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  1. Since I've pretty much played almost every Sonic game released, the only one that I haven't played is Knuckles' Chaotix and I've wanted to give it a shot for a while. But as time passed and the more I looked at gameplay on YouTube, I'm just not all that interested in playing the game that much anymore. Reason being is that it didn't pull me in all that much, but with that said, I love the graphics and music for the game... And that's it. Seeing as I don't have a 32X or a Genesis to begin with, unless they re-release it on modern consoles or I eventually buckle down on an emulator, I don't see myself playing Chaotix anytime soon.
  2. Ever since Gemerl first appeared, he's pretty much the Shard of the new continuity in my eyes, and I'm pretty sure it was intentional with the color scheme and his personality.
  3. My least favorite special stage would go to Sonic Heroes because of the wonky controls where you can easily lose your speed at the snap of a finger, not to mention that the method of getting to a special stage is something I could do without. (Seriously, grab a key and make it through the whole level without getting hit. I didn't like it in Sonic 1 and I certainly don't like it here.) Favourite special stage would be Blue Sphere from Sonic 3 and Knuckles. I don't really have much to say on why I like them other than because nostalgia. But I feel that you have full control of where you're going and any mistake made is on the player and not the game.
  4. This is neat! I just finished reading Sonic the Comic and I liked it a lot; a very interesting take on Sonic. These strips are like a bonus. Kudos to everyone involved.
  5. I tried to see if I can lucid dream just to see what it's like, but I never have control of the dream itself regardless if I'm aware. I just sit back and watch as if someone else is cosplaying as me doing a whole of crazy stuff that could only happen in a cartoon; then I wake up and forget about the dream within an hour only remembering the moments that made an impression on me.
  6. Not really. I tend to distance myself from people and enjoy my hobbies by myself. I have a few good friends whom we connected through games and we chat over Xbox Live while playing games like Call of Duty and Destiny. Or the rare times where we go out to play in the arcade or Pokemon Go, it's always a good time. Outside, I'm much more reserved and not go out of my way to talk to people while keeping to myself; not to mention that most of the people I know don't share any common interests, so there's usually times where there is nothing to talk about in social circles.
  7. Guess SEGA thought that if they bring Classic Sonic back for more games, they'd get a lot more attention and have more fans excited for upcoming Sonic games? Probably not the case, but it worked on me as I love the Classic design and aesthetics.
  8. Just looked at the preview and I don't know if it's just me or is it pretty obvious to everyone here that Nixus is.....
  9. Hopefully more of the extended Sonic cast like Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, etc. will make an appearance and actually be part of the main story if the "Join the Resistance" tag line is anything to go by. This would mean that SEGA is finally comfortable with using characters other than Sonic, Tails, and Eggman for once. I'm also glad that they're going for a more serious tone, most likely in vain of Sonic Unleashed because the same thrills and raised stakes I got with the Adventure games and Unleashed would be a great feeling to experience again.
  10. From the looks of Sonic Mania so far, it could possibly top Sonic 3 and Knuckles as my favourite Sonic game. Everything about it looks amazing and I would buy this instantly day one... But I don't have an Xbox One or a PS4. :|
  11. Sonic Battle: Picked it up from a retro game shop and so far... I'm enjoying what I'm playing so far. The music is okay, the character interactions are some of the best in the series imo, and I fell in love with its unique art style. It can feel like it drags on at times, but nothing too major. Shadow The Hedgehog: I picked this game alongside Sonic Battle and so far this is one of the few Sonic titles that I have not beaten due to this game being so boring. Everything about Shadow is just... Bland. The levels are all dull colours and the missions (aside from getting to the goal ring) can be tedious, especially the ones where you have to kill x amount of enemies in the level. I know it's a bad game, but I just to finish it and be done with it. I managed to beat Sonic 06 so I can do it with this game. Destiny: This game has been out for a bit and I've had for about a year now. I picked it back up to play with my friends in raids and crucible mode, and it's a good time. With friends, it really adds to the experience of doing quests with your teammates and it's funny to hear one of your buddies rage in a multiplayer match. I played the single player portion and I'm not that favourable towards it. I think the story in the game is awful; it feels rushed and disconnected. All the story missions feel like standalone quests that don't contribute to the main story and it makes me wonder what's the point of adding a story where they could've made a more enjoyable game if they only focused on the multiplayer aspects. I enjoy Destiny for the multiplayer as it's obviously the main attraction of the game, the story mode I couldn't care any less about due to it feeling more like an afterthought than part of the entire package.
  12. I recently picked up Sonic Battle from a retro game shop in Toronto and I've been really digging the unique art style and character interactions. The art style gives the Sonic cast an indescribable level of uniqueness to them on the same level as the first Sonic Riders' art style. The character interactions are some of the best personally for me in the series. I'd imagine the dialogue would be something like Battle if a cartoon more based around the game universe was made; that would instantly bump it to #1 of favourite Sonic cartoons if one existed. Maybe a Sonic anime in the style of Sonic Battle or Riders.... Only in my dreams, that's for sure.
  13. These short comics are a really entertaining read that show a great deal of the characters' personalities. Even though they're only made for the 25th anniversary, it would be amazing if these were some sort of regular weekly feature on the Sonic Channel.
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