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  1. Oh cool! The physical version of the OST is coming over to the west. I would be happy about this as the music was the one aspect I liked about Forces, but I already bought it on iTunes, so no point in me getting it a second time. It’s still pretty neat regardless.

  2. Solicits for Sonic The Hedgehog Online #249 are now out!



    The Mecha Sally arc reaches its long-awaited conclusion in "Against the Clock": Team Fighters has successfully returned to New Mobotropolis with the captured Mecha Sally, but Dr. Eggman still has a few more tricks up his sleeve—namely a new-and-improved Metal Sonic and an ancient war machine! As the battle rages on in the imperiled city, will Sonic have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the day?! It's the action-packed climax you've all been waiting for, with a jaw-dropping ending you can't afford to miss! Featuring cover art from Sonic fan artist extraordinaire Drawloverlala!

    Writer: SonicWindAttack
    Pencils: CrimDa and Tim "J" Campbell
    Inks: OohCee
    Colors: Drawloverlala
    Letters: Ian PK
    Editor: The Shadow Imperator
    Cover Artists: Drawloverlala (Pencils and Colors), elisonic12 (Inks)
    StH-O Logo: DoNotDelete

    (Credits are not final and are subject to change)

  3. Oh! It's this event again. Really liked the other one last year, so why not go for a second round. :)

    Sonic and The Secret Rings: The Palace That Was Found

    Sonic Unleashed: Dear My Friend

    Sonic Mania: Mirage Saloon Zone

    Remix Slot: Bubble Junkie(Labyrinth Zone Remix - Sonic The Hedgehog) - Ben Briggs:

    I love these events! The music in the Sonic series is god tier.

  4. SSMB's Top Sonic Songs 2017 Voting Thread - LargoDELLZ:


    Sonic The Hedgehog(1991; Genesis):

    1. Spring Yard Zone
    2. Star Light Zone
    3. Labyrinth Zone
    4. Scrap Brain Zone
    5. Green Hill Zone
    6. Marble Zone
    7. Title
    8. All Clear
    9. Final Zone
    10. Staff Roll


    Sonic The Hedgehog(1991; Game Gear):

    1. Bridge Zone
    2. Jungle Zone
    3. Ending
    4. Special Stage
    5. Sky Base Zone
    6. Green Hill Zone
    7. Labyrinth 
    8. Scrap Brain Zone
    9. Boss 
    10. Title Screen


    Sonic The Hedgehog 2(Game Gear/Master System):

    1. Green Hills Zone
    2. Staff Roll
    3. Scrambled Egg Zone
    4. Aqua Lake Zone
    5. Crystal Egg Zone
    6. Sky High Zone
    7. Underground Zone
    8. Gimmick Mt. Zone
    9. Boss(GG)
    10. Good Ending


    Sonic The Hedgehog 2(Genesis):

    1. Mystic Cave Zone
    2. Chemical Plant Zone
    3. Aquatic Ruin Zone
    4. Casino Night Zone
    5. Hill Top Zone
    6. Metropolis Zone
    7. Staff Roll
    8. Boss
    9. Death Egg Zone
    10. Emerald Hill Zone(2P)


    Sonic The Hedgehog CD(JP/EU):

    1. Stardust Speedway - Bad Future
    2. Stardust Speedway - Present
    3. Palmtree Panic - Present
    4. Quartz Quadrant - Good Future
    5. Boss!!
    6. Collision Chaos - Present
    7. Collision Chaos - Past
    8. Metallic Madness - Present
    9. Tidal Tempest - Present
    10. Cosmic Eternity - Believe in Yourself


    Sonic The Hedgehog: Spinball(SEGA Genesis):

    1. Toxic Caves
    2. Bonus Game
    3. Boss
    4. Lava Power House
    5. The Machine
    6. The Showdown


    Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine:

    1. Title Screen
    2. Staff Roll
    3. Dr. Robotnik is in Danger!
    4. Password
    5. Danger!
    6. 2 Player
    7. Excerise Mode
    8. Configuration 
    9. Stage 13
    10. Stages 1-4


    Sonic Chaos:

    1. Gigalopolis Zone
    2. Turquoise Hill Zone
    3. Electric Egg Zone
    4. Aqua Planet Zone
    5. Mecha Green Hill Zone
    6. Sleeping Egg Zone
    7. Final Act
    8. Final Boss
    9. Credits
    10. Title Screen


    Sonic Drift:

    1. Driver Select
    2. Green Hill
    3. Spring Yard
    4. Scrap Brain
    5. Labyrinth 
    6. Marble
    7. Star Light
    8. Credits
    9. Course Select
    10. Options


    Sonic The Hedgehog 3(SEGA Genesis):

    1. File Select
    2. Hyrdrocity Zone Act. 1
    3. Angel Island Act. 1
    4. Carnival Night Zone Act. 1
    5. Ice Cap Zone Act. 1
    6. Launch Base Zone Act. 1
    7. Theme of Knuckles
    8. Marble Garden Zone Act. 1
    9. Hyrdrocity City Zone Act. 2
    10. Title Screen


    Sonic & Knuckles(SEGA Genesis):

    1. Title Screen
    2. Doomsday Zone
    3. Mushroom Hill Zone Act. 1
    4. Flying Battery Zone Act. 1
    5. Lava Reef Zone Act. 1
    6. Sky Sanctuary Zone 
    7. Death Egg Zone Act. 1
    8. Credits
    9. Sandopolis Zone Act. 1
    10. Flying Battery Zone Act. 2


    Sonic The Hedgehog: Triple Trouble:

    1. Sunset Park Zone
    2. Great Turquoise Zone
    3. Robotnik Winter Zone
    4. Meta Jungle Zone
    5. Atomic Destroyer Zone
    6. Tidal Plant Zone
    7. Final Boss
    8. Title Screen
    9. Character Select
    10. Intro


    Sonic Drift 2:

    1. Casino Night
    2. Dark Valley
    3. Desert Road
    4. Emerald Hill
    5. Ice Cap
    6. Hill Top
    7. Mystic Caves
    8. Quake Caves
    9. Iron Ruin
    10. Death Egg


    Sonic Labyrinth:

    1. Options
    2. Menu
    3. Labyrinth of the Sky 1
    4. Labyrinth of the Sea 1
    5. Labyrinth of the Castle 2
    6. Final Boss
    7. Bonus Level
    8. Labyrinth of the Castle 1
    9. Ending 
    10. Labyrinth of the Factory 1


    Knuckles' Chaotix:

    1. Door into Summer
    2. Chaotic World
    3. Crystal Nightmare
    4. Electoria 
    5. Evening Star
    6. Decision
    7. From Party to Party
    8. Have a Happy Day
    9. Labyrinth
    10. Mechanical Dance


    Tails' Skypatrol:

    1. Training Area
    2. Rail Canyon Area
    3. Dark Castle Area
    4. Metal Island Area
    5. Ruin Wood Area
    6. Boss Carrotia
    7. Boss Wendy Witchcart
    8. Boss Fockewulf
    9. Boss Bearenger
    10. Credits


    Tails' Adventure:

    1. Poloy Forest
    2. Tails' House
    3. World Map
    4. Volcanic Tunnel
    5. Sea Fox
    6. Caron Forest
    7. Lake Rocky
    8. Coco Island
    9. Mt. Poloy 
    10. Final Boss vs. Great Battle Kukku XV


    Sonic The Fighters:

    1. Advertise - K.I.Y.O.
    2. South Island - Lovers
    3. Sunset Town - Bonus Track
    4. Mushroom Hill - Come On Mr. Sonic
    5. Flying Carpet - Back to Soul
    6. Casino Night - Here We Go
    7. Canyon Cruise - Blue Garden
    8. Super Sonic - Everything
    9. Giant Wing - Fire Stone
    10. Ending theme - Take me Away


    Sonic 3D Blast(SEGA Genesis):

    1. Green Grove Act. 1
    2. Main Menu
    3. Rusty Ruin Act. 1
    4. Diamond Dust Act. 1
    5. Spring Stadium Act. 2
    6. Panic Puppet Act. 1
    7. Green Grove Act. 2
    8. Opening Theme
    9. Staff Credits
    10. Special Stage


    Sonic Blast:

    1. Green Hill Zone
    2. Yellow Desert Zone
    3. Character Select
    4. Blue Marine Zone
    5. Silver Castle Zone
    6. Red Volcano Zone
    7. Boss Theme
    8. Final Boss
    9. Staff Roll
    10. Title Screen


    Sonic R:

    1. Can You Feel the Sunshine - Resort Island
    2. Number One - Credits
    3. Super Sonic Racing - Radiant Emerald
    4. Work it Out - Reactive Factory
    5. Back in Time - Regal Ruin
    6. Living in the City - Radical City
    7. Diamond in the Sky - Radiant Emerald


    Sonic Adventure:

    1. Azure Blue World... for Emerald Coast
    2. Be Cool, Be Wild and Be Groovy... For Icecap
    3. Unknown from M.E.
    4. It Doesn't Matter
    5. Lazy Days
    6. Twinkle Circuit 
    7. Twinkle Park
    8. Blue Star... For Casinopolis
    9. Welcome to Station Square
    10. Speed Highway


    Sonic The Hedgehog: Pocket Adventure:

    1. Aerobase Zone
    2. Boss Theme
    3. Chaotic Space Zone
    4. Aquatic Relix Zone Act. 1
    5. Cosmic Casino Zone Act. 1
    6. Gigantic Angel Zone Act. 1
    7. Last Utopia Zone
    8. New South Island Zone Act. 1
    9. Secret Plant Zone Act. 1
    10. Sky Chase Zone


    Sonic Shuffle:

    1. Fourth Dimension
    2. Battle of Bloom
    3. Blizzard of Coast
    4. Over Run
    5. Heart of Heat
    6. Under Galaxy
    7. Eliminator 
    8. Dark Sharpener
    9. Live on Walnuts
    10. Sunny Side


    Sonic Adventure 2:

    1. Unknown From M.E. (SA2 Version)
    2. Escape from the City
    3. That's the Way I like it (Metal Harbor)
    4. Won't Stop, Just Go! (Green Forest)
    5. Highway in the Sky (Final Rush)
    6. Unstable World (Crazy Gadget)
    7. Keys the Ruin (Pyramid Cave)
    8. Kick the Rock! (Wild Canyon)
    9. Chasing Drive (Kart)
    10. Live and Learn 


    Sonic Advance:

    1. Casino Paradise Zone Act. 1
    2. Cosmic Angel Zone
    3. Egg Rocket Zone
    4. Ice Mountain Zone Act. 1
    5. Neo Green Hill Zone Act. 1
    6. Moon Zone
    7. Secret Base Zone Act. 1
    8. Special Stage
    9. X-Zone
    10. Angel Island Zone Act. 1


    Sonic Advance 2:

    1. Egg Utopia Zone Act. 1
    2. Final Boss
    3. Hot Crater Zone Act. 1
    4. Ice Paradise Zone Act. 1
    5. Leaf Forest Zone Act. 1
    6. Music Plant Zone Act. 1
    7. Sky Canyon Zone Act. 1
    8. Special Stage
    9. Techno Base Zone Act. 1
    10. Staff Roll


    Sonic Heroes:

    1. Sonic Heroes (Main theme of the game)
    2. We Can - Team Sonic's theme
    3. This Machine - Team Dark's theme
    4. Ocean Palace
    5. Grand Metropolis 
    6. Casino Park
    7. Bingo Highway
    8. Mystic Mansion
    9. Frog Forest
    10. What I'm Made Of - Metal Overlord


    Sonic Pinball Party:

    1. Menu
    2. Story
    3. Victory
    4. Casinopolis
    5. Neo Green Hill Zone
    6. Super Sonic Racing 
    7. Open Your Heart
    8. Spring Yard Zone
    9. Starlight Zone
    10. Splash Garden


    Sonic Advance 3:

    1. Chaos Angel Zone Act. 1
    2. Character Select
    3. Cyber Track Zone Act. 1
    4. EX Boss
    5. Final Boss
    6. Ocean Base Zone Act. 1
    7. Route 99 Act. 1
    8. Special Stage
    9. Sonic Factory
    10. Sunset Hill Zone Act. 1


    Sonic Battle:

    1. Green Hill Zone
    2. Emerald Town
    3. Central City
    4. Club Rouge
    5. Amy's Room
    6. Battle Highway
    7. Death Egg
    8. Chao Ruins
    9. Emerald Beach
    10. Emerl's Theme


    Shadow The Hedgehog:

    1. Never Turn Back - Last Story credits
    2. I Am... All of Me - Main Theme
    3. Chosen One - Neutral Path theme
    4. Circus Park
    5. Westopolis 
    6. Lava Shelter
    7. Glyphic Canyon 
    8. Digital Circuit
    9. Central City
    10. Mad Matrix


    Sonic Rush:

    1. Right There, Right On
    2. Jeh Jeh Rocket
    3. What U Need
    4. Ska Cha Cha
    5. A New Day
    6. Ethno Circus
    7. Metal Scratchin'
    8. Get Edgy
    9. Bomber Barbara
    10. Vela-Nova


    Sonic Riders:

    1. Sonic Speed Riders
    2. Theme of Metal City
    3. Theme of Splash Canyon
    4. Theme of Green Cave
    5. Theme of Sand Ruins
    6. Theme of Egg Factory
    7. Theme of Digital Dimension
    8. Theme of Babylon Garden
    9. High Flying Groove
    10. Theme of SEGA Carnival 


    Sonic The Hedgehog(2006):

    1. His World - Theme of Sonic
    2. All Hail Shadow - Theme of Shadow
    3. Dreams of Absolution - Theme of Silver
    4. Wave Ocean
    5. Tropical Jungle
    6. Kingdom Valley
    7. White Acropolis(Snowy Peak)
    8. Flame Core(Volcano)
    9. Radical Train(The Abandoned Mine)
    10. Aquatic Base(Base 1)


    Sonic Rivals:

    1. Forest Falls Zone Act. 1
    2. Rival Select
    3. Sky Park Zone Act. 2(vs. Metal Sonic)
    4. Crystal Mountain Zone Act. 1
    5. Meteor Base Zone Act. 2
    6. Final Boss
    7. "Happy" (Credits Roll)
    8. Death Yard Zone Act. 1
    9. Menu
    10. Colosseum Highway Act. 1


    Sonic and the Secret Rings: 

    1. The Palace That Was Found
    2. It Has Come to This
    3. Unawakening Float
    4. Seven Rings in Hand
    5. Let the Speed Mend It
    6. The Wicked Wild
    7. High and Broken
    8. No Way Through
    9. Blue on the Run
    10. Sandstorm


    Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity:

    1. Ungravitify
    2. Through Traffic(Megalo Station)
    3. Gadget Round(Meteotech Premises)
    4. Aquatic Time(Aquatic Capital)
    5. The Core(Mobius Strip)
    6. Blast Town(80's Boulevard)
    7. Spiral Madness(Snowy Kingdom)
    8. Sealed Ground(Gigan Rocks)
    9. Dive into Gravity(Crimson Crater)
    10. Main Menu


    Sonic Rivals 2:

    1. Blue Coast Zone Act. 1
    2. Main Menu
    3. "Happy"
    4. Sunset Forest Zone Act. 1
    5. Neon Palace Zone Act. 1
    6. Confrontation
    7. Frontier Canyon Zone Act. 1
    8. Chaotic Inferno Zone Act. 1
    9. Tension
    10. Mystic Haunt Zone Act. 1


    Sonic Rush Adventure:

    1. A New Venture
    2. Plant Kingdom(Act 1&2 Mix)
    3. Coral Cave(Act 1&2 Mix)
    4. Blizzard Peaks(Act 1&2 Mix)
    5. Sky Babylon(Act 1&2 Mix)
    6. Haunted Ship(Act 1&2 Mix)
    7. Machine Labyrinth(Act 1&2 Mix)
    8. Hovercraft
    9. Boss: Deep Core
    10. End Credits


    Sonic Unleashed:

    1. Endless Possibility 
    2. Dear My Friend
    3. Windmill Isle(Day)
    4. Mazuri(Day)
    5. Rooftop Run(Day)
    6. The World Adventure
    7. Chun-nan(Night)
    8. Adabat(Night)
    9. Jungle Joyride(Day)
    10. Vs. Dark Gaia


    Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood:

    1. Angel Island
    2. Battle 1
    3. Central City
    4. Green Hill Zone
    5. Ix - Mini Boss
    6. Metropolis
    7. Mystic Ruins
    8. Mini Boss
    9. Boss Battle
    10. Metropolis Ground Zero


    Sonic and the Black Knight: 

    1. Knight of the Wind
    2. With Me
    3. Misty Lake
    4. Live Life
    5. Fight the Knight
    6. Camelot Castle
    7. Deep Woods
    8. Titanic Plain
    9. Crystal Cave
    10. Knight's Passage


    Sonic The Hedgehog 4 - Episode 1:

    1. Splash Hill Zone Act. 1
    2. Splash Hill Zone Act. 3
    3. Boss: Dr. Eggman
    4. Casino Street Zone Act. 1
    5. Mad Gear Zone Act. 1
    6. E.G.G. Station Zone
    7. Special Stage
    8. End Roll Medley
    9. Lost Labyrinth Zone Act. 1
    10. Casino Street Zone Act. 3


    Sonic Colors(Wii):

    1. Reach for The Stars
    2. Speak with Your Heart
    3. Tropical Resort Act. 1
    4. Starlight Carnival Act. 1
    5. Sweet Mountain Act. 1
    6. Aquarium Park Act. 1
    7. Asteroid Coaster Act. 1
    8. Final Boss Phase 2 - Reach for the Stars(Orchestra version)
    9. Sweet Mountain (8-Bit)
    10. Starlight Carnival (8-Bit) 


    Sonic Free Riders:

    1. Free(main theme) - Crush 40 version
    2. Theme of Metropolis Speedway
    3. Theme of Metal City
    4. Theme of Frozen Factory
    5. Theme of Dolphin Resort
    6. Theme of Rocky Ridge
    7. Theme of Magma Rift
    8. Theme of Final Forest
    9. Theme of Forgotten Tomb
    10. Start up your EX Gear! (Free Riders version)


    Sonic Generations(HD):

    1. Chemical Plant - Modern
    2. Sky Sanctuary - Classic
    3. Sky Sanctuary - Modern
    4. Speed Highway - Classic
    5. City Escape - Classic
    6. Seaside Hill - Modern
    7. Crisis City - Classic
    8. Rooftop Run - Modern
    9. Mission - Ballon Park
    10. Mission - Super Sonic Racing


    Sonic The Hedgehog 4 - Episode 2:

    1. Sylvania Castle Zone Act. 1
    2. A New Frontier
    3. White Park Zone Act. 1
    4. Boss: Metal Sonic
    5. Sky Fortress Zone Act. 1
    6. A Duel with Metal Sonic (Stardust Speedway RMX)
    7. Special Stage
    8. End Roll Medley
    9. White Park Zone Act. 3
    10. Death Egg Mk II Act. 1


    Sonic Lost World:

    1. Wonder World(Main theme)
    2. Windy Hill(Zone 1)
    3. Careening Cavern
    4. Desert Ruins(Zone 1)
    5. Honeycomb Highway
    6. Tropical Coast(Zone 1)
    7. Frozen Factory(Zone 1)
    8. Snowball Waltz
    9. Lava Mountain
    10. Dr. Eggman Showdown


    Sonic Boom - Rise of Lyric:

    1. Main Theme
    2. Lyric's Tomb(Forest Area)
    3. Shadow(Boss Battle)
    4. Lyric's Weapon Facility
    5. The Pit
    6. The Pit(Boss Battle)
    7. Slowpoke Isle(Chase)
    8. Metal Sonic(Boss Battle)
    9. Sky Citadel
    10. Final Boss


    Sonic Boom - Shattered Crystal:

    1. Seaside Coast Map
    2. Seaside Beach
    3. Worm Tunnel
    4. Scrap Yard
    5. Shadow Canyons
    6. Robot Facility
    7. Volcanic Caverns
    8. Air Fortress
    9. Lyric's Airship
    10. Ancient City


    Sonic Runners:

    1. Fly Away
    2. Theory of Attack
    3. Beyond the Speed of
    4. Spring Emotions
    5. End of the Summer
    6. Power Ride
    7. Go Quickly!
    8. Strange Parade
    9. Fiery Passion
    10. Magical Snow Day


    Sonic Boom - Fire & Ice:

    1. Title Screen
    2. Cutthroat Cove
    3. Tube #1
    4. Hovercraft
    5. Gothic Castle
    6. Fortune's Spiral
    7. Frigid Seas
    8. Crystal Grotto
    9. Glacier Forest
    10. Kodiak Frontier


    SSMB's Top Sonic Songs 2017 Voting Thread - LargoDELLZ - Bonus Round:


    After posting and looking at everyone else's choices, I didn't know that Sonic CD's US soundtrack, Sonic 3D Blast Saturn's soundtrack, Sonic Spinball Game Gear and Generations 3DS was fair game, so here are my votes for those four.


    Sonic Spinball (Game Gear):

    1. The Machine
    2. Lava Powerhouse
    3. Title Screen
    4. Final Showdown
    5. Bonus Stage
    6. Toxic Pools


    Sonic CD (US):

    1. Sonic Boom (Ending version)
    2. Sonic Boom (Opening version)
    3. PalmTree Panic - Present
    4. Collision Chaos - Present
    5. Quartz Quadrant- Present
    6. Special Stage
    7. Stardust Speedway - Past
    8. Wacky Workbench - Present
    9. Metallic Madness - Past
    10. Quartz Quadrant - Good Future



    Sonic 3D Blast (SEGA Saturn):

    1. Rusty Ruin Zone Act. 1
    2. Green Grove Zone Act. 1
    3. Special Stage
    4. Spring Stadium Zone Act. 2
    5. Gene Gadget Zone Act. 1
    6. Volcano Valley Zone Act. 1
    7. Panic Puppet Zone Act. 1
    8. Diamond Dust Zone Act. 2
    9. Spring Stadium Act. 1
    10. Green Grove Zone Act. 2



    Sonic Generations (3DS):

    1. Boss Battle: Big Arm
    2. Mushroom Hill Zone Act. 2
    3. Special Stage
    4. Tropical Resort Zone Act. 2
    5. Emerald Coast Act. 1
    6. Casino Night Zone Act. 2
    7. Water Palace Act. 2
    8. Casino Night Zone Act. 1
    9. Radical Highway Act. 1
    10. Boss Battle: Egg Emperor 

  5. My personal Sonic timeline mostly includes main console and handheld games, so it would go something like this:

    Sonic 1 - Sonic CD - Sonic 2 - Sonic 3 & Knuckles - Sonic Mania - Sonic 4 - Sonic Advance - Sonic Adventure - Sonic Adventure 2 - Sonic Advance 2 - Sonic Heroes - Shadow The Hedgehog - Sonic Battle - Sonic Advance 3 - Sonic 06 - Sonic Rivals - Sonic Rivals 2 - Sonic Rush - Sonic Rush Adventure - Sonic and the Secret Rings - Sonic Unleashed - Sonic and the Black Knight - Sonic Colors - Sonic Generations - Sonic Lost World - Sonic Forces

    Other stuff like the Game Gear games I place in their own timeline:

    Sonic 1 (GG) - Sonic 2 (GG) - Sonic Chaos - Sonic Triple Trouble - Sonic Blast

    and spinoffs like Chronicles, SegaSonic Arcade, 3D Blast, etc are all their own thing in their own little bubble. Same thing applies for other Sonic media such as AOSTH, SATAM, Underground, X, Boom, OVA, STC, Archie, Japanese Sonic manga and various novels.


    1. How long have you been a Sonic fan?

    • I've been a Sonic fan for 13 years now. 2004 was the year where my Sonic fandom with one game started which I'll answer in the next question.

    2. What was your first Sonic game?

    • My first Sonic game was Sonic Heroes for the OG Xbox. I hold many nostalgic memories with this game as I spent many hours playing through the different levels, playing the multiplayer with family and friends, and listening to the sound test on a relaxing Sunday. 

    3. What initially attracted you to the Sonic the Hedgehog series?

    • Funny enough, the one thing that actually got me interested in the Sonic series was Sonic X. Back when 4Kids was still around, Sonic X was airing on TV at the time and I guess I really got hooked on the characters and the Adventures that they went on. I watched that anime religiously every Saturday morning when it came on and was saddened when it ended. 

    4. How many Sonic games do you currently have? Feel free to count duplicates!

    • Oh... Jeez. That's a tough one. There's the collections(Mega Collection, Gems Collection, Genesis Collection), Mainline games(Adventure-Lost World), Handheld(Rush, Rush Adventure, Rivals 2, Colors DS, Generations 3DS, Lost World 3DS), Spinoffs(All-Stars, Boom, Riders, Chronicles, Storybook games). I have a lot of Sonic games ?

    5. Are you more of a Classic or Modern Sonic fan?

    • I guess I can be considered more of a Classic Sonic fan because out of the games I revisit the most, it's the Genesis games. Don't get me wrong, I like Modern Sonic and Modern games, but for me personally, some of them don't have the replay value that the classics have for me. 

    6. Who is your favorite Sonic character and why?

    • My favorite Sonic character is of course, Sonic The Hedgehog himself, lol. The reason for him being my favorite character is because of his personality. He has attitude, does things his own way, and is a cool dude overall. I remember as a kid dreaming that I was Sonic, running through the many locations of Sonic's world just exploring and seeing the world. I also find him to be a pretty motivating character with how he views things. Games that come to mind are Sonic Adventure(His Theme song, the character specific wallpaper), The Storybook games, and Unleashed.

    7. What is your favorite continuity? (SEGA, Archie, SatAM, OVA etc.)

    • My favorite continuity is the SEGA continuity. This is because I've grown up playing the games a lot more than being exposed to the other media. The games, I feel have this wonderful, magical world like Mario where locations have this fantasy-like feel to them, while also having some sort of realism to them like they're actual places. A close second and third respectively would be the OVA universe and Archie Universe.

    8. What is your favorite Sonic quote? This can come from any character.

    • "What you see is what you get. Just a guy who loves adventure. I'm Sonic The Hedgehog!" - Sonic, Sonic Adventure 2
    • I love this quote because I feel that it perfectly sums up Sonic's character. Sonic is a free spirit who travels the world in search for a new adventure and that aspect of him is why I find him so interesting and my favorite character.

    9. What is your favorite story in the Sonic franchise?

    • my favorite story from the games is Sonic Unleashed. It had that perfect balance of light and dark elements that made the story while simple and lighthearted had its serious and tense moments when it reached a point where appropriate. I also loved the theme of friendship that the story had going between Sonic and Chip. It was really touching and the ending song just hit home for me.... man, that was so good and heartwarming. 

    10. What is your favorite Sonic cartoon?

    • Sonic The Hedgehog: The Movie (Sonic OVA). Even though, it's basically a very loose adaption of Sonic CD, I loved the OVA because it was an action-packed, fun story that would've made for a rad 90s Sonic anime. Unfortunately, it didn't do so well in Japan.... sooo... yeah. There's that. 

    11. What is your favorite cutscene from a Sonic game?

    • the opening of Sonic Unleashed. That scene is just epic and it still looks beautiful in 2017. Everything about it is just... right and the type of stuff I want to see out of the Sonic series.  
    • https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GJqZlkTHkDg

    12. What is your favorite Sonic game?

    • Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Need I say more? 

    13. What is your favorite Sonic track both vocal and non-vocal?

    • This changes a lot over the years, so it's not really all that consistent. But as of right now, my favorite vocal Sonic track is "It Doesn't Matter" (SA1 version) and favorite non-vocal track is Windy Valley(Also Adventure 1!)

    14. What is your favorite move from Sonic or any other playable character?

    • I don't really think about the moves all that much tbh. But if I had to pick one, it would be the Spin Dash. It's very satisfying to rev that up to build up speed and let go at the right moment where Sonic would then gain a boost of speed as a ball.

    15. What is your favorite Sonic soundtrack?

    • Sonic Adventure. SA1's soundtrack is very varied in genre and the music is very memorable for me, as well as hosting some of my favorite music in the series. 

    16. What is your favorite image from the series? Please post it here and mention the source. 

    Sonic CD.jpg

    The boxart itself is pretty simple, but I love it because of the quote found at the bottom of the logo. "To live a life of power, you must have faith in what you believe is right, even if others tell you you're wrong. The first thing you must do to live a life of power is to find courage. You must be ready to reach beyond the boundaries of Time itself. And to do that, all you need is the will to take that first step."  It's a very powerful and moving message that I would expect to find in a Sonic game, but nevertheless, the quote along is why this is my favorite image. Also I got this image from Google Images.


    17. Which is your favorite voice acting cast?

    • My Favorite is the current English cast for the characters as each voice fits the characters to a tee, although I can't help but think of Ryan Drummond and Jason Griffith at times for Sonic. Close second is the Japanese voice cast. 

    18. What is your main/favorite Sonic head-canon?

    • SEGASonic (Games)

    19. What is your favorite recurring level theme (e.g. green forest, space stations, lava ruins)?

    • I guess the Green Hill tropes, lol, sorry. I know those have been done to death. ?

    20. What is your favorite level from the Sonic games?

    • Seaside Hill (Modern Sonic, Sonic Generations variation)

    21. What was your most memorable year in the franchise for you? 

    • 2011 was the most memorable for me. This was Sonic's 20th anniversary and from what I can recall, it was where a lot of Sonic fans, including myself were all happy and excited for Sonic Generations to come out. It was a hugely celebrated year that will always be a shining moment in my books. 

    22. What is your one favorite thing in the entire Sonic the Hedgehog series?

    • I assume that this is something else entirely different from the games I like from the series. Well, that would be the Archie Sonic comics. These are pretty much the only comic books that I read as I'm not that big on comics books in general, but I really liked the story and characters that made the Archieverse so vast and unique from the games that it always had me wanting more.

    23. What is your favorite trailer for Sonic games revealed?

    • Sonic The Hedgehog(2006). I remember the trailer and being excited for that game, but I didn't have a 360 or PS3 at the time, so I just watched the trailer over and over again because it was that good and hype inducing. Little kid Largo couldn't contain his hype.
    • https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DCc32P672_0

    24. There are many versions of the iconic Sonic the Hedgehog in the quarter century he has existed across various forms of media. Which one is your favorite version of Sonic and why?

    • my favorite version of Sonic would be SEGASonic. I really like his character in the games as he is presented as a hero with a cocky attitude, but is loyal to his friends and would always be ready to put a stop to either Eggman or the Monster of the week. Also the games are more standalone Adventures which I find much easier to follow than an ongoing storyline.

    25. More than a quarter of a century and the Blue Blur is still running! What keeps you around at this point?

    • What keeps me coming back to the Sonic The Hedgehog series? The simple answer is well... Sonic The Hedgehog himself. The music as well and the games. Every game that gets announced has me stay around to see where the series would go next and the results are often varied which makes things pretty interesting and the discussion can be great as well. Sonic is also my favorite video game franchise of all time, so in addition to the games, comics, TV Shows, music, and the fan community itself, all of that leads me to believe that I don't see myself leaving the Sonic series behind me any time soon. 

  7. Gonna be bumping this long dormant topic because some new stuff from ASO has arrived! So who wants some comic solicits?




    Picking up where Sonic the Hedgehog #243 left off, Knux gets his long-awaited time in the spotlight in “Endangered Species Part Two: In Captivity!” The Dark Egg Legion has prevailed over Team Fighters, and now Albion’s rescuers need rescuing—fortunately Knuckles, Julie-Su and Saffron are up to the challenge. But as he battles a robotic duplicate of himself and his guilt over his actions as Enerjak, an even greater threat looms on the horizon! Featuring cover art from superb Sonic artist Drawloverlala, and pencils from Gigi D, the creator of the renowned Sonic fancomic “The Murder of Me!”

    Script: The Shadow Imperator & TuxKnux
    Art: Gigi-D, Tim “J” Campbell, ebettoran and Ian PK
    Cover Art: Drawloverlala

    (Credits are not final and are subject to change)


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