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  1. I've got the biggest soft-spot for Lost World. While I don't think it's a great title by any means, I appreciate what it was trying to do. Now, I had fun with Forces, but there was nothing in that game that ever made me think the designers were being clever, creative, or having fun. The whole thing seems like it was made just because they HAD to make it. I had fun, but in any case, it's a mighty huge step down from Generations, Colors and Unleashed. Lost World, to me, was at least ambitious and experimental, which hasn't always worked out with Sonic's career, but there was a semblance of care put into it. Forces is a horribly lazy game of re-packaged assets and gameplay ideas under the guise of something new. The avatar, the only new thing, was horribly shallow and had less options than an online Sonic OC creator game.
  2. Ok I don't hate Forces right now, but man oh man did they screw up the entire feel of Casino Forest. Everything feels so incorrect, Sonic 4 did a better job of implementing the pinball bumpers and stuff.

  3. We talkin' about this yet? The actual developer of Sonic 3D from Travelers Tales is making a "directors cut" of the game, featuring a save game mode, Super Sonic, better handling, and a level editor. I'm crazy excited for this and I don't know why.


    1. Patticus


      Hope it has updates of both versions' music.

    2. blueblur98
    3. Dizcrybe


      Can he do that without risking a C&D from Sega?

    4. Person



      Everything he's doing was a part of the original code, save for Super Sonic, and he's releasing a free patch instead of a ROM, so there's nothing illegal about it.

  4. Sorry y'all, I just had to do it, heh heh. Anyway, wow. I was expecting Chemical Plant from the earlier in-level dialogue, but seeing it now...I don't know how to feel. On the one hand, it looks kind of cool, but on the other it's like geez, do you think that's enough? I know anything that needed to be said has been said already, but I'm just severely disappointed that I can't really like this game right now. Every new reveal has just brought it down lower and lower. I'll still give it a try, but damn.
  5. Personally, I think Sonic X's is the worst official Sonic game. It was on the 4Kids website, it counts.


    1. JezMM


      Why is the grass better drawn than Sonic

    2. WhoWhatMan


      The classic flash game to play at school instead of doing your school work

    3. McGroose


      Holy shit, Sonic Robo Blast 1 looks better

    4. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      That grass is from sonic advance.

  6. Tried asking the other day but got no response:

    Is there a chance I can buy the CE at Best Buy tomorrow? Didn't preorder or anything, is it just gonna be something I can pick off the shelf?

    1. CleverSonicUsername


      Call them and find out, if they have any they'll have them right now. Best Buy needs their stock in the day prior to going on the shelves so they'll be able to tell you. I called mine and they said no, they only received what was pre-ordered, but you might get lucky.

    2. Person


      Thanks! I'll give 'em a call and see. In retrospect that's probably the first thing I should've done...

    3. CleverSonicUsername


      To be fair, they wouldn't have likely had an answer for you until this afternoon.

  7. The PC version's opening should have new footage of the elevator getting stuck for 2 weeks in between the "K" and "M" floors.

    1. DiamondX


      Actually, have the arrow pointing at the floors break at the last seoncd and they have to go back to "K".

    2. gato


      Maybe it should go back to 1? We got the free rom as a compensation.

    3. Marcello


      Also, there are people on the outside watching and freaking out.

  8. So did they just wanna murder the hype or something? This is kinda a huge bummer, and I wasn't even planning on getting the PC version. I hope this doesn't sour the game's reception.

    1. Strickerx5


      Did for Arkham Knight... shit is getting tiring for pc players.

  9. Holy fuck. It's the Sonic R/Jam model. NEVER thought that would be here. WOW.
  10. Do you think the piranha plant thing is just a common enemy in Stardust Speedway, or an actual boss/miniboss?
  11. The Lyrics: "I will travel across the landSearching far and wideEach Pokemon to understandThe power that's inside" What I thought they were/ What they should be: I will travel across the landSearching far and wideTeach Pokemon to understandThe power that's inside" I always though it was "teach", because that actually makes sense. Like training your Pokémon to utilize their full potential. "Each" doesn't even really make sense.
  12. I am in love with this game! Keeps impressing me the further I get. Just a few complaints, though. Crash 1 takes some getting used to here. For some reason, I keep getting screwed by little things. For instance, jumping on turtles seems relentlessly difficult in this version for some reason. Their hit boxes are weird or something, I don't know. Also, any platform involving fire is a pain in the ass. It really doesn't feel like how it behaves in Crash 1 on PS1. I keep getting burned when the fire is barely out, but avoid getting burned sometimes even if it's at full blast. The PS1 version felt a lot more lenient with it, which shocks me. There's also a fire platform in the very first ruins level that made me die about 10 times, because Crash kept getting stuck on the very edge every time I tried to do a running jump. Crash 2 and 3 however feel PERFECT right now. I was surprised and relieved when I moved on to those games yesterday, they just feel sooooo much better than Crash 1. Even the motorcycle levels feel a bit better, but that didn't stop me from having to restart the race about 3 times. Overall though, this is EXCELLENT. Well worth only $40, and great for any Crash fan. Hopefully they do a little bit of patching just to make it all the better.
  13. So the Sonic 1 app likes to crash and restart after ads. Any way to fix this?

  14. Sonic petting Tails Sonic's.....weird fucking eye. I don't know what this Tails is even supposed to be. Tails attempting to get into the X-Games. NotDarthVaderAtAll.png I'm glad this series has gone on long enough where there's a trove of really weird, stupid art that was produced.
  15. I thought Tails was a squirrel or a cat until Sonic X came out. 6 year old me really had no idea what a fox was. And I though NiGHTS and Klonoa were Sonic characters that I had no idea about.
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