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  1. Amy drove a car in Sonic R though. Unfortunately she was the worst racer in the game. She goes slower than molasses, has a near-useless ranged attack, and her one benefit (that she can go offroad with no decrease in speed) doesn't really do a whole lot of good because its not like she'll be building a whole lot of momentum anyway and the tracks do a good job of limiting how many ultra shortcuts (I know that's a Mario Kart fandom term but I don't know of the Sonic equivalent) players can take or improvise anyway. I'm guessing she's not going to be less useful than a wagon full of rocks in this title, given how subsequent Sonic racers have handled her a lot better as sort of an "item-user/strategic" type of racer. But still... However, the prospect of a Sonic on-foot racer is immensely appealing to me, as it would embrace what the Sonic franchise is all about instead of holding Sonic characters back to acommodate characters from other franchises that don't stand a chance of matching his raw speed. However, I'd be happy with a kart racer too. I could use a kart racer fix-- the Mario Kart games for the Switch kinda left a bad taste in my mouth with how it charges money for stuff that was previously better and offered for free-- and it would have room for creativity. Its also a good opportunity to showcase a variety of characters in a context where people won't reflexively cry "Sonic's shitty friends!" or get hyped for a certain kind of story that simply was never planned to be (because racing games aren't usually bought for their story if they even include one). Racing fans will usually get introduced to characters they love because they like the characters' playstyle(s) and from there come to greatly like their personality/design/concept. So what could be a better way to gauge which characters should get priority and attention instead of haphazardly tossing a whole bunch of characters together as glorified cameos?
  2. Not sure if I should tune into SXSW stream because I'm genuinely interested in what's coming next for Sonic, or take a complete hiatus from all things Sonic for the next month or two to avoid the craziness from people in response knowing that I can look into the new stuff later.

    1. Jovahexeon Ghost Trick

      Jovahexeon Ghost Trick

      I know the feeling. 

    2. Kiah


      You just don’t know how tempting the latter is to do-just for even a day or two.

      But because of the latter itself is exactly why I need to stick around. 

    3. Zaysho


      Uptime, downtime, it's always crazy around here.

      Though don't feel about taking a break, sometimes you just need it.

    4. Jovahexeon Ghost Trick

      Jovahexeon Ghost Trick

      Do the former and then the latter, after the stream,  until it's out if a new game is announced.

  3. Toys R Us closing in United States and UK

    That's pretty sad. Yet again, its not exactly surprising for me. Last time I went was into the Babies R' Us with Mom to buy baby clothes for a relative, and the place was practically a ghost town. Shelves looked like they hadn't had any need for restocking in weeks. It was well-staffed enough, but the staff were mostly teenagers that were bored by the lack of work-- as in, I'd never actually seen a retail worker's eyes light up when my mom is having trouble choosing products and asking for the location of things well across the store from where she is until I went into Babies 'R Us that day. That nice worker, and the nice teenagers at the store in general who clearly didn't sign up for the job with the intent to slack off or do little work, were nonetheless left with little to do and it was obviously affecting staff morale. It was super super sad and a little creepy when all the cashiers looked intently at you the moment you walked in. What a shame. Didn't go into there often as family for the most part provided my parents with plenty of toys and other childcare stuff, but I've never had a negative experience with staff or witnessed any consequences of an unqualified manager's decisions. Hope the best for the staff in finding other jobs because they are plenty qualified and deserving of them.
  4. Concepts/Things In Mania You Dislike

    Perhaps from your perspective, but people's playstyles and tastes are different. For example, perhaps you think Mania's physics are perfection. Obviously the game has to have really good physics for you to think that. But that's also going to be influenced largely by how well they can accomodate your style of play, because good physics only get you so far if they make it too difficult or tedious to play the game in the way that you want to play it. For me, while its by no means a bad implementation, I kinda prefer Sonic CD's physics. In CD, they're quirky, but once you figure out their quirks, you can do all sorts of fun maneuvers that most other Classic games don't really let you pull off well. CD's physics are generally agreed by the public to be the worst of the Classic Sonic games's due to being loose and quirky in a bad way, but for whatever reason it works really well for me in a way that other Classic-styled games don't quite match up. So if I criticize Classic games for having physics that are a tad bit rigid or off, its not to say that they failed to achieve anything of note and worth or degrade their positive aspects. Its that... well, I found them a tad bit rigid or off and it affected my experience enough for me to want to bring it up. And don't even get me started on music. That is a whole 'nother level of subjectivity right there. You may be surprised to hear, for example, that some people actually really like Genesis synths and soundfonts on songs that are done Modern style, as they do have a good amount of acid and the Modern stylings have less technical limitations to emulate than Genesis stylings. And just because its got a better soundtrack than Sonic 4 doesn't mean that its above criticism, in part because that is really not a hard thing to get at all. I hope I've at least explained it well enough to answer that "what?" questions you've been having.
  5. Nothing like a cockatoo destroying the alphabet to brighten up a day. (Video will not be embedded here for some reason so here's a link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=415e2vAfogQ)

  6. Concepts/Things In Mania You Dislike

    To address your confusion... I for example don't really like playing Classic Sonic games, so it didn't take long for the game to lose me (and well, it only had me at all because it looked a lot like Sonic CD, the one Classic Sonic game I actually enjoy playing). That isn't the same as not appreciating Mania-- its just that I'm not gonna lie and say that I love everything and Mania is a personal high for me in terms of Sonic when that isn't remotely true, and as a fan I do have the right to express that and still be treated with respect. Just like you're not gonna lie that you do consider Mania to be a personal high for you in terms of Sonic and everything Sonic games should strive for, and as a fan you do have the right to express that and still be treated with respect. We don't have to agree on that matter, but that isn't the same as people not appreciating Mania. Its just that they noticed some faults that affected their playthrough of the game and felt the need to highlight or note them-- not just a few critics, issues with stuff like the special stages are extremely widespread and common, so its important to make that known so any Mania 2 or whatever can rectify it before the problem has the chance to metastasize in future games. And well, that's probably the point of this topic. Get a basic idea of Mania's issues together so that we can discuss how they can be improved the next time around.
  7. ...I admit that upon seeing BlitzChris on here, I briefly panicked and thought that Chris had stepped down as admin to pursue a career in radio. LOL

    1. Tara


      He has.  From now on, SSMB will be handled by me.  First order of business, everyone must address me as Tara-sama, denounce their own religion, and worship the ground I walk on.

    2. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      All hail Tara-sama.

    3. Kiah


      I’ve never listened to Tara before and I’m surely not going to start listening to her now! *puts on shades*

    4. RedFox99
    5. Zaysho


      @Tara you’re the reason I’m a moderator




      So surely you can understand why I will never do that

  8. Ah, that explains why Boom popped up on my DVR apropos of nowhere. Glad my DVR remembered that I scheduled recordings for Boom lol. Unfortunately, as you said, its still on Boomerang, which keeps a lot of people from watching it as its a pretty obscure channel.
  9. As for how this escalated so quickly, simple: Mob mentality. Humans evolved the ability to cooperate on a mass scale-- and when shit gets bad, well, the end result is about the closest real life will provide in terms of an attack of the giant ants... if the ants also had opposable thumbs and advanced ability to make and use tools. All it takes is one bad seed to influence the others to join the bad seed in acting destructive and eventually forming a mob so powerful that an entire building doesn't stand a chance. That of course doesn't excuse tearing the local store down or any of the awful, awful crap that's happened-- the good seeds could have taken action to stop the mob at any point in time, not to mention that this probably started with one moron needlessly fearmongering-- but its something important to note for anybody here or elsewhere claiming that it could never happen in their hometown. Because it can-- all you need is enough people feeling threatened and wanting to act, and shit is fucked.
  10. The State of Sonic Team

    I dunno. I found an interview with the brand manager, Ivo Gershovich. (Linked here: http://comicbook.com/gaming/2018/02/28/sonic-the-hedgehog-interview-movie-video-games-sxsw/) Though I have no confirmation, it reads like it was company planned and paid (meaning that Sega chose the questions to ask as well as the person to do it, which gives it an advantage in regard to mislead readers by glossing over important stuff since it can account for the interviewer's biases, tweak the wording of questions in the best way for PR, and eliminate any difficult ones altogether). Despite that, it can still provide some insights on what Sega is thinking right now. (Bolding mine) Looks like Sega is really, really happy with how Sonic has done this year. Not too surprising-- outside of the internet hardcore Sonic and gamer bubble, I find that people actually don't mind Forces if they don't like it and like Mania decently enough. And if the interview was indeed paid and planned by Sega... well, why would it pay for a question with wording like "how well" and "excel" which, if Sega wasn't happy with how Sonic is doing, would set up Ivo to fail badly? Honestly, I can see where you're getting this question from considering all the doom and gloom. But this happens whenever a Sonic game disappoints or fails, and that doesn't necessarily mean that Sonic, Sonic Team, or Sega as a whole are doing bad or ruined forever. In fact, it usually means the opposite in that there's something good on the horizon. I mean, hop in the Delorean and ask somebody in 1995, 2006, or 2014 how Sonic's future looks and the answer will probably be something to the essence of "non-existent", said with absolute certainty. Didn't turn out that way. Then take that Delorean and go to 2008 and you'll be told, with absolute certainty, that Sonic's future is all 2D and Dimps because Sonic Unleashed (particularly HD) and the rest of Modern Sonic after SA1 are terrible. Didn't turn out that way. I can't make guarantees about Sonic's future, but here's what I'm almost entirely certain is true-- Sonic Team and the Sonic franchise are both doing just fine.

  11. I'm laughing and cringing at the same time. On one hand, its pretty ridiculous and ironic that the person with a no doping shirt would fail a drug test. But on the other hand, its possible that the athlete in question was unknowingly ingesting performance enhancing drugs in some way, which is very, very common for countries that are run badly or excessively controllingly to put on a good facade for the Olympics.

    And... the consequences can be emotionally and physically harmful long term. Just ask the woman who was used as the face of Nazi Germany athletics during and after the Olympics-- only to discover that a ton of male hormones pertaining to increased bulk and strength were slipped into her food and drinks. At least the Russian lady found out before the long term effects could kick in-- the German lady only found out once her body basically started transitioning to male.

  12. I like the idea of customizability in Sonic games, and while it perhaps wouldn't make sense for the Avatar to come back anytime soon outside of a spinoff, it'd be good to give Sonic and friends some customizability. I don't mind clothes. Sonic Rivals didn't do so bad-- or at least, some of the more amusing clothing options like the cheesy tuxedo comprise the majority of people who actually mention it these days. And honestly, while I don't like all of Forces's clothing options, even the worst looking ones could be made to work somehow if you know what you're doing. If bad options can't be avoided, there should at least be mitigated somehow. Much as I like the idea of more anthro options, its one of those unfortunate development realities that each anthro would need its own custom models, and animations, not to mention that it takes a lot of extra work ensuring that all the clothes work on all the builds and character types (or alternatively, making custom unique clothes for every anthro, which isn't much easier). Forces gave every Avatar roughly the same build and it still seems to be pushing it with all the options. So maybe cut back on the clothes on a bit as well as the options, to avoid over-complication. At least if the game isn't a spinoff centered around the Avatar that would have the time and focus to give more options, which I strongly doubt the next Sonic game will be. One thing I kinda miss from old video games is how, when you beat the game or 100% completed it, you got some overpowered move or option that gives you the power to fuck around with the game. Because why not? It won't let you cheese through the game because you're not getting it until the main campaign is finished or you've completed all or most of the game. Why not give it some extra replay value and allow the most dedicated, skilled players some extra freedom and power? The 3D game format wouldn't be good for a debug mode like Sonic 1 or anything like that, but something like the gems in Sonic 06? I'd do all the SOS missions in Forces for that kind of reward. And you can lump it into the aforementioned customization very easily-- special shoes, special sunglasses, etc.
  13. Kinda siding with @Josh here. This discussion is kinda like saying that making another Diddy Kong Racer game is bad because its range of characters are narrower and more niche than Mario Kart and it will probably replace the entire Mario Kart franchise. Not only is that not necessarily the case, but you can't even argue obscurity for Sonic because, while you could argue that Diddy Kong is too niche, its hard to argue that Sonic isn't still recognizable and marketable. Of course, there's nothing wrong with being disappointed if you prefer Mario Kart only to find that Nintendo had other plans for its racing game releases, but its not inherently bad or stupid to do. And also, as somebody familiar enough with how Mario Kart generally works, character popularity is usually not much of an issue with mascot racers beyond the general rule of thumb not to mess too much with the main draws-- typically first and foremost the characters that are overpowered in some way or overpowered with the right strategies become very popular, then followed by each consecutive tier until you get to the trash tiers that usually only get popular for trash tier themed competitions. Though even the rule of don't mess with the main draws can be subverted sometimes-- Pink Gold Peach in Mario Kart 8 was much despised for being a slightly heavier clone of Peach (not to mention that pink gold is an obscure alloy that many did not believe actually existed), but I managed to get her some respect from friends by playing well with her. Because in the end, performance and strategic options most strongly defines characters' likability in racers. Or to give a Sonic Riders example, most people who would be interested in racers aren't familiar with Cream the Rabbit (who debuted and was most prominent in the Sonic Advance series). But do people use her anyway? Oh hell yeah, because while she's very difficult to use effectively due to her absurdly light weight and crap turning making her an easy punching bag, she has a hidden talent for using remarkably little air. Once you master handling, dodging, and Fly type shortcuts, you basically have the capability to continuously air boost at or near top speed to get incredible times. No wonder some expert players like her, and when they post videos of using her, it invariably promotes the character and the game in a positive way to non-fans who have an interest in racing games. As somebody who likes the other characters in the Sonic universe and wants them to be more prominent, with non-Sonic cameos or without, this would be a really awesome way of highlighting them and showing off how useful and entertaining they are as characters in a way that could serve as a vehicle for getting them more involved in the main games. Especially if this catches on more than Riders, which much as I like the Riders series, I must admit that doing that isn't very difficult.
  14. I don't see why season 3 can't be a happy blend of comedy and serious though. Season 2 already took some steps in that directions in terms of upping the action scenes and occasionally presenting a very high stakes plot, so season 3 could easily continue that trend with relaxing/light moments and/or episode interspersed throughout the season to keep stuff from getting too serious. Especially since the show has proven itself despite Rise of Lyric (which came out four years ago), so the RoL stigma probably won't make injecting some seriousness more difficult than it needs to be anymore. Yet again, there's no guarantee of anything. So who knows?
  15. What is it about cats that make them so awesome? :D



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