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  1. Just gotta make the effort to actually stick with it this time. So far so good though
  2. As the games are now, noooo. The writers are barely concerned with proper character development so any kind of romance would just feel forced and unnecessary. I'd like to see the series get back to having character development like we saw with Shadow, Silver and Gamma but the series is going in a much more Saturday Morning Cartoon direction. Continuity doesn't really apply. (Here's hoping Sonic 2017 defies that)
  3. All I want for the next Arkham game is to embrace some of the more...crap villains. I'd love to see a sidequest about Kiteman or Penny Plunderer just to cover all bases of Batman lore. The series made Man-Bat into a creepy, jump-scare inducing nightmare and put Calander Man onto the same level as Hannibal Lecter, I think it can be done. Arkham can fix any Batman character. Even when they initially screw up someone like Bane, they fix them later as seen in Arkham Origins.
  4. Mine might be really specific but I was always partial to the short time after 06 but before Colours (so about 2007-2010). I guess you can call it the "Recovery Era". Unleashed and Black Knight were two of the best stories in the series with stronger and more coherent settings as well as developing and highlighting Sonic's character much more. I'm not saying these games are the best (well, I might say that for Unleashed) but there was genuine effort during this time. Chronicles with its grander scale and use of Sonic's friends (playable again too!), Black Knight with its gorgeous score and meaningful story and Unleashed with its pristine look and lasting appeal. Hell, we had my personal favourite Riders game too with Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. 2008 also saw the launch of the Mario and Sonic series which, while not amazing games, is pretty important at reestablishing Sonic and Mario's rivalry. Again, not a perfect time for Sonic but what was conveyed to me was effort and an honest attempt to climb back after Shadow and 06. It felt like Sonic could be relevant again and the following era starting with Colours is proof of that. Sonic may not have been on top of the world but I recognise how SEGA was really pushing the games to be better. I'm probably just biased because Unleashed is my favourite though so there's that. (Of course Sonic wound up in Smash Bros in this era too so even better!)
  5. Eh I still think 06 certainly had potential. Team Dark are used well and they face a legitimately good villain with a great opening and ending. Silver is an interesting character with decent development As for using the Satam/Archie cast? While I'm all for them in the games (especially with the new designs) I think 06 would get cluttered. Honestly the overall plot needs reworking. For example, I'd replace Elise with Blaze (Princess linked to fire) and remove the romance plot. Just had Blaze be a more prominent character. Obviously then you'd have to work around her and Silver's relationship but then that could make for a more universal story with a mutual friend between Sonic and Silver. Honestly wouldn't mind if later games had Team Dark doing their own thing like the Chaotix in Sonic Heroes. Their chemistry is probably the best of the teams and how they're portrayed in the comics is fantastic. I don't think SEGA should be scared to try the story focus again especially since they've nailed Sonic's gameplay with Unleashed and Generations. (Also the music is fantastic)
  6. I can't fathom how people LOVE Sonic CD. I mean, it's ok. Fun for a bit but I find the level design to be all over the place and the bosses are underwhelming. Metal Sonic was fun but the only boss that gave me trouble was the treadmill. Sure, the music is great (JP more so) but I only can remember one or two off the top of my head. Sonic CD is fine but I just can't imagine what about it leaps out to people "Oh yes! Best Sonic game!". It gave us Metal Sonic though so that's worth something.
  7. Recently I decided to replay Sonic Unleashed from start to finish after debating about it and...yeeeeeah it might be my favourite Sonic game now. It truly felt like a grand adventure with amazing visuals, music, scale and probably the best story. Hell, I even enjoyed the Werehog levels. It has certainly rekindled my love of Sonic.
  8. Recovering after Crush 40 concert (Knight of the Wind killed my voice!) but had an amazing time. First SoS where I actually got to meet the guests and get signatures. This is the one I felt most involved in compared to previous years. Mike Pollock and Johnny Gioeli were great to mingle with and good sports throughout the entire convention (got photos too :D). Of course Sonic Mania was a load of fun (was worried the level design was too Sonic CD at first but it got better) and hell, even Sonic Dash Arcade was fun. Good games, good music, good people. It's all good! ...please say there will be more in the future. Been going since 2009!
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