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  1. Briefly popping out of hiding to congratulate Headcannon and all the others who worked on the game for Sonic Mania's good quality and awesome reception.

  2. Mad leak for next Sonic Boom episode. ;) 


    It will contain the color blue.


    1. RedFox99



    2. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      Will it be the RIGHT color though?

    3. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy




  3. Hey, GeneralCacti made a video about Sonic Forces. Its really funny.


    1. Bobnik


      I stole the name of OC for Forces from here.


      Nerdlick the ???, here I come!

    2. Jeffhog



    3. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      "I'm not calling you Batman nerdlick."

      That made me die XD

  4. Oddly enough, in my playing of Star Fox 64,  Slippy has nearly always proven himself to be the best pilot on the team. He's usually around or at full health by the end of each mission, has gotten some enemies off my tail before, and once shot down Pigma almost entirely by himself. Ironically, the one I usually have to babysit is Falco.

  5. http://www.cartoonbrew.com/feature-film/sony-repents-emoji-movie-releases-trailer-religious-film-star-152562.html

    For those who were hoping that the Emoji Movie would convince Sony to sell its animation and film departments and assets... I am so, so sorry.

    1. KHCast


      A fucking animated movie about Jesus...by dreamworks of all people to do it. Jesus Christ 

    2. Tara


      "The Star, a story about the first Christmas, told from the point of view of the animals."

      This is literally The Manger Babies.


    3. VEDJ-F


      @KHCast Hey, Dreamworks actually did a good religious film. Sony's not going to do that. 

    4. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      Sony Pictures Animation was inspired to make "The Star" by its need for salvation.

  6. Hello! I just logged onto SSMB after the update, and it seems like the formatting for the theme Batty is messed up. I included a picture.
  7. I have a question for everybody here-- we all know that the LSC is bad, but if you suddenly acquired the rights to it and had awesome comic book writing skills, what would you change about the LSC to make it better? (I know the obvious answer is "everything" or "change its position so that it now occupies the bottom of a trash can"-- but please try to put more thought into your response. Think about what's really the issues with the LSC and come up with feasible solutions.) For the designs, I would not give the characters loincloths because it makes scenes with the characters very awkward and also objectifies the characters. I'd let them have unique space suits instead to go along with the space theme. Or, if there's a situation where it makes more sense for a character to have ragged, sparse clothing, I'd model it after Sticks the Badger's design. That is to say, it looks like something that was cobbled together by whatever the character could scavenge, but its also tasteful and not objectifying. I'd also not give the characters realistic proportions-- because they're surreal cartoon anthros and that's nothing to be ashamed of. I might change the proportions, but not to realistic ones (for example, with faces, I'm fond of small pupils, varied noses, and expressive, not strictly on model, mouths -- but others may have different ideas on how they'd prefer to make redesigns). I might also change the characters species in order to sever the ties with Sonic-- probably Since I'm not very good at shading, I'd heavily stylize the art so that it wouldn't need a lot of shading. Or y'know, just learn to shade before doing any work. Whatever worked best for my situation. However, if I were an awesome comic book artist, then presumably I could shade just fine and would model it after the post-Super Genesis Wave style. As for the story, I would cut the cord with Sonic. Change the names to something that isn't Sonic-y and/or laughable (for example, instead of K'nox, I'd call the character Starsoarer or something-- ok, I'm not actually very good at names but at least its better than K'nox). The Super Genesis Wave never happened in my interpretation of the LSC (implied or otherwise) and they are instead space adventurers who face complicated problems. Which is quite similar to the original concept, because like most Penders works, the actual idea behind it isn't bad but rather the execution. I'd also gray up Julie-Su and the other villains of the comic-- they have good intentions, but their methods are controversial. Or they are well aware that they're bad, but pragmatic enough to work for good when it suits their goals and/or have a valid reason to do what they do even if they know its not morally right. Pretty much anything but the Snidely Whiplash types of villains that are in the LSC, because I don't want to claim complexity where none exists. Same for the heroes. Sure the Lara-Su and K'nox equivalents would be firmly on the side of good, but they'd frequently be faced with difficult situations (for example, if they should intervene in a conflict or if their intervening would only make the situation worse). Also action. Not necessarily from enemies, but from the environment. Space is a dangerous place, after all. An asteroid belt could be lethal. Or its possible that they crash land from a planet abandoned because of nuclear disaster and their suits only protect them from the intense radiation for a limited amount of time and the ship's only surviving radiation deflector and neutralizer can only run so long before overheating and igniting the engine-- meaning that they have to resource-manage to survive, repair their ship, and then remove the dangerous radiation (this would be a good place for future-y tech. As for nerdy references, yes, they'd be there. I'd definitely have four Arwing-like ships in the occasional background, or some Luma-like aliens. (No Sonic references though, as I would divorce Sonic entirely with my interpretation of the LSC). However, they wouldn't overshadow the work to the point where it seems like a knockoff. The LSC that I would write could stand on its own, but has some references to make nerds smile.
  8. You have to be careful with wishing that he gets what he deserves, because that particular phrase has a very strong connotation to wishing that somebody you dislike has a horribly traumatic experience. I trust that you were only expressing a desire that the LSC doesn't sell well or that Penders gets sued for releasing Archie reprints, but I'd rather you just say that you hope those things occur or clarifying on what you mean by what he deserves. The Republic, to be fair, would make excellent riffing material should it ever be released. I find that the LSC tends to be the painful and depressing kind of bad rather than the hilarious kind of bad, and as it result it is difficult to riff on. But the Republic's special effects, soundtrack, acting, and its premise are just cheesy enough to bring it into the hilarious bad zone occupied by works like The Room, so it'd be easy to riff on. Linkara tackled Sonic Live! once, which was Ken Penders work, but he vowed never to review another Sonic comic to avoid controversy (the only reason Sonic Live! got used was because everybody agreed that it was bad, so it wouldn't offend anybody if he tore it to shreds). So I doubt he'd go for the LSC.
  9. Sonic Forces DLC possibly confirmed?

    I hope its costumes for all the character. Having optional costumes as DLC is a concept from SA2 that I happen to really like-- its a good way of giving people who want to be able to purchase additional features something cool and interesting without completely screwing over people who don't want or can't afford to make DLC purchases. Plus the Halloween costumes were really good.
  10. Which I think is terrible because its not necessarily a bad or shameful thing to have to change your life's direction. Not everybody is cut out to pursue comics beyond just a hobby done in spare time, and that is okay. Nobody has infallible judgement either. People make mistakes, some of which are bigger than others or in Penders's case, dream-crushing. If Penders had honestly admitted that he screwed up and can't sustain LSC anymore or continue attacking Sega for publicity, he would have made good step in finding a more feasible dream and bettering his situation. However, the best time to do that would have been years ago, before he accidentally destroyed almost everything he built, as that would have left him with a better reputation, more fans, etc. to work with. At the same time, I believe its never too late to express genuine remorse and sincerely apologize, so I can only hope that Penders one day is able to surpass that sunk cost fallacy/Dunning-Krueger/whatever's fueling him to keep making projects that have long lost their spark and make a new start doing something else. Maybe an idea guy for a marketer? He is pretty good at coming up with solid concepts and the problems with his work usually come with execution (for one, expanding on Knuck- erm, K'nox's family in his run of Archie Sonic and the LSC)-- not to mention that as much as he disdains active editors, he tends to produce better quality, more timely work when he has somebody to rein in the soap operatics and other needlessly complex stuff. However, I think that will be extremely difficult. His home, his family, what few fans still remain, and LSC (or his other projects) are the only things he built (metaphorically speaking) that he has remaining at this point. And that makes the projects and the support of his fans who got into his work through Sonic difficult to let go of. Beyond lack of passion, he may well be prolonging these projects because he's staking his self-worth on people following what he's doing, regardless of whether that results in negative or positive attention. I mean, if he releases an issue of LSC, there will be controversy at first which might garner some sales. But it will also provide closure to the saga started by his lawsuit against Archie Comics, and he and the LSC will quickly be forgotten as a result. He doesn't want that. So instead, the LSC is going to be the ride that never ends. Never released, but continually given updates on Twitter and at Comic Con whenever Penders experiences a lull in attention directed towards him. Its the kind of tragedy that Hollywood makes movies about. I don't like wishing failure on people, and so the best I can say is that I hope LSC turns out better than it looks as of right now. Even if its unlikely to improve or even get released.
  11. I know. Its really a shame. Heck, look at this pencil art he did as a tribute to Captain America. (excuse me if this was already pointed out) Like... I can't believe I'm saying this, but this is a genuinely good picture. The shading is amateurish, but not terrible and still leagues above what he's done with his Sonic-related art (especially for LSC). If the Lara Su Chronicles was done in pencil (or colored pencil), I might actually enjoy or at least be able to tolerate the art. This makes it clear to me that he just isn't a good fit for Sonic. If he wasn't so fixated on Sonic, he would be able to find other muses and become more talented. I question how passionate he truly is about Sonic at this point-- this drawing seems to have lot more heart than his LSC drawings have so far. I mean, all this legal stuff and controversy has got to be exhausting-- its possible that he's worn out and only making the LSC to spite Archie and Sega or to maintain his copyright on the characters rather than any love for Sonic.
  12. X Gonna Give it to Ya and the final boss theme of Sonic Colors go surprisingly well together.


  13. So why are people calling Infinite edgy?

    You did say that in the opening post of this topic. Here's the quote. This is the part I would like some elaboration on, given that my experience with reactions to Infinite's supposed edginess has been that people don't like edge. Though I do side with the "edge is overly vague" camp.
  14. So why are people calling Infinite edgy?

    Those traits are indeed not necessarily associated with being edgy. However, they are associated with Shadow, who has a reputation for being edgy. They're also associated with Black Doom and the Black Arms, which if nothing else are generally accepted as an attempt by Sonic Team to be edgy. Ergo, Infinite is edgy. That and Infinite is comparatively darker and edgier when compared to the Deadly Six and Eggman's current interpretation. Granted, I don't think Infinite is really all that edgy, but I suppose that was an attempt at explaining the logic. Also, at the expense of looking quite dumb, I thought people who thought Infinite was edgy generally didn't like his edginess, thinking that it makes it hard to take Infinite seriously and/or likening it to something from dredges of the Adventure era. Can you elaborate on that a bit?