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  1. HI ITS BEEN A WHILE I moved and had to pack my tablet, soooo......I Havent been able to do any digital stuff in a good long while. But hey, I've got a sketchbook and a pencil still and the world is my oyster. Here's some stuff I just havent put up here yet. Sonic Stuff: Non-Sonic Sorry I dont have more right now, but if you have a sonic oc, throw em at me, I might draw them!
  2. im only halfway thru cos i had to give up the tv but damn. sonic mania is good

  3. honestly, i dont remember my first hit, but it had to be during green hill zone 1, im not actually good at any game lol first game over was flying battery zone act 2, towards the end. I got stuck there for a while!!!! egg spider was annoying but fun aaaaand......i havent actually gotten much farther. im on stardust speedway now, got stuck on the act 2 boss and had to give up the tv!
  4. hhhh sorry ive almost completely died here but lifes gotten extremely busy

  5. I forgot to post this here but i like it even though it was really quick......classique


    1. MightyRay


      Very cute sketch! 

    2. Shikushi


      Cool stuff dude, really cute style

  6. Also hi, sorry, things got busy and I havent been here as much lately

  7. sonic revolution is going to be v close to where i live! hopefully i can go

  8. happy new year! im 2 days late

  9. also im workin on requests i swear, I just need to replace my tablet pen's nib and i have no idea where i put the extras

    1. Ferno


      i have so many replacement nibs on my desk

      i swear i must go through them like regular traditional pencil lead refills

    2. hairclipz


      @ferno god right, i hate it cos I dont have a dedicated work space so my stuff is all scattered so when I go thru em i can never find em >:/

  10. frickin. pete capella followed me back on twitter does that mean he saw my quick elise cosplay complete with totinos hat. god i hope so

  11. reala is so buff

  12. im realizin now ive never drawn NiGHTS? tryin to figure them out


  13. any requests? i wanna draw but idk what

    1. MightyRay


      Would Ray the flying the flying squirrel eating cake be O.K.? 

    2. FriendBot
    3. FourCartridge


      • Ocean Ruin from Sonic Heroes?
      • A Badnik or two?
      • Or maybe something NiGHTS related?
    4. FriendBot


      You mean Ocean Palace?

    5. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      Bean The Dynamite and Bark The Polar Bear.

  14. I tried to get my copy of metal gear solid signed but only 100 people got to actually get autographs, Im still pretty bummed

  15. Playstation Experience was really fun!! I finally got to try studiopolis zone and the parappa and crash remasters and theyre perfecto

    1. FourCartridge


      Again, driven jealous.

      You lucky son of a Gun... Truck.

    2. GUN



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