove they know how to play the game as opposed just telling them stuff. Experienced players can breeze right through the tutorial without having to parse through annoying textwalls; newbies will get all the instructions and practice they need to get into the game.

    1. tailsBOOM!


      That is a brilliant idea

    2. MegasonicZX


      Some games already sort of fix this (just pop the text on screen at certain points with no stopping involved), why other people don't adopt said approach or give you a toggle is honestly baffling to me as I feel like it'd be easier to code that sort of thing that having to pause the game when text flashes up unless it's from reading a sign or something.

  8. C'mon internet. Make this crossover happen so something noteworthy and good comes out of Mega Man Fully Charged. Even if it is just by giving Sonic Boom at least some sort of conclusion/send-off.


    1. SupahBerry


      I'd entertain in the idea of the Sonic gang getting to break that dumb kid's teeth out the same way the Power Puff Girls lashed out on the TTG Titans. 

    2. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy


      Or, the show could actually explore the notion of being reprogrammed through Dr. Eggman messing with the robots in Megaman's home (Sonic Boom shows that he is capable of this for robots with and without organic components/aspects). Maybe Eggman figures that if he can't beat Sonic, he'll just go for another target and establish his empire/themepark there first, then come back to Sonic when he's made more gains in terms of arsenal and territory. But Team Sonic is suspicious and follows him anyway to stop whatever he's up to, finding him in whatever-FC-calls-Megaman's-hometown. Eggman chose that place because he figures that if the local hero can't reason why it doesn't make sense to hide that he's a robot from the person who built him and basically acted as a father to him for all his life, then he's easy pickings for Eggman's (self-perceived) genius.

      And it all snowballs from there.

    3. Dejimon11



      We already it got it 5 years ago champ 

    4. SupahBerry



      (this time on tv)


  9. I dare anybody to find something cuter than a cockatiel whistling the theme song of My Neighbor Totoro.


    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Its impossible to find anything cuter than birbs

    2. tailsBOOM!


      Bongo Cat Playing Animal Crossing Music? 


  10. Ah, but can you pinpoint him as one who acted alone on causing it? Probably not. This is not to downplay the importance of the producer or the decisions they make-- Iizuka is culpable for Sonic Team's output as well. But its not on him alone to make decisions. At the barest minimum, somebody has to approve the decisions and somebody else has to implement the decisions. That's at least two other people responsible for shaping the game-- and well, Sonic Team isn't exactly an indie skeleton crew, so there's undoubtedly far, far more people assigned those tasks. And if those people keep changing? Well, that gives the producer a lot less time to get to know the staff. Its vital that producer(s) know their staff well to be able to guide future iterations to be better than the previous titles. Sonic Staff Shuffle, especially with totally new and inexperienced people thrown into the mix, can't be helping Iizuka with his job. It also doesn't totally absolve him of accountability for Sonic's issues of late, of course, but well, he's not the only person making decisions that'll affect the future of the franchise and so getting rid of him will not cure every issue.
  11. Well, that's a presumptuous OP. I for one think Forces is decent, not mediocre. As for the point, well, I know I have the reputation of being the Sonic Team defender here, and I do believe that people often exaggerate, assume the worst, blame the wrong people, etc. in regards to them. But my personal view? There is no Sonic Team. At least not outside of branding. Look at the credits of all the games in the past 10 years. Even the Boost trilogy has a ton of variation in terms of who's doing what and that was about as close as consistent in terms of staffing that post-2008 Sonic games have gotten so far. Most of the people behind Generations did not have input into Forces beyond falling under the same brand; neither, for that matter, did most of the people behind Lost World have input into Forces either. Really, its a classic case of Theseus's ship. If you replace all the parts in Theseus's ship with modern materials, is it still Theseus's ship afterwards? And well, the answer in my opinion is that its little more than a recreation of Theseus's ship-- for these new parts were implemented after Theseus departed and certainly were not present for the ventures that made the ship a legend to begin with. I do not expect these parts to show the effects of experience and use from any time before the moment the parts' installation were complete. And that's about my expectations for Sonic Team. It lacks consistent staffing, and because staffing is key to defining what a team does and is, Sonic Team is not anything beyond branding. Really, people say "They had 10 years to figure this out!" like its the same people working at Sonic Team consistently since 2008 when its not the case-- had Forces had the exact same staff work on it but listed the studio's name as "Nokonoko Team" instead of Sonic Team, a lot less people would be holding it up as the end all be all of what Sonic Team is and always will be capable of, even though utterly nothing in this hypothetical scenario has actually changed from the facts of now except for the name. (And well, I've gone over on several occasions why I think the ruined forever mindset is nonsense. So no need to go off on that tangent, I think.)
  12. Mad Convoy

    Why Sonic Underground Sucks (In my Opinion)

    I think Underground is one of the few things that isn't divisive about Sonic, if only because most everybody can agree that its completely awful. From the uncanny animation to the terrible music, there's something for everybody to dislike in Underground. Its not hard to tell that episodes were quite literally churned out once a week from the studio. What's sad about the whole thing is that Underground is what DiC turned a potential third season of SatAM into. No really, Ben Hurst was about as close as he'd ever get to penning SatAM season 3, and the moment he arrived some DiC employee plopped this thing down and said "You make this instead. We get more money from music royalties in this show." Heartbreak doesn't even begin to describe it, and while I can get why some people think SatAM is bad, I think its reasonable to say that a third season of SatAM would've much more worthwhile to focus on concept-wise than the first season of Underground. While Underground had some good ideas, like elaborating on Sonic's family and showing how the guy feels about not having any parental figures around, even they needed a lot of retooling to reach their full potential. This is the internet's greatest GIF and nobody is going to convince me otherwise.
  13. Goddammit weegee will you stop falling for these "free mansion" scams already you should know by now that its always evil ghosts :P 

    when has it not been evil ghosts weegee

    1. Polkadi~♪


      a free mansion is a free mansion

    2. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      unless its actually evil ghosts' free mansion

    3. Polkadi~♪


      hey man, what if someone offers YOU a free mansion

    4. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      call the FCC

  14. Been trying to do a kinda-orcestrated of remix one of my favorite retro game songs, but its so much harder than it seems. Especially since the song itself is from a pretty obscure version of Arkanoid that never saw an official soundtrack release (and with a name like "menu", likely was never intended to be released). On top of that nobody's attempted to make a midi or sheet music of it yet. (The original game had the song in .mdf format but I have no idea what that format even is)

    Best I have to work off of is an mp3 I got off of a Youtube video archiving the song I guess...

  15. Dodonpa dislikes smoke.


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