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  1. Just found the new entry on SEGA's press service. It's listet as W7P release, but the press release says it's coming for iPhone and iPod Touch. I've uploaded the screenshots here. All characters will be included, and there's also a Online-Multiplayer mode via WiFi and Bluetooth. Will be released this Spring.
  2. Oh hi there Spark, I didnt knew you were here on TSS as well...



    Hey Spark...nun hast mich auch im TSS gefunden...hahaha^^

  3. hey there in Österreichistan :D

  4. Seems like Tails IS a girl after all
  5. I'm sure there're lots of fan fics about this topic... Maybe this forum is not the place to find the answer.
  6. We at SpinDash.de got some Sonic 4 PSN downloadcodes, thanks SEGA :D if you want to win: http://bit.ly/dvfj3k

  7. Well, uhm, you could have asked me to translate my article, but Marcello did a great job already
  8. Or Sonic and his new red friend made it into Appature Science Laboratories?
  9. What, the DS Version was playable at gamescom? I looked for it, but couldn't find it. Seems like this is also a new demo, the E3 Demo got only Tropical Resort. How many levels were playable in the new one?
  10. My friends at SEGA-Portal.de managed to film the Sweet Mountain Zone Act 2 and the green wisp. They told me it wasn't easy to film, because they were not allowed to play Sweet Mountain Zone, so THANKS to Thomas and his crew! http://www.sega-portal.de/blog/4252/sonic-colours-wii-sweet-mountain-act-2-gameplay-mit-grunem-wisp/ Actually the player didn't use the ability to fly to the ring chains, but it confirms green Kirby-Sonic.
  11. See me playing the demo: I actually got some A ranks, yay
  12. Okay my friend Yellow send me the video and I've uploaded it the Youtube. I'm sorry I got your hopes up, but he didn't film Sweet Mountain Zone Act 2... but at least you get to see the *awesome* titel screen with all the wisps. Uploading the video with me playing Sonic Free Riders right now. I don't suck at playing... well mostly.
  13. My friends at SegaStuff made a gameplay video: http://www.segastuff.de/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=4120&Itemid=2
  14. @Shadtzer: Uhm... I didn't write anything new at SpinDash.de. You got the news first, I just had to write the news for my german readers as well. I just called the guys from sega-portal.de, they are still at the fair and try to film a new video with better quality, but the staff of the Nintendo booth said Sweet Mountain Zone isn't supposed to play for the public. Seems like the green wisp is a press-only thing for now, I hope we get to see videos of other online magazines with *better* quality.
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