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  1. Please help me out here bros. There was some video that had RCS' Sonic describing Amy's character while showing her level in Twinkle Park from Sonic Adventure. It didn't mention her crush, like it was trying to redo her from scratch. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
  2. No, you didn't. You just expected SEGA to give a shit about someone other than the main 3 for a day.
  3. I want a story where Amy is given Sonic's speed and has to decide if she wants to adopt his lifestyle. She's given everything she wanted and Sonic's unavailability is removed, and she has to decide if she wants it to be the new normal. But that would be interesting and wouldn't require the introduction of a new throwaway buddy character, so nevermind.
  4. For Sonic, "torture" could be anything as banal as just being held in that cell
  5. Honey the Cat's personality is what Classic (and/or Modern) Amy should be. But instead of promoting a clothing line, she's promoting... I don't know, a disaster relief fund
  6. Why does Amy like Sonic? What value does she see in him? Would she not want to adopt the traits in him that she likes? But she wasn't one-note and cringey in Sonic Battle? At least in 06, Amy had just accidentally assisted Silver's attack on Sonic and had to convince a bullheaded freak of nature to stand down while consumed with panic and guilt. She believes that Sonic could never be the cause of disaster and even if he could, he'll always make it right somehow. Why are people so hung up on Amy's hunger for Sonic's jock but never once ask why she ever would be? She confronts Sonic over the bird and Gamma in Sonic Adventure. She outright asks him what his problem is. You don't say that to someone you love uncritically. If I had to guess, I'd say she wants to BE Sonic. She sees an idealized version of herself in him and she becomes frustrated with Sonic when he fails to meet that standard. Knuckles is heavy and sluggish. Tails is has a timer. Sonic has weak vertical ability. Amy would be the option for people who want better use of the terrain without completely bypassing it. Left/Right :::Walking/Running (Better acceleration than Sonic) Up :::Look Up Up + Jump :::Hammer Jump Down :::Crouch Down (while Walking/Running) :::Belly Slide Tackle (who needs rolling) Down + Jump :::Mock Peel-Out (Instant Slide Tackle) Down (while In Air) :::Dive Tackle (Instant Slide Tackle when landing) Jump :::Uncurled Jump (Vulnerable from above, Footstools still work) Jump (Underwater) :::Swim (Cannot Drown) Jump (while Hugging Wall) :::Wall Jump Jump (while in Air) :::Hammer Swing (Insta-Shield Clone) Jump -> (Pause) Jump :::High Jump Jump -> (Pause) Jump (Pause) -> Jump (While Running) :::High Curled Jump Jump (From Skid) :::Sideways Somersault
  7. My perspective on Amy's role in the series is unironic sincere optimism. She's the physical embodiment of those "live a life without regrets" quotes in various Sonic media. She's the Sonic fan who was never ashamed of it. She's the ideal hero to Sonic's anti-hero. Her name literally means "Beloved." On that note, if she doesn't have a signature gameplay style, lean on her acrobatic ability. Make her the Mario. The entry point for people who have trouble with Sonic, and a symbol of peace between the franchises. Sonic inspired her to become more athletic, and it resulted in better jumps more so than run speed. But she doesn't need Sonic to exist. She'll pursue Eggman because he's being evil. It doesn't need to be complicated.
  8. Where have you been? Amy hasn't been any worse than Tails since 2013, and no one's going to be breaking out on their own as long as SEGA can't get Sonic right. Eggman's name has nothing to do with his personality. And there's not much that can be done to make him a "legit threat" that isn't already being done.
  9. Gameplay Sonic is not about speed. That was never true and even if it was, its a terrible philosophy to design a game around. Sonic is about discovering how to build and maintain momentum through skilled traversal of the level geometry. Speed is not the beginning of the gameplay loop, it's the end. Characters & Narrative Have some respect. Never lose sight of what the characters are and what they'd do. Let the story be at the mercy of that. Don't try to fit the characters into slots they weren't designed for. Lore In Sonic's world, humans are the majority and anthros like Sonic himself are descendants of "regular" animals that mutated at some point.
  10. The Mania universe was established as a world separate from Modern Sonic. Why can't the characters develop differently?
  11. I'm so sick of this franchise's insincerity. The pontaff writing, the social media farce, the hatred towards it's own characters, Mania's own nostalgia dependency. Why can't this series be competent AND genuine?
  12. SA1 was the last time Sonic Team gave a shit about Amy before they stopped giving a shit about everyone
  13. How dare you suggest the concept of Sonic and Tails actually treating Amy like a friend and Knuckles taking his job seriously? This series couldn't survive a single game that doesn't wank off S3&K.
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