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  1. Well... That's disappointing. I was looking forward to the rest of Lost Hedgehog Tales and I can see where he's coming from, but something really bothers me though. Like why not? If Karl Bollers and Ken Penders can release what they wanted to do with the comic to the general public, I don't see why Ian, despite being a current writer on the book, can not do the same thing. It's not like he can actually use the material, LHT is basically glorified fan fiction at this point in time. 

  2. Pretty excited for Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice since it looks to be improving from the problems I had with Shattered Crystal and just a fun game in general. If it turns out good, I doubt it will change the general public's opinion on the Boom franchise, but I feel like it might improve its reputation just a bit.

  3. It's been a while since I've posted anything but my question is due to all of the legal red tape surrounding the Pre-SGW material, is Archie even allowed to reprint old stories such as Mecha Madness and Sonic #25 without any of the former creatives finding out and possibly file another lawsuit?

  4. No, you're not reading the title of the thread wrong. Turns out this movie right here...


    Got a sequel in the form of a Webcomic. It's pretty much the closest to a canon sequel to the film anyone will get since it's being handled by the original writers of the film, and interestingly enough, the content of the comic are all from earlier versions of the script, deleted scenes, and ideas for the unproduced sequel.


    I had a quick look through and it seems it hasn't been updated in a while, but I thought it would be interesting to post about here. Link to the site is above this text so take a look through and give me your thoughts.

  5. 5 hours ago, Ryannumber1gamer said:

    So, here's a video about Penders fucking up the comic.


    A very informative video that's basically a summary of what went down without looking at everything. Only thing that I don't agree with is the title of the video which says that the Sonic Comic world is dead. For sure it's different from how it used to be since it's a lot more like the games now, but dead is where Archie Sonic currently is very far from. 

  6. 2 minutes ago, Niko said:

    Exactly, the soundtrack was absolutely amazing in that game, went along so well :D It just comes down to not trying hard and just having fun with the game, not taking it as a serious criticizing material, as it shouldn't be, and just enjoying it. As long as it's your type of game of course.

    Very true. I'm in full agreement with you there. You won't hear me arguing. ?

  7. Sonic Generations. One of my favorite Sonic games ever made. It has good music, great gameplay, good graphics, and the level design is top notch. The only bad thing I could find in the game is its story. It's as barebones as it get and from just watching cutscenes, it feels it was just an excuse to have Classic Sonic in the game. The two hedgehogs just go from level to level, save one of their friends only for them to say one line and never show up again until the end where they just become a cheerleader squad during the Time Eater fight. The moments of Sonic and Tails reflecting on the levels was something nice and cool, but only done for TWO levels. For example, when Sonic exits out of Green Hill and saves Tails, he feels nostalgia towards the level as it's the place where his adventures begun and Tails doesn't recognize it since he appeared in Sonic 2. They do the same for Chemical Plant and the two reflect on the level itself with Tails noting about the water and how it makes him nervous. Generations was pretty much made for moments like this and having jokes that poke fun at the series' many elements where they can reference a bunch of things from the series' then 20 year history that fans will find themselves at home, but they instead didn't capitalize on the opportunity and it just feels like wasted potential just in terms of the story. The gameplay itself is fine and dandy, but the story could've used a bit more meat into it to make it worthwhile and really celebrate 20 years of Sonic The Hedgehog.

  8. 2 hours ago, PC the Hedgehog said:

    I'm telling ya, man, I made the jump to digital because I was sick of waiting for the graphic novels (I was nervous to take the plunge, but I did it) and I haven't looked back. It's great having just about every issue of the book's 20+ year history at my fingertips, no waiting. Unless you're one who needs to have a physical copy of your reading materials, I'd HIGHLY recommend it.

    Usually I'm the type that prefers having a physical copy of what I'm reading, but in this instance, I'm making the exception. The reason being is that going for physical copies of Sonic in the 100's on eBay and seeing the prices for a set is way too much. With the app, I'm only getting the issues that I don't have in a collected paperback. For example when I started, I bought from Sonic #92 because I had volume 24 of the Sonic Archives which ended at #91 and then I would continue up until #162 because I have the Sonic Saga Series up until the Bold New Moebius arc. 

  9. 50 minutes ago, PaddyFancy said:

    Jim Sterling talks about the lowest of the low in hype culture, in relation to No Man's Sky.

    That's pretty sad. I feel sorry for the guy who wrote about the game's delay and the producer of No Man's Sky. No one should be getting death threats and insults for a fucking delay of all things. I'm honestly baffled as to why the people who were looking forward to the game acted the way they did, it's just pathetic. Now that the game is out, they can enjoy it as much as they want and keep to themselves where they won't cause an uproar. 

  10. That creates an entirely different tone from the one we got. I'm happy that that we got Zootopia in its current form and I still would've enjoyed the film and consider it one of my favorites if the original plot was still intact. It's an interesting perspective that got me thinking.

  11. That's a bummer, but I have a feeling that Sonic Universe might be the likely one of the three to come back. If legal issues are preventing them from releasing the story arcs following Scrouge: Lockdown, then they can kinda reboot the line and not have numbering, instead just giving it a title like "Sonic Universe: Pirate Plunder Panic" and "Sonic Universe: The Great Chaos Caper". The idea is to just name the graphic novels by the story arcs that they're collecting without worrying about volume number. But some people might get confused so it probably won't work. If neither of them come back, then I guess I'll have to go digital for the issues I don't have.

  12. I've been recently collecting the pre-reboot graphic novels because the prices on eBay for individual issues... No thanks. Any chances of Sonic Archives, Sonic Universe, and Sonic Saga Series coming back? I know the Knuckles Archives are dead in the water due to legal issues and that's a shame because it only had two volumes left to complete the collection and Sonic Legacy Series most likely suffered the same fate.

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